Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Windy & Carl BLUES FOR A UFO (2017)

An elegy for Detroit.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

THE FLORIDA PROJECT dir. Sean Baker (2017)

The Little Rascals meets WorldStarHipHop meets The Dubliners. Mr. Baker is tremendously talented behind the camera, and the contributions he gets from these young first-time actors is extraordinary. Willam Dafoe deserves his Oscar rolled to him on a cart. Magic has always belonged to those who know how to see it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

BLACK PANTHER dir. Ryan Coogler (2018)

If they were going to set events in motion in 1992 on the West Coast I wish it could have been Rodney King and the L.A. riots, but that was probably a bridge too far for Disney.  Still glad the youth get a version of Malcom v. Martin souped-up with women saving the day left and right. When we were in middle-school, we got what--Episode I? Our politics was fucking trade policy and blockades on Naboo?  Now they get oblique criticism of America's neglect at home and brutality abroad. It only takes a bit of iodine in the salt.  The kids are and will be alright.

On the subject of moons and the value of indirect light:

Monday, February 12, 2018

LOGAN LUCKY dir. Steven Soderbergh (2017)

Like a dunce, I let the Amazon rental expire before getting a proper screencap, but that is sort of apropos for a film that didn't know how to poster or name itself, but manages to be dynamic, heartfelt and unfussy. Everything with the Logan family was lovely, as Tatum and Driver perfectly play the young gifted, cursed and waiting.  Insanely stupid Seth MacFarlane subplot + Hilary Swank swamping up the pace nearly derail things in the third act, but there's still more than enough grace and thought to go around.  Katherine Waterson appears like an avatar of benevolence, David Denman and Jim O'Heir add NBC heuristic depth, shorthand currencies, and the divide between West Virginia and North Carolina is its own character, in the way that New York City gets credit for spiffing up every half-cocked movie set there, but better as it illustrates the random, easy opulence on one side, the rundown allegiance of the other.  Goes without saying? Starving makes you hungry. Hungry makes you brave.

We lived a couple blocks over from Peabody Energy HQ, largest privately held coal company in the world.  King Arthur met dogs owned by employees around there and it was chagrining, meeting these young folks doing the gearshifting of evil but not being evil, just being willfully ignorant, its own kind of despicable but maybe forgivable.  Forgivable doesn't mean forgiven.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Rhye BLOOD (2018)

I'd been looking forward to this practically all 2017.  They released maybe a single per month and each fit snugly but uniquely into their fractalized-Sade aesthetic. In some realms, these are lesser times--there's no record label money for a house band of hot session guys, there's no album sales for Rhye to get points and go rogue.  Minimalism is less a choice than necessity.  And they turn that interiority into a strength, like the poetry of Carl Philips, no one can limit your access to self-excavation and myths are open source.