Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Not being contrarian or a troll...

...but I finally finished Breaking Bad this year and didn't enjoy it.  Admired it, absolutely, but really had to fight to finish it.  You are free to disregard all future opinions on anything I might share.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Home for the Holidays? Post your Dates! Or I'll post more about Community!

The wife and I shall be in Portland from approximately December 14th through the 20th.

Filler Random Thoughts

We saw the New Pornographers the other night.  Someone needs to fire the garage rock band of schlubs that obfuscates all their songs and the backup chick whose mic was up higher than Neko goddamn Case's.  Dan Bejar didn't disappoint, in that he's as big a dick as I always imagined.

Also off-putting was Sam Beam, who just 'took requests' the whole show, i.e. ignored mothers yelling out for "Woman King" and sad ladies shouting for "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" and just played sorta shitty acoustic versions of his new songs, and a few old ones.  Dude has fallen in love with his own voice, and there is some Narcissus falling into the pond thing going on.

Not disappointing was Charli XCX who put on a fucking barn-burner in an old warehouse for a few hundred STL lucky goofs.  She is cool as it gets and her band of young women was tight as hell.

Califone was also incredible, replicating their perfect album sound and yeah, played The Orchids and Funeral Singers.  Glorious.

Homeland is Glee for people who read The Atlantic Monthly.  It has been bad and painful for so long I'm considering Boardwalking it.  (New phrase I'm developing for 'throwing in the towel,' since boxing is passé.)

Pat has made a rousing comeback in our fantasy football league and is now my pick to win it all.  I feel some soul-hurt, not gonna lie.

I miss you guys, hope to see your faces soon.  Except Pat, who will be gloating.


Favorite phrase ever, full stop.  I think I'm going to open an adult bookstore that only features nude oil paintings from the Enlightenment era.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Top Five Favorite" A Song of Ice and Fire" Audio Recordings by Esteemed Voice Actor Roy Dotrice

I really didn't think I'd like the books as much as the series, but I like them much better, especially when read by ROY FUCKING DOTRICE. So excited for The Winds of Winter.

5. A Clash of Kings
4. A Storm of Swords
3. A Game of Thrones
2. A Feast for Crows (come at me)
1. A Dance with Dragons

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting Old, Would Rather See Live Comedy These Days

Maria Bamford is godmode right now, easily a top five American comedian.  See her.
ps Her tourmate Jackie Kashian was fantastic in her own right.

Tig Notaro seems content to tell stories and fuck with the crowd.  She's got survivor's confidence, and the crowd's complete faith.   Delivery and physical comedy were spot-on, joke selection and long anecdotes not as high payoff.  Would have liked a little more discipline, but it was a treat to see her anyhow.

Mike Birbiglia seemed rejuvenated with a lot of new material and more enthusiasm and charisma than last time we saw him, where I think he was (and Scott sure was!) sick of his own stories.  Met him again, had more pleasantly awkward conversation. You would have a good time too.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Community Season 6

Season 5 got some shade thrown at it, and if you really feel like it doesn't continue to justify its existence, then nothing I can say can or should change your mind.  That is a huge bummer, thinking it out-stayed its welcome.  But I'd like to point-out Mr. Harmon had to do a MASSIVE course-correction, deal with the loss of his two best physical comedians, and SAVE THE GODDAMN SHOW all within 13 episodes.  Name another show that has ever done anything like that.

And if your argument wonders aloud where they have to go from here, I think we pretty clearly have come, with extremely economic grace, to the season where we have to deal with Jeff and Annie. Something that happens to mirror what is happening in Mr. Harmon's life.  You think that won't be worth watching?

Even it it would fail, haven't relationships been the weak link in many a great sitcom?  Won't it be exciting to watch it try? Even the mighty 30 Rock shoehorned in a half-dozen uninteresting significant others and cooked up story lines for Julianne Moore or Salma Hayak that didn't justify the minutes away from the writer's room.  Liz's had a better batting average, but we still had Wesley Snipes, repeatedly.  And honestly, don't both the people Jack and Liz settled down with seem more like placeholders that just happened to be there when the story ended?  They couldn't handle a romantic relationship--it is dangerous, messy business, and with both your stars over 40, not something the public is really clamoring for anyway.

But accomplishing a meaningful romantic journey, with already well-established characters is a truly difficult challenge, but so valuable.  Think of how poorly done Ross and Rachel were, and how we still cared about it.  America is not good at love stories, or hasn't been for years.  Rom-coms have a bad reputation now because no one knows how to do them right, not because they're inherently stupid.  A list of Great American Love Stories, well what do you think?