Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Drake MORE LIFE (2017)

Such is the state of poptism and its thirst for male heroes--not to mention the slow Q1 news cycle-- that this is hailed as some achievement.  Tremendously boring, punishing to deep listening...fine, I guess it's fine if you're using it like Eno to provide texture to household chores and malaise, but I'd like a headcount in Q1 2018 of the folks that still give a shit about this non-album. I like the title, though. "Yes, to smell pork" would be a great, unsettling name for his next playlist.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

ALLIED dir. Robert Zemeckis (2016)

What do you think it feels like to turn in very good performances, as Pitt and Cotillard do, and then watch the film to see that the cinematography has no depth or character, the extras are astoundingly bad (saboteur-level,) and the score is by turns limp and lame?  The whole affair seems like a prestige picture from the 90's that got gussied-up with modern after-effects.  Middlebrau like flat beer.

To be fair, Brad and Marion presumably read the unoriginal script, and hopefully had an assistant capable of pointing out that its author owns a clothing line based on his similarly uninspired creation, PEAKY BLINDERS.  Style over substance, and tired imitations of style at that.  Akin to 90's slacker-indie-rock revivalism, but that is a diatribe for another time...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

LOVE S2 (2017)

Captures the first few months of a relationship of co-dependents agonizingly well.  A comedy without being a sitcom in the least, moments of humor are all the brighter for their unpredictability. Bertie, another perennial Comedy Bang Bang hero, is one of my favorite characters on this thing I guess we still call television.  Steph and I probably watched it more like a triptych, and I do think it shares some spirituality with Linklater's Before trilogy.  It is strange that what we really crave from a romantic comedy is this, the tissue, the actual relationship, but most modern rom-coms are de facto action movies.

Carry Bertie in your heart.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Olds will try to tell you it is the best show on television.  I can squint and see saying it is the best drama on television, but there are at least five 2016 comedies I would take over it without blinking.  The show is great when it sets the adults up in opposition or uneasy cooperation, but as the Paige saga (now with 900% more Pastor Tim and Alice!) continues to fester and consume the show with necrotic banality, we've lost the verve of seasons one and two, where Elizabeth and Philip were confronted with incredible challenges and had to find a way out-- at its best reminiscent of the set-pieces of BREAKING BAD.  And those external battles would reflect in the internal chess of their marriage.  Both aspects were mostly lost in season three and are completely gone in season four.  Season five just started, with renewed interested in our relationship with the Russians, and season six will be the end: must I keep slogging?  Will it improve?  I can't trust the olds to tell me! It can be beautiful, thoughtful, and engaging, but television critics are giving it such a pass on its dreadfully slow storytelling and now-static relationship/characters of Elizabeth and Philip, who by turns hector and assuage Paige, the worst teenage character since Dana.  Dana, you were awful, but Paige has taken the throne.