Friday, May 06, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 9 and Hello Russia!

Most of our views come from our friends in Russia--hope you all are doing great there!  Possibly my favorite poem of all time is by Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko


Weddings in days of war,
false cheating comfort,
those hollow phrases:
'He won’t get killed...'
On a snowbound winter road,
slashed by a cruel wind,
I speed to a hasty wedding
in a neighboring village.
Gingerly I enter
a buzzing cottage,
I, a folk dancer of repute,
with a forelock dangling
from my forehead.
All spruced up, disturbed,
among relatives and friends
the bridegroom sits, just mobilized,
Sits with Vera-his bride-
but in a day or two
he’ll pull on a gray soldier’s coat
and, wearing it, leave for the front.
Then with a rifle he will go,
tramping over alien soil;
a German bullet, perhaps,
will lay him low...
A glass of foaming home brew
he’s not able yet to drink.
Their first night together
will likely be their last.
Chagrined, the bridegroom stares,
and with all his soul in anguish
cries to me across the table:
'Well, go on, why don’t you dance! '
They all forget their drinking,
all fix me with goggling eyes,
and I slide and writhe,
beating a rhythm with my hooves.
Now I drum a tattoo,
now drag my toes
across the floor.
Whistling shrilly,
I clap my hands,
leap up near the ceiling.
Slogans on the wall fly past,
'Hitler will be kaput! '
But the bride
her face
with tears.
I’m already a wet rag,
barely catch my breath...
'Dance! '-
they shout in desperation,
and I dance again...
Back home, my ankles
feel as stiff as wood;
but from yet another wedding
drunken guests
come knocking at the door once more.
Soon as mother lets me go,
I’m off to weddings once again,
and round the tablecloth anew
I stamp my feet and bend my knees.
The bride sheds bitter tears,
friends are tearful too.
I’m afraid for everyone.
I’ve no desire to dance,
but you can’t not dance.

Translated by George Reavey (revised)

gets me every time. Here's some Friday righteousness to cheer you up.


Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 8

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 7

-Seems to me that Petty should be revered at the same stature as Bruce Springsteen.  Is it cuz he didn't have a self-fulfilling nickname like The Boss?

--That stature should be very tall.

--- When a song like this comes out and doesn't even sniff Top 40 radio in America, I realize I don't understand how the world works.

----Or this

-----Or this?  Why do we wait five years and then *best case* we get a more boring version with Ellie Goulding or someone singing it?

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 6

-I wouldn't mind if much more post-synth, post-drum machine pop sounded somewhere between this....

--....and this.

---when you stuck at work listening to an "oldies" station, this sounds like an oasis

----seems like in the 80's, they had a much healthier relationship with BPM. PS I think Bieber could do a killer cover of this. 

-----It is flat-out amazing that this song still sounds refreshing and invigorating.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Ten Thousand Favorite Songs, v. 5

-A go-to when I'm feeling really despondent.  Never fails.  I'm like Hagrid with his little pink umbrella.  PS how bullshit is it that none of the professors could just like, tutor the dude?  WTF?

--So glad this got an official release.  Each Sam Beam new release is less and less interesting, but as he keeps revealing his back catalog, it is becoming evident that he's written 40-50 amazing songs.

---The Prince-sweeping algorithm on Youtube hasn't found this guy yet.   I've singing this all week. 
---Gah they're finding 12" remixes within a week!  Damnation,  we need a symbol for him that computers don't recognize....
Replacing it, with a stone cold classic that always always always sound good.

----I'll always remember being 6 and the first time we visited my granddad's grave, we drove through the cemetery and this was on the stereo.  It will always sounds like being glad to be in a warm car with your whole family.

-----How shameless can Ben be?  This shameless.