Friday, January 20, 2017

HELL OR HIGH WATER dir. David Mackenzie (2016)

A terrific, 'manly' melodrama, right?  I loved how it not just identifies banks as villainous, but reflects on how their remorseless repossession of homes echoes that of white settlers a hundred years before.  I think a lot of the anger that 46% of voters expressed in November is tied to understanding that circumstances are more difficult than they need to be, that they are being preyed upon, but they wildly misidentify the culprit.  Predatory banking, whether through mortgages for homes banks are all too willing to foreclose on, or credit cards that make life real easy until it isn't, until you're effectively a debt/wage slave...we have monolithic enemies now, Voltrons of ten thousand people who cannot be challenged to showdowns at high noon.

The only option is to disengage, do everything within our power to remove leverage they have over us.  Don't join, don't sign, pay cash.  Because wily coyote one might be, but probably not smarter than the combined forces of accountants and lawyers and executives who need to make the quarterlies look good for a bonus.

I hope plenty of people get to see the film and don't get distracted from the message by the gunplay, or Chris Pine's enviable mustache.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Enjoy the last day of President Obama with a peaceful resolution to endure.  Endure out of spite or malice, but endure.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thomas Pynchon THE CRYING OF LOT 49 (1965)

I was always intimidated by Pynchon's reputation, but the INHERENT VICE film encouraged me that he might be more of a genius-jester than a heavy-and-dour, the other option for midcentury American male novelists.  And he is.  LOT 49 is highly amusing, running through life in the mid-sixties southern California dream, and could even be read as a precursor to IV, as it follows a possibly-medicated housewife falling deeper into an inconsequential conspiracy, which may or may not have been constructed to give her something to do.  Pynchon is an astounding conjurer of sentences, employing names and nouns as chances at joy.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

True Top 40 2016

I saved 3 spots for when LEMONADE ends up on Spotify.
#1 Freedom
#10 Formation
#31 Daddy Lessons

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Scott's 2016 Film Top Ten

If you subscribe to the podcast, you help them make more from advertisers so do it! The least you can do for a charming vehicle to get Scott's opinions into your brain.  He has a very intriguing list, and pairs each member of the top ten with a couple films in similar emotional/stylistic wheelhouses.  Lo, tho he call it a "basic bitch" list, it is just as honest, well-articulated, and exciting as you've come to expect from Scott.

Ben's Basic Bitch Top 5