Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate Coverage, Part Deux

Hey, welcome to Part Deux (if you haven't read Part One, keep's down there), which is kind of a summary of the post-debate coverage on MSNBC (as always, Chris Matthews of Hardball was on site for the event with a panel and various guests…no Zell Miller this time…sorry). I’m basically taking my notes (damn straight I took notes) and transcribing them so they actually make sense, along with anything else that comes to mind.

First, some fact checking, courtesy of Brian Williams (he’s the guy replacing Tom Brokaw; you can probably trust him). John Kerry has repeatedly thrown around the figure of $200 billion spent in Iraq, and I apologize that I didn’t look further when writing up my earlier post, because that is actually false. The closest figure is around $119 billion. Still a lot? Hell yeah, but Kerry had little to lose by reporting the actual figure.
Meanwhile, Bush stated that they had 100,000 Iraqis fully trained, and that by January they’d be up to 125,000, when in reality (this according the Prime Minister of Iraq, Iyad Allawi) Iraq now commands an army of 50,000, and that by January they’ll be up to 145,000, and all the way to 250,000 by the end of 2005. Why Bush didn’t use the Prime Minister’s numbers, which are far more impressive, I do not know.
On a lesser scale, Bush claimed the Iran sanctions were around before his administration, which is true, but the Bush administration did renew them.

Odd…I would’ve figured, if anything, the factual issues would have been bigger than this, but this was all they could dig up.

Kerry’s position on Iraq seems pretty clear to me now, after hearing not only his responses, but also the analysts on MSNBC and Jon Stewart. With the information we have now, the war on Iraq should have never happened. But, given the information he was given then (with the weapons of mass destruction and so forth), war was the correct decision, and even in that case it was poorly executed. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong, just be prepared to back it up…I just watched four hours of debate coverage.

I took down some numbers on the debate, but they’re all available at: (scroll down a few boxes…but seriously, look around that page, there’s some great stuff).

Notably about the debate, the Kerry campaign pushed for the removal of the little warning lights earlier in the day (they felt it would be distracting), the only light interference was on Bush’s part, and even then it only flashed twice (didn’t even reach the buzzer…their last resort to get them to shut up).

The managing editor of Newsweek noted that Bush’s fallback was Kerry sending mixed message, and in some ways rightfully so…it was all he had going for him this time around.
John McCain noted that he would have liked to see more focus on other foreign relations issues, such as the war on drugs, immigration, et cetera, but can understand why Iraq would get all the focus (I agree with him on this…look at the Shuster’s Corner section of the Hardball site…the numbers speak). He also noted that with thirty-two pages of debate rules, he was a little skeptical that the evening would be that interesting, but in the end people got what they came to see (another point I agree with him on…man, this guy should run for President…oh, wait).
So yeah...there's your coverage for the first debate. I really enjoyed it, and found it well worth my time. Really can't wait for the Cheney/Edwards debate on Tuesday, and I hope you'll all tune in to that.

Please...if you have any thoughts on the debate, post away. If you can, keep them all on this thread so we don't get two separate discussions about the same thing (I broke these up for ease of reading). If not...whatya gonna do, but it'd be nice to get some order.

Oh, and if you're of age, for God's sake, VOTE IN NOVEMBER.

The Gravy's Coverage of the First Presidential Debate

This whole thing ended up longer than I’d thought (welcome to writing at 11:30), so I’m doing two sections. This section will deal with a touch of pre-debate coverage, but mainly with the debate itself. Onward…

So the debate, for me, began with the pre-show coverage with Chris Matthews, a panel, and random guests via satellite (even though they weren’t that far away, there’s GOTTA be a satellite in there somewhere). The number one thing they said? This is Kerry’s big chance. More and more, Bush has been pulling ahead in the polls, and it’s well known that a President running for re-election has a lot to lose in a debate a little to gain. So Kerry has to take hold of the debate, and for one of the first times in his campaign, give a definite, strong position.

And wow, did he ever. I know it’s easy for me to say Kerry won the debate…I’m voting for him. But seriously…I was actually expecting Bush to take it. He’s an excellent debater, and has a great track record to prove it (including beating out one of the best debaters at the time during his campaign to be governor of Texas), so I really, honestly did expect him to walk all over Kerry. But it just didn’t happen for him in the least. The time I felt he was the strongest was when he spoke about the wife of a soldier who was killed in Iraq. I don’t care how much you hate Bush, if you didn’t feel the weight of the responsibility there, you’ve gotta get a bigger perspective on the election.

Unfortunately for Bush, it takes more than touchy-feely to be President. And through the whole debate, Kerry acted more like the President than Bush did. Kerry spoke very strongly and confidently, was very well prepared, and was genuinely thankful to be there and courteous to the process (this is where the debate team side of him really shined through). In terms of his character, Kerry gained a lot of points in my book when he refused to criticize Bush's character, saying that it was not his job to do so. Bush, on the other hand, was just really arrogant. I think if there’s one word, it was that. He seemed very under-prepared, giving a lot of the same old reasons (remember how Bush used to point to 9/11 for everything? Now the answer to Kerry’s arguments was that Kerry flip-flops, which after tonight I think people are going to have a harder and harder time pointing out as a weakness), generally looked like he didn’t want to be there (then again, if someone was trying to take your job, would you want to go to the interview?), and all around did not feel like the President. John Kerry did, and that’s gonna be dangerous for Bush.

It wasn’t only in the way Kerry talked. It wasn’t just in the way he finally, for once, came out with a strong statement on Iraq. It was mainly in how he carried himself, and I think that’s what’s gonna have the biggest effect on people. With the exception of Kerry’s stance on Iraq, the candidates have both been very clear in what they’re aiming for, and they’re both very different. If you hadn’t seen these guys talk before, here was your chance to get the lowdown (as will continue to be in the next two debates). But what this debate gave everyone is a sense of who Kerry is.

The main thing is this, and was pointed out soon after the debate was over: Kerry stood upright the whole time. Bush, for the most part, was leaning forward on his elbows. Also, if you watch the reaction shots (I was watching MSNBC, so I don’t know how the other channels filmed the whole shebang), Kerry was consistently either listening directly to Bush or making notes, cracking only the occasional smile. Bush, on the other hand, looked pissed-off, ready to attack Kerry at a moment’s notice, and I got the same vibe from him here that a lot of people got when Al Gore would sigh during Bush’s comments in the 2000 election. I know these might seem like little things, but anyone who’s learned speech before can tell you, it’s not good. It simply does not reflect well.

So I think most people are gonna agree with me on this: Kerry won the debate. Every journalist at MSNBC agreed completely. And don’t pull one of those “it’s just the liberal media!” stunts. If you watch MSNBC, and especially Hardball (I’m a big Chris Matthews fan…he’s one of the few guys running a political commentary show that actually manages to stay objective), you’ll know these guys are neutral. That’s their job. They’re professionals. Oh, and the one guy who said Bush won? He’s an MSNBC correspondent, who is actually an attorney for the Bush campaign (hate to say it, but his name escapes me at the moment…I’ll do what I can to find it…it was Ben something, I know that much).

There's more I wanna say, I just can't think of it. Mainly, I gotta agree with the sentiments of one of the commentators, which is that now there are a lot of voters who won't just vote for Not Bush, but really be voting for John Kerry. I'm one of them.

The huge transcript of the debate can be found here:

Nick Ohio Is Stealing All My Plans!

First I see the guy with the exact jacket I have been trying to find for like half a year, then on the Pilgrimmage I find out he beat me to the harmonica, which I have been planning on learning to play for the last three months and finally have the money for. If he tries to patent CondoMintz, I'm gonna be super-pissed.

I have a new digital camera! randomly decided to buy the family a digital camera. So now I can take pictures of all kindsa crap. Like my dog...looking like the prisoner she is...

Now isn't that special? The funniest part, though, is that they included this TINY tripod...

Seriously, that's the smallest freaking thing in the world, and it's supposed to be the tripod for the camera, which is easily three times that size. At any rate, it WAS free.

So what does this digital camera mean? Does it mean me posting whatever the hell I end up taking a picture of? Probably. Does is mean this is gonna turn into Regis and Kathy Lee where Kathy Lee showed a picture of her kid every freaking day? (not that I ever watch the show, mind you). Luckily, I have no child. No, dear Blog Readers ( deserve caps), it simply means when I need photographic evidence for a post, there will likely be photographic evidence. Except in certain those cases, believe me, the fish WAS that big.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Wow, school sux. Typing this is all that i can do to stay sane in religion. And i just had a gay english test. Dr. G has a really gay take home, too. Just when i thougt that school wasn,t that bad, it starts to blow. Check the time, i seriously am doing this as mr. Higgs drones on about something.

feeling dirty

Ok, sorry Ben but this post will bring down the age of meaniful writing or whatever. Ok so last night i felt real sick so i didnt eat, me mum just made me some tea. So i drink it and go to bed. I have this very graphic dream about... well Sean Majors mother. I know its gross. I feel dirty.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

imac vs. Dr. G(round 1) and other semi-related stuff

Pre Pre Script:
San Fran Bagelage...haha!

For those of you who haven't heard, it's open war between Dr. G and least until Saturday. There is an obvious conflict at work here. He likes Notre Dame, I am a big Purdue fan. Since Notre Dame is playing Purdue on Saturday, tensions are rising. It began with me wearing my Purdue Engineering shirt on Monday. At the end of class I pointed said shirt out to him. He responded with, "How could you do that? Up until that moment, I thought we were friends." Suffice it to say that we haven't seen the end of this.

In other college football news, the ironically named Richie Incognito has taken second place on my list of favorite football names.
The Top 3:
1. The Aptly Named Jeff Smoker (St. Louis Rams)
2. The Ironically Named Richie Incognito (Oregon Ducks)
3. The Perfectly Named Wesley Mallard (former Oregon Duck)

Post Script:
I'll take Purdue and the points (1.5)

Post Post Script:
Down with Albino Mexicans!

This Will Be a Bitch, More Or Less

So yesterday sucked. Woke up feeling way, way tired. Anybody else experience that, where you're pretty sure that you weren't supposed to wake up because the majority of your body is still functioning in sleep mode? I was like that. My stomach was in no condition to down a substantial amount of food, despite the fact that I would desperately need the energy. Instead, my breakfast consisted of a glass of milk. Then I rushed to school to study for a history test. Needless to say, this did not happen. Instead I read an essay for AP English that was stupid. Maybe it had good points, but I was in a cantankerous mood; I was in no way willing to admit that I enjoyed English homework. And I never studied. So I walked into English feeling confident.

But wait! We aren't analyzing that essay, or the other one. No, we're peer-editing other people's essays. Okay, this is cool. It was sad, though, because I couldn't find great comments to make. My mind didn't function. On the plus side, I did get decent feedback on my essay, which was arguing the opening statement of Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience", which was nice because at that point I hadn't actually read the essay. Bio as always made me want to sleep. I had Spanish, which was fine, but I was exhausted. Same with math. Then came choir, which was great until I realized I'd made Sam Wasson get a bad grade on our choir test on account of my bad musical ear. But then I had the history exam. That was...interesting. And then I had practice for this choir workshop on Saturday. It's a quartet. I'm the one bass. And I'm not a low bass; just baritone. My timing was always off, I always slid flat, and then I just totally couldn't find the notes in the second song. I was very pissed at myself. A couple of hours later I headed off to soccer practice.

Okay, having not played a man-to-man defense in any team sport since the age of eleven, I got surprised when I learned that's how we're apparently supposed to play in regular soccer. I always marked up for throw-ins, corner kicks, or whatever, but for regular parts of the game; I played zone. If there was a player in my zone and posed a threat, I would be wary. Otherwise, I kept my attention on the ball. I understand that it's probably not the best way, but one of my teammates told me in no uncertain terms that what I was doing was wrong and, it felt, probably punishable by death (dramatic, I know; but perhaps you have not picked up on the fact that this was a rather shitty day), so I stopped. But wait! Having not played this way in such a long time, I am not doing as well as I might have been doing with my usual routine. Yet for some reason the coach had me stay in. I was incredibly pissed at the end of this. I could have played until like midnight and probably still want more, because I just needed something more. But then it was time to go home, and do homework, and then I had to go to sleep instead of go for a run, because running at is like a stimulant in the short-term; gets the blood flowing.

So yeah, it was a bad day compounded by my standards for myself...though those aren't too high in actuality.

But about the title...I'm referring to the onslaught of stuff coming at me. A religion project that I have to do well on, because if I don't work hard I will get up there and stammer and give the impression of being a guy who just screws around in class. Which I'm not. Then I have English...have to write an essay sometime soon. That will suck. And there's this whole choir workshop, which is taking up a lot of time because of my inability to hit notes. Which, I figure, will probably be a very, very bad thing when I get up in front of the Jesuit community and try to be a cantor. Crap.

It's a miracle I have a shred of optimism in my veins....aside from the obvious fact that it's far from the end of the world.

So yeah, done with that...that's my allotment of self-pity for the month.

Monday, September 27, 2004


Alright, in response to imac's post and to a revelation I have had today, I would like to clear something up. I am not racist against any sort of minority. Not even Puerto Ricans. I have unquestionable (and not entirely rational) respect for almost anyone who isn't white (countrary examples being Osama, etc.). I think its because I wish I was in a minority and I subconsiously envy those who are part of such groups. Back in the day, being Irish was enough to get you persecuted, but not anymore. Now every Tom, Dick, and Ansaf is Irish and there is a complete lack of animosity. Damn it. Anyway, to the revelation. Driving down 99 east on my way to work, I pulled up alongside some early 90's POS and glance over. It was your average early twenties white trash suburban guy. For some reason he points at me, says something to the obligatory ugly girls in his car and they all look over at me. I don't know why. (maybe one of you guys do) It couldn't have been the music that was blaring, cuz that was some fine stuff I jacked off (by this I mean stole from) Pitchfork, courtesy of Shakeer's blog. Anyway, at that moment, I realized that the only group of people I dislike for no tangible reason are those of the white trash variety. Not rednecks, God bless them, or even the group unfortunately labeled trailer trash, but just your true and blue white trash. Oh well. Nobody's perfect.

post script
My real reason for writing this was to inform y'all that we are about to break into triple digits for posts. (That would be 100 posts for those of you not mathematically inclined) Who will be the one to push us over the hump and possibly into an era of meaningful writing? I don't know, but the suspense in killing me.

I have no house!!!

Let the dumbassery continue...

Yes, it's true, I no longer have a house. As most of you know, my family has been building a new house by Jesuit...FOR 3 YEARS!!! This makes me angry, especially the fact that the only internet in my current, er, former house is 56k on my dad's computer because were supposed to move into the new one 2 years ago. Anyway, my dad made the bright decision to sell our house with no end to construction on the new one in sight(I wagered that we wouldn't move in by the current completion date and it looks like I'm right), so as of today, Sept. 27, we have no house. Officially, we get to rent this house for a month and then move out. NO MATTER WHAT. Yay... But not really.

Post Script:
Doog is a racist bastard.
Post Post Script:
Who stole my money.
Post Post Post Script:
So is Ben.

Extremeatude, or It was bound to come up someday

Okay, something that really pisses me off: Albertsons has a promotion it is there X-treme value buy of the week. Basically, they put some shit that they can't sell at the end of the checkstand, mark it down from their usual 500% mark-up, to a respectable price, basically, a price that Winco would sell stuff at. Well, they call it extreme, and force the cashiers to pitch the shit, which is usually some crap like pop-tarts, or tampons, (seriously, we actually did toilet paper, the cashiers ended up insulting every customer that happened by) Okay, honestly, what the f*** is so extreme about selling food and toilettries? This just pisses me off. The only thing that is really extreme is football, in all of its various forms. And my new series of sporting events, which include full-contact cross-country, track, swimming, and my favorite, diving. Basically, you just run, or swim, or whatever, but only this time, you can kick the shit out of each other! Especially, the water events, drownings would be a common occurance. And, of course, I would kick ass at it. I ended up being in the top 5 among linemen at the 3 mile, which is the distance that cross country runs. You really think that Maag could withstand a horrible beating? Probably, (Dugoni managed to pull off a tackle on Fri, and if he survives Centrury, who goes after kickers with a vengance my faith in the little man will be affirmed) but still, it'd be a good race, as it is, our x-country team is too good as it is. I mean 4th in the nation, WTF? You would also be taking the worst spectator sport in history, running, and suddenly its more like wrestling, or like the most kick-ass sport ever, which is of course rugby. Which also happens to be the most seriously gay sport in existance. If you ever actually watch a game, you'll realize there is a lot of weird touching, pulling, and sticking your head in places that it really doesn't belong. And don't get me started about rugby teams sleeping in hotels almost totally unsupervised. Those glorious pictures still allude me, but I someday hope to get what would be the greatest contibution to art in the history of the earth. Okay, fine gay art. If you haven't heard the whole story, i'll be happy to discribe, in graphic detail, the happenings of that fine, fine weekend. (Warning! This narrative involves beer, urine, air-soft guns, cross-dressing, gay sex, and photography)

First post/ very tired

Hello everyone, yep its my first post so be nice. Sorry if I dont spell everything correct, its just not my style. (I see there is a spell checker, so just look out for bad grammar.)
Ok so today was quite tireing, woke up and took 4 damn kids to school in my baby. They make the shocks squeak and i get worse gas miliage and stopping and acclerating are harder. I was driving real fast and i am coming up to a stop sign, "oh i am going only 40 I can stop, oh man 30 and its getting close, SHIT!" I dropped to 2nd and slammed on the brakes, the smell of rubber was in the air. School was real neat, I had a test in history that i didnt study for, but probably did atleast 20 points better than Maureen Wherley. Rec-pe was kind of good, we played Ultimate Frisbee, the team were really unfair, Bobby Erwin, Bradon Russel, and other kids killed my team which consisted of Gonzalez and myself with a few stragglers. At crew I had one of the worst rows ever, the boat would not set up and kids were not in time, i was pissed but now that we have this one coach who is nuts (started hitting boards with a hammer today) i didnt swear at the kids screwing up. My writing tutor was cool, but i was hungry. slim fast made it better, 3 of them for dinner. I went on my favorite road tonight, 53rd is the street. its on the begnging of Cornell, i saw 3 deer. Damn if you have the chance, go on it and tear it up, went 60 on parts people are scared to do 35 on. mmmmmmmmm. if you would like i can take you on it for a fee.
that wraps it up for today.
(well i am going to go to coldstone in like 15 min, right on barnes and miller. come if you like, well dont cause i am going with Danielle Towne.)
(well that punk called and said that she had to stay "home" because her "parents" told her she couldnt go. I say two things: 1. You are 18 Danielle you dont have to take their crap anymore. 2. Mrs. Towne, your chicken sucks.)
(Ok, that was harsh, if my kids ever say "I am 18, I dont have to take your crap anymore." I will puch him/her in the face and knock them out cold. Oh and Mrs. Townes chicken is like this equation. Mymom'schicken^10. it equals goodness and pleasure to the tastes buds.)

Sunday, September 26, 2004

The Battle on Beaverton-Hillsdale: a fan's perspective

Now that all of the players in this past Friday's massacre have put in their two cents about the game (and now that I've gotten off my lazy ass and am actually trying to post something), it's time to provide that unique fan-perspective that just bores people to death!

Every good game has a good pregame party, and this one was no exception. Of course, by "party" I mean going to Misha's and hanging around for awhile watching Jim get kneed in the crotch repeatedly while eating a really good grilled cheese sammich. That was one HELL of a sammich. I like the word sammich. It sounds better than sandwich. That was a really cool time. Anyway.

A couple of us skipped sushi to find Misha's bank and then went on over to JHS to reserve our spot in line for the pep rally, thus guaranteeing our free glowstick rights. It started with just a few of us, but after a bit a rather substantial crowd gathered in front of Smith Gym, making Mr. Hughes and the gang a little bit nervous. We counted down the seconds to the start of the rally, then managed to wedge like 20 people through those little doors at once. Father Pat proceeded to give one of the best pep rally speeches I have ever heard-- it gave the Nage's (Naggi sounds so uncool) speech a run for the money.

We got fired up and made the sprint out to the field, where we proceeded to cheer our asses off for the team, free t-shirts, and (of course!) public access TV. After it was pretty much engraved in stone that we were gonna dominate, the mood got goofy and we partied hard. There was an attempt at a field rush at the end of the game, but it was thwarted by a long line of teachers. Whoever spilled the beans about that one is gonna... I'll... uh... I'll get really mad at them. Yeah.

After the massacre, we met up with some valiant players and went over to J in the B for some shakes, which was both a good and a bad idea because apparently Beaverton kids really like Jack in Box. See? There's some concrete evidence right there that they suck! We proceeded to break the shake machine, get mooned, and listen to some girls invent and then execute a "pedophile priest" cheer to which I responed with a resounding, semi-drunken sounding "I LOOOOVEEE YOUUUUUUUU!!!" And then some dude got offended that we were talking about Mexicans or something. We had two Mexicans in attendance and they weren't offended, sheesh. I think.

So yeah, an awesome night indeed. I can't wait for Century and Liberty-- seriously, if we blew out friggin' Beaverton this bad, we're gonna wind up breaking the scoreboard at those two games. Good game, guys! VIVE JESUIIIITT!

Saturday, September 25, 2004


Continuing on the hopefully-long-running theme of posting a review after seeing a new movie, I bring you the latest: The British romantic comedy Wimbledon, starring Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst.

First, I should go on the record saying that I like romantic comedies. I really do. Not just the "guy movie romantic comedies" like There's Something About Mary or anything Adam Sandler's done (and if anyone tells you those aren't romantic comedies, they're dead wrong...they are comedies about romance). I am actually talking about "chick flicks." My problem is, like any other genre, with the bad ones. The good ones are funny, uplifting, and generally just feel-good movies, which every now and then I'm in the mood for. They might be cheesy, but cheesy's refreshing.

Which brings me to Wimbledon, which is in fact a very cheesy movie. But damn if I wasn't into it. It's got the cast of regulars...regular good-hearted guy, really hot fun girl every guy wishes they could have, the far better-looking but asshole competition, the jolly friend, the wacky family, the dad saying "my daughter has more important things, but don't worry I'll cheer for you in the end." Yeah, the gang's all here.

But it works.

Paul Bettany is great. Thankfully, he actually comes across as a tennis player, and he plays the romantic lead well (his voice-overs are especially well-done). While this will likely be a lesser-noted part in her career, Kirsten Dunst does fine work here. She's the really hot fun girl every guy wishes he could have, and that's about all there is to it. But being that I follow Dunst's work (yeah, she's hot, but she's also a great actress...see "The Virgin Suicides" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" for perfect evidence on this...and man, I loved her in Spider-Man 2), it's cool to see her in a pretty mainstream, cut-and-dry role. As with the rest of the movie, it's refreshing.

I gotta say...the direction in this was fantastic. Far above and beyond any romantic comedy I've ever seen, and it holds its own against other films. The tennis scenes are extremely well-done and easy to follow, without just simply airing it like ESPN. And the camerawork during Paul Bettany's voice-overs is's almost more like Fight Club or Donnie Darko than My Best Friend's Wedding.

The trailers say this is by the same guys who did "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Notting Hill," but I have yet to find any creative link. Near as I can figure, it's the production company. So if you were thinking of seeing this off that, don't. But if you like romantic comedies, want a break from trying to find the best movie of the year (it's what I do, at least), have always wanted to see Paul Bettany in a leading role (there are those who have been waiting for it, apparently), or just plain like Kirsten Dunst, then by all means, please see this film. It really is a lotta fun, and I don't believe you'll be disappointed.

The Apathy Party

We seem to be in a national predicament. One that warrants the upheaval of the traditional two party system in favor of three parties. May this third party be the party of the American people (with beer and strippers), in all of their apathetic glory. God Bless America. This country needs a leader who understands the will of the people. About half of the population voted in the last national election, and if all of the rest voted for a leader who was as apathetic as they were, the country would be in much better shape. But on to an issue of much more pressing concern: this year's election. The goal of the Apathy party is to make the decision much, much easier. I mean face it, Kerry is a douche bag (in the most literal sense), and Bush is a certified retard. Both candidates suck so much that the choice between them is impossible, like taking an AP test after studying for it for only two weeks, oh wait... It's like having to choose between sex and a rib dinner. Ribs with a side of onion rings, or french fries, or any thing that has been deep-fried to golden, fatty perfection, and doused in salt, like a good fried chicken from Popeye's, juicy and tender on the inside, crunchy and spicy on the outside, full of so much oil and fat that you can feel the arteries clog as you take in bite after delicious bite. Also, there would be a side of prime rib, rare, juicy, succulent prime rib that just melts in your mouth, wrapped in bacon for extra fatty goodness. There would also have to be a side of cheesy garlic bread. Cheese and garlic covering every salty, gooey morsal. The ribs themselves would be pork baby-back, or riblets from Applebees, covered in the sauce from Tony Roma's, totally covered in sauce, and falling off the bone, so you would actually have to eat it with a fork, and a tall glass of limeade with extra syrup, so it tastes like the bottom all the way up. And buffalo wings, no meal is complete with out buffalo wings, hot and spicy, with the fat and sauce pouring off every succulent bite, covering your plate and hands with orange oil, so much that you can, nay, have to lick it off of the plate. Sorry, I'm really hungry.

Beware. Similar in Quality with Jeff's Posts.

Yeah, this started out as a comment for John's post, but it spawned too many ideas and became so convoluted I had to either make it a post or trash it. And I'm a packrat.

Yeah, it was an epic victory. Sublime, marvelous, heavenly, magnificent. 47-7 will be etched in all our minds for all our lives. Even better, everybody got in. Against Beaverton. Our senior year. If Kumar was a senior, he would have played. Glory. And more humiliation was piled on the cheerleaders. Megans Angelo, McDonell, and Davis got down and started leading cheering and it boosted dramatically. Which leads to my theory that we don't suffer a lack of school spirit, we simply lack sufficiently hot cheerleaders to excite and funnel our enthusiasm. And their fans did suck at losing. While at Jack in the Box we were talking about Doug's post and imac was holding up a piece of change and saying it was more money than most Mexicans would see in their lives. His remark was duly crushed, and we went on to making fun of how he was Puerto Rican (I rationalized it by saying its not nearly as bad because they're part of America, like hillbillies) but a guy sitting adjacent to us wearing a Beaverton Beavers shirt said, about 10 seconds after we had moved on from imac's rascism, "Hey what if I was Mexican?" Granted, he was slightly tan but he was still obviously a white kid. It was the most stupid thing I have ever heard. All the Mexican kids were outside and he was sitting all by himself. It was pathetic. Nobody else seemed to hear him but me. But everyone else could have just been ignoring him. Like people will do his entire life. Dumbshit.

And the curse of the Gravy lives on, even though we changed our name to the all-purpose Rangers. We got way more good shots off but all went about two inches right or left of the post. Even with that bad luck, we should have tied it nil-nil, but I, trusted with the office of sweeper, totally screwed up and let their fuck of a forward score. Sorry John, but thanks for cheering so much. At least Notre Dame slaughtered Washington.

Synagogue was pushed back to tomorrow, so I am missing Cory's party for nothing. Now, off to do my epic load of homework. God can't let me have too good of a weekend.

post script
I am sorry if you read that whole thing hoping that there was something worthwhile in there.

The Good, The Bad, and The Psycho Ref

Friday was most likely the best evening I've ever had. It was that great. To sum up why the evening was great, I'll just say this: Jesuit 47, Beaverton 7. Yeah, who likes girls now? Anyway, the lead refferee(white hat) was completely crazy. I walked out with the other 3 captains for the coin toss and the ref says, "You guys can call me Bob. I realize were all wearing uniforms and I do belive we both tak a crap the same way." After we won the coin toss, we tell him that we would like to defer and he responds, "One thing you've got to know: Let Bob finish. Don't talk while Bob is talking." I kid you not. And to all the Beaverton jacka---s saying that Beaverton won the last two years, who the F--- won this year? I could not imagine a better evening, unless Ben hadn't forgotten "Boondock Saints."


I just wanted to say that we RAPED the beavers last night. More of a margin of victory than they ever had on us, our class has outscored them over 4 years 130something to 30something. We have started a new tradition and metro will be ours, followed perhaps by state.

Furthermore, their fans suck at losing. Afterwards, they hung around jesuit and tried lame comebacks like "Pedophile Priests!" and "We won the last two years...". My answer, you pussies who cannot embrace the new era? LOOK AT THE FRIGGEN SCOREBOARD! What's the score? Uhm...yeah...I think it was 47 to 7. Our SCOUT OFFENCE scored the same as two series! Our worst players are better than your best. Eat it up, V...we don't need you.

Now to make this weekend a clean sweep when the team formerly known as MMMGRAVY puts on a stunning performance this afternoon. Maybe ND will get their act together and win too. It would be destiny.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Hillsburrito sucks

One word: Mexicans. Everybody hates their Mexicans, and Hillsboro is chock full of them. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not being racist, I actually am Mexican myself, and I see my people for what they are. In fact, most of you don't know this but my name is really Juan. Jose Don Juan Rodrigez. Don't believe me? Check my birth certificate. Hillsboro is perhaps the single worst city in the state, and is really starting to piss me off. The only good thing about it is that they have really crappy football teams, and allows me to actually get some playing time in against them. But this is one of the reasons that Hillsboro sucks. Cities are defined by their High School football teams. In fact, everything is defined by High School football, that and high school rugby. Last week, Hillsburrito lost to Beaverton teams a total of 193-9. I mean talk about suck. They also are home to the most corrupt institutions in the country: the DEQ clean air emission testing facility. They will charge you $75 for two tiny little stickers that any two year old could forge. Good thing I stole mine off of some Mexican. They are also the county seat. WTF, a city cannot be county seat if they have football teams that lose 193-9. It should go to the rightful owner, Beaverton, because Beaverton kicks ass. Except Beaverton High School, which sucks, and will lose on Fri. VANCIL IS A DIRTY JEW!!! But the real reason that Hillsboro is evil is this. It is right next to the wanna be Hillsboroville of North Plains. Now North Plains is a quite little town, and not worth notice, except for this: I was driving down 26, minding my own business, and this Mexican cop, okay, he wasn't Mexican, but I could tell that he wished he was, cuts across the grass merdian, and pulls me over. Now I'm stuck paying $100 worth of fines and taking this stupid class over the internet that is supposed to teach me how to drive safely. But the only thing that it has taught me is that if you speed, don't do it in North Plains! Also, that Mexicans suck. Also, Hillsboro has a warewolf problem. Warewolves infest Hillsboro to no end, and you know how much warewolves suck.

For those of you who like to laugh at Britney Spears

And I know you do!

I give you this particular bit of...glory...

It's what Kevin Federline little posse (I guess they're called the groomsmen) wore at his and Britney's wedding. Wait...the story gets better. Federline's father wore (I shit you not) the same style track suit, only his said "PIMP DADDY." Yeaaaahhhhh.....

I hate to give it in link form, but it looks like I have to download some crappy program to post pictures, and that's just lame. BTW, many props go to Rick Emerson for bringing this to us. If you ever have free time between nine and noon on a weekday, turn your radios to 9.10 AM for the best damn talk radio show around. It's live AND local.


I am Charlie Brown.

post script
You know its true.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


During history class today, Mr. Hahn made a comment that Stalin had killed 20 million of his own people. I was suprised and had not previously known this information. I would think that someone killing 20 million people would merit this country's attention and sympathy. After all, we gave the Jewish people their own country when six million of them died. It's not that I am anti-semitic or anything, it's just that it doesn't seem fair for our country to treat the Jews with special favor. There were more than three times the amount of Russian's killed during Stalin's purge than the Holocaust. Why did our country give special favor to the Jews and not aid the Russians? It does not seem fair to the Russian people. Why should the Jews get their own country and the support of the United States? What makes them so special? Why not equal rights for all? Again, I'm not anti-semitic, it's just that I'm using the Jewish population as an example to make a point. That our country only gives aid to a select few who don't really need it as opposed to those who need our help more than anyone else.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Here's my hopefully-mini-review of first-time director Kerry Conran's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Or as I've nicknamed it, the most fun I've had at the theater all summer.

As of writing this, I've seen the film twice. And it's only been out for four days. So that might give you some idea of how I feel about this (although I saw "Daredevil" four days straight the weekend it opened, including a preview showing the night before it opened, so this isn't something that never happens...just something that rarely happens).

I don't really know how to explain most of it. So much of it comes from a geeky passion for old-school sci-fi/adventure that I could never convince anyone of its greatness if they don't recognize it first hand. So I'll stick to what we can all agree on.

First, the design of it was staggering. If nothing else stands, this film is proof that CGI is a necessary addition to the art design of some films. So many people complain that CGI is way over-used in films today, and I agree. There are things that can be achieved in real life that CGI just makes way too easy. Something as powerful as film should be a struggle. Good film should be tough. But this is one of the few films that needed CGI to be it. It would simply be impossible to achieve this film without it. The combination of CGI backgrounds and live-action actors and props was masterfully done, and almost COMPLETELY FLAWLESS, which I didn't think was possible. What it comes out as is a live-action animated film, of sorts. In so many ways, it's a cartoon in the style of the Fleischer Brothers Superman cartoons from the 40's (and if you don't know the reference, you're missing out on some of the best animation to ever be produced). Every setting in the film is just breathtaking...New York City is gorgeous, and not even Finding Nemo did underwater scenes better than this. This isn't a conventional film for Oscar candidacy, but I hope Kevin Conran (brother of Kerry) gets some major respect for his achievement here.

But that's not at all to overlook the acting. Jude Law just falls so naturally into the role of the hero, Joe "Sky Captain" Sullivan. He's got the looks, and he doesn't deliver a single one of the lines with a wink and a nod (isn't this funny, kids?). And Gwenyth Paltrow is just fantastic as Polly Perkins, the Lois Lane of the story (and she really is the Lois Lane of the Fleischer 'toons in every way). Some might find her over-dedication to her job hilarious, but (and here's where the geek comes in) I find it quite endearing. Plus, that's what Lois did in the 40's. Angelina Jolie wouldn't deserve the billing she got in the film if she wasn't Angelina Jolie (she's in the film for a solid 10-15 minutes), but it just so happens that she is. It also just so happens that she's awesome in the role of the one-eyed Captain Franky Cook. Even more fantastic is Giovanni Ribisi as Dex, the tech guy for Sky Captain and his Flying Legion. He plays the dweeb so well...the loveable second banana who everyone loves, though not nearly as much as the hero.

I loved the crap outta this film, though I know not everyone will and not everyone did (a lot more people showed up to the theater than I expected...I hope you all loved it, and if you didn't, don't hate me for it, the movie really isn't for everyone). It's this year's geekiest movie, without a doubt...kinda the equivalent of last year's Kill Bill. But I do recommend this one a lot more than I did Kill Bill. This is a movie of classic heroism in all its forms. It's a journey into the dreams and the fantasy of the yesteryear...that sense of escapism that is missing from so many of the films that are out today. And it is done with so much love. None of the film is like "look at Jude Law having fun!" It really is a work of passion...Conran didn't make this for laughs. He made it because of his love for this kind of story. And I wish we were lucky enough to have more films (of any genre) with this much love.

More could be written about this. But I'll stop here, and if you have any comments (positive or negative...I promise I won't bite), please add them. If you haven't seen this film, I really encourage you to go. It will be so different from the other films you see, and is really an experience unto itself. If you do go, though, tell me. I really can't wait to see it again.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

Most boring movie I've ever seen in my life. I've never been more tempted to just walk out. Unfortunately I had nowhere to go and no means of getting there.

The Pilgrimage rocked. The fellowship, the fun, making people laugh, the skits, the prayer, the washing feet, some witnessing, and the messages communicated in the stops. I liked it more than the encounter.

Please Recall

Hey, so last night on the Pilgrimage I heard this song I dug, but I can't remember any of the lyrics...nor the name nor anything about it, aside from the fact that I didn't know it and I liked it for whatever reason.

I know there was "Build Me Up Buttercup" "Twist and Shout" "Complicated" "American Pie" "If I Had a Million Dollars" "Twist and Shout" "Free Falling"...gosh, I cannot remember it! This will haunt me forever unless I find this song!...

I know it's almost ridiculous, but what other songs were played?

Please. Think of my sanity. And how unfun I am to be around when I'm pissed. Because give me a few days and I WILL be pissed off by this.

Friday, September 17, 2004

In Other (Non-Dressup Related) News

I've made John an administrator. And his impact has already been felt. Now those of you who want to to know what a good blog looks like can visit Shakeer and Co. And share your political beliefs on Misunderestimated. And view John's excellent multimedia website. I personally believe that in every aspect of our lives, we are either getting better or getting worse. There is very little that remains constant. And this blog is getting better. Not that it could get worse. But the progress still pleases me. Unlike the haircut that I received today.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dressing Up Sucks

I'm sorry Scott, but dress up days are the worst. The clothes are extremely uncomfortable. Think about it. Dress shoes are really annoying and not fun to wear. The pants aren't too bad but wearing long sleeve shirts is the worst. The tie is what really gets to me though. It's really annoying and a pain in the ass. In addition, it gets really warm wearing these clothes. And think about after school. You have to keep wearing these clothes until you can go home and change into something different. I don't even know why we have to dress up. It doesn't make me any more prayerful at mass or make me pay extra attention. In fact, it decreases from my attention because I'm so annoyed that I can't focus as well. I think dressing up should be optional so that if there are crazies like Scott who want to do it they can. But don't make the rest of us do it. It's just another attempt by The Man to make us conform. We must fight back!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Some days, you just decide to be a senior...

Today was one of those days. I normally am a good guy about being a senior, I rarely push people around or cut in lines or things like that. Today I decided to go for it and see what happens. It started when I almost went through a window to get into the school in the morning. Luckily, some teacher came out just as I was contemplating the tight fit and I snagged the door. Between classes, I wouldn't dodge other students...I just walked a straight line and let them move or run into me, more often than not the latter. There were quite a few muttered curses and squeaks from startled underclassmen who suddenly found themselves bouncing off a moving wall. Surprisingly, I didn't run into ANY person I recognized as a junior or senior...all of them either moved or had no need to move because they were going the right way on the right side of the hallway. At lunch, I just walked in front of little Brantly, explaining only that "I was late for a meeting". Also, I just sorta walked out of third period, after mentioning to Dr. G that I need to talk to a councilor.
I think the best two moments, though, came after school. I wasn't really paying attention when I changed into my underamour shorts in the PAC (for those who don't know, they're basically spandex. Very sexy.) and practically walked out the door wearing only them, shoes, and a t-shirt. This caused doug and I to contemplate whether or not I could actually have made it to the lockerroom without getting stopped and jugged. Turns out I could if you see me walking and my shorts look kinda tight, I decided to see what would happen. Definately a Senior thing to do.
The other Senior moment was when I more or less knocked down 10 sophs in the lockerroom when they didn't move. Ironically, because they already had pads on, they had a hell of a time getting up but didn't feel any pain (I don't think...). They also started to swear at me until I stopped, turned around, and just looked at them for a second. They froze before quietly going about their buisness.

Friday is the first all school dressup day of the year. I'm torn between wearing my new suit, wearing an old suit, and going mafia style. Opinions? Oh, and we need to pick a secion. Our physics class will get there early and claim it, you just need to tell us where to go.

And final question for the you notice any difference in intellegence when it comes to academics between males and females? I've always thought there were tons and tons of girls smarter than me, but today at the National Merit Scholarship metting there were 0 girls and 7 guys. This means, supposedly, the top seven scores on the PSAT went to guys. I find this strangely disturbing...what happened to all of you ladies out there? Are you just bad at scantron tests? Is this a fluke? Or perhaps, is the NMS repressing female students? Or even more frightening...are girls not as smart as I have always beleived? (when it comes to school, that is...I fully conceed practically any girl can run circles around me when it comes to mind games and common sense and practical skills like



Yeah, I just finished that bad boy. More than twice as many pieces to sort out as the 3x3. Makes you feel kind of inferior, doesn't it?

post script
Sorry I'm an asshole. Anyone of you could do the same if you felt like wasting 8 hours and 20 bucks.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Pat's Preseason Picks

I am sure that only Ben will be able to fully understand what I'm saying in this post and that is simply because as far as I know, none of you guys watch any football. This is my beginning of the season picks and predictions for both the pros and college. Lets start off with the professionals.

First off, I think that the Pats are primed for another Super Bowl victory. The real question is who from the NFC will go to the big show. The NFC is about as weak as a conference as I have ever seen. Everyone thinks that Seattle is the real deal but I think that they are incredibly overrated. I think that Philadelphia will make it to the NFC Championship game for the fourth consecutive year, yet still not make it to the Super Bowl. I think that the team with the best shot is Minnesota. Now, many of you may be saying, "Well, what about their defense?" and "How about the Carolina Panthers?". In response I would say that the Panthers will win their division and make the playoffs. But I think that they were lucky to make it to the Super Bowl last year and they won't win a game in the playoffs. I think that the Rams are going to beat the Seahawks and win their division. In my big upset prediction thing I say the Detroit Lions, thats right the Lions, will make it to the playoffs and the Rams first round in a huge upset. The other qualifier will be Seattle who will likewise defeat Carolina first round. After that, Philly and Minnesota will win, with Minnesota going to the Super Bowl.

The AFC is tougher to figure out. One of the reasons is that there are so many good teams. I think the Patriots will win their division. In the AFC South I like Tennessee over Indianapolis because I don't think that Indianapolis has defense of any kind. The Broncos will beat out the Chiefs for the top spot in their conference because the Chiefs also have no defense and will only be mediocre this year. In the AFC East, by far the weakest division in the whole league, I like the Bengals with the Steelers closely behind them. One of the wild card spots will definetely go to the Colts and for Ben's sake I'll say that the Jets get the other one. The Jets will beat the Bengals with the Colts losing a tough one to the Broncos. I say that the Pats and the Broncos when their games with the Pats going to the Super Bowl. I think that the Pats will beat the Vikings in a close game with Brady leading a last second drive and Vinatieri kicking a game winning field goal.

On to college ball....

I'll simply analyze the Top 25 teams and say what I think of them.

1. USC-These guys are for real. They lost a lot of key players on the defensive side of the ball but should still be able to do fairly well. The offense, under Heisman favorite Leinart, should have no trouble scoring.

2. Oklahoma-This is a team that has something to prove after last year's collapse. However, these guys aren't as good as this year and I think that this will finally be the year in which they lose to Texas.

3. Georgia-The team to beat in the SEC. They finally have a good running back to take all the scoring responsibility off of David Greene. A stingy defense should take them all the way to the championship game.

4. Miami-I honestly hate this team. They are always overrated because they play in a weak conference. The will win that conference and probably go undefeated but look for them to lose a bowl game against either a Pac-10 or Big-10 opponent.

5. LSU-This team is nowhere near as good as last year. Their offense can't move the ball and their defense, while good, isn't enough to allow them to win games. They will lose to Georgia.

6. Texas-This is finally their year. They will beat rival Oklahoma and win the Big-12. Their quarterback is getting better each game and this team will be a force.

7. West Virginia- You gotta be kidding me. Sure they'll win the conference but they are definetely not a Top-10 team. They probably will end up in the 15-20 range.

8. Florida St.-Chris Rix is simply not good enough. He has quarterbacked this team for the last five years and has shown no improvement. The defense is solid.

9. Ohio St.-Another overrated team. Their defense can stop people but their offense, as always, has a lot of trouble moving the ball. They do have a hell of a place-kicker though.

10. California-Probably the most explosive offense in the country. Aaron Rodgers is a dark horse for the Heisman. Their defense isn't great but it doesn't have to be if the offense puts 40 points on the board.

11. Florida-These guys are pretty good. Their quarterback has a years experience under his belt and the defense has stepped it up a notch. These guys can compete with Georgia and probably beat LSU.

12. Virginia-There is a lot of hype about this team. Last year they were good but they lost their quarterback and their offense often struggles. Their defense is among the best in the nation.

13. Tennessee-Their offense is good although the coach has to choose one of the quarterbacks to play. The two-quarterback system just doesn't work. They will lose three games to LSU, Florida, and Georgia.

14. Auburn-These guys are overrated every year and although they are better this year in years past their defense just isn't good enough. The have one of the best tandem of running backs in the country but defenses will key in on stopping the run and their quarterback isn't good enough to win games on his own.

15. Utah-This is about as high as Utah should be ranked. They'll go undefeated but that isn't hard to do in their conference.

16. Iowa-These guys are the Big-10 champs. They have an amazing defense and their offense seems to do just enough to win games.

17. Michigan-I think they'll bounce back after their loss to Notre Dame and beat Ohio St. Their defense is decent and they have a good O-line but there are questions at quarterback.

18. Purdue-The second best team in the Big-10. Quarterback Kyle Orton is a definite Heisman trophy candidate and the defense is markedly improved from last year. On second thought, this team might even beat Iowa.

19. Fresno St.-They looked good in a win over Kansas St. Their offense can move the ball but their are questions on the defensive side. Still, they will probably win more than eight games.

20. Wisconsin-These guys will finish fourth, just ahead of Ohio St. in the competitive Big-10. They seem to always have a good running back but their quarterback is only so-so. Their defense isn't that good.

21. Maryland-Don't know much about these guys. Probably decent and will make a bowl game.

22. Minnesota-Great running game and O-line. They don't have much of a quarterback but their defense is solid. The Big-10 is just too tough this year though.

23. Boise St.-Looked good over OSU. Great offense, crappy defense.

24. Louisville-Pretty good quarterback and they'll probably win their conference.

25. Memphis-I know jack about these guys and they probably shouldn't be ranked.

41. Oregon-Their highly touted offense looked abysmal along with their special teams. Their defense played great though. Since they don't have to play USC they will get third in the Pac-10.

46. Oregon St.-Looked amazing against LSU and terrible against BSU. You never know which team will show up to play. The Beavers should get fourth in the conference.

An ode to Jim Cantore, Weather Channel badass

Now as you may well know, I am a fan of the Weather Channel. One of the most common questions I get when I reveal this tidbit of information to people is "WHY???". After that, the next most common question is "who is your favorite weather forcaster person?"

Well, I have five words for you: Jim Cantore, Weather Channel badass.

Above: BADASS.

If you took a meterologist and somehow crossbred him/her/it with a professional wrestler, you would come out with Jim Cantore. In all reality, he's probably one of those dudes who went to college on a football scholarship and decided to take some random throwaway major like meterology just to legitimize him before he made pros. His dream shattered by a career-ending mishap in, say, a tornado lab, he turns to chasing the storms that have stripped him of his pride. Or something. And then he wound up on the Weather Channel.

(I think. Not really. But it was in an article he wrote.)

Anyway, whenever the Weather Channel has an incoming major weather event such as a hurricane, tornado, or that thing that happened in "The Day After Tomorrow," they send Jim Cantore to wherever it is bound to make landfall/touch down/be made into a major motion picture. As I write this, he is in a van somewhere in the American South trying to find the exact point where Hurricane Ivan will strike just so he can be there and act all badass before getting hit by something going at an extremely high speed in the wind. Seriously, there's this commercial on TV where he's talking about how the wind is so biting that if you look in a certian direction you will get stung in the eyes by the rain, and then he looks in that direction. One word: BADASS.

He always talks up the storms and then acts all disappointed when they pass him by (he got really pissed when he missed Hurricane Charlie), as if he was planning to make some epic stand where he would beat back the rain and storm surge with his bare hands... and I bet you he'd do it too. Whereas all of the other on-site weather reporters cower during the storms, he runs around and/or drives around in them like a moron, taunting Mother Nature while educating listeners about shelters in their area and/or what a "tornado" is. He also likes to say the phrases "batten down" and "seek shelter" a lot. He does neither. That makes him a badass. A Weather Channel badass.

Above: The caption below this picture read "No matter how bad the weather, Jim always makes it look good!" Who said it? Jim Cantore, Weather Channel BADASS.

And don't think that I'm the only one who knows the awesomeness that is Jim Cantore, Weather Channel badass. Take a gander at this quote from Wild Weather, a place I found on Google:

"TV weather personalities come in many shapes and sizes. Some are in it for the money. Others want instant fame or recognition. Jim's in it for the extreme weather. Any man that stands as the last line of defense as a powerful hurricane roars onshore gets high marks from Wild Weather. "


Monday, September 13, 2004


Well, some of you no doubt are aware (The kid takes the phrase 'too much freetime' and knocks it into the stratosphere) after I booted Alex he created his own shitty blog in an attempt to spark a reaction of some kind. Not only is it his normal writing style which you, the readers who dictate the direction of this blog thoroughly hated, it is based on a premise that is utterly false. I urge you (now that I'm doing this I know you will be curious, but use your willpower people) not to visit that site. For some of you, no more needs to be said. "That idiot Xan has a blog. Hell no!" But some of you, as demonstrated by the fact that you are reading this, have a near limitless supply of freetime. To you I say, don't give him the satisfaction of even visiting it, let alone leaving a comment. Let it die a sad death in obscurity. That's what his feeble effort deserves.

post script
Dude, I was gonna put you back on here this weekend. If you want a war, I ain't gonna give it to you. All I'm gonna do is make a superior blog, which will be so easy I can write a post about my love of boxer-briefs and still have more readers.

post post script
I really love boxer-briefs. They're the best of both worlds. Plus I was in on them since the beginning.

post post post script
Haha. You dumbass.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Football as Inspiration

Good game Friday. There was a lot more cheering than I expected, especially that which the cheerleaders had nothing to do with. I thought it was hilarious, though I guess it's mean. I mistakenly didn't stick around afterwards, but I will next time. Anywho, David was pretending to me babysitting a little kid when he said "...and that's why the Muslims are wrong! Now about the Jews..." Histerical stuff. And I thought, David should have a site where he can record his monologues like he did on John's website; I mean, I don't why we haven't gotten any fresh material from him or from the website, but how can we fix this? If David has easy access to recording and posting on the Internet, he could do "Devon's tea party," "Cory's 'Mein Kampf'," "Pat's Cruise" ('It was fabuleth!'), oh, and don't forget all the opportunities Bush and Kerry provide. I don't know about you guys, but his Creepy.mp3 is one of the funniest things I've ever gotten off the Internet. On a somewhat related note, check out "This Land" on I'd rather have a right-wing nutjob than a pinko commi run the country anyday.


You wanna see something that'll grab you, tear you to pieces, eat you up, and spit you back out just so you can go through it over and over and over again for six minutes and twenty-three seconds?

That is a clip montage from the film adaptation of "Sin City," a series of graphic novels which, in their own right, grab you, tear you to pieces, eat you up, and spit you back out again. I don't know how well it'll download on dial-up, but in any case, Window's Media Player is the only one that's playing it for me (you Mac folks...figure it out), and even then you might need a high-end version of that. But seek out any way you can play this, because it will blow your mind and make you re-think what movies can do. Seriously.


The age of reduce, recycle, reuse is in. If you don't see your name on the contributors list it means: you haven't posted something forever, you 're out by popular demand due to odd posts i'll just call "conceptual", or I had to get rid of someone to fulfill my promise and I really regret doing it. This is nothing personal. I really wish I could just keep adding people because I like checking the site and seeing several new posts. It gives me some momentary sense of worth. But I had to. So girls, you can check your emails now for an invite. Contact my if you don't see it. You have 48 hours to join. Starting now.

post script
Guys, its probably just for a week. Then we'll get you back in there. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

This was gonna be a comment, but...'s a bit long, I thought. Anyway, in response to Scott's post:

Hey Scott, much as I know you dislike reading, and a lot of the essay doesn't have a point you'd like, I recommend "Politics and the English Language" by George Orwell.
Though not just the Republican Party, though these days you see so much more of it from them, we're hearing vague words like "democracy" and "freedom." Come on, there is no set definition for democracy; it's just what people in the world come to assume is a "good thing" and thus many nations say that they are. They just throw "Democracy" into the title and all of a sudden they look a lot more respectable. Ms. Rice said we've begun "democratization" of Iraq. Not only do I applaud her invention of a new word, but the fact that she said something that really made no sense but sounded good. For us, democracy works. Have we looked over at Iraq? Soldiers are over there. They're working to keep the hostility low, they're being kind, they're waving, they're giving toys to kids, and then they get back to the base and the insurgents in northern Baghdad fire mortars at them. Let's look at's kind of common knowledge that the Iraqi people do not want American "democracy" over there. How many more rebel guerrilla attacks will it take? How will we shift from war to rebuilding the nation when the nation doesn't like the architect doing the building? It doesn't WORK.
By the same token, what do we accomplish by leaving? We've left an entire country in turmoil, succeptible to other countries, or to radical groups within. There is no winning in this situation. The real question is which the lesser of the two evils is. Is there one? The American name does not hold the prestiege it did. To leave the nation to collapse is still to hurt our name. To stay there is also to hurt our name. We die and Iraqis die if we stay there. If we withdraw, people will still die.
It's stupid to say that we never should have gone. If you look at it with all the facts, Bush was misinformed by government intelligence officials from more than just our own nation. The intelligence said there were WMD. So he made a can argue all day which was the right choice, it doesn't matter. The choice was made.
What matters NOW is the choice ahead: what's the next move? Is there an approach we haven't looked at? Which is the way to go? The leader of a nation, while needing to be decisive, also needs to take these things into consideration. Decisiveness and rushing into things are two different things. Sadly, Bush's path is set. Has he considered? I don't know. It doesn't seem so. The path has been set in stone from the beginning...not very safe. Now the question is: what would Kerry do?
Sadly, Kerry has only verified that he and Bush are not the same person. I've heard a bunch of flowery language, a bunch of vague, unspecific things about pride in America, Vietnam, and nothing specific. But that's politics. You say things without really SAYING anything. It's all vague, almost hypnotic, and good-sounding.
But in the end, I would, if I could vote, vote with a prayer similar to a gambler's that Kerry's different approach is not just different, but BETTER.
The world's going downhill.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

What the hell is going on, anyway?

So I heard the weirdest thing earlier this week. I heard the Vice President telling me that if I made the wrong choice on November 2nd, that some of my fellow Americans would die in a terrorist attack that would be "devestating from an American standpoint."

Hey, I'm sorry, but I think we can all join in a resounding hymn and say: What the fuck does that mean? Well, it seems to mean the same thing we're being told from our leaders and their supporters, which is that if we don't put our vote towards keeping the powers that be, we will all die in some sort of catastrophe. What sort? Some sort. It could be Saddam (well...not it just could be Iraq). It could be Bin Laden. Hell, it could even be North Korea (but who cares about them anyway, right?). But we don't know. We've never known. It's always just been some vague threat from the Middle Easterns. Which ones? Doesn't matter...they all look the same, so they COULD be in cahoots, couldn't they?

I'm sorry if this is new to you, but there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

There was no connection between Al Queda and Iraq.

Over 1000 men and women are dead as a result. Over 7000 are injured. And this isn't injured like "broken toe injured." Soldiers with broken limbs go back to the field. For a lot of it, we're talking about missing limbs. That's in the upwards of 8000 who have had their lives destroyed.

And for what? To get Saddam out of power? Was that all? If that was the only reason (and we can debate the merits of that all day, I see little good that came from it, seeing as we spent a good deal of our time substituting the word "liberating" with the word "bombing"), we did that months ago. We "handed over" the power to the Iraqui people on June 30th of this year. So why is it that just DAYS ago I hear that the death toll has crossed 1000?

On a related note, 9/11 is not the source of all problems. There's this great Saturday Night Live sketch from just before the 2000 election where Bush Jr. (Will Ferrell) asks his dad (Dana Carvey) for advice in campaigning. Bush Sr. tells him to just tread the middle ground...don't take a stance one way or the other. Whatever the question is, the answer is "maybe" or some form thereof. Same strategy it seems these days, except now it's all because of 9/11. Easy answers to complicated issues.

Guys and gals, 9/11 isn't responsible for children not getting proper education, tax increase, less police officers, or any of the other crap that's been going on for the past four years. $200 billion in Iraq? That might have something to do with it. Just maybe. One of my favorite statistics EVER is that if we cut out one bomber from the army budget, every kid would be getting proper education.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear ('cause the White House sure as hell isn't gonna tell you), the Taliban's in control in Afghanistan. Just a side note. Been that way for over a year now...nothing really new.

Oh, but we got Saddam, so it's okay.

Oh, and somehow the entire election seems to hinge on who had the better service record in the Vietnam War. THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO. Sorry, but there's big problems going on in the world today. Someone's service record is completely irrelevent, and I for one would like to hear our potential future leaders to discuss some of the real issues going on today.

BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: This is no attempt to further any sort of agenda. This is not meant to incite. It was simply meant as a questioning of those in power. I'm not saying the Republicans are evil, just that the people in the White House decided, somewhere along the way, to lie about everything that matters in this country. I don't really think the Democrats have the best answer for America's problems either, to be honest with you (much of the reason I registered Independent), but they are better than what we've been dealing with these past four years.
I think it's absurd the way people automatically approach political discussions as a screaming match. You ever wanna talk about what's going on in the world, you know where I am. You ever wanna attack me...well, bring it on, my defense is good, but really...that's just me being polite. That kinda thing is not welcome.

If you're 18 or over, please vote this election. While I've made my standpoint clear, the way you vote isn't nearly as important as if you vote or not. I'd rather someone vote for Bush than not vote at all.

In the meantime, everyone should be paying close attention to this election. I'm not perfect at it, I know, but I'm trying. Here's some stuff coming up:

Cinema 21 is showing "Bush's Brain" from Friday 'til next Thursday. It deals with Karl Rove, the man who has been one of the top guys in the Republican party since 1973, and how he, as Bush Jr.'s political consultant, has been the mastermind behind much of what the administration does (Bush himself calls Rove "the man with the plan").

On Friday, September 10th (which, for many of you reading this, is today), some of the people from the 9/11 Commission will be on Hardball with Chris Matthews. I know a lotta people will be at the football game, but I have the TiVo set to record it, so if you want to see it, just talk to me.

If you haven't seen "Fahrenheit 9/11," see it. It doesn't matter if you come out disagreeing with Moore's viewpoints, you absolutely have to see it. For those who doubt the factual authority presented in the film, all of it is backed up (the major points are even backed up by the 9/11 Comission).

Goodnight, and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004


I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I really feel like there is nobody more stupid than me in the entire world. Like today in History when we were talking about an online game we can play. The teacher was talking about how he wasn't satisfied with any of the flags given and how he custommade his own and how we could guess what was on it. I don't know why, but I turned to Chris and whispered "a swastika" making light of how pro-German our teacher is. Unfortunateley the guy has amazing hearing and called me on it. Yeah, I felt pretty dumb. But, like always, God lifted my spirits, reminding me that although I am dumb, I am not nearly as dumb as some people. Glancing through the paper in an area I don't noramlly venture into, I ran into a short piece (that's a pun, you'll get it later) entitled 'Man held in attempt to circumcise his son.' This guy in Clark County is being tried on first degree assault after he tried to circumcise his 8 year old son with a knife. Apparently he called 9-1-1 after becoming alarmed at his son's loss of blood. He got the idea after reading two Bible passages. What a dumbass. But boy that made me feel better. Except I really feel for that kid. He's gonna have a lot of scars.

post script
The Germans, coincidentally, have a word for happiness at another's misfortune. It's Schadenfreude.

Lots of Pressure

I feel like there is a lot of pressure on me to write something insightful and good since Ben is making cuts this weekend. I hope this piece will be good enough to keep me around come next week. Anyway, the purpose of this post is to tell others of an incident that happened to me earlier this evening. I was sitting here on my computer, "diligently" working on my history assignment when all of a sudden I notice that the shift key is stuck. That's right stuck. Instead of a comma, I was typing one of these things, <. And I had to have the caps lock on for it to be in lowercase. Quite the dilemma. First, if you ever have this problem, there are a few things that you probably shouldn't do. One of these would be smacking the keyboard repeatedly in frustration. Another would be to take off the shift key and see if it was a mechanical error. Because it's a real pain in the ass to put back on. The logical thing to do is to restart the computer and hope that fixes it. Which it did in my case. I can't claim all the credit for fixing the problem, however, because it was John who told me to restart the computer. Thanks John. But now I'm happy to say that the shift key is in capital condition. Get it, it's a pun. CAPITAL condition. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love puns.


So AP English so far is showing me how I have a long way to go to be a good essay writer. Who knew you had to have logic? My only consolation is that maybe I can be a politician and write something more political, like during an election. Nobody needs logic then.

Also, today was a very fun day. In Drama Club, I jumped on a black box with a ton of people watching, slid backward and fell on my ass. For an experience that strips you of your dignity and wounds your pride, that was remarkably fun. It's reaffirming the adage, "learn to laugh at yourself; everybody else already does."

And let it be known that it is NOT greenhouse gasses, but the rap music genre that is responsible for the holes in the ozone layer. That is all.

Why Pink?

Has anyone else noticed that pink seems to be the new color? I mean, really...some people have always worn it (Miss Erin :D) and others wear it off and on (the ladies out there) and that's ok...BECAUSE THEY'RE GIRLS! When a new baby girl comes, she's wrapped in a cute pink blanket. Boys are in blue. This sets up a lifetime of color seggregation...girls in pink (or whatever color they FEEL like wearing), boys in more masculine colors, gay people using rainbows and lavender and PINK (if they're guys).
Last year, however, Brian Floberg (a truely awesome dude) decided he wanted to be different. He would be cool. The first male at JHS to wear pink. It became his trademark...almost once a week, there was Flo, pink shirt worn proudly.
Amazingly, he pulled it off. Put it all down to the power that is Flo. People stared, they admired, and lo and behold, the man was damn sexy in pink. Ladies fawned over him (that's did :P) and guys envied him from a distance (takes balls to wear pink...or at leaset it DID).

Jump forward to this year. At registration, I counted no less than 5 upstanding members of the male community in pink shirts. Its merely gotten worse from, I saw about 12. Some were men wearing earings. Now and BOTH ears pierced? Had someone told me this would be the new straight fashion for guys two year ago, I woulda laughed my ass off. Now I'm just scared. What has happened that guys find it cool to wear pink? Are they just that much more comfortable with their sexuality? If so, does that mean an onslaught of lavender shirts and rainbow headbands is next? Will men decide that those cute little miniskirts that I find so attractive show off their hairy legs and being wearing them? Will me SHAVE their legs? Grow their hair out like a girls (not a mullet...a long set of well-cared for hairs)? Wear makeup? Tights? WHEN WILL THE MADNESS STOP?!?!?

I, for one, will not cross over. At least not until my dear mother decides to buy me something pink. Yes, she does buy all my clothes. I'm proud of that fact. My mom's got style.

Alright, so I started picking them out after sixth grade. She still pays, though. And sometimes buys pants and shorts for me without my permission. I miss the days when she bought it all, was so much simpler. I'm positive I'll marry a woman with good taste in style and convince her to purchase all my clothing for me.

Ironically, I've spent more time in the last year shopping for girl's dresses than any sort of male clothing. Even getting my new suit took only twenty minutes. Only difference is with the dresses, I was with a girl...with my clothes, I'm with my family. That might explain things.

Anyone wanna go clothes shopping with me? :D


well, as all of you know, ben most of all, soccer time is coming up and personally i'm pretty schyed. anyways i was just wondering who has signed up for the team so far. ben probalbly knows, but i wanted to post something so i decided on doing this even though it is utterly pointless and stuipd. yea... well i'm gone now. please dont hurt me for being random....

Quote to live by

Okay, so, it's like this...we're seniors now (I think everyone reading this is a senior). The last year. The final push. So after some heavy reflection, I've decided to get me a quote to live by through this year...feel free to use it for yourself, it may just help you out. But this, provided I stay on course, will largely drive my decisions and the way I conduct myself this year...

"That's how you become great, man. Hang your balls out there!"

Context? It was said by the guy at the copy store in the movie "Jerry Maguire," when Jerry is making copies of his revolutionary new way to approach representing big-time athletes. If you've seen the movie, 'nuff said. If not...go see it, it's an amazing film. Basically, take risks, put your neck on the line. You might fail, but if you succeed, you'll succeed big time. So yeah...that's my words of encouragement this year. A little unorthodox, perhaps, but it's what I'm sticking to.

And if all else fails, just can drown.

Rot in Hell DMV!

Friday the 3rd of September 2004. Worst day of my life. My mother and I arrived at The DMV in SE Powell Blvd. At precisely 3:32:42 PM. The lady at the Drive Test counter was a royal be-atch. First she remarks that we are late (because we had to stand in line), then she says we don't have insurance on the vehicle (1980 Volvo) we brought. She tells us that we have to call our insurance company and verify that we have insurance. We do so and the lady on the phone tells us that insurance companies cover recently bought vehicles upto 30 days. (We had got the car the night before). So the DMV be-atch lied to us. I then go and ask for the fax # so we can get conformation and three different people don't know it. Finally I cut about 50 people in line and ask one of the other counter dudes for the # but he says we can just fill out a form with the insurance policy# on it. So finally I get going and start half an hour late at 4:00. After passing my driver's test the lady at another station says I can not get my license because they closed the Knowledge test five minutes beforehand. So I say rot in hell for all eternity!

Trying Times

Sorry about the recent technichal difficulties. Apparantly can only handle 10 people posting at once. So we will be rotating writers every week to give a sabbatical to those who need it (Ken you've just been working too damn hard) and to give a chance to write for those who want it. Starting Saturday night four bloggers will be booted and four new ones will enter. The booting will not be permanent and those bloggers will most likely be back on the following week. No one is safe. Except for me. Because I'm the administrater. Thems the breaks.

post script
Only this kind of gimmick can maintain the immense interest readers have in this blog.

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Be sure to read all the stuff you missed.

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Horsemen, use the next three days to demonstrate why I can't afford to cut you.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Now you can see what kind of clout I have in the online community. A mere two days ago I complained about how Courtney Love was logjamming the release of a lot of quality Nirvana material for her own selfish reasons. Now a new box set will be released in November. Pretty vague info so far (because they had to rush in order to appease me.) Supposedly its three CD's worth of unreleased stuff, B-side, demo tapes, and live performance of hits. And a DVD of a 1987 house party performance if you buy the limited edition. I know not all of you think highly of said band, I simply wrote to demonstrate the fear and respect the Internet and all its constituents has for yours truly.

post script
It could just be God trying to make amends for his mistake (after I reminded him.) He'll have to kill Yoko before I forgive him.

post post script
I'm thinking of writing about how I haven't had an ice cream sundae in a really long time.

stuipd comp

yea, my comp sucks. first the censor, now it wont let me read any new blog entries, and then it goes and deletes all my buddy lists! dammit. i mean isn't technology suppost to make life convient! so far all its doing it vexing me ><

How did I do it?

I realized today, trying on two occasions to show people how to read music, that I have no idea where to start. How the hell did I learn? I guess I just memorized or something. Trial and error. But I think the only thing I could really establish for a fact, that both people could understand, is that "Middle C looks the same for both clefs". Or something. They understood what i meant. But see, there's my point. I learn how to do things and then cannot explain them. They just become an instinct. I can do each and every process, and it's not like I take shortcuts, but then it just becomes a second nature to me. I can't, when doing a math problem, explain to somebody HOW I know to do something. I just do. I think that's a sign of bad learning.

But in any case...Second week of school! Will it fly by? I think so, actually. Today was longish, but not nearly as long as Tuesday last week. Maybe things are picking up. Or maybe I'm just being hopeful.

A funny thing happened on the highway yesterday...

Firstly, howdee. I'm Adrianna, resident wandering hoboess of J-high. My interests include watching the weather channel and meandering around aimlessly when I'm not watching the weather channel. Chances are, if you want to find me and I'm not online I'm probably walking along Beaverton-Hillsdale someplace, listening to music and trying to dodge trucks. My wanderings have netted me a lot of stories and at least three pairs of free sunglasses, and my first entry is one of the more interesting ones.

So, I was walking (I'm out of synonyms for walking) around this past Labor Day and I decided after almost getting hit by a car careening off the interstate that it was just about time to head home. I took the back way, through Laurelwood and some other streets whose names I don't know. Anyhoo, I cross the street to get around a blind corner and what do I see peeking out of the bushes along the side of the road but the striped face of a raccoon, and in broad daylight no less! I promptly re-crossed the street and began to go on my merry way... shortly thereafter, I turned around to make sure nothing was running me down and noticed that something was loping after me, and fast. "Oh shit!" I said to myself. "I'm being chased by a crazy-ass raccoon!" So I promptly high-tailed it out of there, laughing and freaking out at the same time. The thing gave chase for a little while before it got bored and darted into some bushes, probably looking for another slower and slightly more stupid victim, like a small child or something. There are a lot of small children in that neighborhood. Maybe I should do a headcount or something... the rednecks that live around there are too interested in drinking beer and watching the television in their front yards (I kid you not) to keep track of all of ‘em.

All right, so it was funny to me at the time. I guess getting chased by a raccoon is one of those things you have to experience for yourself. Just go straight out of the Cronin Field parking lot and you’ll wind up in ‘coon territory pretty quick.

So, what’s up?

I swear, I wouldn't have said anything if you didn't...

...but since Rach felt inclined to bring it up, I guess its time for an intelligent discussion.

Most/many of you have heard my "theory" before. I have little evidence to back it up. In fact, it started as a joke that I carried out too far and someone pointed out to me it actually seemed to make sense. I really need to find that person because I truely doubt anyone has agreed with me in the period of time AFTER this occured. A pity, really.

To sumerize the theory: all females are at least slightly attracted to members of the same sex. Or, "all girls are bi".

However, both of those simplifications boil it down too far. I do not mean to sound sick or perverted, and no, this does not spring out of some desparate fantasy whereby I'll encounter R...yeah...we'll stop there.. ;D

Honestally, stop and think about it for a second. Girls are extremely touchy-feely with one another. They travel en-mass to restrooms, have no problem SLEEPING IN THE SAME BED, share clothing frequently, play with each other's hair, oh, and did I mention they SLEEP IN THE SAME BED? Not to mention, girls will give each other "friendly kisses". And there's a group of you ladies out there who have no problem doing some serious gropage of one another. Sure, you're just making her "feel good", but that's still a girl you're pleauring dammit! That makes it bi on some level! (I mean, come don't see guys doing that to one another, do you? Huh?)

Please note, I am making no statements about the heterosexuality or bisexuality of the males of the species here, only about the females. I am also well aware that you can explain away all of my reasons by saying "Yeah, sure John, girls do do these things...but they're just more comfortable with one another. There's no sexual attraction there. You guys are just all tense and homophobic! And you dream of us in the same bed, sicko!"

If by us you mean...well, I won't get into that. As for the rest of it, maybe you have a point. Maybe girls are just the friendliest people on the planet. But tell me many of you females would grope, sleep with, kiss, etc. a guy that you WEREN'T attracted to? Or, to be more accurate, were sexually repulsed by? If the answer is "I wouldn't", then there is something sexual there.

If the answer is "Sure, I would" please leave your name, age, phone number, and other vital statistics and I'll have someone get in touch with you.

I also feel obliged to mention that however much I hate beaverton, I've never actually tried to run over their team. Rock on, Jeff, rock on!

Oh, and I've developed a talent for dodging was quite incredible. I haul home at 80+ the entire time, then suddenly decide to slow down...a minute later, the guy who'd passed me going 80 got pulled over...then I passed two more cops within a 5 minute friends, beware the Mount Hood safety corridor. And always obey posted traffic laws and all that. Unless you're potentially late for football practice. Then all bets are off.

And a welcome aboard to all the new writers, and the new writers who are still to come. Sir Ben'salot, I'd reccomend Cynda, Rach, and Mishi as they all have oviaries and seem interested in the blog. A strong dose of estrogen will keep us all more sane. Or just make us more civilized. Or something.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Ten Little Indians

Ten little Indians going out to dine;

One went and choked his little self and then there were nine.

Nine little Indian boys sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were eight.

Eight little Indian boys traveling to Devon;
One got left behind and then there were seven.

Seven little Indian boys gathering up sticks;
One chopped himself in half and then there were six.

Six little Indian boys playing with a hive;
A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little Indian boys going in for law;
One got in chancery and
Then there were four.

Four little Indian boys going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little Indian boys walking to the zoo;
A big bear hugged one and then there were two.

Two little Indians playing with a gun;
One shot the other and then there was one.

One little Indian boy left all alone;
He went and hanged himself
...and then there were none.

post script
A cheery little poem for this brief moment in time when we have ten bloggers. Soon to be changed, but I had to slide this in before there were eleven.

post post script
The Hunter is an intimidating name for the least intimidating one of us all, Jeff. If he is wise he will change it to something normal, as will Xan. Or they will find themselves in Bootsville.

post post post script
Welcome Cory, or as I like to call him, the normal new guy, on board. He will warm your hearts.

post post post post scripts
Sorry about the excessive post scripts of late.

just gettin started

Hey guys, i'm just getting started on this blog. dunno how often i will update... but i'll try to do it often enough. yea, my weekend was alright. little risk thing on sat, i called you all, cept dave cause he's under house arrest (sorry if you could come, but i assumed you couldn't) but unfortunatly i could on get ahold of ken and mike. sunday i went to a baseball game and then went downtown and did the electric slide with jim, nathan, elise, and two other s from lincoln... uhm... yea. oh yea, i forgot. for anyone who doesn't know i got in to a car crash this weekend. a bee flew in my face when i was driving. in the few seconds that i closed my eyes i ran off the curb and straight into the beaverton high school fence. the car wasn't to badly torn up, just the two side fenders. i'm working on fixing it myself and its actually coming along. was kinda shook up though. well, i'm off now. i need to do some homework.... but i'm probably not going to anyways. ah well. later all!

Pat's Labor Day Weekend

It started off as any normal weekend. We were going to the beach. For about the millionth time. We set off on Saturday morning and listened to Queen the whole way down. When we arrived in Seaside I went and watched the Oregon St. vs. LSU game. For the next three hours I was perfectly happy as the Beavers trounced the Tigers and completely owned them. It all went downhill from there. I won't go into details but due to a crappy kicker who missed, get this, three extra points Oregon St. ended up losing in overtime. It was shortly after this devastating loss that my father informed me that my brothers, himself, some friends and I were going to be taking a five and a half mile trek over Tillamook Head to Indian Beach. Now for those of you who don't know my opinion on exercise, I hate it. Any physical exercise of any kind is strictly taboo for me. Anyway, I spent the rest of the evening watching Notre Dame lose to BYU which didn't improve my mood at all. The next morning my dad woke me up at nine so we could get an early start on our two and a half hour adventure. Two and a half hours later I arrived at Indian Beach in a poor mood. My feet were sore, I was hungry, and I was extremely angry. We hung out at Indian Beach for a while and then headed back to Seaside. The rest of the day was spent in boredom. Today, I woke up eager to get back to town and enjoy myself again. Unfortunately, due to a traffic accident, highway 26 was closed and we didn't leave until around five in the evening. After that I had to do all my homework. Wow, great weekend.


The reader to writer ratio on our blog is about 2 to 1.

post script
That's painfully low.

post post script
But to be fair I invited almost everyone I know who reads it to be a writer. The ratio used to be an amazing 8 to 1. Watch out New York Times.

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So tell everyone you know about this crappy blog your read sometimes that amuses you in the same way a guy falling off his skateboard crotch-first onto a handrail does.

post post post post script
That would be this blog in case there was any confusion.

Labor Day Weekend

My family went to the beach for the first time in a couple years. First vacation in just over one year. The last vacation we were driven out by a forest fire. We stayed the whole time this time; no forest fires at the beach; it has it's own demons to screw you over. My mom decided we would charter a boat to take us out on the ocean and go fishing. Most the family got sea sick. My sister was throwing up the entire time. For me, I came close to throwing up, but the sickness went away when I started worshiping. I would say we didn't catch anything but we weren't quite that lucky. We caught about 5 or 6 fish in their natural habitat. We had to put them back. Chartered boats are only allowed to catch hatchery fish. It's a lot of work to reel in the fish cause they're huge.

The trip wasn't all bad though. I got away from homework. I got to watch Bush's speech. It was a very good speech. It was very encouraging to hear his successes in the Middle East and in national defense worldwide. I am also glad to hear that there is a candidate in the race with a sensical economic policy. "The only way America will stay competitive is if it's the best place for business." Trying to interfere and keep uncompetitive jobs in the US is practicing the business of the past and will not work. Kerry could use a reality check. All the attacks on Bush from the liberals seem to have no basis in reality.

I got to read most of Waking the Dead by John Eldredge. I had read his other three and they were all good. He has another one named Epic but it's just a short overview of all he teaches. Chat rooms are not the best place for communication so I do not intend to discuss Truth nor to offend the godless (:-P), though He has shown me the path of life and of this I will never be ashamed to testify.