Sunday, October 31, 2004

Power to estrogen....whatever that means

I, Nancy, now have the power to post in this spectacular blog. Mwahaha. Ok, so here's what we did this glorious Halloween night. Cynda, Maggie, and I were supposed to go trick or treating, but Karolyn coerced us into going to Pat's to study for Hahn's midterm tomorrow. Here's what we did instead:

The guys were all being very manly. Cynda and Karolyn were my cohorts in taking the picture with John. He was rather feisty. Pat didn't know what hit him and Cynda's kissing Scott. Maggie was wearing the tigger costume by the way. We kind of had a hard time getting it off of her.

Haha, "Cock Sandwich"

This is Rachel.....Actually this post is about Homecoming, but I was reading Shakeer's musings about the dance and was particularly struck by this paragraph:
"Oh and also, I invented a new term last night at the dance: cock sandwich. It's when you're dancing dancing dancing having a good time when suddenly you turn around and realize that you are surrounded by just guys. Not only that, this cock sandwich that you've danced yourself into seems like it'll be pretty difficult to navigate out of."
Shakeer raises a very good point. I too have been caught in similar situations, except it's probably not as bad for a girl...because you're just dancing along across from some friends, when you realize the guy behind you is actually grinding into you with his back. Awkwardness ensues, but only for me because this other dude I don't even know, is too busy freaking some chick that I don't even know. Anyway, I enjoyed the dance although it was a little crowded and I had the recurring feeling that, if given the chance, Jeff Bentz might have molested me. If Jeff reads this blog, sorry...well actually I'm not really sorry, it was just weird.
I better stop chewing on this glow stick, it's making crunchy noises.


Since There have been no new posts this evening, and I seem to be the first one home, I'll begin the festivities with my wrap up of homecoming. In short, it kicked ass. In long, I showed up at magda's house around 4:30 to pick up my three "dates" and learned I would also be getting maura. Due to my incredible driving skills, we still made it to the Old Spaghetti Factory by 5:30, bit before by my count, got the Pole some fries and got the best parkingspot in the lot. Yeah, I'm that good. So picture this...John and Maura, dressed to a T, walking into OSF with three girls wearning pajamas: one with twister on hir, one monopoly, and the third with monkeys on her ass. I beleive several people at dinner beleived they either weren't going or were going to go like that. I pish at them for doubting that they would go after saying they would.
Dinner rocked, we ended up with enough seats, Cynda came, I got tons of food and icecream, the ladies were "dead sexy" in their dresses, the men were "freakishly handsome" in their suits, and all was right in the world. Went to the dance (after checking the coat and unbuttonin/undoing the shirt and tie) and had an absolute blast. They didn't play styx and it was hotter than hell in there. These are my only complaints. Seriously, this was probably the most fun I've had at a dance ...maybe including prom. Not sure on that one, since prom did rock. In keeping with tradition, I misplaced my cell phone (leaving it at Magda's instead of the restraunt) meaning my parents will again ridicule me for my carelessness (or the ease with which the female form and precence distracts me). After the dance we failed to steal the sexy oldschool car because it was already gone. However, we did go to devon's. Props to Shakeer for stopping traffic so me and my lady friends could exit the parking lot...we beat everyone else to the dev man's by a good 10 minutes. The girls changed in the car while I changed in the street, proving real men relish their sexy bodies and the public display thereof. Or something to that effect. I'm certain there are many more stories to tell (freak sandwiches, dance romances, lost dates, "found" dates, and so on and so forth) but I don't know them so I'll let their participants share. Suffice to say *my* day absolutely rocked. A huge thank you to all those involved.

PS Shakeer shoulda got homecoming king. I'm irked about that.

PPS Benny V, what happened to the? I thought you promised to come, mano...if you needed a ride, I was there to provide, and we missed you at dinner too. Same goes to everyone else who didn't go to the should have.


Friday, October 29, 2004

I can't wait hooray

Sup I'm in history class and it's a work day which is actually a hide in the library and play with stuff day, so I'm posting on the blog hooray. I'm gonna be using hooray a lot in this hooray yay. Um. Yeah, you can probably tell that I'm bored and I haven't been getting enough sleep. So anyhoo.

I can't wait for that crazy arse two week period when the musical takes over the lives of the key crew and makes us all run on survival mode. You know: only enough sleep to keep from hallucinating, only eating at Carl's or whatever you can find in the shop even if it's been there for possibly months, only doing enough homework to keep from failing, only studying for tests backstage so you do wind up failing... no, seriously, I'm not bitching. It's actually a lot of fun. You sort of hunker down and work on one thing for two weeks, and your entire focus shifts off of everything else and onto doing something that you love. And then opening night! The anxiety, the pants-shitting anticipation, and the fun when stuff doesn't go wrong and in fact actually works well. And then closing night and strike-- breaking crap and then looking at your grades and wondering how you're going to pick up the pieces but not really caring because hey you just did something really cool that a lot of folks never really get to do. That and you just broke stuff hooray. I used really like 3 times in that sentence wow.

And seriously, during "The Music Man" I ate a french fry out of the garbage. That wasn't the best decision in the world. Nor was it when I stole and ate some of Chris's chips during the first run of "Proof."Or when I was so tired that I shaved off a large portion of my pinky nail when I was trying to shave my legs after a rehearsal of "The Music Man." Twice. Good stuff. Um... so techies, post your random sleep-deprived tech moments because they're funny. Like Lazaghnakah. Now THERE was a day (seriously, it was more like 26 hours.) Hoo boy. I CAN'T WAIT!

Oh shit November can't come soon enough! VIVE LA TECH!

Thursday, October 28, 2004


OK, we gotsta change that subtitle, cuz lets face it, if you're here, you're here on purpose and you don't want to be reminded that you're wasting your time everytime you visit. Just kidding, due to the overwhelming popularity (we have like four readers who aren't bloggers!) I have decided to offer everyone this chance to submit your idea for a catchy subtitle that will grab the casual blog browser by the balls and not let him go. If we can do this and John can add a hit counter that will confirm people visit here, I can add some banner ads and make some money. Kidding again, I would never go capitalist on you guys. But that one is pretty embarassing and the best new one I can come up with is Home of the World's Coolest Social Rejects. And that's depressing and inaccurate (we're not cool!) So submit anything--it can be 500 characters max.

post script
Okay blog members, we need to dialogue. If you haven't noticed, I like to have a new post at least once a day. It makes me sad when I don't see one and sometimes I post a pointless one just to keep up continuity. (See October). I know you're all busy, but it averages out to like one every two weeks from each of you, and that's pretty easy, if you ask me. So if your log on at like 9 or 10 and don't see anything for that day, search your brain from a story that you filed away for possible blog-worthiness. Let me make it simple, its blog-worthy.

post post script
Subtitle winner gets to become an administrator for a week and can make any stylistic change except for booting me or John.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

really funny stuff you have to click on the pic that says video link.
ok check out this video of the leader of california. hahaha. its him testing out the Hummer H2 funny flash cartoon of good ol' GWB and that punk JFK (not the one who had sex with Marilyn Monroe).

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thumb Wrestling

Well ladies your "friend" Katie lost to me in a match of thumb wrestling. "Ok" you ask yourself "why does this concern me?" Well, Katie was playing for the right of women posters. So as of now no women can post on the blog. Way to go Katie. I am not a hater, but Katie is.

post script: Women you can challenge me to a duel and I will accept. Any duel, except producing children, and holding your breath underwater.

Experiments in Stream of Consciousness, Session 2

Holy crap that was great we lost the first game to the juniors but coming back against the sophomores and winning was the greatest thing ever--so intense organizing those girls really confusing trying to get them all in and win the game not get them angry;;man i watched the sophs play and they looked tough but i believed in our team==our defense didn't play great and they marched down the field and scored first--it ws an hour ago and i can hardly remember any details-just running on and off the field correcting stuff yelling encouragement alot of yelling'''anyway we got the ball within 40 yards and i was talking to my black offense and nothing was really working so i just drew up a new pass play and they ran out there and through my qb threw it great and we scored--fr pat was rooting for us and he thought the play was great and i jumped up and down like six times shouting myself hoarse[[their offense kept breaking us down and they got a phantom pass interference call on third or fourth down anyway they eventually scored''''''we got the kick ran some plays got a first down and then doug with his blue offense ran a great sweep and scored. they got the ball back with a couple minutes left and our defense shut them DOWN with no time on the clock except they called a timeout with a second left, i had prepared the black offense and we ran the same play but they got good penetration and stopped us;[;went out with the captains to talk about overtime--best of three field goals like penalty kicks in soccer-we won the tosss and --it was raining hard i went over and found the three varsity soccer players we practiced really quick then we went first made it they missed we made it they made it then we made the third and it was over//we rushed the field it was awesome i love freshmen and my fellow coaches ben k ian doug and peter man that so much fun

Indecision 2004- Just Kidding I'm Pretty Much Set

As Election Day draws within a week, your gallant hero reveals his vote on Measure 36.


post script
Election Day should be a national holiday or something. That would really help turnout.

post post script
I've given up trying to argue with Cory. He always beats me. I guess he's a Master Debater.

post post post script
Sorry for above attempt at humor. Anyway, like Scott keeps telling y'all, remember to vote. I think I'm filling the thing out on Wednesday at Chess Club, if any of you want to try to come and steal my ballot.

post post post post script
Can't you see Devon holding it up above his head while me and Kumar jump up and down saying "C'mon Devon. Its not funny! C'mon!"

post post post post post script
Unprecedented! Five PSs. I forgot to thank Shakeer for making that picture available. So thanks, and my apologies to those who have already seen this picture. Oh, and sorry its so huge, but I'm too lazy to mess with it.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

All Aboard the Gravy Train!

Yes, the Gravy Rangers have a bona fide win streak. Yesterday we won 3-0 in a cold, wet, muddy, and very satisfying game. MVP has to go to Pat with a goal and two assists, but everyone played really well and beat a team that was very capable of beating us. Schultz played great in goal and the intense wind saved us a couple times. Ken put in our first goal with a World Cup quality shot and we avoided playing kick and chase soccer. Once again, our fans were awesome and stayed out there in the horrible conditions. Next weeks game is in Hillsboro against some authentic minority players, so we will face a great test to our momentum, but I think we can triumph.

post script
Thanks to the Rachel, Misha, Cynda team for posting. Misha hasn't yet posted but she had a very long comment explaining her point of view with the whole seizure episode on my post about it. I now have the full story from the doctor if anyone cares.

Hey It's My First EVER Post

So, like I said first ever post; please be kind!! Oh yeah and warning I'm in a mood and in all fairness it is most definately four AM in the morning and yes I'm absolutely crazy. Anyway, I was scanning the blog (I haven't read it in a long time, ya know, no time with the whole my life sucks thing going on) and I found a post by our most glorious triple B, the one in which he says he doesn't feel like he knows any of his friends. Well as a person who just met the mojority of you a few months ago I can safely say I don't know many of you that well and now that school has started and the quality of my life has vastly declined in such a short amount of time I can even more safely say I never get to talk/spend time with any of you. I miss you all terribly and now I'm sure you're like "wtf? she sees us every day how can she miss us?" Well my dear friends, you ever feel like you're with people but your really not with them? I'm pretty sure that makes no sense to most if not all of you, but it's how I feel. (WARNING gets SAPPY and brings down blog quality!!) Anyway even though I haven't been myself lately or able to really get to know you guys as much as I'd like I love you all so much!!! Hang in there everyone; make this year great and Ben,well everyone, get to know eachother cause a year, hell seven months is a really short time!! Don't make excuses, don't let stupid things get in the way and seriously be there for eachother. From personal experience I know we all need help sometimes even if we don't show it!! Ok so maybe this is too sappy for a prodominately male blog but get over it and I'm serious. I love you guys!!! Thanks for being the great friends you are and keep up the good work!!!
~ Cynda

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Powder Puff Update

Yes senior bitches...okay i retract that statement, even though "senior bitches" is apparently our team name, but this was decided by the girls who wore sneakers they couldn't get muddy, to football practice. Congrats to both Misha and I (this is Rachel) for making first string offense AND dad said that was called "playing both ways", but i think that sounds waaayy more sexual than he intended. Unfortunately I'm somehow supposed to play linebacker...Colin and Skylar treid to make it sound less intimidating by calling it "inside backer" or something, but I know what they meant....people are going to try and hit me....AND BREAK MY GLASSES!!!
"Oh, no" they said, "YOU'RE going to hit THEM." Ha...I've seen some of those sophomores, they're bigger than you might think, and they have something to prove. Just wait, because Misha and I and maybe some other girls will come for them...and score touchdowns on their pathetic defenses.

Friday, October 22, 2004

:-)If I May Be Permitted Some Boasting:-)

I thought I got around 700 on the SAT II in physics. It turns out my score is 100 points higher than I expected.

i got a navy blue pin-striped suit for $12.50 (it was half off) from the Salvation Army. i don't think i really know the mafia look, but john said pin stripes, so i got pin stripes.

michael bauer didn't think it'd be a good idea for me to debate against women's rights. when i signed up for that in Spanish, i was in one of my more inebriated states and i hope everyone recognized i wasn't being serious, but now that i've given it the slightest bit of thought, i see i couldn't really argue against women's rights; i'm way too moderate there for that, especially in a debate setting in which i'd mainly have nothing but agreements; maybe if i was an extremist (regarding women's rights). the only reason i brought up michael bauer is because i talked to him afterschool and he indirectly helped me see how limited differences between conservative christianity and mainstream culture are on this issue.

monday, tuesday, and wednesday. these are the last days i'll ever have anything to do with cross country ever again, except for the dessert banquet. then i'll never have to do any running ever again, except in basketball and soccer, which is alright. and i get my letter. i really suffered for it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Powder Puff is insane. There were about 60 froshies there, and there might even be another 30 coming later. Do you know how hard it is to organize 60 screaming girls? Not to mention teach them a game that they don't know the rules to, or how to play. It's not like we have that expirenced of a coaching staff either. It's me, IMac, Ben, Ben K. and Peter. Somehow we managed to get it to work, but I don't really know how we pulled that off. But we have some semblence of order, and we actually began to run plays. They might actually be okay, too. Some of the girls actually pretty nice arms. We were scheduled to play on the softball field, but they decided that the softball field is better suited for soccer players, so we got the hellua muddy practice field. Needless to say, we'll kick ass. That includes you Rachel, Misha and John. Okay, maybe not. But we can hope.

PS: This was very incomplete and pretty sloppy organization. But I'm kinda tired. Feel more than free to post anything Ben or Ian, because I know I left about 90% out.

More fun clips from the right throughout my debate coverage I tried to remain as nonpartisan as possible in order to properly show the candidates performance. And, in reality, I am (and it's official) a registered Independent, so I'm nonpartisan already. But yeah...I'm left-wing...a qualms about that.

So anyway...that might explain the following few clips, which I got from that site that also has Jon Stewart on Crossfire (which is the best TV I've seen in some time).

First, here's George W. Bush once again mistakingly assuring America that all us youngin's will be drafted for the sheer hell that is Iraq:

Here's Will Ferrel once again reprising his role as George W. Bush:

And aw, crap, it's dinnertime...oh, well, have a look around there yourself. Some of the stuff looks like it's not so much on the mark, but much of the true it's scary. Also, check out Jon Stewart on Crossfire if you haven't already. THAT MUCH is not at all a left-wing thing...that's just a "the media blows" thing.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

They tried to stick a dead body inside of me (the fall and return of POWERSLIDE CLUB)

Ok well that first little bit O' title is a lyric from The Hives.
I didnt get to write about this yesterday so here goes.
On tuesday morning I printed out some cool pictures of some crap cars powersliding and then proceeded to make a a sign that read POWERSLIDE CLUB (with a happy face underneath). At second lunch I went over to the side with the clubs, and sat next to Pull-up club. I set up my stuff and went to get some food. when I came back Trevor currie said that about 5 (+- eleven) kids came by and asked him about POWERSLIDE CLUB. I was excitied and some more kids came over and i spread the good news ((gospel) <- Cory will get a kick out of that :) I said that POWERSLIDE CLUB will teach you how to drive your car like it was ment to be driven, also we would stage rally courses on the weekends with the kids who cant drive being copiolts. Of course you would have to get your parents to sign a waver because I dont want to get sued by some moron who cant handle his (more likely her) car. Mr. Rombach than came over to the table and after studying the pics asked me "who approved this?" I said the POWERSLIDE CLUB was not affiliated with Jesuit High School. He then took my pictures and signs and threw them in the garbage. After he left I picked them out and stuck the POWERSLIDE CLUB sign to my chest. Then Mr. Hughes came over and took everything away :(. What happend next was neat. Some poor kid came over to pull-up club and signed up, Trevor then made him do a pull up on the bar the Mr. Hunnicutt set up in between the side of a door and the door frame. the kid did one and was coming up for the other when the door opend and the kid fell on his back. I yelled out "POWERSLIDE CLUB will never do this to you, never make you fall on your back and have people laugh at you." i yelled it so that Rombach could hear.
So I bet you are wondering "what is going to happen to POWERSLIDE CLUB?" well kids dont worry because I have a plan. I have to inform you that it will no longer be called POWERSLIDE CLUB but now the more "PC" Jesuit Driver Awareness Club. I will try to get some teacher like Mrs. Hiemen to be the moderator so we will be able to do whatever we want.
Its still POWERSLIDE CLUB at heart, now with a name that the administration will like.

post script: Andrew Bogrand said that Mr. hughes talk to the student gov about POWERSLIDE CLUB, and Bogrand will try to get back my supplies/propaganda.

So You Probably Haven't Heard

Unless you read Jeff's post (thanks you for stealing my story jackass), you most likely do not know what kind of crazy misfortunes fell upon yours truly today. I kept it on the downlow, so people wouldn't get worried or anything. If you're not one of the three or four who know this story, I am here to fill you in.

So the day started like any other. It was just after one A.M. and I had just given up on finishing G-man's take-home and headed to bed. Then I slept for five hours. (Stick with me) I rose, was driven to school and then received my water bottle with the blue note that told me that I was to give blood at "noonish." As I am not fluent in Queer and not experienced enough to know that I could just show up whenever, I took this to mean right around noon and at break I hurried to the Smith Gym to rectify this mistake, as I have second lunch on Wednesdays and knew nourishment was vital for a healthy blood donater. Ms. M said I should do it then, so I headed to the office to get my transcipt (I forgot I.D.) and returned, anxious to get it over with. As Misha can attest, I was quite nervous while reading the sheets and the atmosphere (NHS kids walking around cringing) didn't help. However, after my preliminary info talk (where the lady basically told me, look dummy, old ladies do it, you're a big smart healthy young man, you can do it) I was shored up in my decision to do it. So during further sitting I tried to mellow out while not falling asleep. I was feeling relatively confidant when my number was called and I went with the nurse. I looked the other way as she took an exruciatingly long time to get out her incision instrument and cut my finger. So I was talking with her about how it didn't hurt as much as people said and she was responding to me when all of the sudden this wave of light headedness washed over my entire upper body ( I know that doesn't make any sense.) I told her this and did what she said, put my head down. Then everything became dark green and, after a period that seemed to me at the time like sleep, the next thing I knew, the darkness was lifting and I was on my stomach with my side of my head pounding into the ground. It took me a couples more pounds to stop it and I looked up and saw a guy standing over me and people sitting on the bleachers watching me. The first thing I did was asked him what just happened? He told me, asked me how I felt, and when I self-consciously reassured me, they pushed over one of the lawn chairs and I got on it. The moved me to the Smith Gym lobby where they tended to the forehead scrape (which now seems to me like it is on the wrong side. I'm pretty sure I woke up on the other one). Anyway she took my pulse and blood pressure (both very good) and put iodine and ice on the abrasion an I talked to her for a while and she did the normal ass-covering stuff, most notabley talking to a supervisor guy (who sounded like a Puerto Rican) and I kept apologizing and telling her I was fine and didn't want to go home. So then we sat me up and I walked to a table for cookies and water. I sat there for about an hour, cold most of the time, where I told the story many times and talked to Lum and Clarke. Yeah, people stared, and it was embarassing, but I wasn't actually that embarrassed. I guessed it was because I really didn't know or care about any of the people making fun of me. I just didn't care and then Ken pulled a covert ops and got me some good cookies and I was pretty happy. I could feel the rug burn but couldn't see what everyone else saw until I got out of there and checked it out in a mirror. So then I spent and afternoon explaining it to everyone. Seniors I don't really know asked me if I was okay and I was informed by several people that it was the subject of conversation in their classes. I am oddly proud of this.

So I lied, everybody, except possibly Scott, who I didn't see after it, heard about it. This was just a definitive version of it. Sorry its so long. My only feelings on the matter are a mild shame (to go with that mild seizure I had) at having failed, but I halfway expected to screw this up somehow, and regret that I didn't have them call my parents because now they're worried about me having a seizure driving and they said Red Cross should have called 911 (I would have crapped my pants) and they're talking about having me see the pediatrician (why God why?). Tim said I might have epilepsy. Dostoevsky had that. I probably don't, but I'd be okay with it. I probably just bottled up my intense fear of having that blood drawn and pretended it wasn't there, and, as Mr. Higgs tells us, bottled up emotions don't go away. So I passed out and I think the seizure was just kind of the buildup of various factors. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

As Ben Harper sings "its just another lonely day."

post script
Misha was the only blogger who was a witness to it, so when she can, I would like a comment from her perspective.

post post script
I blame Ramadan, Shakeer. Not to say I'm quitting.

Lum's Slave Society... I have christened it, and so it has become. NHS requires members to do the most stupid and pointless things under the pretext of "serving others." Basically, NHS rounded up all the dumb saps who are willing to do someone else's bitch work in order to improve their chances at college and put them to the bitch work. Offering ourselves as tutors and running the blood drive makes sense, but why the hell should I have to put together a "christmas box" for some kid? Who says I have money to do that? Maybe an NHS member is poor. (Ok, so I'm not...but how do they know that?) And why should I set up chairs for some schoo thing or call people to give money? I know it helps the school, but why am I required to do it? I joined this society because they said I was special and wanted me, cause it was a challenge, and because someone told me it would look good for college. I have no desire to do shit jobs and I already help out around the school a ton though tech and football. More is just ludacris. I wouldn't object if NHS seemed to have some real...merit to it. But what does NHS do for me? NOTHING! Except some intangible benefit from having it on a college application. Is it worth it? I'm begining to think not...but its too late to back out now! Curse you, NHS, curse you!


My stupidity.. Once again

Through out this year I have shown a remarkable amount of stupidity, all beginning with my car crash. Just today I had another stroke of this when I went to lunch after 3rd period. About 2 min. Before it got out... I realized I was in the wrong lunch. I'm a senior, I should know better... I'm such a dumb @$$. So I tailed it to class and was received... With no jug. Mr. Schall didn't even care I think. So I got to lunchs. Dumb but lucky. In other news, applause to Ben who, if you don't know already, passed out before giving and then woke up beating his head on the floor. You are a brave and interesting man Ben! And how about dem' red socks? 8 to 1 in the 7th inning right now. I'm sure pat will have a post game wrap up. Props to Damon, scoring 6 runs off of two home runs. Amazing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


So, we're over halfway through our second full month of school. I don't know about you guys, but it started off tough with various term things due but has been smooth sailing since. Plus, this is the greatest month for being a sports fan and this year is especially good. Yes, of course I am mainly referring to the comebacks in both pennant races, particularly my Sox. I knew they had this in them. Not that I am saying I predicted anything, just that they are now fulfilling their potential and I, for one, didn't count them out when I watched them go down 3-0. With their combo of hitting and pitching, any fan worth his weight in pine tar knows anything is possible. It is also smack dab in the middle of pro, college, and high school football and congruent to soccer season. And, somehow, all my teams are doing really well. More on that when Pat does his midseason report.

This October is busier than most, with college apps, but I'm liking it and hoping y'all feel the same. If not, don't worry, Thanksgiving is only five weeks away. We'll be a third done with senior year by then. And I still get mistaken for a sophomore. Maybe I'll be a junior by May.

post script
For some reason Dr. G thinks he is October. He picked a good month.

post post script
Halloween, the sweetest month-ender, is also the day of the most important football game of all-time. If aren't in on it, click the title and pray for the Packers.

post post post script
Both teams are playing pretty shitty so far, but the optimist in me still says Green Bay.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Powerslide club

Yep. Powerslide club, how fun would that be. I will make a little sign for the club fair tomorrow. Dave you can sit the table if you would like, so can you shakeer. A hell anyone can sit. please...

Price tag

Hate to bitch and moan, but it's stressing me out so I'd figure I'd vent it to people in the same situation.

So, college time is here, huh? Time to pour ourselves over lengthy applications to dream schools. When it's all said and done, when the applications are sent and the reccomendations postmarked, only two questions will remain. Did I get admitted? And...


Now, I'm one of those fortunate trust-fund children, so I'm probably just whining, but the whole lack-of-FAFSA thing has sort of cramped my style and I'm shopping for colleges on a tight budget. In-state is looking like the way to go for me for at least the first two years of my education. That's what my brother is doing and it's working out for him. But I really, really want to go elsewhere. Like someplace in Boston or one of those 800 Jesuit colleges out there. So barring serious merit-scholarship-age or winning the lottery, I've weighed out options that any high school senior in a similar situation should try out. To make up for my bitching I've made them (hopefully) comedic. Here goes.


Sell your organs!

There's a serious demand for kidneys out there on the black market. You just have to know who to talk to. Guys can sell... *ahem*... other things.

Enter the lucrative poaching industry

Every lion you kill and skin gets you one step closer to your dream education!

Work for the mafia

They're bound to do something cool. Plus you can put it on your resume.

Invent a chemical formula for turning lead into gold

Yay alchemy nerd!

Be really, REALLY hot

Every millionare could use a trophy wife/ husband! Plus being hot is probably pretty cool, if you get my drift. (Oh God kill me now)

International terrorism

Hold the president hostage for the price of full tuition to your favorite school! Not resposible for any loss of life related to this option.

Get a job you lazy bum!

Yeah right, like I'd actually do this one.

But seriously folks, good luck to everyone submitting their college apps early and a special good luck wish to everybody who doesn't really know how they're going to afford college. I hope that you get in where you want to and have the means to get in there as well.

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Hey, a lot of you were talking about this today, and a lot wanted to see what actually went on. Click on the title above to see the whole thing. It's VERY entertaining, VERY informative (ever wonder why political commentators go straight to the Spin Room before anywhere else after a debate?), and really solidifies Jon Stewart as THE man in political commentary today.

Anyhoo, enjoy.

As a side, yet definitely related, note: My ballot came today. I wasn't sure it was gonna 'cause, well...had some problems apparently with the Elections (which I forgot how to spell right there) Office, where I had sent in my registration, ballot. But now, me have ballot. Though I guess some of you would rather that not be the case, but screw you! Now just try to bribe me. JUST TRY.

Or don't.

That's cool too.

Seriously, watch the Jon Stewart clip. It's the best thing ever.

Message for Misha and Cynda

Ohh, my very first post...alright. Sorry it's taken me so long, I've been rather occupied with stuff...swedish fish, turning 18, leading juniors through their spiritual journey...And I'm not completely sure whether or not Misha and/or Cynda have posted anything yet (I haven't been adventurous enough to look). But if they're reading this: please add something else to our profile, i felt like an idiot trying to write about us, and it just sorta sounds like I've maybe seen you guys once in the's pathetic. Otherwise I'll try and think of something really witty and thoughtful to post for later.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Who likes powerslides?

I like powerslides alot, and I was wondering if anyone else does.
Its most fun when you have passengers that have no clue as to if you are in control. Gus Jewell knows what i am talking about, so does Peter Maag (watch out ladies).

Also Regarding Saturday's Game

Yeah, so we finally got a win. Finally. Legitimate victory is pretty cool. On top of that, as Ben has said, this team was full of jerks. While being in defense the entire game, I didn't really see much of the bitchness that was happening in their defense, much less hear the goalie mutter, I could see plenty. There was something akin to slide-tackling in the penalty box, and boy did they enjoy using their arms. They weren't very GOOD, for the most part, they just were sort of, "Hey, I'll stick my arms out and now you can't get to the ball." Quite frankly, this strategy is quite possibly the most stupid one I have seen. Why? When you aggravate people who have cleats on in a game where you kick stuff, you yourself might possibly be kicked. And I'm glad that this happened. And you could see their elbows, you could see them hit the ball with their hands, etc. Oh well, that made the win all that much better, as if to say, "You cheat and get away with it, but we still outplayed AND beat you."

Man did that feel good.

Speaking of the other team overhearing things our team said...I think it was Nathan saying, "God, these guys are pissing me off." In response I said, "Not only are they pushy jerks, but that forward dude has a problem fondling himself. during and after kickoff, his hands were shoved down his pants, for God's sake!" I said this in an aggravated, "I've been running so I have no volume control voice," and I looked and the very guy was like fifteen feet away.

Though the team did have some decent players...props to them.


I did it. I passed the stupid "traffic safety class" that the stupid North Plains stupid police dude made me take. I can honestly say that I am now a better driver, and have made meanigful life changes. THBPT! It was such a waste of time. Lesson: don't speed. Wait, what am I saying? Speed all you want. Just not in North Plains.

PS. Oh, and congratulations to Ben on 3 consecutive posts in 3 days. Sorry to break your streak, but somebody else had to say something.

Buddha Eat Your Heart Out

Yeah, so yesterday was great. And not just for me. Pretty much your whole blogging team was involved in the greatness. You see, the Gravy Rangers won their first legitimate game yesterday. In 2+ seasons. Against the biggest bunch of assholes I have ever played against. It started off like any other game except for some reason I didn't recognize any players on the other teams( I have played against almost everybody we play against in our league at least once). And we had the bizarro Mr. Hahn for a ref. The guy is Mr. Hahn's Doppleganger and is, as far as I can tell, evil. I don't know how, but the guy always knows at least three players on the other team, talks to them and other kids he knows and they know, and he thus favors their team. I really don't like this guy. The first half went like normal for us. We had the ball in their half of the field over 75% of the time but went into halftime down 1-0 after another freak goal. Oh yeah, and the guy whistled the half when I had the ball, with no one around me, in scoring position. You're not supposed to do that.

So the second half started and everything got weird. I walked in front of the goalie dropkicking the ball and deflected it (I was pretty sure this was legal). The ref blew his whistle and stopped the play. So the guy says to me as i walk away, in a voice quiet like he didn't really want me to hear him, to "fucking try that again." I walked up to the prick and told him to shut the fuck up and then the ref interceded. After that, this girl defender on my side (I was playing right forward) started following every step I took and she would blatantly shove me in the back everytime I got the ball. Then, during dead ball situations, she would talk to one of the bigger guys on her team, obviously point at me, and then I would hear her tell him to beat the shit out of me. That happened twice. So I had these bastards running into me every chance they got. And it wasn't just me, they fouled Cory and Tracy and a lot of others. That ref should have been pulling out some cards, but he didn't. So I was getting really pissed and frustrated over how badly I was playing. But then something spectacular happened. The ref called a foul in the box. Which was actually the right thing to do. Pat was playing great and had developed another scoring chance when he was pushed and so we got a penalty kick. Pat, the master of penalty kicks, almost didn't take it, but everyone on the sidelines were yelling for him to take it and he sunk it. He tied it and I leapt in joy. After that we starting playing really good and getting a lot of chances. With about five minutes left in the game, the ball rebounded out of the box and went to Nathan Schultz. I yelled for the ball but then I saw that he was completely open and I yelled for him to shoot. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life, that ball floating over the keeper's hands and into the back of the net. So we played five minutes of hard defense and won 2-1. I cannot describe how happy I was that we beat them. Smiling ear to ear, I watched Adrianna, Scott, Doug, and John rush the field. I threw the ball in the air in ecstasy. Then Mrs. Finn brought over like three boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and we sang happy birthday to Rachel. What a high. And the capper. Six of us are walking to the parking lot, discussing the game, and start talking about what assholes they were. After I described how they were gunning for me, Rachel asked me which girl it was. I told her it was the freakishly tanned one. And Rachel says "Oh her, she wasn't good at all." I turn around and there she was, about ten yards behind us with her mom. I was so happy that bitch heard us.

Then I went to Mass and thanked God continuously for an hour for our win. Then I Heart Huckabees at Pioneer Place. Many were there and it was a really good movie. And the end was kind of meaningful for that day because it showed how the suffering of your enemies connected them to you. And I felt something for the other team. But not much, as you can probably tell. Then I waited in the rain for my dad to show, saw him drive by a block away, and chased him down at a red light about three blocks away. I felt like I was in a cop movie.

Sorry this is a long post, but it was a great day for me. Rachel, I hope your day was as good as mine was. That would be like sychronized Nirvanas, which would be pretty sweet. God is great, my friends. God is great.

post script
Sorry I didn't help out at the Eagle Project, Dave. I completely blanked. If you have one again, I will be there until the job is done.

post post script
And the day before yesterday wasn't as bad as I made it out. It was actually pretty cool. Adrianna and I started an arbitrary line for Coffee House behind a trash can, and the freshman who had already lined up by the black box door thought it was official and came behind us. Then we all rushed in and got one of the long couches, which we then put six people on. And Coffee House was really good. I wasn't even that pissed off about the chair thing, it was more that I was half an hour late for curfew and trying to get home fast because Tim was hassling me and he was on the cell phone with my dad and yelling at me to slow down because this car full of girls was stopped at a green light at the Scholls Ferry-Beaverton Hillsdale intersection and my brother told my extremely worried about-me-driving dad that I was driving carelessly and that and the idiot girls coupled with the incident all combined to really frustrate me. Whew! What a run-on sentence. Anyway the stream of consciousness thing was an experiment with translating those feelings into writing and I didn't want it to be taken too seriously. But thanks to those who replied. Whatever depression that was in me then totally evaporated under the hot, glowing sun that is the glory of yesterday.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

My Class Ring is Evil!

Sorry about below psychotic writing, I realized this morning that it was written under the influence. Of my evil class ring. Earlier this year I had a hunch it would bring nothing but bad after a couple of bad days I had wearing it. And I'm not the kind of guy who has bad days more than like three times a year. I wouldn't mind that its evil if it gave me some kind of cool power. But no. It just makes me a douche bag. And its trying to take out things that used to give me good luck, like my watch last night. I fear losing my Encounter cross next if I put it on again. If that bastard messes with my teddy bear, I'm melting him.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Experiments in Stream of Consciousness, Session 1

pre script
I realize that writing style isn't something you can force like this and that I am just a poser.

today things became more clear--- i realized that it isnt that im self-critical or pessimistic of myself and my abilities its that i know myself better than anyone else does--- in physics 2 ap gorman asked me to convert the speed of light into fathoms per fortnight.. i can do that kind of stuff.. usless stuff.. get a 1580 on an sat.. stuff that pisses me off more than anything else in the world because i wish i had some real practical skills; but i dont= now its kickin in, the part were all of you denounce my harshness and tell me i am better thant i think-- save your breath i know different.

it hit me tonight that i dont know anything about my friends, i always tell myself this about strangers, that i cannot judge them because i dont know anything about them. tonight, watching coffeehouse it crushed me to realize i dont know anything about the people i care about and i use this as a defense shield to learning anything more-i dont know them well enough to do this or that-; i keep them at arms length and so the same thing happens in regard to me---they dont know me, and i think i like it better that way**self-fulfilling prophecy

boy o boy the futility from the first paragraph became clear cleaning up tonight tryin to help, i use my logic to figure out which end of the chair stack i should push, oops wrong choice smart guy, managed to slow the collapse of about 500 pounds so my parents in se portland couldnt hear the crash in the process my watch broke and impaled my wrist. i wish it would have gone further --just joking-- anyway the amazing thing was i wasn't even that embarrassed, ive become so resigned to my incompetence with all matters non-standardized tests that i accepted that complete loss of dignity

post script
it wasnt a complete loss of dignity but writing this made it so

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Alright, I PROMISE that these are better than the comic strip. That's probably just me cause I like that type of stuff. This site is a series of videos about this raging squirrel that talks about everything from people shutting the hell up about their weight to another squirrel that gets high... Think Maddox, except on videos. Funny as hell and not JUST in my opinion. Evidently they're very popular. Check it out.

*disclaimer: if you think its bad, well that's your opinion. if everyone thinks they're bad, well then someone can slap me. and please dont say they're bad just so you can slap me

comic strip

hey all, I was telling ben about this great comic book type of thing that i found online, that i find rather funny. he told me post it on the blog, so here i am posting it during break. Scott, i dont know if you would like it because it uses 8 bit digital graphics (e.g. old zelda game graphics) and is based on a spoof of a common viedo game (just the basis of it) so if you've never played a video game before or absoutely abhor fantasy stuff, just ignore this post. I think its great, check it out if you want to and have time. (its got 480 some pages so it lasts a while.) later all

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Is evil relative/Grendel

So Mrs. Asbury had us write a one page double spaced paper on if we think that evil is relative and how it deals with the book Grendel (if you havent read it, please do). I focus on the first part more than the second. i would like to know what your thoughts about evil and relativity.

I strongly believe that evil is relative. Evil cannot be just one sided, there are always going to be supporters behind the “evil doers”. When the terrorists attacked America on September 11th, 2001 Americans saw them as the scum of the earth and America should nuke the hell out of the country they came from. But, that is how Americans saw 9/11, I remember watching TV and the station I was watching switched to some city in the Middle East and people were out in the streets waving flags, honking, dancing, and laughing. I was sickened to see people so joyous to see America struck at its core. I did not realize then, but I am realizing now that those same people see America as “The Great Satan” and I can see how it applies to America. Muslim law is extremely strict and to be bombarded with pictures of Brittney Spears wearing thongs, drinking, and Jerry Springer is a huge culture change from what they are used to. If Americans are bombarded by a culture that makes women cover themselves and does not drink and not allowed to hurt their countrymen, many would revolt, but a few would be so enraged as to fight for what they believe in until the other side was annihilated. I am not trying to protect the terrorists, who should and will be brought to justice. I also do not see America as some perfect place in which we are the victim of everything. (Now to get to Grendel)
The epic Beowulf is seen as on of the first Anglo-Saxon literary works. Beowulf does a excellent portrayal of the “epic hero”, but it is just shown for one side of the story. Beowulf and all of Hrothgar’s men see Grendel as a bloody thirsty beast with no reason, just instinct, an instinct on ripping apart Herot and consuming its men. Grendel counteracts these thoughts by putting the reader in Grendel’s shoes. Grendel has feelings and he is a thinker a planner. He does not like what he is and has become. The reader can tell that Grendel would want to be apart of the Mead Hall merrymaking if only the humans could accept him.


Finally, I have a posistion of absolute power and control!
Okay, not really, but I am Ian, Ben and Shakeer's Physics TA(teacher's assistant).
Okay, I really have no power at all, but I can pretend that I do.
I'm going to see if Dr. G will let me determine grades and/or give out jugs, that would kick ass.
Basically, the only thing that this does for me is promote me to Dr. G's slave. But colleges like slaves, how many applicants are TA's to an AP Physics class?
So, long story short, I'm better then you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Wanted, Part 2

This is Ben talking for Dave again. He needs helpers for his Eagle Scout project this Saturday, the 16th, from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. I'm pretty sure its at St. Pius Church planting a garden. He also needs wheelbarrows, shovels, and work gloves, so give him a hand any way you can. Lunch details are sketchy, but a day with Dave, who can ask for more?

post script
I can. Please bring a leggy blonde.

post post script
Hey, and after working up a good sweat (helping with the garden) you can take 26 to I-5, take that to the Delta Park exit, and see a rollicking good game of soccer. That's where all the cool people will be. (Actual game time is 3:15, field 2)

post post post script
We tied last week, 1-1. Props to Alex for an awesome assist.

Monday, October 11, 2004


I swear to God, I think Mr. Lum is obsessed with me. He tries and talks to me whenever I go into the library. He brought me donuts for my birthday and today he said "You look nice today, Patrick". This is creeping me out bigtime. Is it just me? Am I imagining things? I sure hope so because, like I said before, I'M FREAKIN' OUT.

Christopher Reeve, dead at 52

I went back and forth all day, deciding if I would write this or not. Ultimately, it's just one more fans voice among thousands, perhaps even millions, but I don't think I could not write something.

When I was around four or five, my dad brought home SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE on VHS. I don't remember my feelings specifically in watching that film, but it must have had some effect on me, because I was no older than six when I finally saw Superman IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE and was thrilled by every inch of it.

To this day those films remain among my favorites. Christopher Reeve's portrayal of the Man of Steel is one of the defining works of acting in the history of cinema (if you've ever wondered how so many people were fooled by Clark Kent's "disguise," watch SUPERMAN and SUPERMAN II). But to me it has always been more than that. Those first two films have served as inspiration, as the character of Superman always has. And Superman was never captured better than in those, and he never will.

But Christopher Reeve's reach went beyond Superman. After his accident in 1995, he became a leading advocate for research to cure damage to the spinal chord. A year ago, Reeve had move his index finger.

As a good number of you might know, I read Reeve's autobiography for history, and I agonized over writing the paper. You can't write about a book about him without writing about the man. Throughout the novel (and this was in 1998), Reeve spoke with such hope for the future. He knew the day would come when spinal chord injuries would find their cure. I believe he still knows this.

The sadness comes that he will not be alive to witness that day here on Earth: The day when he would be able to walk again.

Christopher Reeve remains a hero to me, and to so many others who, after seeing that film at such a young age, believed a man could fly.

Coming Back

Hi I have been away for quite some time now. For all of those who are wondering I have been not so busy maintaining another blog (*cough* ( *cough*) that had little or rather no success what so ever. So I come back to the blog that started it all. (maybe the British have a point there?) So what happened was that Ben kicked me off after I started my own blog (*cough* ( *cough*) in protest of his "sexist acts." I am now recognizing that Ben was not acting in discriminating hate but rather that he was truthful in that he could not place more than 10 members at a time. I apologize sincerely. You can all see my falts at my own blog (*cough* ( *cough*). However being a Pro-Life Catholic I feel that it is my duty to my Blog to let it live. I welcome myself back and hope to have many new adventures among you all.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

OWE 2004

Steering the blog into more serious territory here, I know, but I'd just like to say that I LOVE YOU ALL. OWE 2004 was probably the most incredible experience I can say I've had at Jesuit... the memories... just wow. If you haven't been on an Encounter, go on one. If you're a senior, lead one. Don't pass up the chance to feel love this strong. Stuff like this only comes once in a lifetime.

So where to begin? Almost getting thrown out of a Shari's for being way too loud. Raiding WinCo for chips 'n cameras and forgetting to buy either. Thursday night, carrying crap to the kitchens under the most beautiful night sky. Friday morning, doing the electric slide while waiting for the bus. Small group with a peppy cheerleader and four soccer buddies. Laura's quidditch shirt as an icebreaker. Hugging like goddamn crazy. Saying "OH... MY... GOSH" and "they're sooo cute!" like 800 times in one afternoon. Eating too many brownies. Paraliturgy and the hugs that followed. Waking up the kids on Saturday by screaming like an idiot. Watching girls writing on every available named and paper-covered surface once they found markers. More crying, more hugs. Saturday night-- 'nuff said. Rachel eating way too many swedish fish... I think I also shoved a plastic bag in my mouth sometime during that. Malori laughing at absolutely nothing. Katie Hef getting smacked in the face with the fom pillow. Katie Hef falling on her face. Katie Bz in the catepillar sleeping bag. SLEEP TEAM USA. The really stupid yet somehow insanely funny at the time idea of "Hate Camp." Erin teaching us the sound Jello makes when it hits the floor ("bloogshhsig"). Claire teaching us how to cheer. Frickin' Bricks. The mascot- friendbear! Senor Mc. Cowcow the popcorn cow. Singing with Mr. Clarke in front of a roaring fire. Eating waaaay too much food. The showers. The river. The love. Having to leave it all and carry it home.

There is so much I want to write here but I can't, partially to protect the secrets of the Encounter but also partially because I really can't put the love I'm feeling right now into words. Incredible doesn't even come close to describing it. Leaders, thanks so much for sharing this experience with me. It doesn't get better than this. Juniors (if you're reading this), bring the love with you on Monday. Katie, Rachel, post your damn thoughts because I'm going on a walk now.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

I Heart Huckabees


Here is a film that will in no way connect with the average viewer. Hell, the average art house viewer is gonna have trouble with this. I know I did. Like I said after walking out..."I didn't GET it, but I LIKED it."

I'd like to start off this review by telling you what the film's about. Unfortunately, I can in no way do the plot justice, and in fact that plot isn't even the point. Click on the title of this post, which is a link to the official website. Watch the trailer. If the trailer interests you, the film'll be worth seeing. It doesn't mean you'll LIKE the movie, but it'll be worth your while. Also, it's a REALLY well done website., I loved it. I think it's easily one of the best films of the year (competing, right now, with Eternal Sunshine and Garden State). It's extraordinarily original...I'm pretty sure I've never seen anything quite like this. It's not just the points it raises (it is, in fact, labeled an "existential comedy," so it's got more than a little philosophy). It's the style. The way it's executed. None of the characters have it all figured out...there isn't that one person who's got it down. Not the sales guy for Huckabees (Jude Law). Not the environmentalist (Jason Schwartzman). Not even the existential detectives (Dustin Hoffman and Isabelle Huppert).

So plot aside, what can you look at in this film and really analyze...well, the acting. The acting's terrific, as much as you'd expect with a cast like this. The story goes that writer/director David O. Russell put Chris Nolan in a headlock so he could cast Jude Law in his film (I guess Law quit "Huckabees" to do whatever Nolan's film was), and y'know, I love Chris Nolan, but thank God he did. Jude Law is an amazing actor, and he's really doing something else with this. He's an exciting actor to watch, with six films this fall, all of them very different, but this is different from probably anything Law's done (I'm only beginning to be familiar with his work). And Jason, major props to that guy for not reminding me of Max Fischer at ALL during the entire film. Was he better in this than "Rushmore"? No way..."Rushmore" is an outstanding achievement. But he was damn good in this, and I hope he gets recognized for it.

The rest of the cast is awesome. Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin are more fun than they've ever been. Isabelle Huppert plays a weird, weird character but is damn intriguing in it. And Naomi, now that's range.

But the best performance in this? MARK WAHLBERG. I can't believe there was a time when people didn't think this guy could act, because he is the man in this movie. He's an easy shot for my pick for Best Supporting Actor, because he just so owns this role. Man...simply brilliant.

The film is set to a score by Jon Brion. Needless to say, I will own that soundtrack by any means necessary.

The weaknesses of the film? I don't usually point 'em out, but with each film is a different set of expectations. With this, it was that it could be the best of the year. So missteps matter. The film's only slightly big flaw was that the philosophy is sometimes overstated. Also, I would've love to have gotten to know Albert (Schwartzman) more before introducing the existential detectives. But both of those problems WORKED. Only afterwards did I realize this. It doesn't become apparent while actually watching the film.

Wow...this whole review probably seems really disjointed. But I'm tired and it's like 11:20 as I get over a cold. But seriously...I sat through the entire credits (which I rarely, rarely do) just smiling the entire time (another rare occurance...smiling during credits). But wow...near the end, I was thinking the movie was gonna end on too dark a note, which didn't feel right at all. But left me happy.

So I'll be going back to see this sometime. Not only because I promised a friend I'd see it with her, but because it deserves a second viewing (I saw Eternal Sunshine and Garden State three times apiece). I'm pretty sure it's that good.
From the mind of Cory~

Bush did terrible the first debate. I'm much happier with the one last night. Here's a play by play of why Bush did better/is the better candidate.

Opener for Kerry: defend your flip-flopping.
Answer: Bush is a liar. ("his campaign is a weapon of mass deception") Bush has lost jobs, but "I have a plan" (says that a lot). He also stated his position on the Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind Law. I see why he wasn't but he could have been more honest about new circumstances/information warranting new positions (changing positions? that's what politicians do.), but instead he denied any waffles. Bush's rebuttle included concrete examples of where Kerry's changed his mind, plus anybody can pull what Kerry's voted for off the Internet, but Kerry's probably counting on that not happening (I have; it's a long list).

For Bush: defend your Iraq policy.
Bush did alright, but when it came Kerry's time for a rebuttle, he said exactly what he said in his first answer, though he did add his current position on Iraq (I remember Mr. Simons announcing Kerry's taken a strong position against the direction of the war: Kerry has been consistent since that time.)

So we get to the question of Kerry's plan for Iraq, and he mentions leading a true coalition. He doesn't have a chance. Kerry has called our allies a "coalition of the coerced and the bribed." Insulting the nations that do support us isn't helpful to our cause. He also says that, knowing what we know now, the war was a catastrophic mistake that we rushed into. The way he regards the war, why would any nation join this effort!?

Question for Bush: improving foreign relationships?
I think Bush gave great examples of decisions he made that were very unpopular in Europe. Made himself sound like Reagan. And Kerry comes back with [Bush rushed to war in Iraq and wouldn't listen about how to do it.] (it appears he's run out of things to say about Bush). Bush comes back with what really happened: he sat down with his generals, asked "do we have what it takes" and "Do we have the right plan with the right troop level?." "They looked me in the eye and said 'Yes sir, Mr. President.' "

Right after this: [Kerry, what will you do if diplomacy doesn't work with Iran?]
Response: Bush has let the threat grow in Iran and North Korea , is distracted by Iraq, which he rushed into. I'll clean up nuclear proliferation. Perhaps by now he realizes he hasn't answered the question, so he add's we'll "get tough with Iran."
So Bush comes back with how he's reacting to Iran (Kerry's plan for Iran is no different), but here he hammers Kerry over North Korea.

Kerry wants to start up again the failed policy of bilateral talks. Clinton tried this. It didn't work. Bush wants to make the most of the nations surrounding Korea. Of course you should use the influence other powerful nations have over North Korea to apply pressure.

"This president chose a tax cut over homeland security. Wrong choice."
"That's an odd thing to say, since we've tripled the homeland security budget from $10 billion to $30 billion."

"Kerry has proposed $2.2 trillion in federal spending....voted to break the spending cap over 200 times....[and to] raise taxes 98 times....It's not credible to say he's a fiscal conservative."

-I'm not listing all the points Bush scored, and am leaving out Kerry's plusses, but here's where Kerry's evil comes to light:

Question for Kerry: Wouldn't it be wide to use stem cells obtained without the destruction of an embryo?
"[silence]...You know, Elizabeth, I, uh, really respect your -- the feeling that's in your question. I understand it." He goes on to say he thinks embryonic stem cell research can be done with the ethical justification that it's to save lives. He has chosen to value health over the life destroyed in the process, murder in the interest of science (he does believe it's a life being destroyed but "can't legislate it because it's an article of faith"). He also values liberty over human life. He said he will only appoint a pro-choice judge, and he voted against a partial-birth abortion ban (the unborn child is moved from the womb and taken closer to be put in reach of a surgical tool that can be rammed through it's head. An acid burns up the child so that it's body parts can come out. This is not the procedure used when a mother's life is in danger. Kerry's excuse is B.S. He just wants to protect abortion.)

I don't think Kerry spoke as well as he did in the first debate, especially in the second half. Bush definitely gave a better performance than last time. More importantly, Bush answered the questions more often and made himself seem more enlightened than Kerry's dodge-the-question-by-attacking-Bush technique. I know this is an insanely long post, but I need to make up for my previous silence, and this blog clearly has a green-light for political banter, so bring it on. I understand why people who hate Bush would vote for Kerry, but Kerry himself will be very unpopular if elected president.

Friday, October 08, 2004

New Auhtor

Apparently I'm a new auhtor...
Auhtors are cool...they eat fish though...but they have really cool coats that keep them all warm and fuzzy!
...I swear I must be on crack or something...omg, I just realized that today is not Saturday but Friday (please clap) and that means football game! I'm sad that Scott's not going. I hope you feel better. So this is my first post...isn't it the coolest! Whatever happened to that stuff? Coolest Ranch? They still have Cooler Ranch doritos...I bet I could find a bag of Coolest Ranch on ebay or I go!

Rex Kramer: Danger Seeker

Just...uh...yeah...just check it out...

This is in no way to distract from Ben's 100 Memories thread. PLEASE keep posting there, because it's the best idea since margarine in a tub.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Good Times, If You Forget All The Crap

During the current string of like fourteen consecutive nights of going to bed after midnight, I keep thinking about a memory from freshman year. In Rasbury's English class, we were working on a Romeo and Juliet project that was exceedingly multifaceted. Carsten and I were a team, and we both worked pretty hard. I did most of the written stuff and the day we turned it in, I told him, in the manner of one trying to brag discreetly, that I had stayed up till midnight working on it. We both nodded and, quite sincerely, agreed that that was quite the feat. I smile when I think of that and so that brings me to the point of this post. I want at least 100 memories of Freshman year to be posted as comments on this post. That roughly averages to about 5 memories from each of you. I think this will be a cool way to retain these memories and have a few chuckles. But it doesn't have to be a funny memory. Post anything that you remember that you feel is worth writing down (read:pretty much anything). If you've remembered it this long, the rest of us would like to hear it. So don't be bashful kids, I would love to go over 100.

post script
- Try not to repeat a memory. If you have something to add, do it as a post script to a different memory, like yours truly would.
- Make every comment a memory; as with additions to memories try not to post comments on others' memories unless you do it in post script form

post post script
Sorry I'm being anal retentive.

post post post script
Worry not, we'll do sophomore year sometime in the winter.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Hey everybody- this message is from Dave via me. He would post it himself but I cruelly kicked him off a month ago and haven't put him back on yet. Anyway, Dave is looking for a vinyl record player. He's fine with either a 33 or a 45 LP but he is adament that it must come with a leggy blonde. So hook the guy up if you can, or give him some advice on where to go to find one. Thanks.

post script
Ken, you do not count as a leggy blonde.

post post script
If you need more info to help him or if I screwed up his query due to my lack of technical know how, I'm sure he will comment.

Newest Auhtor...

Yes, Karolyn has been added as the newest author on this fine publication. I figure this way my account might get more use. Before you ask, no, we're not a D/A pair. And hopefully she won't impersonate me. You never can tell, though.

Note to Ben: she's sworn an oath not to mess with admin powers and I trust her implicitly. I would have added her somewhere else as an author but all slots were full and I'm too lazy to bother messing with putting anyone else into a team. If you have any problems with this, please contact me at once and I'll do whatever I must to rectify things. It is my hope that I have no overstepped here, though. :D

I also feel the need to point out that contrary to popular belief, the game this friday is important. Yeah, I said it would be cake...but Sunset is a good team, and this win will more or less seal a league title. The game is at sunset, which sucks, but I still invite you all to come. Minus Encounter Girls, of course.

Furthermore, I think the system is biased against me...coffeehouse must end at 10:30 or later!

Oh, and huckbees this to me (or, more efficently, scotty) to get the time and place. This movie will rock my already crazy world.

R-Rated Team America trailer

I know a lot of you are looking forward to this movie (and rightfully so), so, in an effort to both be a good guy and combat the never-ending comments about Jeff's Book Report Extravaganza (I swear...everytime I refresh this page, there's a new comment about Jeff being an idiot), I figured I should link you to this R-rated trailer that came outta nowhere and is on this random site called (you guessed it) CrapTV.

Reasons to download this trailer...uh...they use the word "cockfag" and "shit," both of which are always fun if it looks like you could see the trailer in a has the song from the Kill Bill trailer (I, huh?)...Kim Jong Il tries to pronouce "inevitable"...but really, I know you're all just looking forward to the puppet sex anyway.

book report

well, i'm back so i might as well try a post again. first, i'm sure you've all heard my sob story but i'm going to tell it again in case some of you haven't heard it or just want to insult me a second time. well, most of you know we have to read a book for Hahn, i was gone and procrastinated till Monday. I got a book read it, and realized tue. afternoon that Abraham Lincoln was not an acceptable choice. so, needless to say, i had to get a new book. so i went to the library go a book called 'surely your joking Mr. Feynman' which i've read before and is very good. 'what a good idea i thought'. this is how i spent from 4 to 2 am reading a freaking 360 page book. i'm such a retard. oh, by the way, senior year rocks, i have finally come to peace with the fact that i don't give a about homework. right, hopefully no one will decide that this entry sucks and boot me.... again.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

In Which I discuss my Lack of Musical Diversity.

So, there I was procrastinating on my history paper( duh), when I came across this website, top 500 classic rock songs( (I know that this is not authoritive, but that is besides the point), and I realized that I've only heard about 5-10% of them, if that. This is a situation that needs serious rectificationing. Now 500 songs is a lot of music to sift through, so I'd appreciate any suggestions that would ease the process. (Wow, I'm using a lot of parentheses.)

The Gravy's Coverage of the Vice Presidential Debate

Because I think there was less to say/I have far less energy than last week, I just compiled my thoughts on the VP debate with the post-debate coverage. And for God’s sake…comment this time…I know someone out there has to have something to say.

Well, I think there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that Dick Cheney won tonight’s VP debate. I don’t think this was because, unlike Bush’s performance last Thursday, that John Edwards did especially bad, just that he was up against a guy who knows what he’s talking about. I like Edwards…I like him a lot. But put him up against Dick Cheney and it’s no wonder it turned out like it did. Edwards spent so much time playing defense and trying to catch up with Cheney (there were a number of instances in which Edwards was asked a new question, but just went back to what Cheney had said in his last 30-second response).

Edwards predictably attacked Halliburton, and although Cheney did a fair job of defending it, Brian Williams found a statement from the non-partisan Government Accountability Office, which said “Halliburton was the only company in a position to provide the services within the required time,” given the urgency of the war (June 2004).

One of Cheney’s biggest points of the night: Claiming to have never met John Edwards before tonight. And Edwards was hopeless to defend that at the debate. Later, he would note before a group of supporters that he HAD met Cheney. At a prayer breakfast. Oh, and at the inauguration of a new senator. Not exactly the best comeback. So Cheney’s gonna score a lotta points there with the swing voters, but the big question I had and one that Chris Matthews posed right after the debate: How is this good for Bush?

Well, it’s good in that it gives a lot more momentum to the Bush/Cheney campaign, but as Chris Matthews pointed out, Cheney did a great job of showing he’d be a great President should the unspeakable happen, but did very little to support Bush’s candidacy. In fact, the most he talked about Bush was in reference to Measure 36, when he basically said he supported the President’s action despite not agreeing with him.

Speaking of Measure 36, in that moment Cheney made a great move, where he used his 30-second response to thank Edwards for his kind words. No response past that…no argument for the Bush/Cheney campaign…just a simple thank you. Could be because he doesn’t really have a response, as he clearly wouldn’t support Bush if he wasn’t with Bush, but at the same time, I thought it was a nice touch and really turned the mood of the debate.

Perhaps the worst move Cheney made was at the best time (the beginning), when he said he never made any connection with Saddam Hussein and 9/11. Needless to say, that’s entirely false and Brian Williams showed tape of Cheney on Meet the Press about a year ago saying there was a connection. Ben Ginsberg (who was the one guy who thought Bush won last week) tried to explain it saying that under the lights, the question is sometimes heard wrong. Considering the controversy came from Cheney’s direct statement, not how he answered any question, I don’t think that’s a fair point (Ginsberg also said the 9/11 Commission hinted to a connection between Saddam and 9/11, but that’s far from true).

And in the end, Cheney left a good impression on those viewing the debate. Edwards came off as a tad more likeable (at least to me…but like I said, I like the guy), especially in the closing statements. The closing statement was Edwards’ best moment (unsurprisingly), because he gave a sense of hope in America, whereas Cheney basically told us to fear for our lives. Still, as I said, strong night for Cheney, and we’ll see how it goes for both parties.

As always, the transcript and various other fun surrounding the debate can be found at:

Coffee House


What was the name of that Eric Clapton song you said I should play for Coffee House?
Oh and if anyone else wants to suggest a classic rock song, or I guess any other popular song for guitar, I'm all ears. (note: i'm not much for vocals, but a challenging instrumental would be right up my alley.)

Wow weekend okay wow

Adrianna here.

Well, this weekend was, for lack of a better phrase, an absolute trip. I should start at the beginning because that's where things start. Or something.

So I woke up at 8 AM sharp on Saturday morning (by sharp I mean "I was torn out of bed by my mom at like 8:23 or so after rolling over and mumbling 'okay okay okay whatever I'm getting up' several hundred times") and did some chores. Normal! Then I slapped on my uniform and belt, grabbed my sparring gear bag, and hopped in the car... it was time to finally test for my friggin' black belt. Not so normal!

I wound up in some little old-fashioned gym standing with 11 other people in front of this long table occupied by various leaders of my martial arts organization. They were gonna decide if we were worthy of wearing yet another random piece of cloth around our waists-- 'cept this one would have our name on it in Korean and some other stuff. And it would be black, and we all know that black is cool.

I guess that there were a couple of notable things about my test. Firstly, it was actually kind of easy-- once the first half hour of forms was up, no thinking was required for the rest of it, which was very nice. The whole event was kind of fun except for when they swapped me up to the largest board size for my breaking and I could only do my power break successfully (that's 1 of 4 breaks, not good!)-- sure it's hokey, but it's part of the test and I kind of failed that.

Much more important than any of that stuff, however, was the guy heading up the test-- I will call him "Tuber" for lack of a better name. He was a guy in his mid-30's, fairly athletic and whatnot-- he had a true, blue Chuck Norris moustache. And he stopped in the middle of the friggin' test to talk to us about Chuck Norris. Now, I like Chuck Norris as much as the next random martial artist, but seriously... shave the 'stache! It doesn't look good on ya! That and his accent was so bad that when he counted in Korean when he got to the number 7 it sounded like he was saying "turn," so everybody ALWAYS turned on technique 7 and never trusted him at all. Did I mention that he was sort of a jackass? Anyway.

Then there were these two teenage girls who I was testing with from another school. They knew each other fairly well, so when it came time for 2-on-1 sparring, they teamed up against me. Not fun! I got the wind kicked out of me, but managed to finish my round by flailing around like a 'tard. Then they swapped, so that it was me and the shorter one against the other girl... she kept trying to tie us up and keep us in a row while using me as a shield, so I just kept punching her in the stomach. We got kind of catty. It was pretty hilarious.

After the test was over and I started to come off my adrenaline rush, I noticed that my feet kinda hurt. The wood floor made my big toes blister pretty bad, but it wasn't until much later in the day that all of the blisters merged into one super blister. It looks really cool right now but it's gonna be gross when they pop. I think I passed-- I find out in two weeks and then I'm done with the whole thing. If my whining hasn't clued you in yet, I really don't like martial arts anymore. It was something I did when I didn't have anything else to do, and now that I do... eh.

Then the Star Wars party! That rocked... thanks for the DVDs Doug and thanks for the TV, chair, and pizza Scott... good stuff, good stuff. There's far more incest in those movies than I remember. Oh yeah, and George Lucas was on some serious pot when he invented the Ewoks. Best 6 hours of watching TV I've had in a long time!

Oh, and Sunday, which was a blast to be sure.

OWE is coming in two days... stay tuned here for some (censored, of course, for those lurking who haven't been on an Encounter and for confidentiality) behind-the-scenes glimpses at what is going to be the BEST ENCOUNTER EVER. Oh man, I can't wait!

Oh, and Fr. Kovenbach is coming on Monday, which means that Mt. St. Helens is going to erupt. Good times and plenty of ash for all... here's hopin'! I am such a natural disaster nerd.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Deep Thought(s), Vol.1

pre script
Required listening while reading this post: Southern Man by Neil Young off of After the Goldrush

On a big detour to soccer practice I had the following thought. Is it a coincidence that the sport with the biggest following in the South, NASCAR, is virtually devoid of Black stars? I know I have a conspiracy theorist streak in me, so feel free to write me off as crazy, but I think that there must be some connection. Most professional sports are now dominated by Black athletes. Now there are obviously still pretty good white guys playing football and baseball (and in the now defunct NHL, but seriously, who cares that its defunct? Nobody), but my hypothesis is that many of the Southern good old boys cannot stand to see the consistant excellence in minorities and now adhere to a sport populated completely by their own kind. This may not be true racism, just more of a comfort factor or something of that sort. Or its entirely innocent and Southerners really are as stupid as we joke and do enjoy watching a cars going around an oval for 2 hours. Or its a different kind of sickness, in that they enjoy watching the cars spin out and flip over. I wouldn't put anything past them.

post script
At practice, when (exulting FME) I described the guys, aside from Colonel, who went to NME as girls I realized I probably do have a sexist streak in me, as Rachel has so deftly pointed out. Not that I believe in any innate advantages either way, I just stupidly continue to use the term girl as an insult. I should have hung that one up after seventh grade. Please take into consideration that I was experiencing flashbacks to the most epic football game I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. And I could not imagine this happening on NME. But many friends went on that one and I shouldn't have said that because I know its not true. Oops, Neanderthal Ben.

post post post script
I just realized I have no credibilty in the music department. But I hope you listened to it anyway. It lent a nice flavor while I wrote.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

First Part of Crap Done

So yeah, that choral workshop has come and gone. Very awesome time. This frees up my days after school, which shall now be put to some other use: I'm not sure what yet. But I'm sure I'll find something. What with college essays and apps, recommendations to get, the religion project worth 50% of my final grade, etc....this is looking to just be an uphill struggle. Fortunately I am not letting this destroy my spirit at the moment.

As for that English Paper, I finished reading Thoreau's essays last night (I had to read another one because Mr. Benware didn't want me doing "Civil Disobedience"). I wrote the biography, and the analytical part of the essay. And the bibliography. Now for the reflection.

But yeah, I eagerly await the day I am actually busy. Right now it's just whine because I don't have time to deal with all the shit that's coming up, and refusing to do anything about it. I acknowledge this is inherent in most of humanity, but it's not working. If I do this again I might go insane.

Dr. Gorman or not Dr. Gorman

Here is a playlist I found on iTunes. It was called Gorman's Music and had the description, and I quote "Quite a variety of music here. I've discovered a bunch of bands I'd never heard of using the iTunes music store, and hopefully my iMix will help you do the same."
Pro-Its Gorman arguments
He has spoken in class about iTunes and said that one dollar is quite reasonable for a song you really like. (Last year)
He really likes U2.
The guy has money to burn. (By that I mean on repeat purchases of the same basic song, etc. Oh yeah, and Courtney Love.)
Anti-Its Gorman arguments
Look at some of the music.

When I'm Gone-3 Doors Down
Give- Audioslave
Run- Blues Traveler
It's My Life- Bon Jovi
One I Love- Coldplay
You Spin Me 'Round- Dope
I Alone- Live
Unwell- Matchbox Twenty
Love of Strings- Moby
The Great Below- Nine Inch Nails
Head Like a Hole- Nine Inch Nails
Hurt- Nine Inch Nails
All Apologies- Nirvana
Ready, Steady, Go- Paul Oakenfold
Get 'Em Up- Paul Oakenfold
Someday- The Strokes
I Will Follow- U2
Stuck in a Moment- U2
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
A Sort of Homecoming- U2
Baba O'Riley- The Who
Gone (Mike Hedges Mix) U2
Discotheque (Mike Hedges Mix) U2
Staring at the Sun (Mike Hedges Mix) U2
The First Time- U2
Numb (Mike Hedges Mix)- U2
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me- U2
The Hands That Built America- U2
Miss Sarajevo - Passengers
Black Math- The White Stripes
Self Esteem- The Offspring
Life Is for Living- Coldplay
My Favorite Things- OutKast
Hey Mama -Black Eyed Peas
We Are All Made of Stars- Moby
Here Without You- 3 Doors Down
Section 2: Bug Powder Dust/Pump Me Up/How High/Poison/Been Caught Stealing/I Get Wrecked - Bomb the Bass/Grandmaster Flash/The Charlatans/Prodigy/Jane's Addiction/Tim Dog Featuring KRS One The Prodigy
Waiting for You- Seal
Two Shots of Happy, One Shot of Sad- U2
Section 8: Sure Shot/Breakdance Electric Boogie/Doomsday of Rap/Ozone Breakdown/Funky Nassau/It's Just Begun - London Funk All-Stars/West Street Mob/Hijack/Renegade Soundwave/The Beginning of the End- The Prodigy
Harder to Breathe- Maroon 5
This Love-Maroon 5
Sgt. Major (Non-Album Bonus Track)- Jet
Been Caught Stealing- Jane's Addiction
Are You Gonna Be My Girl -Jet
Crazy- Seal
Just Because- Jane's Addiction
Underneath It All (Acoustic Live - German Radio)- No Doubt
Just a Girl (Acoustic Live - German Radio)- No Doubt
Underneath It All-No Doubt, Featuring Lady Saw
Stand- R.E.M.
Bad Day- R.E.M.
Lit Up- Buckcherry
The Middle- Jimmy Eat World
Sweetness -Jimmy Eat World
Testify-Rage Against the Machine
Beautiful Day- U2
Look What You've Done- Jet
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Live)- Jet
Back Door Santa (Non Album Version)- Jet
Losing My Religion- R.E.M.
The Riches- Jane's Addiction
Duck and Run- 3 Doors Down
Starting Over- The Crystal Method
Born Too Slow- The Crystal Method
True Grit- The Crystal Method
The American Way- The Crystal Method
I Know It's You- The Crystal Method
Realizer- The Crystal Method
Broken Glass- The Crystal Method
Weapons of Mass Distortion- The Crystal Method
Bound Too Long- The Crystal Method
Acetone- The Crystal Method
High and Low- The Crystal Method
Wide Open- The Crystal Method
GhettoMusick- OutKast
The Way You Move- OutKast & Sleepy Brown
I Fought the Law- Green Day
Death Letter- The White Stripes
Born Too Slow (Deepsky's Green Absinthe Mix)- The Crystal Method
Yeah! New York (Non-Album Track)- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Paint It Black- U2
Pet- A Perfect Circle
Feel Like Makin' Love (Live)- Bad Company
Temporary Remedy- Ben Harper
I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness
Digital Bath- Deftones
Layla- Derek & The Dominos
Novocaine for the Soul- Eels
Mr. E's Beautiful Blues- Eels
Take a Picture- Filter
Chick Magnet- MXPX
It's My Life- No Doubt
Man of the Hour- Pearl Jam
Born Too Slow (NuBreed Dub)- The Crystal Method
Black Jack Davey- The White Stripes
Dice- Finley Quaye
Your Lucky Day in Hell- Eels
Bang and Blame- R.E.M.
Block Rockin' Beats- The Chemical Brothers
Cold Hard Bitch- Jet
Rollover D.J.- Jet
Take It or Leave It- Jet
Megalomaniac -Incubus
Rock Star (Jason Nevins Remix Edit)- N.E.R.D.
California- Phantom Planet
Fortunate Son- U2
Cherry Blossom Girl (Radio Mix)- Air
Adorable- Finley Quaye
Something to Say- Finley Quaye
Wish You Were Here Rasputina Above- Blue Man Group
Time to Start- Blue Man Group
Up to the Roof- Blue Man Group & Tracy Bonham
Your Attention-Blue Man Group
Persona Blue- Man Group & Josh Haden
Piano Smasher- Blue Man Group
The Current-Blue Man Group & Gavin Rossdale
Shadows, Pt. 2-Blue Man Group, Arone Dyer & Peter Moore
What Is Rock-Blue Man Group & Peter Moore
The Complex-Blue Man Group & Venus Hum
I Feel Love -Blue Man Group, Tracy Bonham & Rob Swift
Exhibit 13 - Mandelbrot, No. 4 (Hidden Track) Blue Man Group
Transylvanian Concubine- Rasputina
Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n Roll- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
St. James Infirmary Blues- The White Stripes
Everybody Hurts- R.E.M
Love Burns- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Mansion on the Hill- A3
Horndog- Overseer Beautiful Clem Snide
Are You Happy Now?- Michelle Branch
Too Bad- Nickelback
We Used to Be Friends- The Dandy Warhols
Scorn- The Red West
Free Bird (Live, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum)- Lynyrd Skynyrd
Air Suspension- Mocean Worker & Bono
One- Bono, Brian Eno, L'Orchestra Filarmonica Di Torino, Michael Kamen & The Edge
Miss Sarajevo- Bono, Brian Eno, L'Orchestra Filarmonica Di Torino, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Kamen & The Edge Children of the Revolution Bono, Gavin Friday & Maurice Seezer
Hangin' Around- Counting Crows
Twenty-One- The Red West
Stop-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Float On- Modest Mouse
Perfect Time of Day- Howie Day
Heaven- Live
Disappear- The Red West
Run- Snow Patrol
Spitting Games- Snow Patrol
Time Is Running Out- Muse
Ride- The Vines
Days Die- The Red West
How to Be Dead- Snow Patrol
Go Your Way- Automatic Black
Lions After Slumber- The Veils
Lavinia- The Veils
My Hero- Foo Fighters
Buddy Holly- Weezer
Hold On to Me- Courtney Love
Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand
Pavement Cracks (Gabriel & Dresden Mixshow Edit)- Annie Lennox
Price I Pay- Jane's Addiction
Here's to the Night- Eve 6
Fall Down- Toad the Wet Sprocket
Accidentally In Love- Counting Crows
Try- Nelly Furtado
James- Josh Rouse
Chocolate (Edinburgh Live Version)- Snow Patrol
Where Is My Mind?- Pixies
All for You, Sophia- Franz Ferdinand
So Far so Good- Thornley
Let Me Out- Future Leaders of the World
The Joker- Fatboy Slim
Staring At the Sun (Radio Edit)- Simple Kid
Come Around- Marc Broussard
Around the Sun Redux - Album Sampler R.E.M.
German Test Drive- Spymob
Vertigo (Single Version)- U2

post script
You have no idea how long it took to format that.

post post script
Sorry that was so long, but I think that you need the full effect. Its 173 songs if you care.

post post post script
I think its Dr. G.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Shaun of the Dead

And I thought Sky Captain was the last time I'd have this much fun in the theaters for a long, long time. But out of nowhere comes this tiny film from the UK. A zombie movie no less, which I have never had the slightest interest in. But what can I say, the tagline reached out and grabbed me like...well, like so much zombie: "A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies." And that's how I've described the film to everyone who's asked (see...even before I see a film, people come up and they ask "what's that movie about?"), and that's how I will continue to after having seen it.

Because the heart of this movie...the very core, IS a romantic comedy. That's what it is. It's two people who obviously should be together, yet can't work out their differences until (predictably) the very end. It's really not so different from, most recently, Wimbledon. Except there's all these goddamn zombies.And the way they're introduced is really pretty clever.

Because seriously...this is pretty much just showing what normal folks (sorry...blokes) would do if everyone was suddenly being attacked by zombies. The movie's about this guy named Shaun, who works at an electronic supply store. He has a shaky relationship with his girlfriend Liz, a great relationship with his flatmate Ed (who doesn't bring any money to it), and really is in every way the "everyman." So when zombies start taking over, he really doesn't notice. After all, the news is just something you see briefly while flipping through channels. And everyone's pretty tired in the mornings as it is, so they move kinda slowly. At night, anyone doing that outside a pub is just drunk. Oh, and that girl eating the guy in the corner? "Get a room."

So of course, Shaun's girlfriend ends up dumping him, he goes out for some beers, and the next morning he wakes up and before he knows it...there's a zombie in the garden.

And it just takes off from there. And the fun really never stops. It's got the best characters of the year for sure, because their so distinct not just from each other, but from so many other characters from so many other movies. Y'know what this movie kinda is? It's "Clerks," if Dante and Randal had to fight zombies.

But really, you're either gonna dig this movie or ya won't. And there's not much more I can do to convince you. But if the tagline ("A Romantic Comedy. With Zombies.") does as much for you as it does for me, you should be rushing to the theaters to see one of the best films of the year.

I'm A Certified Blogging Genius!

Okay guys and gals, I figured out how I can get as many of you as we want on the blog. Some of you will share contributor names. For example, Cory and Jeff could keep their own profiles and comment with them, but contibute posts under one name, like "Jeff and Cory" or "The Catholic Haters". They could then specify who wrote the post. This may be slightly irritating for them, but it makes room for new people to join. Not everyone will be part of a team, unless we get way too many bloggers. This will be cool. I will set up the new accounts myself this weekend, after I finish my James Baldwin essay and give you your new names and passwords on Monday.

post script
Here are the teams I'm thinking of:
Cory, Jeff, and Alex
Ian, Chuck, and Devon
Adrianna and Doug
Rachel, Misha, and Cynda
Patrick Schneider, Ken, and Dave

This is the easiest compostition I can think of and includes anyone who had at one point was part of, or wanted to be part of, this blog. Also, by combining people who post less frequently, it evens out the distribution of posts. So think of some cool name for your team and comment on it. If not, I'll just make the teams under the above names. Is that okay with everyone?

post post script
I know this might seem a bit unfair because some people don't have to share. If it becomes apparant that we need a change, I will do it. Plus you can always plea to John and he can override me. But let's give this a shot. At least its better than my rotation idea.