Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Ten more minutes of November,

and it went fast. Yesterday, Mr. Higgins told us that we had seventeen more days of class left until the new semester (and Allen... out of the frying pan and into the burning flames of hell). Seventeen. That goes for all the other classes, too... of our four years at Jesuit, I like being a senior best, but (maybe because of that?) it's going the fastest.

What's weird here is that all the college applications are making me want to learn and live at some university, far, far away. I can't wait until June and freedom. So the fact that realizing this year is slipping by yields a sense of loss seems paradoxical or at least ironic... but it does. It's realizing how much fun it will be to live on my own, under my own control, but then realizing that all of you probably won't be there.

I don't know about you guys, but every time some annual routine happens, I immediately think, "well, that's my last Halloween at home," or "there's my last Thanksgiving living here," or "oop, last time we have that first Advent prayer in the morning that totally catches you by surprise." And I know it's gone, and I miss it already.

Seventeen is too young for nostalgia.

Check-in on College Apps

I realize that several people have college apps due tomorrow, December 1. How's it coming? Utterly frustrated with any one app yet? I'd rant about the UW, but I realized that it's one of those things you have to actually experience to understand. Thus, I will just say that the online UW app sucked. Seriously, it was a piece of shit. I prefer to have the personal statement/essay be the parts of the app I worry the most about...well, this time it wasn't.

It's not just my stressed hair-splitting nature talking, either....my dad looked at it and said, "Wow, this application really sucks."

Anyway, how're the rest of you coming?

Monday, November 29, 2004

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Dumbass Woman...

That's singular, ladies, so don't take offence. The following is a rant about some idiot woman and her role in my life.

So today started out well. I slept in late, read my comics, and looked at pictures of myself as a youngster. Then my family decided we would go to see "Treasure Hunter" as a family. Sounds alright, I have to skip the pj orgy at the mall, but I'll live. Plus its a free movie.

So my sister and I drive over there early, after running by the beaverton library to get a blink cd they had on hold for me. This is important...neither of my parents were in the car with me.
We get to Century 16 and the place is packed. Literally, packed. There's no empty spots. After 10-15 minutes of slow circling, I find a spot in the back fourty...only its really tight. The minicoup on the left is right on the line and the pickup on the right is kinda close. Still, my car could fit...but this dumbass woman is in the spot right behind it with her trunk open, with no sign that she'll move in the next year...she's just blabbing away on a cell phone. Bravely, I start working my way into the spot. After three or four attempts, I decide it might not be worth it but try one last inching -- and just barely brush the minicoup. I swear, I'm not even sure I touched it. Its car alarm (which revealed its presence throught he blinking red light on the dash) wasn't even triggered. Regardless, I felt very cautious, so I backed up and stopped to inspect and ensure there was no damage. Not a mark on the mini. I shrugged and began slowing inching away, when my sister commented that the dumbass woman was making violent gestures at me and yelling something. Confused (and worried I'd ran over her rat or something...she seemed the type to have a rat) I put the car into park and stepped out. A rent-a-cop was sprinting over, drawn by the dumbass woman's (here forth to be called the daw) yells and gestures. I step out and point at the mini, commenting "Hey, I might have just bumped it, but there's no apparent damage." As he begins writing in a little notebook (as the daw speaks hurriedly into her phone about some punk totalling an expensive car and trying to drive off and she wants to report him but the security guard probably has no authority...blah blah blah) I ask if there's a problem or if I can go. The guard yells something like "Yeah, go ahead and leave...things will just be worse for you, punk!" At this, I kinda stop...I mean, what the hell? Who's this college wannabe with a little sewn on badge and a walkie-talkie calling me a punk? I could kick his skinny ass, after all. Regardless, I get all polite...I'm in a relaxed mood and the show doesn't start for an hour. Plenty of time to chat with mr. power trip here. I again walk him over to the mini and point at the area I could have feasibly hit...there's nothiing indicating an impact from a car. Nada. There is a scratch farther forward on the car, but its rather long and obviously couldn't have been made by a tap from my car. I then point at my car and its pristine front...couldn't have hit anything. Regardless, wanna-be keeps writing...what, I don't know. He demands a number and ID and I reward his curiousity with my cell number and a glance at my licence...the punk also demanded my addy. Still thinking he might have some authority, I gave it to him...why not, after all, trouble's prolly not worth it and my little sis is there. At this point, daw interjects "Officer, I heard a crack! It was really loud! You should call the cops!" I look at her in disbelief. Is she blind? "Ma'am, that car is untouched. So is mine. Law enforcement officers have no purpose here as there is no damage, no proof of an accident, and no one wishing to file a claim against me." I then turned to the rent-a-cop and asked for some paper, assuring him I'd write the owners of the coup a note with my number on it and let them handle things. And he had my info if they complained to him. This thought seemed to placate him, and he then said I was probably fine...after all, there was no visible damage and the people had no reason to complain (he was saying this more to himself than me). I then got in the car, pulled away, and found a parking spot even farther away, one with no daws around, and parked there. As we walked to the theater, my sister pointed out the daw was still bitching to the wanna-be about me, apparently confident I was some sort of wanted felon who needed to be arrested. I just waved and walked on, internally pissed that such dumb annoying people were allowed to exist in the world.

As a side note, "Treasure Hunter" was an enjoyable film, but nothing to rave about. Its a popcorn movie, the kind you watch to kill time. Nothing really great about it, though there are some funny moments.


Talking with Santa

So AOL has this deal in which you can talk to santa on AIM! here is my conversation with the fat guy.

MainOffender986: hello
SantaClaus: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! I'm here on AIM! Everything we talk about here is between you and me! If you want to know more, you can type "privacy". Now, streeeeetch that window and let's get started.
So, have you been naughty or nice?
MainOffender986: naughty
SantaClaus: Oh my! Well, there is always time left to get on my good list... ... and if you do, you will find a special free gift here for you on Dec. 22! To get in the spirit, type menu.
MainOffender986: no thanks
SantaClaus: No?
MainOffender986: nope
SantaClaus: O.K. Scrooge. Type menu to try a fresh start.
MainOffender986: no
SantaClaus: Clearly this is not getting you in the Christmas spirit.Let's start over. Type menu and we'll pretend like nothing happened.
MainOffender986: no
SantaClaus: I'm sorry then. Why don't you type, menu for a list of things the elves have left for you?
MainOffender986: santa you are not real
SantaClaus: Well, are you real? I'm here talking to you. Of course, I'm real.
MainOffender986: how can you type so fast
SantaClaus: Oh dear, how should I know?
MainOffender986: could you help me out?
SantaClaus: You can always type menu to get a fresh start. The elves have left some help-notes there.
MainOffender986: i have to do this power point presentation on falconry and i dont feel like doing it
SantaClaus: Whoa! Ho! Ho! slow down there! That's quite a lot for a man of my age to wrap his head around. Would you mind trying some shorter questions?
MainOffender986: could you do it for me
SantaClaus: Never.
MainOffender986: satan what did you mean by "SantaClaus: Never. "
SantaClaus: That's a good question, Santa is no hypocrite: I've been on my best behavior, all year.
MainOffender986: what
SantaClaus: Hmm... What, what?
MainOffender986: are you on drugs?
SantaClaus: You're full of mischief.
MainOffender986: and sperm
SantaClaus: Pardon me?
MainOffender986: what
SantaClaus: Well, we're asking you to try asking us another way because I might better understand.
MainOffender986: you said i am full of mischief, so i said i was full of other things
SantaClaus: I did? I believe you. Sorry, I am talking to so many people that the elves cannot keep track sometimes.
MainOffender986: what are you full of
SantaClaus: I am the one and only Santa Claus. Pleased to meet you.
MainOffender986: you already said hello
SantaClaus: I'm glad you're here. Have you done something to spread the holiday spirit to someone in need today?
MainOffender986: Well first of all i told kids you are not real
SantaClaus: As long as you believe in me, I will be real.
MainOffender986: real
SantaClaus: Take a moment, collect your thoughts, and try asking me another way. O.K. ?
MainOffender986: not real
SantaClaus: May I ask you a question?
MainOffender986: ok
SantaClaus: Have you donated your time or money to anyone who is really in need this year?
MainOffender986: nope
SantaClaus: Not cool. Please try to remember others during this holiday season. There are many places on the Internet you can search to find ways to get involved with giving time, money or your stuff.
Now type SL to make a Shopping List -- and I think you should add The Needy to your list!
MainOffender986: Have you donated your time or money to anyone who is really in need this year?
SantaClaus: O.K. now, all of this is making me a bit dizzy.
MainOffender986: Have you donated your time or money to anyone who is really in need this year?
SantaClaus: Who, what?
MainOffender986: Have you donated your time or money to anyone who is really in need this year?
SantaClaus: I'm sorry, you've got to stop doing the same thing over and over again. The elves are getting dizzy!
MainOffender986: why
SantaClaus: Why don't you tell me?
MainOffender986: is it because you are on drugs?
SantaClaus: Well that's hard to say. Ask an elf.
MainOffender986: ok elf, is santa on drugs
SantaClaus: I've got all I can handle.
MainOffender986: why, does santa beat you?
SantaClaus: I'm sorry, I really don't know.
MainOffender986: does he drink alot and than hit you
SantaClaus: Alright now. I'm here to spread Christmas cheer -- so use this time wisely and type carefully. Here's quick way to get in the Christmas spirit; type, menu.
MainOffender986: do you believe in jesus?
SantaClaus: In you, of course!
MainOffender986: you believe that jesus is inside me?
SantaClaus: In goodness, the promise of all children, a future of peace, and magic!
MainOffender986: black magic?
SantaClaus: :)
MainOffender986: i dont
SantaClaus: O.K. then. Well, have a merry Christmas in any case.
MainOffender986: ok i will
SantaClaus: Cool.
MainOffender986: jerk
SantaClaus: Be nice.
MainOffender986: have you ever beat an elf
SantaClaus: Love them.
MainOffender986: love to beat them
SantaClaus: Whatever Mrs. Claus tells them to.
MainOffender986: anything
SantaClaus: Why did you say that?
MainOffender986: what does mrs. claus do to them
SantaClaus: Elves are my magical companions.
MainOffender986: how so?
SantaClaus: Well you could try putting your finger on the side of your nose -- but it took me 400 years of practice.
MainOffender986: and snort cocaine

Simple Plan blows

Yeah, I say it a lot...but here's some more evidence...

I was at the movie theater today, watching "The Incredibles" with the family (a movie I'm gonna be able to watch again and again and again and again and again), and despite Century's policy of no TV commercials, they still managed to work in a music video. A Simple Plan music video. The name of the song? "Welcome to My Life."

Okay, first, that's the worst freaking title for a song, because that's what EVERY SINGLE EMO SONG IS ABOUT. It's some guy telling you about his life and how it blows. And of course it's off their album "Still Not Getting Any," a title that surely shows us that even big time rock stars are just like you and me 'cause they're not getting laid. YEAH RIGHT. I mean, they suck, but they don't suck enough to not get laid. They're in a BAND! There's definitely some collection of chicks out there desperate for sex with SOMEONE from SOME band. Only it's emo sex, so they're probably talking about how much life sucks WHILE having sex.

I tell ya.

Anyway, the music video brought about a certain amount of glee. See, the whole video revolves around Simple Plan in the middle of traffic, and everyone looking out their windows to see what the hold-up is. Oh, and what do you know, it's SIMPLE PLAN! And they're in the middle of the street playing crappy music! You know what the people in the cars do? At the end of the video, they get out and start moving towards Simple Plan. Simple Plan then starts putting their instruments down and walking away from the people. So the people RUN after them.

You never see what happens.

The lesson? Well, first, don't play bad music in the road, because people will revolt. And second...even the people in Simple Plan music videos hate Simple Plan.


After six hours of college apps (my life rocks), I decided enough was enough, and it was time to go watch a movie (well, actually, I had been planning it all weekend, but doesn't it sound cooler the other way?). So I called up John and I said "John, I'm gonna go see a movie tonight, you wanna come?" And John said there was a football game on and he might. And I said "okay!" And then John calls me at like 6 and he's like "dude, I'm on...what movie?" And I'm like "Alexander" and he's like "is that any good?" and I'm like "I have no idea. Some say it's the best picture of the year, others say it's a piece of crap. I want to find out" and then he's like "all right man, I'm there."

In the end, "Alexander" is a little of both. There are moments where I wondered if it really could be as amazing as some have said. And there are many moments when I realized where The Oregonian's D+ came from. But in the end, my reaction was that the film was certainly well done, and I liked much of it, but I didn't get nearly as caught up in it as the film wanted me to be. In fact, I was never caught up in it.

The film starts slow, but the first of two really huge battle scenes is genius. This ain't LORD OF THE RINGS, where no one bleeds. This is a vicious battle with severed limbs and blood flying everywhere. Oh, and it's confusing as hell. You can't tell who's who or what they're doing or anything. And that's not just the camerawork, that's HOW IT IS. It's a really beautiful scene.

But the rest...as a filmgoer, I didn't like it. There's no clearly-defined enemy, and only a vague objective. But as someone who likes to see films take a chance, that's vaguely intriguing. See, the entire story is told from the perspective of Ptomely, a man who fought in Alexander's army. Sure, there are some scenes he's not in, but they are scenes which anyone who knew Alexander could assume happened. That's why Alexander's sexual orientation is up in the air, for example.

It is, however, a well-acted film. Colin Farrell is a guy I'm cheering for big time. I think he's kinda gotten over that thing he was in early 2003 where he was the "new hot actor" and is moving into being a really great actor, which he certainly is. And he shows it here. This is one of the few films of its kind whose central character gets the best actor. Angelina Jolie also does exceptional work, and for once she isn't tried to be shown as some hot babe. Director Oliver Stone uses her looks, but not in the way, say, "Tomb Raider" did. Val Kilmer has little to do, and does little with it. Jared Leto (the main guy in "Requiem") is fantastic, though. And Rosario Dawson...man, she was just creepy in the bedroom scene.

Above all, "Alexander" is a hard film to recommend...to anyone. It's certainly a lot better a film than "Troy." That film's central problem was that it portrayed the Trojan war as a monthlong event, instead of something that raged for decades. "Alexander" is definitely an epic. But ultimately, its lack of focus seems less like a storytelling device and more like a way to get out of making a four hour movie, instead of a three hour one. And even at three hours, it feels too long. I glanced at my watch with an hour to go, and was tempted many times after that.

So if you want me to assign a letter grade (and I HATE using letter grades, but I'll do it this one time because I can't really sum up my reaction to this film), I'd say a C+

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Fun with college apps!

So I'm filling out my college applications (finally), and I come across, believe it or not, a TYPO in the Emerson online application.

"We are interested not only in your academics, bus also in what you have learned from your extracurricular activities and work experience."

Ha! Good times.

If you have any college app stories, feel free to share.

Oh, by the way...college apps blow.

Tell me tell me tell me

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I need a play by play of the holy war now!! I'm dying over here!! Seriously, I got on the blog to find out the specifics, and there was NOTHING!! I almost cried...No football player comments, no Pat comments, nothing! Please please please please! Need to know.

By the way, Way to go guys!! I was cheering from afar! Congratulations to fans and players alike!

For Jonny Breuer, 18 of 24, 294 yards? 5 touchdowns? And a 55 yard pass to Mast, who had 10 catches, 170 yards and 3 of those touchdowns at 55, 12 and 51 yards! Wow and Weatheroy! The reporters really liked him. Little soph.

So tell me, was it amazing?


P.S. It snowed last night!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

I saw The Incredibles with my family. Haven't enjoyed a movie like that in a long time. I left feeling really good. On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for writer and director Brad Bird, Executor Producer John Lasseter, and Kari Roe. I don't know what she did but I saw her name next so she must have been important. I'm also immensely thankful for this group of friends- probably my greatest blessing at Jesuit. Thank you for putting up with me through the years. God bless.

-Cory :-)

Mmm. Gravy.

Let me be the first to post "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!"

And here's a picture, because a post from me wouldn't be complete without a really stupid picture. Oh yeah, and feel free to put up any cuh-razy Thanksgiving memories here. Because that's what it's for (the blog I mean, not the turkey picture)!


I remember one Thanksgiving my mom dumped a lot of chili powder into some applesauce instead of cinnamon... a perfectly honest mistake. Fortunately, we caught her goof up before we dug in because the applesauce smelled unusually... zesty.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Finding Neverland

I'm lucky enough to be able to see a ton of movies over the course of the year. As of now, I've seen 39 (yeah, I keep track), and by the end of the year, I should have averaged to one a week. And that's just in theaters.

And yeah, I write reviews here for just about every one I see (didn't do "The Machinist" because I haven't decided if I like it or not, and "Sideways"...I'm just lazy), and for the most part all the reviews I've written have been positive, and for various reasons. My love for Huckabees was not the same love I have for SpongeBob.

And I can talk about how most of the good movies out there have their place in the "film as art" belief, but every now and then a film comes along that reminds you why film is art. Every now and then, and you're lucky to find this, you find a film that reminds you what it is to be a great film. Not only that, but what it means to be a great story. And this is rare...incredibly rare. Happened once last year with "Lost in Translation," and I don't remember it happening the year before.

This year..."Finding Neverland" was that film. And I'm not gonna spend a lot of time getting into the technicalities of what made it a great film, because that's not why it was great. Pages could be written about the performances and the direction and the art direction and the set design and the costumes and the two thousand other things that came together to create this. But it's not the pieces that made this film so incredible. It's how it came together. And more than any other film that has come out this year, the pieces came together here.

"Finding Neverland" is about all the things Peter Pan is about. It's about hope and happy thoughts and never really growing up, even if you do physically and have been told time and time again to. It's about flying off to a distant land, and realizing that power the land gave you was with you all along. It's about joy and pain and loss and happiness and everything else there is. It's about clapping and proclaiming that you believe in fairies.

Simply put, "Finding Neverland" is the best film to come out this year, and I will truly be amazed if anything could be better. I actually cried at this. I haven't cried at a film in years...maybe over a decade. And it wasn't because it was sad (although there are more than a few sad moments in it). But it was just so beautiful. Every inch of it was just so hopeful and so passionate and so true and so...just beautiful. Some films I say we're lucky to have. This one, we're blessed. There's no other word for it.

If you at all share my passion for great storytelling, please see this film. It will reinforce what that term means, and maybe even redfine it.

Big Bad Pat

Ok guys this is a Cynda, Misha togetherness post. Misha is on the phone at the airport and I, Cynda am typing.

We just had this conversation with Pat:

mufasahp (7:59:11 PM): hey
mufasahp (7:59:17 PM): misha says hi
SkiMaster173 (7:59:23 PM): okay
SkiMaster173 (7:59:27 PM): thanks for telling me
SkiMaster173 (7:59:31 PM): i really don't care
mufasahp (7:59:48 PM): Misha is indignant and you hurt her feelings
mufasahp (7:59:55 PM): she says it hurts really bad
SkiMaster173 (8:00:01 PM): thats unfortunate
SkiMaster173 (8:00:04 PM): tell her to get over it
mufasahp (8:00:12 PM): she say ouch
SkiMaster173 (8:00:23 PM): again, i don't care
mufasahp (8:00:53 PM): and you really need to be more gentle with peoples emotion especially mine (misha) because i'm (shes) fragile
SkiMaster173 (8:01:03 PM): okay
SkiMaster173 (8:01:09 PM): i won't
mufasahp (8:01:25 PM): she want to know what she ever did to you
SkiMaster173 (8:01:33 PM): nothing
SkiMaster173 (8:01:35 PM): i gtg
SkiMaster173 (8:01:37 PM): later
mufasahp (8:01:41 PM): ok bye
SkiMaster173 signed off at 8:01:45 PM.

Well we know after this post we know pat will probably never want to talk to us again, but really what we can we do. It's our duty to inform the public of Pat's Big Badness; he just tears peoples hearts out right and left. The madness must stop!!! Pat we are sorry if this hurts but we'tre trying to make a point. Misha is now currently bawling in the airport terminal as passers by ask if she's lost and wants her mommy. I hope you're happy Pat; I hope next time you think twice before you reach in and tear someone's heart out, cut it into little peices, stomp on it and put it back. Pat we really do love you and we pray every night that that love might be reciprocated.....if only God was that powerful.

~Sad and Desolate without your affection,
Misha and Cynda

Irony?? Must Be

Ok so usually I hate presenting in class, especially spanish class. However, today was much different. Today was gonna be great I was gonna get a chance to defeat, yes defeat, the famous Kenneth Colwell and become president of our spanish calss, well not the class but the class' country (long story). I had my speech prepared, I had skipped mass to perfect it and I most definately did NOT read Kenny's speech and then edit mine again and therefore actually cheat!! Anyway I had definately already gotten enough votes to win (hello I'm the moderate and the only girl running and the class is 75% girls) I would win. Then just as we go up to give our speeches a student comes in with the coveted counselors slip and everyone is hoping that it's for them. Now while I love getting pulled out of class as much as the next person I really wanted to give my speech and, well, frankly I'm sick of counselors. So of course it's for me and I miss Ken's speech. Now would someone please explain to me how it is when you have to give a presentation or a take a test you're dreading those slips never appear and then the ONE time you really don't want one it appears at the EXACT moment that could only be characterized as the worst possible timing. Only me I swear I have the worst luck ever. Oh well this just means that my speech will be the one fresh in their minds when they vote!!

It's Jihad Time!!!!

So, maybe you're thinking, "Wow, Rachel is the last person I would ever think to write about the football game..." But you, my friend are very wrong. I have never been so excited for a football game in my life, and I think all of you should share in my overwhelming excitement. For the past week or two, all I've heard is football; it just so happenes that in every single one of my classes (except Clarke Lackey) there's a football player, and they talk about the plays they're gonna run. This makes me feel even better because I know what the first play of the game will be! (I think there was a 6 in it, but otherwise I forgot the name)

Surprisingly it wasn't until my freshman year when I played Powder Puff that I actually understood the game of football (my family's baseball fans). But thanks to Pat Spear and many many home games, I now understand the difference between defense and offense, and the significance of even numbers versus odd numbers. Anyways, come to the game FRIDAY at PGE PARK, and watch us kick Central Catholic's ass in the holy war to end all holy wars!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Pure Beauty

Today, I went and looked at the Seinfeld DVD gift set. Here's what it includes:
  • Available subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese
  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo), French (Dolby Digital 2.0), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0)
  • Commentary by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld on The Stake Out, The Deal, The Pen, and The Pez Dispenser
  • Commentary by Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards on The Revenge, The Busboy, The Subway, and The Boyfriend parts 1 and 2
  • Commentary by writer Larry Charles on The Heart Attack The Baby Shower, The Library, and The Limo
  • Commentary by director-producer Tom Cherones and production designer Tom Azzari on The Parking Garage and The Parking Space
  • 41 episodes from the first three seasons on eight discs: The Seinfeld Chronicles (pilot), The Robbery, The Stake Out, Male Unbonding, The Stock Tip, The Ex-Girlfriend, The Pony Remark, The Jacket, The Phone Message, The Apartment, The Statue, The Revenge, The Heart Attack, The Deal, The Baby Shower, The Chinese Restaurant, The Busboy, The Note, The Truth, The Pen, The Dog, The Library, The Parking Garage, The Cafe, The Tape, The Nose Job, The Stranded, The Alternate Side, The Red Dot, The Subway, The Pez Dispenser, The Suicide, The Fix-Up, The Boyfriend (1), The Boyfriend (2), The Limo, The Good Samaritan, The Letter, The Parking Space, The Keys
  • Featuring the original (1-2 minutes longer) NBC network versions of each episode
  • Two versions of the pilot episode
  • Remastered in high definition
  • Inside Looks: Interviews with the cast and creators about what was happening behind the scenes as the episodes were created and filmed
  • In the Vault: Saved from the cutting room floor... deleted scenes - never seen!
  • Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: Never-before-seen-outtakes and bloopers
  • Master of His Domain: See Jerry in exclusive stand-up comedy footage, shot for the show but never used
  • Sponsored by Vandelay Industries: Original NBC promotional ads and trailers
  • Notes About Nothing: Trivia tracks with behind-the-scenes scoop and production notes
  • How It Began: An hour-long look at how Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David first came up with the idea for the show, how it almost didn't get made and how they emerged with the show that changed the face of television forever
  • Tonight Show footage
  • Kramer vs. Kramer: Kenny to Cosmo: meet the real Kramer... Kenny Kramer!
  • Exclusive to the gift set:
  • Limited-edition original script with handwritten notes from Larry David
  • Exclusive "Monk's Diner" salt & pepper shakers
  • Collectible playing cards
  • Number of discs: 8

Simply amazing.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Hey everybody, another one of my new-fangled quasi posts that rely on you to make it interesting in the least. Recently, I have found myself wondering where all my blogger correspondents will be schooling next year. So, not to stress anybody out, but couldjall comment on where you're applying? Just a rough list, no need to defend anything. Anyway, here is a list I threw together after SNL a couple of weeks ago, except for Stanford to which I applied early for reasons unknown. So, without further ado, Ben's Ten, in approximate order of preference:
1. Stanford
2. Cornell
3. Notre Dame
4. Carnegie Mellon
5. Northwestern
6. Purdue
7. Michigan
8. Washington
9. Santa Clara
10. Oregon State

post script
Oh yeah, and if you have any recommendations for a good engineering program, I would be grateful to hear it. I can't wait to be just like Dilbert!

post post script
I will probably end up at Northwestern.

Monday, November 22, 2004

A great gift for the holidays...

During Art, we're starting a new project, so Mr. Fykes set us loose on the magazines to get ideas. Lara found this clipping from a 1989 issue of Omni Magazine that I would like to share with you all. (the book says... with "LIVE SOUNDS" of the WOMB against a background of rain, the ocean and waterfalls. For better sleep, deep relaxation and mood settling..Originally recorded in Digital Stereo)


Sunday, November 21, 2004


Hey all, I know it seems like all I ever post about is movies, but seriously...I wouldn't know what else to say. But as long as no one cares, I was talking with Ben earlier today, and invariably we ended up talking about Batman (basically 'cause we're geeks), and I asked if he'd seen the Batman Begins trailer. He hasn't. So he told me to post about it. So I am.

Hit the link above for the official site, which has the awesome teaser trailer, and a buncha photos (Batman has never looked better in live action).

If you want my opinion on it (being the comic book geek I am, I naturally have one), I can't wait. First, Chris Nolan is directing it, and did a TON of work on the script. For those who don't know, he wrote and directed "Memento," which is one of my favorite films of all time. Honestly, when they were searching for a Batman director, this guy never came to mind because I never thought in a million years we'd be this lucky. Still blows my mind. Oh, and David Goyer, who wrote all the Blade movies and has been writing comic books for years, also wrote the script

Second...the cast, which is stunning for ANY film, never mind a superhero blockbuster. I get giddy just thinking. First and foremost, Christian Bale as Batman. Now, most won't recognize his name, but if you ever get a chance, go rent "American Psycho" or "Equilibrium," and get ready to experience one of the greatest actors of our time. Or, hell, go see "The Machinist," which is playing this week only at Cinema 21, and has his best performance I've seen (I'm undecided yet about the movie as a whole...I'll be sure to post a review when I've figured it out). More than anything, though, you'll know this guy IS Batman. I can't wait to see people's reactions to seeing him for the first time.

The rest of the cast...Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as Bruce Wayne's business partner Lucius Fox, Ken Wantanabe (the samurai from "The Last Samurai") in a sort of villain role (it's an interesting character...still don't know how he's being used), Cillian Murphy ("28 Days Later") as The Scarecrow, Liam Neeson as one of Bruce Wayne's trainers, and Gary Oldman (another name you may not know, but the man's amazing) as Police Lt. Jim Gordon.

Seriously...this is the kind of talent the movie industry would be buzzing about no matter what the movie. Most of them have been nominated for or have one major industry awards. Every one of them are incredible. To have this kind of talent on Batman...it's a dream come true for me. So yeah...long post, I know, but I gotta spill the love for Batman Begins before every other person on Earth will be.

The coolest thing ever

Yes this requires its own post.
Danielle Towne was over for dinner and she and my family were talking about Disneyland. She was starting to tell my mother about my plan to run around and tell kids there is no Satan. Whoops did I say Satan, I mean Santa. So my mother gets really alert and says oh, oh! What is it my lovely mother I ask. She goes on to tell us that upon watching CNN this week, the news ticker told the story of a Catholic Priest and head of a school in "The great state of California" and how he gathered up the kids form kindergarden through 3rd grade and told them that santa wasnt real! I love that guy. I would have loved to see the faces of those kids crying. Ha, Santa isnt real. you hear me kids Santa is fake! More power to that priest.

Half Life 2 update/ Play review

First the good stuff
Half Life 2 was the best game I ever played. Yes I am speaking in past tense because I have completed the game. I am quite sad because it only took me 5 days to finish the game. Oh I want more, so much more. Much like a drug, a very very good drug.

Than more good stuff
The play ruled. Hard.

Bad stuff
Who ever was in charge off the rolling the Spitfire Grill set off the stage really dropped the ball. The set got caught on something and the kids were trying to push it off. It totally ruined the play for me and my little cousins that saw it today. One of them started crying. alot.

More bad stuff
after the play I was talking to everybodies favorite Finn. Rachel that is, not "Paavo Nurmi. You know, he was the king of the running tracks at that time. He won five gold medals in the Olympic Games of Paris in 1924. I know because I was there."* Well I told Rachel that she had a good solo in the play and she said that she didnt have one so i said that i actually didnt see it. What happend next sucked. She punched me in the stomach. I was not ready for such a violent attack that it knocked the wind out of me and I fell, knocking over my 4 year cousin old Amy. Rachel you were my favorite Finn, but know I like Paavo Nurmi, the King of the running tracks.

*"Jouko Kiiski but friends call me "Jokke" and I am a 93-year-old senior citizen."

So I was cleaning my room,

and I found the digital watch that I took with me on Los Embajadores after sophomore year. I bought it at Hi-School Pharmacy so that when the dirty Mexicans stole it I'd only be out three bucks. Yes, this marvel of American (okay, Taiwanese) engineering cost less than a Big Mac meal. You'd think that was a bargain, but looking at it now, I think the Big Mac would have held together for longer than this cheap plastic piece of crap. It's off by an hour and a half (and possibly twenty-two and a half hours). That's only about a minute every three days, so it doesn't bother me too much. What bothers me is the style of the watch, and correspondingly the fact that it once touched my wrist in broad daylight. First of all, it's light blue plastic. It might as well come with a big sticker that says "Please do not embarrass my bearer by mentioning my existence." Six-year-old boys wear blue plastic watches, and those are only the loser six-year-olds who wear watches in the first place. Second, instead of having cool functions like GPS or text messaging or USB flash memory it has three stick figure pictures on the front. At first sight, they appear to be: 1. A pair of Siamese twins conjoined at the waist. 2. A man scratching himself where he has absolutely NO BUSINESS scratching himself on my watch. 3. A man humping an airplane. I couldn't figure it out until I noticed the big white triangle on the "ADJUSTABLE STRAP!" that read "PLAY! RUN! RIDE!" (So the second twin's head was actually a soccer ball, the scratching man was running while scratching himself, and the airplane pervert was actually riding a decapitated horse.) It was a little disappointing. Instead of three pictures that told a story, something like "The Siamese Twins with Jock Itch who Hijacked Air Force One," my watch was really telling me, "Christ, kid, if you want to be able to afford a better watch you better start doing something cool, because I sure as hell can't get you there." But here's what really takes the cake. On the face of this light blue Taiwainese plastic QUARTZ watch decorated with Olympic event icons are painted six abbreviations for cities, with LONDON = 0 in red along the top. We've got "NYK - 5," "RIO - 4," "TKY + 9," "BKK + 7," "PAR + 1," and "MSW + 3." That's right, this watch was really intended for classy businessmen who are constantly traveling from London to New York, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Bangkok (yes, Pat, Bangkok), Paris, and Moscow, and need to reset their watches every on the plane. Or, I guess, British Olympic athletes who travel all over the world to perform for (among others) Brazilians while wearing their three dollars worth of complex chronometry. You'll notice that it didn't mention Vicente Guerrero ("SHTHLE - 7"). I can't help but feel a little guilty, like maybe I degraded the watch by taking it somewhere other than a major international center of commerce, culture, and airplane-humping. By the way, I failed to mention that this is an "ACTION WATCH," which really means, "If you wear this watch, it will replace any action you might have gotten without it." (Hmmm. While examining it right now for any shred of redeeming value, the buckle fell off. Think what a tough spot I'd be in if that happened during my horse race.) You know what, I vaguely remember keeping it in my pocket on Los Em. I hope to God I did. The silver lining to this cloud is that the underlined, capital-letter "COLWELL" on the underside of the watch is still there. Thus, the three dollars I spent on the Sharpie were well worth it, except for the several cents' worth that was applied to the watch. I'm considering burning this to remove any evidence that I spent real money on it.

I hate cleaning my room.


Saturday, November 20, 2004


It has arrived.

I've been reading some reviews for this film (almost all of which are positive, by the way), and I'm thrilled to see how many of them had never seen SpongeBob before, and after seeing this film couldn't believe they hadn't. Me, I've been a SpongeBob fan for a long time now. And this movie...this movie is a dream come true.

After the amazing opening sequence (to spoil it would be a sin, even though I know most of you will never see this movie), the movie does drag for a good fifteen minutes. Throughout those fifteen minutes, I wondered just how good this would really be, and was sure they'd just showed all the good parts in the trailer. But then SpongeBob and Patrick get wasted at a bar. No, not a bar with beer...it's a kids movie. At a place called Goofy Goober, whose mascot is a singing peanut. And they get wasted on ice cream. As with everything in the film, it executes better than it sounds.

And after that, there were few times I stopped laughing. The visuals took a bit of getting used to (there's always a shift of animation style from small screen to big), but worked just as well on the big screen. In fact, it worked better (the animators really used that bigger budget), ESPECIALLY with Plankton. See, Plankton is actually a plankton, only he desires to rule the world. And man, the animators went to TOWN on this guy. His every movement is some extension of himself, and I loved this guy more than normal (and I've always loved him). Doug Lawrence, as with the rest of the cast, did some steller work here.

And really, if you ever watch this, I think you'll be surprised and awed at just how grown-up the script is. SpongeBob getting wasted is the big one, but there's all the little jokes that me, Spencer, Tyler Vranizan, and Pat were laughing to that the six-year-olds who surrounded us weren't (they...pretty much got the butt humor). Many a strange look were thrown our way.

But, of course, it wasn't too grown up. It's still a cartoon, and that's still why I love it. There's still a scene where SpongeBob and Patrick are crying so much that they shoot water from their eyes into the other's mouth. But then there's that scene at the end where SpongeBob launches into an 80's-style rock video, complete with Patrick in fishnet stockings. It really has to be seen to be believed.

But seriously...I know SpongeBob isn't for everything, and that's a damn shame. But if it weren't for The Incredibles (which was perfect), this would be the best animated film of the year. So if you're a fan of animation, or just comedy in general (and by "fan of comedy," I mean comedy in ALL its forms, so long as it's done well), you will LOVE this film. I know I did.

Oh, and I saw it at the new Century 16, which is a NICE theater. We were at the end of the hall, in a rather small theater, but it all looked kinda jammed in there, so I don't know if they even have a giant theater. But we'll find out. The seats weren't as comfy as I'd hoped...Regal still has them beat there. But stadium seating is enough to make it the best mainstream theater around. Fox Tower is still the best theater overall.

Friday, November 19, 2004


So today, I wake up, and it's cold. Again.

I go to Starbucks, my second home (behind my first home...the pool) and it is festively decorated in red and white, with snowflake cookies and peppermint hot chocolates complete with red sprinkles on top.

I turn on the radio and hear Mariah Carey singing "All I Want For Christmas Is You."

I get out of the pool tonight and think I am going to literally freeze (yes, I swim outside...no, the temperature isn't too pleasant at 7:30 at night, especially when soaking wet and barefoot).

I saw Christmas lights on a couple houses on the way home.

All the signs are pointing toward Christmas coming up, and it's NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING YET!

All of this has generated one thing: I want Christmas.



Hahn History paper Solidarity/Party

Hey all, been two weeks, not fully coming back, just fulfilling Shakeer's wish. If you're working on the paper, drop by and comment. And if you're talking with someone who is, tell them to do the same. And everybody, don't work too hard, its 50 points. Just relish this experience for what it is and remember, everybody was behind the "power curve"


Procrastinator's Creed (stolen from one of the internets)
I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.
I shall never move quickly, except to avoid more work or find excuses.
I will never rush into a job without a lifetime of consideration.
I shall meet all of my deadlines directly in proportion to the amount of bodily injury I could expect to receive from missing them.
I firmly believe that tomorrow holds the possibility for new technologies, astounding discoveries, and a reprieve from my obligations.
I truly believe that all deadlines are unreasonable regardless of the amount of time given.
I shall never forget that the probability of a miracle, though infinitesimally small, is not exactly zero.
If at first I don’t succeed, there is always next year.
I shall always decide not to decide, unless of course I decide to change my mind.
 I shall always begin, start, initiate, take the first step, and/or write the first word, when I get around to it.
 I obey the law of inverse excuses which demands that the greater the task to be done, the more insignificant the work that must be done prior to beginning the greater task.
 I know that the work cycle is not plan/start/finish, but is wait/ plan/plan.
 I will never put off until tomorrow, what I can forget about forever.
 I will become a member of the ancient Order of Two-Headed Turtles (the Procrastinator’s Society) if they ever get it organized.

post script
If you're reading this at like 1:20, Pee Wee Herman is on Conan O'Brien and the Flaming Lips are on next.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Stupid sick feeling

Do you ever feel sick for a couple of days but never get ill (not the cool "ill")? Well i do, alot. Right now i am going to start to sweat any minute, I feel like i got beat up, and my stomach feels like i had two slim-fasts' and than 32 ounces of cran-rasberry juice in the time span of 30 min. At the DCE meeting i felt like i was going to have to run over to the garbage can and puke in front of everyone. Actually that has always been my dream.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Kids these days

Hey, so, tonight I was backstage, y'know, workin' the show (The Spitfire Grill...please come see it, I don't think you'll regret it), when I leaned over to Spencer and mentioned that the opening to one of the songs sounds kinda like a creepy opening to like an Ozzy song or something, y'know...'cause it does (it's Audrey's first solo song for those who know...listen, it really does at first). Then Meagan Bruno, who I love to death but I tell ya, sometimes, pops in and is like "Ozzy Osborne? I love him!" And I'm like "rock on!" 'cause how many chicks do you meet who like Ozzy and I really didn't think she'd be one of them. But then she followed it up with "yeah, I watch that show like all the time," referring of course to MTV's "The Osbornes."

And so I'm like "no, I'm talking about the OLD Ozzy, the one who was with Sabbath," to which she replied with (and I'm getting kinda used to this) a confused look before looking back at her script.

Now...I am not totally against "The Osbornes," but it has kinda turned Ozzy into this funny old man, when he used to be this creepy-as-hell rock n' roll star (some would say rock n' roll god). So yeah...let's all take a second and reflect on the passing of a rock legend into pop culture obscurity.

On that note, start up Kazaa or Limewire or whatever you're downloading music with, and get thee some Sabbath. And not just "Iron Man!" Everyone has "Iron Man." At least get "Paranoid," and if you really want something different, a little "Children of the Grave." Or, hey, "Fairies Wear Boots," because how cool is THAT title?

Yahoo (half life 2 update)

I dont know how long i have played, maybe 2.5 hours i dont know. It goes by so fast. ok back to the game.
(except for ben cause he has a mac. Ha.)
Prayer for my grades.

Monday, November 15, 2004


All right! Viva Death Cab. Can't wait to see what they put out next... can't hurt to have a multibillion dollar company backing you up, right?

Also interesting: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/artsentertainment/2002083198_nw07.html

"Acceptance"? Well, if they're enough like Jimmy it could be good. If they're not, it could be very, very bad. But if Columbia signed them...

(...All right, Ben, it's a crappy post. It's 4:25 and I'm taking a break from my paper... anyone have any music news at all, this is the post to comment it in.)


No, wait, Ken.

Good Times

You know, staying up late reminds me of the Pilgrimage. People either have english papers to work on or other shit...we're all miserable together.


Sunday, November 14, 2004


Hey all! Well, the encounter is over and we're all feelin the love (everyone on this profile. I.E. Alex, Cory, and I). It was an absolutely amazing encounter. I didn't believe it was possible but I got twice as much out of this encounter than I did on the last encounter. And I got a lot out of my first encounter. The experience was definitely different and, for me, was less about the huge rush of love but more of a silent contemplative change. Though the love was definitely there. That being said, I had a blast. I have over 50 pictures, which I will pick the best from and show to you guys when they come in. My small group, consisting of Luc Artiaz, Matt Smith, Sam Waibel, Chris Peterson, and Mr. Yanosy, rocked (I don’t think that is the correct spelling). To start off with, I know a lot of you have Mr. Yanosy as a teacher and that he is known as being pretty strict, but to us he was incredible. He was a great addition to our small group and I wouldn't ask for anyone else to be the in my group. He was open, kind, funny, and just over all a great guy. All the others were beyond amazing, and I’ll be brief, but I love them all and I am so glad I had them for small group members. Over all, the encounter rocked incredibly. All my fellow leaders and I had a blast not only with each other but also with the juniors too. Many a games of ping-pong and foosball were played this weekend, some of which are still at large (Matt Galati and I have a very intense unfinished match up of foosball. Its one game to one game right now). Though the most strikingly entertaining memory (pat you'll like this) is when a few of the seniors got in a wrestling match with one of the alumni. Now the first time we all just ran and he hunted Jack down and eventually, after a great deal of struggling, I pinned him to the wall with my legs so he couldn't breathe with the help of Andrew Randals and Jack. We stole his shoe and ran off. Then, when we were hiding in the senior’s only room with the door locked Andrew had the great idea to open the door with no chain (that’s how we locked it) to see if he was out there. Of course he jumped in, grabbed Andrew and pinned him against the bed. Now, at about this point I jumped in and it ended with everyone else stopping while he had me in a headlock and his other arm trapping my legs (I’m around his back). It was VERY painful, yet fun. Now understand this guy is like 230 pounds and quite strong and I, while possessing some upper body strength (though not a lot) am 140, so I’m not exactly a match for him. So while I was in pain everyone watched and had a good ole' time till he got his shoe back and released me. Ironically, IT WAS SO FUN! The second memory is of Colin Krum of 02' dispensing his great knowledge of college to us youngsters. Learned a great many things I did, some of which I did not necessarily need or want to know. Yet it was great. Of course there are a ton other memories and inside jokes but I’ll leave those to later or just to remain with the encounter group. But, overall, I had a great time and I urge all of you who are considering going as a leader to do it, cause it rocks. I'm sure every person who went has other intense stories such as these, and Cory and Alex will probably post some of their own. In closing I would just like to say I love all of you. It’s been a rough year so far, but I really feel at home here with everyone and I’m glad that I have you all as friends. Thanks to all of you and VIVA NME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NME 03' and 04'

Viper Studios...

Alright, so I haven't touched VS in like 6 months. Despite my inattentions, I've still reicieved almost 50 unique visitors a day, bringing the sum total in the site's existance (or rather, since I set up the hit counter) to roughly 94,200.


And interestingly enough, people actually read the stuff...last night one guy went through most of the writings on the site, spending almost 4 hours there. I find that somewhat scary.

The real point of this post, though, is to get a feel for what you guys think. The site was and remains dedicated to showcasing the community's talent. If the community wants it to live and again prosper, I'll take the time to make it so. However, I will require some significant content to add before I go to the trouble of updating.

So what are your thoughts? Should VS live again in its current form? Should it live again but with a revamped style and setup? Will it survive past graduation? Do you have any great ideas for it?

My only thoughts on it are to integrate it with the blog...ie, cross link it and perhaps allow blog posters to have more in-depth profiles on VS, which would allow each member in a team to easily have their own profile that is linked to from the blog. Also, I've considered recruiting an assistant webmaster (or mistress) of sorts who knows html and understands the site to help me deal with the design and updating of the site. The reason updates stopped is they began requiring more and more of my time and I was unable to devise an easy strategem for streamlining this process.

Your input is much appreciated.

Misha Says...
Ok, so I just saw the movie "Saw." You know that suspense movie about the psycho guy who likes to put people in compromising situations to see if they will survive any given task that is normally self devastating? Wow, long sentence. Anyway, so this is my review of the movie. Terrible acting. I swear, there are times I wondered how some of those people became actors. The story line was pretty cool and it had a twist ending that I kind of enjoyed. Anyone who knows how I get during horror flicks will know already that for most of the movie I was curled up in a closed eyes closed ears shuddering mass repeating "I don't like this" over and over, but that's how I enjoy those types of movies. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration. Not most of the movie. There was a lot of gore, a lot of blood, a lot of creepy images. And now I hate clowns even more. I will say that the things the creators wanted to be most disturbing were defiantly disturbing. The stuff of nightmares.

PS And does that new Chuckie movie not look hilarious? I really hope that it is a joke. They can't be serious. I hope. There really don't seem to be many good movies out right now. A lot of horror movies are in the previews though. Polar Express is getting bad reviews, but I still want to see it. What about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

PPS What is with all of this fog we are having lately?

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ready for Posting

No offense, but your pseudo-profile sucked, Ben. Now we, the Random Amigos, are ready to publish. I updated it all by myself.

*offensive content deleted*


This weekend I went down to Disneyland. It was cool until after the fireworks. The fireworks were alright but they had this old lady saying crap like "you must believe in the holiday magic" this pissed me off because Disneyland just wants to take your money. So I decided to tell the kids the truth. I started to run around and yell "there is no santa claus. He is made up. They want your money." Some dads tried to come after me but I out ran them. Than some of the security guards got me. In adventureland there is this tree that is a door, they took me down into some room and a guy started to yell at me. It made the papers cause some parents want to press charges. I told them that it was freedom of speech. I am grounded for as long as I can see. Damn Disneyland.

Round One of the Playoffs...

Jesuit win, 43 to 7. By my count, that's the biggest point gap of any of the playoff games. And we've now scored 504 points this season...I think that's the most in Oregon 4A history. But I might be wrong. Next game will be against Roseberg and will also be a home game. Jesuit has never beaten Roseberg.

If we win next week and Central wins next week, third round will be a holy war. Oh yeah...

I checked oregonlive to determine scores and found it hilarious to read that people hate us mostly because we have an unfair advantage in that we attract people from all over the area (instead of one district) and we're just too successful. I guess they're just jealous of our success.

West Linn's fans, however, are possibly the greatest of any team we faced. Their cheerleaders danced like sluts and their fans made cat calls to players on the sidelines...like "Hey 73, you have a fat ass!" which caused me to shake it some, then turn around and wave. Then they kinda didn't say anything more to me. (This was funnier because I'm actually a fair bit smaller than a lot of thier players.) They also offered Ian a donut and claimed to have had sex with Lamb's mother. It was great.

I'm sure there's something more that's great and interesting to post here, but I can't think of anything. Right now I'm rather tired.


Thursday, November 11, 2004


On November 19th, in the year of our Lord two-thousand and four, it will arrive: THE NEW CENTURY THEATRES AT CEDAR HILLS CROSSING WILL BE COMPLETED!

Now some of you don't know how truly amazing this is. For years, the best theatre in town (for big-budget action movies) has been Century 16. Century 16, however, is pretty close to where I live, and a good forty minutes away from school. Those of you who have been know of the glory: All stadium seating. Comfy chairs. No TV commercials. THX sound. Those of you who have not, I pity you. But now...on November 19th, they will have completed a brand new Century Theatres a mere ten minutes from school.

When Century went in, it was MILES above all other theatres in town. Regal has recently pulled ahead, as they now have some really freaking comfortable chairs. But this new Century? Oh, I can only IMAGINE what we're in store for.

The weekend they open, they're having a grand opening celebration. 50 cent hot dogs. 50 cent drinks. Free video games. Unfortunately, that weekend is the very same in which the Spitfire Grill opens, which many of us are involved in. Fortunately, we were planning on seeing a little movie that Saturday morning, November 20th.

And so I say unto you...join us on November 20th (times TBA, somewhere between 12 and 1 so you can all go to the soccer game) for none other than THE SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS MOVIE!

Ohhhh you can't imagine how much I am looking forward to this. Hopefully you all can make it (even you heathens who don't believe in the power of the sponge).

The Morning After

I have been deflowered by Death Cab, and I am absolutely exhausted.

Alright, in keeping with the concert virgin theme, this would then be the morning after.

Yesterday was truly a day of firsts. After Ken picked me up wet and tired and smelling like chlorine (mmm), we went to meet Nancy, Mike, Lara, Eleanor, and Sam at Chang's. I had never been to a Mongolian Grill thingy, and was a little grossed out by the raw meet, and a little concerned when told that they charge you 5 cents per noodle, but luckily, they changed the pricing system just for me. Then Rachel showed up with Misha and Cynda in tow, and all was right with the world.

We then got to the concert at the perfect time because we didn't have to sit through the whole opening act, Pretty Girls Make Graves. While I like the title of the band, they were kind of a punkier, less creative No Doubt, and it got tiresome.

This being my first concert, and I therefore have nothing to compare it to, I personally thought Death Cab was amazing...I will admit that the only song I can name is Passenger Seat, and there are a few others that I have heard but couldn't name, but I still really liked the music and thought they were really good live.
And even though I couldn't see that much, I could see the lead singer, and he was cool. My back started to hurt from standing, but other than that, nothing to complain about. I saw some people from my old school, and somebody actually recognized me and said "hi", which never happens because I look nothing like I did in Junior High (read: I was really short.)

And I stayed awake through the whole thing without any caffiene!


Oh, and I got a shirt. And any opportunity to get a shirt is a great time by me.

So thanks for a fun dinner and a fun concert everybody, especially Ken who puts up pretty well with having to chauffer me around everywhere due to lack of license. Man, I need a nap.

On the status and developement of the blog...

This started out as a reply to KTBZ, but it quickly spiraled out of control and now needs its own topic.

KT, in responce to your comment about Dave editing your post, there is no "quick fix" and that will always be the problem with the "RandomAmigos" account. When multiple people have the password, multiple people can edit the post. Obviously, you can reedit it, and Ben and I can edit it too, but "kicking" dave from the account (or anyone else who has the password) is impossible.

Which is a perfect segway into something that's been on my mind (at least, vaguely on my mind) for a little while: we need to ensure there is no fear of shenanigans (sp), especially with that particular account. An accurate list of who has what password should be maintained and no one should share the password to their account without absolute trust in the person they're sharing it with, as the recipiet can take over an account. As a side note, KT, you could possibly change the password to RandomAmigos, just be sure to tell Ben and all other legitimate posters what it is.

(Another Note: At the least, it should be against the "rules" to edit others posts, particuarly without commenting as to why said post was edited. IE, it would be ok in cases where something is being filtered out of a sense of maintaining public decency. ;D)

As a third note, concern has been expressed to me over controling the quality of posting. While I am not particularly worried (after all, anything Ben or I find TOO evil/bad/nasty or just plain pathetic can mysteriously vanish in the night...heh, we wouldn't do that without a good reason though ;D), I think there may be a valid point there. I'm curious as to all of your opinions: should there be controls over who can post "frontpage" topics? Possibly some sort of selection commitee that reviews potential and current posters to ensure posting remains of a worthy quality to be associated with the blog? What our are goals for the blog (do we have any?)? If this is merely a side venture for fun, it probably doesn't matter so much, but if this blog is aspiring to a higher level of readership/literary quality we might want to be pickier about such things, particularly as it continues to grow. Note that most of these are simply questions I'm interested in your responces in, not neccessarily opinions I hold.

So the basic question is this: are your thoughts on the current status/future of this blog, on whether we should have more controls over posting, on whether there should be stricter "rules" governing the blog, or on anything else you think relates.

Forgive me for writing this while very tired but I did just wake up and wanted to post before I forgot. I might edit this for content/quality later.


PS I want a review of the Death Cab concert, people! Post all the reviews under one thread for order's sake, but I want all of you to give your opinion and unique version of events. Then I can live it vicariously through you! Yay! :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I finially went to Circuit City and bought an Ethernet port, so I can once again explore the magical land we know as the internet (unlimited porn (jk)). So after a two week hiatus during which my life went to shit, I'm back. BTW, my life is still pretty shitty. There is little hope for me getting my car back in drivable condition anytime soon. So, everybody, what's up?


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Been Awhile

I haven't posted in forever, but upon reading Ben's joyful response to my comment on Katie's first post, how could I resist going further?

You know how salmon have that instinct where suddenly, inexplicably, they know it's time to go home to the stream to spawn a new generation and die? Well, that's not how I feel. But I have that inexplicable instinct that's telling me that this year needs to end and I need to move on. Or there needs to be a huge change. What could that change be, I wonder? OH! Perhaps the simultaneous applying to college AND the workload of a high school senior? That could change to be one or the other anytime now. See, the thing with me is that when I get in a situation where I have these two huge projects to do...well, neither really get done. It's a problem.

That, and the fact there are a few classes this year where I have to FORCE myself to care...because I really don't. I mean, Biology is just a bunch of labs...he tells us to read stuff, kinda covers notes...then turns us loose into the laboratory to haphazardly guess the enzymes and substrates...and there's also Christian Relationships...it has the potential to be incredible, but I doubt the teacher or the administration would appreciate my comments in that regard. And how about Spanish V? Yes, I signed up for it of my own free will...but so far I'm really not learning. I mean, I want to know how the Spanish language works. I want to know more words. Then I'll worry about sounding good. I can't have confidence in my speaking without confidence in the substance of my speech, which won't be there if I don't know how to put a sentence together.

My rant on classes is over. In any case, I'm very glad to have a 4-day weekend.


About that title...yeah, that's the reaction I expect from each and every one of you once you realize that this is my (Katie BZ's) first post EVER!

I don't really have a blog-worthy story, but when Benji gave me the password so that I could post, well let's just say that I couldn't resist.

But a few points:
1) I am crazy excited for the Death Cab concert tomorrow night. I have a confession to make, however: this will be my first concert, ever. Lame, maybe...but to make this post more interesting for the guys, let's call it saving myself for the right one. That's right...the concert virgin is about to be deflowered by Death Cab for A Cutie. And I couldn't be more excited. Alright, now guys, minds out of the gutter for the next one, cuz this is more serious-ish.

2) I was just thinking about this, and figured, heck, why not write it...I just called myself the concert virgin, so I don't feel like there are really any barriers between us anymore. A lot of you, okay, most of you, I have not known very long...anywhere from since Junior year to since the beginning of Senior year, so some of you only a couple of months-ish. So, I wanted to say, that I have never ever found a more fun group of people...I have never laughed so consistently around a group of people in my entire life, nor had the most engaging (and often intelligent...okay, sometimes intelligent) conversations in my entire life. Who else would share their blog with me but you guys? I mean, just ask Misha, it's a roll of the dice...God only knows what I'll say at any given time, so it's pretty exciting that my random ideas can be published. So thanks, guys, cuz you pretty much kick ass.

So, I promise, I will have more blog-worthy stories at a later date, but for my first post, I figure that wasn't half bad.

~Katie BZ

p.s. Should I bother writing my last name?? Is another Katie going to post ever? Of course, a lot of people just call me "KatieBZ" anyway since there are approximately 9 million Katie's at our school, so...whatever. If you have an opinion on it, lemme know.
p.s.s. I'm not spell checking/editing this cuz I don't have time so...you're bright kids, you can figure out what I'm trying to say.

Hooray my birthday

Hey it's Adrianna. So, now I have to change my profile because I am now 17 and still a senior yay!

Talk about your crazy Tuesdays though! First getting to school at 8 to work on that stupid english project (we were fucked!), then the senior group photo, then Mr. Simmons putting a light bulb into a beaker full of water-- let's just say that hijinks ensued. Oh, and rehearsal. The show is coming together really well and it's gonna be cool to see it when it's all polished. And grease pencil fights backstage can be DANGEROUS, children.

Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday today. It's the first time anyone outside of my parents has ever remembered my birthday, so it really meant a lot. Sometimes I really feel alone and not welcome, but today was definitely not one of those times. There's kind of been this warm fuzzy bubble of happy surrounding me all day from the hugs and the happiness. Thanks a lot-- words really can't express how thankful I am that you guys actually care about me. I love you so much, and I'm really looking forward to spending the rest of this year with you. AAAAAHHHH! I want to hug you all right now!

The definition of powersliding

Dictionary.com defines powersliding as follows:

No entry found for powersliding.
Did you mean powellton?
power sliding

I think this is crap, so I got all of you kiddies what I believe to be the definition of the great thing we all know as POWERSLIDING.
Click the title, it will take you to a new site than you have to choose your player and connection speed.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Okay, I agree. The Incredibles was possibly one of the best movies I've seen in theaters all year long. It had everything, action, comedy, a message, all of it. I loved it. However, because I am such a geek, I will not stand for one of the best parts of the experience to go unmentioned. That’s right, Star wars episode 3: Revenge of The Sith trailer. I was going nuts. Darth Vader’s appearance brings about much applause as to Hayed Christensen horrible acting in hiss role for Anakin in "Attack of the Clones". Also, the brief fly by of a supposed x-wing (which I saw and looked awesome) was the source of an incredible amount of applause from the star wars community because the ships in the past 2 movies have... SUCKED, lacking any originality and ingenuity that came from the origin 3 films. Furthermore, we all want to see Darth Vader kick so major Jedi @$$, and were tired of everyone pus.sy footing around. Also, the large space battles of Courscant (only theories right now) are also long awaited since the last decent space battle in a movie was, in my opinion, back with "Return of the Jedi". Since then no movie has tried to deeply capture the essence of huge space battles. In addition to all of this madness, we finally get to see some wookies create some . No more furball like Ewoks and pansy Gungans, but some powerful, carnivorous wookies. BOO YA! I think I speak for a majority of the star wars community in saying that wookies have been a long awaited addition to the star wars movies as to their previous exclusion from the rest of the movies (Chewbacca does not count). The only bad part of the movie is its scheduled release date of May 19th 2005. However, this is also good because it shows the obvious amount of work that has gone into this movie (the last one came out my freshman year, not sure when). George Lucas must have something going on because details have remained tightly under control and not even high ranking members of the Official Star wars fan club: hyperspace (no I am not a member, its to expensive) know what is going on. The one thing though that we (star wars fans) are rooting for is a fly by of the Millennium Falcon, a ship that has been deeply missed by fans. The movie has an incredible amount of potential and should be looked forward to as possibly one of the best (but also possibly one of the worst, I hope George Lucas didn't screw up again) movies in 2005.
That my two cents, I apologize for being a geek, but I'm such a Star Wars fan that I couldn't remain silent. thank you.~Jeff

post script
for a few of you out there who are anxiously waiting for the release of HALO 2 on November 9th (Tuesday), I you because I cannot play it until I get back from the encounter (WHICH WILL ROCK) because if I do I will never get anything done.

100 Memories from Sophomore Year

Well, Ben said he isn't going to be posting for a few weeks and wants us, the fellow Outsiders Looking In, to step up with topics. In this topic, please post your many memories from Sophomore year. As by Sophomore year, most of us knew one another, I think we can come up with significantly more memories. Plus, it all occured more recently, so your memories should be sharper. Hopefully.

So on to the memories:

I remember randomly showing up at karolyn's house after having left messages saying we were coming, only to surprise her as a large group knocked at her door. Well, first she was surprised when scotty drove ahead of us and was let in by her mom...while she was still in a swim suit.

I remember taking precalculus in 2 weeks, one or two tests per day, and spending all the time that I wasn't studying or testing hanging with me amigos.

The night before I went to Europe for a month, there was a rocking party at karolyn's house...I ended up leaving around 11:45 (I was one of the last one's there) because my dad got lost and ended up first driving to the wrong house after writing down the wrong address.

I have many more to share with (after all, all these are from the first few weeks of summer :D) but for now, I need to go eat.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


A peak into the evening of Cory

I went to ClubSport at 8 for a good time sponsored by Rolling Hills. It turns out Rolling Hills rented the entire club for the night. That church is frickin rich. It was really fun watching Michael Bauer shoot hoops in his get-up for reasons I won't go into. Audrey's really good at volleyball. And now for the heart of the story:

The 3 on 3 basketball tournament. My team, being myself, my brother (who's not much taller than me, and a friend (who's not much taller than him), was the Mormons. I was hoping there could be a losers' bracket cause if it was single elimination i thought we might get screwed. The Rebel Penguins were ok but we out-hustled them to make somewhat quick work of them. the next team we played was the Giants. one of the guys was like 6'7". they had the height advantage every match up. we out rebounded them! we were better rebounders who worked harder. we beat the friggin GIANTS! for the championship game we played the T-wolves. they had a pretty big guy. but our sharp shooter (this guy nailed threes from way beyond the NBA regulation three-point line) kept us in it. we were down 8-9 when he hit the three, and we threw our arms up in victory for our first championship after many 3 on 3 tournaments.

PS. before he hit the three, we all agreed it'd be win by two so the final score was 12-10 them but the rules said game goes to 10.


Some of you are aware that I am a HUGE comic book fan. And a couple of you even know just how much I am absolutely in love with comics, especially (as it goes with most of us) superheroes. They're not always realistic...slightly-more-than-normal people dressing up in tights...but they're inspiring to me. The same way tales of knights used to inspire people. A person who sets aside his or her own personal wants and needs, and accomplishes something for the good of mankind. I love that concept...love it to pieces.

So when I learned of "The Incredibles," and the concept behind it (two former superheroes, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, are now married and forced to come out of government-enforced retirement with their family when their lives are endangered). For starters, it reminded me of a more comedic version of the comic book POWERS, in which an ex-superhero-turned-detective solves crimes involving people with powers (it's a street-level look at how superpowered beings would affect the real world). Second...well, it's Pixar, and it's a superhero film.

So does it succeed? And if so, as what? A cartoon? A comedy? A Disney film? Or possibly even...a superhero film? The first two, definitely. Third, not so much. Fourth, more than I thought possible. First, it is INCREDIBLY well-animated, and more than any other film so far, gives me hope at the future of cartoons, which is being taken over by computer generation. With this, they developed CG to the point that characters can express far more. Their faces and bodies are not limited the way a human's body is, which is a staple of all animation I love (see: Looney Tunes).

And it's FAST. The animation moves very, very fast, which is something network animation and most live-action comic book movies have been unable to attain (two exceptions are the train fight in Spider-Man 2 and the Wolverine/Lady Deathstrike face-off in X2). Dash, one of Mr. Incredible's kids, who's the speedster of the film, actually moves as fast as he's supposed to. And Elastigirl...Elastigirl is a work of art in animation, and people will point to her as one of the great works of animation in the film. The scene in which she breaks into the hide-out blew my mind.

Is it a comedy? Yeah, and it's a very funny one. The jokes hit well, and very few are anticipated.

But mainly...it's a superhero film, and I couldn't be happier. Animation has, to me, been the one place in which a superhero universe could exist, as it's totally free-flowing and the characters are guaranteed to not look stupid in their uniforms (for every Spider-Man there's a straight-to-video Captain America). And this succeeds beyond every animated superhero rendition (with the possible exception of some episodes of Batman: The Animated Series), and nearly every live-action film (it's so close to reaching Superman and Spider-Man heights).

The hero, Mr. Incredible, actually has a genuine motivation, and is the most relatable superhero since Peter Parker. The villain's motivation is thin, but he's such a great villain I can't complain. And Elastigirl...I talked about her in terms of animation, but she is my favorite character in this film without a doubt. I was really liking her for most of the film, but by the time we reach the plane crash, I absolutely fell in love with her. Wow.

And the fight scenes are VERY well staged. They characters don't just fight, it's a full-scale battle. The most important evidence of this? They change locations. What most superhero films miss is that it's not boxing. There's no limits to where the fight'll go. If you get knocked into an office building, THAT'S where you're fighting now. And as I said in with the animation...it's FAST. Few superhero films are able to capture how fast and how intense a superpowered battle would actually be...this is one of them.

I could talk for so much longer about this film. About Frozone having the best lines of just about any film this year. About how it's not so different from the themes addressed in Fight Club or American Beauty (really look at it...it's there). About the classic superhero genius that just grabbed hold of me in the opening. About the cultural implications of superheroes. But I'll save it...probably 'til the Superman movie, whenever that comes out.

But yes...see The Incredibles. It's certainly the best animated film since...wow, probably since the first Shrek. If it weren't for Spider-Man 2, it'd be the best superhero film since...oh, God only knows how long. I say this about few films, even the others I love, but we are truly lucky to have this. It's got a little something for everyone, and even if you don't believe in superheroes, there are few films as purely entertaining as this.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Last Post for Awhile

pre script
First of all Shakeer wasn't at school today, and a day without Shakeer isn't a day at all.

pre script post script
Sean wasn't there either. Physics was 37% less fun and the girls took over the choice seats Gus, Shakeer, and Sean occupy in English.

So basically it was an ordinary Friday. I was an EM and totally ran out of host, but forgot you could signal for more and I ended up breaking each piece into tic tac sized chunks. And I'm talking the old, small tic tacs, not the new bigger ones. Rachel can confirm. And Mrs. Poppy who laughed when I muttered "there sure are a lot of Catholics." Fast forward to after school, me trying to organize chess club, spending half an hour looking for Kumar. Patrick Schneider needed somebody to go to the volleyball game with and I tried to find him somebody but couldn't, so I made hasty arrangements to embark with him. Unfortunately, the message wasn't clear due to a faulty cell phone call to my dad, my mom got angry, and now I'm grounded. (Won't be able to make it Sunday, Cynda, I'm sorry.) My mom isn't normally like this, but she just got through this accredidation mess at her school.

Anyway, my first volleyball matches opened my eyes up. No, not because of the embarassingly small uniforms, but because volleyball is actually fun to watch. It was intense. We watched some podunk town called Crook City upset perenial powerhouse Gresham. That was cool, and then we watched Jesuit demolish Lincoln. On the way back, we went the long way so we could go through this road Pat goes really fast on because it has a ton of curves. That was fun, and then it was back to Jesuit to watch us beat Westview 38-17 and clinch the Metro title and home field advantage for the first couple of playoff games. Bravo guys.

Oh yeah, and the title. There has been times in past where I haven't posted for like a week and that is when the rest of you post, and that is when good stuff materializes. So I'm gonna pull a trapeze artist thing and trust y'all to carry the blog on. I'll probably comment, but unless something major happens, you're on your own for a couple of weeks. I know how sad this makes you.

post script
Scott, I expect an Incredibles review, especially after the ball droppage on Team America.

post post script
Ball droppage. If I am ever a peditrician, I am totally using that phrase all the time. "Wow, Mrs. Smith, your son has some extraordinary ball droppage. You must be proud."

Mid-Season Report

Due to increasing pressure from Ben, I feel compelled to do a mid-season football report. First, the professionals.

I don't remember exactly what my picks were in the NFC. I know that I chose Detroit as a dark horse and as of right now the Lions are tied for sixth place in the conference which means that they would make the playoffs. I'm pretty sure that I picked Minnesota and they have not disappointed me, even with the loss of Randy Moss. In the West, I think I went with St. Louis and they are leading the division right now because they have the tie-breaker over the Seahawks. The South is one of the weakest divisions and about all I can say about them is "What happened to the Panthers?" The East is pretty much going as I figured with the Eagles dominating. As of right now, I would say that the six teams that will be in the playoffs are Philly, Minnesota, St. Louis, and Atlanta with the wild cards being the NY Giants and the Detroit Lions. That's right, the Seahawks will NOT make the playoffs. The Eagles are by far the best team in the conference and this year they will finally make it to the Super Bowl.

The AFC is harder to predict. There are more good teams and it's pretty tight right now. The biggest suprise has to be the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are one of the top two teams in the conference, along with the Patriots. Look for a rematch of last week's game between the two in the AFC championship game. I think I picked the Titans to win the South but right now they are in the cellar. This is one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. Without McNair this team is not that good. Jacksonville is the pick from this conference if Leftwich can stay healthy. He might have to have season-ending knee surgery and if so, these guys won't get it done. If not them, I'm saying the Houston Texans. That's right, the Texans over the Colts. Indy has no defense and thus no chance. The AFC West is the closest division in football. With the collapse of the Broncos, along with the steady rise of the Chiefs, this one could come down to the wire. However, I think the Chargers will win this conference. Brees is on a hot streak and Tomlinson is one of the best, if not the best, running back in the game. The Wild Cards go to the Jets and the Broncos. Patriots and Steelers part two in the AFC championship. I'm gonna give the nod to the Pat's because I think Belichik is too good of a coach to let the same team beat him twice in a season.

The college game is also very interesting, with the BCS causing more and more trouble again this year.

1. USC-The best team in the country and they will definitely play for the national championship.

2. Oklahoma-An amazing freshman running back but they will not play in the championship game. The will lose to the Aggies this week. A&M is embarassed after a 77-0 defeat last year and they will come out fired up.

3. Auburn-They've surprised a lot of people this year, but their schedule is too tough to allow them to go through the season undefeated. Georgia is still ahead. Look out for the upset.

4. California-The second-best team in college football, these guys will also play for the national championship. They outplayed USC last time and lost. It could be an excellent game.

5. Wisconsin-These guys have been relying on a strong defense but I don't think that they are that good. They havn't played anyone that tough yet and Michigan is the best team in this conference.

6. Utah-You have got to be kidding me. Sure they're good but they have played no one tough. The best thing to happen would be for them to get a BCS bowl and just get absolutely crushed. That would end the argument once and for all.

Schaal's coming around so I don't have any more time. Cal will be national champions. I know I'm going out on a limb but that's the pick and I'm sticking with it.

Fridays Kick ASS

So, this Friday is pretty awesome. I've only had one actual period of work-- as I, uh, write, I'm in 5th period Bio. And next period I am also in the library trying to figure out what exactly an article about Beowulf is saying about... Beowulf. Pat is also here but he is busy trying to get the soccer game to work and so he might not be doing the whole posting thing. Oh and I'm supposed to be working on some project doohickey.

Ooh, and I found a pretty cool picture of a bucket on Google (Hint: google for "bucket"). So I'm going to share it with you.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna go insane by the end of this, but it seriously beats working. God I love Fridays during senior year! I swear to God I'll find something meaningful to post next time. I SWEAR. TO GOD.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


So we have a new subtitle, courtesy of Mr. Ian Machuca. But seeing as though I can't trust a Republican as an administrator, he will not win the promised award. Instead, I'm kicking him off. How do ya like them apples, you ungrateful punk? Sorry if you're confused, nobody but Shakeer, Ian himself, and me actually understands what's going on here, but fret not, imac is receiving his just desserts.

Ian, dude, way to write your own obituary. Its a really funny one.

post script
Dave came in a close second with his awesome Douglas Adams quote. But Ian's is just so right. However, in light of Dave's consistent readership and commentage, he will be back on by the end of this weekend, probably on a Pat, Ken, and Dave ticket. Ken has promised to try harder. And with the vacancy created by booting Machuca, I'm gonna put a contributor named Others or something and then give everybody who wants to have it the password. Including Machuca, if he's extra nice.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Lets change America"

So, I did some research on a new political party and was just mess'n around trying to find stuff on the old parties and i am looking at the ol Bull Moose party. "Opposing the entrenched conservatism of the regular Republican Party, which was controlled by Pres. William Howard Taft" (Britannica). I like it when can i run for office (who needs college? Why not go to the big leagues now?) asking Shakeer & Gus when i can run...Booya9898: 18 for little things probablyMainOffender986: anything that i could run for now?SHAKEERonaim: hmmSHAKEERonaim: probably like city counciler
I may not have won homecoming king, but how about voting for Patrick Schneider and the Bull Moose party for anything thats avilable. So if Bobby Erwin doesnt run against me i think i have a fair chance.

who wants to be part of the revolution?
who wants to sit at home with the same old crap (you dont want to play HALO your whole life, one of these days (6) you'll want to play HALO 2)?
Who wants to be on my cabinent?

Hey More Election Coverage

I broke my vow not to watch any election coverage last night after I hid in the basement from my mom (who was screaming and throwing buttons at the TV, crazy lady!) because, hey, I have an investment in this election too. You know, the whole "having a future" thing. So anyway, I was watching CNN and I caught a glimpse of something... uh... odd. I popped on the 'net and voila! There it was!

Clicky for picture (OH HOW LEWD!)

Oh, thank you internet and guy with shirt for reflecting my thoughts when I woke up this morning. Yes, and my mom was at the Democratic HQ (right across from the Target on Murray FYI) this morning. Apparently some people were wearing black armbands and there was a lot of crying. And she ate a bananna. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! I've never heard the words "fuck" and "cracker" used so many times and so quickly as I have today coming from my beloved mother's mouth. Ahhh elections! Making dysfunctional families interesting since 1776!

Next election let's vote a little smarter, mmmkay USA?

Post Election

"the christians got their way" indeed. all the church services i've been to over the last few weeks have had quite the fervor in praying for the election, even for bush by name some of the time. a christian activism organization sends me emails to keep me up to date with the latest christian propaganda and struggles, and i'm sure there are others like it. also, christian radio stations and bands were encouraging christians to pray and vote. even the bush campaign included activity in churches to encourage registration and turn out, which Kerry officials called "going too far."

furthermore, 11 states constitutionally banned gay marriage. to those who may say that that was just the deep south, i want to point out 6 states- oregon, utah, montana, michigan, ohio, and north dakota- are included in this list. the other 5 are mississippi, kentucky, arkansas, oklahoma, and georgia. i hope all americans have the same rights. however, no person, regardless of their lifestyle, has the right to change what marriage is.

the christians responded to their duties much better this year. i'm relieved because with all i have to put up with at jesuit, i'm glad to finally have some bragging rights. i don't really want to rub it in, and i hope people don't think i'm being juvenile in reporting this. if i talked about measures besides measure 36 i wouldn't really know what i was talking about, though if somebody else'll give us a review, that'd be great.

Random Stuff

Just thought I'd cover the redundancy of Scott's post now that we know what happened, thanks though dude, we'll look back at that in twenty years and be like, "Yeah, that hurt man, but after Hillary and Barack served back-to-back eight year terms in the White House, we're finally healed. It just took four more years with those dipshits in both the White House and Congress for the people to realize they're all liars."

Anyway, onto my post. So today I've been suppressing a lot of rage. Went to EM after soccer practice and grabbed Neil Young and Crazy Horse's two-disc "Weld" Right now its soothing my soul. (Don't worry Dave, its not fruity. Its pretty much the hardest Neil has ever rocked, I'll loan it to you, its got the stuff Shakeer and I mentioned.) But I got through today without being arrested for assualt or being involved in the protest on West Burnside (I kinda wish I was there.)

And I have a quasi-story from Halloween that has nothing to do with Halloween and really has no point. I went to Lloyd Center to use an American Eagle gift card I had received. I had never been, so I was unprepared the assualt on my eyes and ears by wall-to-wall preppy garbage and trash music up way too loud. I spent about ten minutes trying to pick a pair of jeans and contemplating entering the dressing rooms that had no sign but had women streaming in and out. Finally, I went in. While disrobing and preparing to try on said jeans, a knock came on my door. I made a manly grunt but was suprised when the door opened anyway to reveal me standing in those boxer-briefs to a stupid teeny-bopper. She neither screamed and slammed the door shut nor closed it softly behind her and helped me continue, so I guess the point is moot. But I got the jeans (I don't really like them but I had to get out of there and never return) and said hello to Mr. Fykes as he walked past me. He said "Hey, what's happening man." That was cool.

post script
Today I realized that if God is the same God Cory thinks he is and a lot of my theology is wrong, I, in all seriousness, would rather go to hell believing in the things I believe in. That's pretty extreme, but that's how I feel right now. Plus, I can't know for sure until I've kicked the bucket and I'm too close-minded to change my open-minded beliefs now.

post post script
I don't want to single out Cory, but dude, when you were talking to that kid in senior hall after school today and calling another kid a hypocrite, I wanted to pick you up and stuff you in that trash can. Misha and Dave can verify those sentiments.

post post post script
On a lighter note, Nancy took this awesome picture on Halloween of part of the Family. Just imagine we were whacking Karolyn.