Sunday, November 28, 2004

Simple Plan blows

Yeah, I say it a lot...but here's some more evidence...

I was at the movie theater today, watching "The Incredibles" with the family (a movie I'm gonna be able to watch again and again and again and again and again), and despite Century's policy of no TV commercials, they still managed to work in a music video. A Simple Plan music video. The name of the song? "Welcome to My Life."

Okay, first, that's the worst freaking title for a song, because that's what EVERY SINGLE EMO SONG IS ABOUT. It's some guy telling you about his life and how it blows. And of course it's off their album "Still Not Getting Any," a title that surely shows us that even big time rock stars are just like you and me 'cause they're not getting laid. YEAH RIGHT. I mean, they suck, but they don't suck enough to not get laid. They're in a BAND! There's definitely some collection of chicks out there desperate for sex with SOMEONE from SOME band. Only it's emo sex, so they're probably talking about how much life sucks WHILE having sex.

I tell ya.

Anyway, the music video brought about a certain amount of glee. See, the whole video revolves around Simple Plan in the middle of traffic, and everyone looking out their windows to see what the hold-up is. Oh, and what do you know, it's SIMPLE PLAN! And they're in the middle of the street playing crappy music! You know what the people in the cars do? At the end of the video, they get out and start moving towards Simple Plan. Simple Plan then starts putting their instruments down and walking away from the people. So the people RUN after them.

You never see what happens.

The lesson? Well, first, don't play bad music in the road, because people will revolt. And second...even the people in Simple Plan music videos hate Simple Plan.


Shakeer said...

Haha, my sister was watching some Mary Kate & Ashleey movie and they were performing a concert in it. Man did they blow. Also, you know you suck when your band is featured prominently in a straight-to-video Olsen Twins movie.

Dave said...


Nancy said...

yea simple plan sucks. I heard one of their songs on the radio and I was like wow, this band is retarded. They're a bunch of avril lavigne's, only guys.