Saturday, November 27, 2004

Tell me tell me tell me

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I need a play by play of the holy war now!! I'm dying over here!! Seriously, I got on the blog to find out the specifics, and there was NOTHING!! I almost cried...No football player comments, no Pat comments, nothing! Please please please please! Need to know.

By the way, Way to go guys!! I was cheering from afar! Congratulations to fans and players alike!

For Jonny Breuer, 18 of 24, 294 yards? 5 touchdowns? And a 55 yard pass to Mast, who had 10 catches, 170 yards and 3 of those touchdowns at 55, 12 and 51 yards! Wow and Weatheroy! The reporters really liked him. Little soph.

So tell me, was it amazing?


P.S. It snowed last night!


Doug said...

Snow?! Lucky

Well, I can't give you a play-by-play commentary, but I will try to relive as much of the game as possible.

Pregame songs: Welcome to the Jungle
That Eminem song from 8 mile
She shook me all night long
(probably some others, but those ones kicked ass)

We started off with the ball, and scored the first drive. Since Graham is injured, we had Nick Roselli kick, and he missed the extra point. Sean Williams had a tackle on the kick-off, preventing them from scoring on the kickoff, something that they did against us twice in our 35-42 lose sophmore year in the 2nd round. We were really concerned with special teams, but we were able to prevent them from having any free points. The most impressive play of the night in the words of the Oregonian:
"Paul Weatheroy's momentum was taking him out of bounds, but he danced along the right sideline to keep his feet on the field.Then, as the play appeared to be winding down, he cut left and followed his blockers into the left side of the end zone for a 52-yard touchdown run in the second quarter."
Our defense did a great job stopping them in the first half, and they only had two big plays, one of which the scored on bringing the game to 26-7 at half-time. We should have had at least 2 more touchdowns, but we made some mistakes as we approached the endzone, that allowed Central to stay in the game. Central is good at making teams make mistakes, and this was how they managed to stay in tough games. Since Roselli missed the extra-point on the first touchdown, KP decided to go for two on the second, but we missed on a run to the right side. After that, we went back to kicking for extra points, and Rosseli made all of them.

Even though we had a solid, 19 point lead at halftime, coach made it clear to us that the game wasn't over yet. Central has come back 4 times this season from 20 point deficits at halftime.
Their offense came out in, and started passing a ton, and got some big plays on our small d-backs (Nick Millar had a hell of a game, especially in the first half) They scored on this first drive, and staying way too close to comfort: 26-14. We scored twice more in the second half to bring the score to 40-14.
Personal recap:
John unfortunatly didn't get in, but I got in on one play with about a minute left in the game. It was fourth and about 12, I was in for Swihart at left tackle, and we ran a 22-blast (run to the right, between the guard and center), away from my side. Gunsul, Lamb, and Bullock couldn't get a push, and the play was stopped for no gain, and a turnover on downs. I, on the other hand, made a decent block on Central's starting d-end.

This is my fragmented recollection of the game, hopefully John and Pat may be able shed further insight.

It was so great playing in front of 11k fans, and I can't wait until next week, which is again at PGE park.
A picture of the huge crowd:

John and Karolyn said...

Well, I wrote out a "play by play" for you, but blogger ate it, so you don't get it.

Dougie covered it, and you can look at oregonlive if you need more details. They're always biased but do a good job getting teh facts, normally.

Suffice to say, while our fans are often quiet, they're good fans. No jeering and throwing shit at people when they go in the lockerroom, or breaks during games to yell "So-and-so SUCKS!" while their team is still playing.

Regardless, I was quite surprised/pleased to see me amigos in the front row cheering away, and the huge crowd was nice. Not to mention the pre-game music...I was going crazy with adreniline, which I used to lead the charges out of the lockerroom. Don't ask me how I got in front...they pushed me there or something. I did get to tackle little brantley, which always rocks. And one guy fell on the stairs coming out.

Other random memory...a ballboy fighting a little kid to get the ball back after a PAT sent it into the crowds. That made me crack up.

All in all, good times...and we're taking on the number 2 team there again next week.