Saturday, December 25, 2004


That's right. Alaska. That is where I will be spending the next eight days. That was my big Christmas present. A suprise trip to Alaska to go skiing. That means I'm gonna miss New Years and all the cool stuff going on around here. On a side note, I got the Seinfeld DVD's which are absolutely awesome. I don't get back till Monday so I don't know if I'll go to school or not. Anyway, I'll see all of ya when I get back.


Katie said...

Can this be the post where everybody says what they got? Because that's what I'm doing. So you all should too.

Anyway, since Pat shared his biggest, here's mine:

I used to play, for 3 years, but gave it up in high school because I had a rental, but I always missed it, and my parents decided to get me my own and that I could take it to college with me and I AM SO EXCITED!!

I have to reteach myself everything, but no problem...playing makes me happy.

Oh, and I got "Love, Actually", which I will be watching multiple times today.

How about you guys?

Katie said...

I spelled Saxophone wrong. DAMMIT!

Scott said...

Well...I already posted on the other thread, but I'll RE-POST here.

I got an X-Box. Didn't even want one 'til a month or so ago. Now...mine baby. Got the Spidey 2 game with it, which is the best thing ever. X-Box owners...I'm going shopping tomorrow, tell me what you think are some of THE BEST of the games X-Box offers.

Got Spider-Man 2 the movie...watched the train fight on the tube with the is AWESOME. Also got the Star Wars Trilogy, which I'm jazzed as hell about. Lesse...Batman: The Animated Series Volume 1 (first 28 episodes...Ben knows where it's at).

I DID get the Seinfeld set, but my mom only bought the Seasons 1 & 2, apologized, then we ordered the Gift Set. So that'll be here in a few days, which is all kinds of good.

Oh, I got this freaking NICE winter coat. It's made like entirely of Kashmir (I know...everytime I walk in someone's gotta do the song opening...DA DA DA da da da DA DA DA da da da DA DA DA "oh let the sun beat down upon my face" etc.).

Got socks n' boxers too. Go me.

Oh, and I got the I Heart Huckabees soundtrack! It's REALLY freaking good.

Got this Queen box's just got two of their CDs, but it's a good little find there.

Uh...some other stuff in there. But it's mainly all about the Box.

Tomorrow's shopping day, in which I buy all I can that I didn't get...gotta grab the Looney Tunes Volume 2...Hellboy Director's Cut...Ed Wood for sure...probably a game (or two...depends on what they go for) for the Box...Daredevil Director's Cut...JOE VS. THE VOLCANO...and if anything else looks pretty, I'll probably grab some a' that too.

Merry Christmas!

I'm seeing The Life Aquatic tonight! I CAN'T FRIGGIN' WAIT!

Adrianna said...

I actually haven't gotten anything yet, but I think there's some money coming my way. I went to the beach with my folks on the 22nd and just got back to a nice fat acceptance letter from Marquette. I saw Flight of the Phoenix... a good mindless flick for watching in an abandoned theater on Christmas Eve at 9-ish, and I had a Christmas Eve dinner (and Christmas day breakfast) of beef jerkey (and beef steak nuggets, mmm mmm!) and jelly beans. So all in all, since nothing has exploded around here, this is shaping up to be a damn fine Christmas.

Oooh and I bought myself a nice pair of flip-flops and some pants at the beach. Hooray for pants! They are Union Bay!

Cynda said...

My family got a new stove!!!! Yes I know you're all like "ummm....Cynda are you alright?" And the answer is YES because if any of you have seen my stove you will know exactly why it is I am so excited. Oh and we also got that cool instant hot water thing that attaches to your sink; I love those things!
And I swear my dad is psychic because i definately needed new paint brushes and pallets and My dad came through along with a niffty case!!!

Oh and of course what Christmas would be complete without Harry Potter and the POA!

Scott said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the coolest gift I didn't know existed...y'know those USB things that are replacing floppy discs? Y'know MP3 players? Yeah, this is something that's both. Easily the weirdest yet coolest thing ever.

Scott said...

Oh, and Adrianna, congrats on getting into Marquette!

Adrianna said...

Oh hey thanks Scott. I just got back from the ceremonial opening-of-the-presents. I got a lot of money (I am now OFFICIALLY loaded... if you take me places I can now compensate you for gas money, that's how rich I am) and a 16-month hot guys calendar called "SPLASH." I kid you not. That's one to hang in the dorm room!

Shakeer said...

Well, I got a $237 speeding ticket.

Dave said...

Congrats A!

Ben said...

Sorry about that Shakeer, but at least they didn't find your stash.

Anyway, my brothers and I (for all intents and purposes we receive gifts together) got a pool table way back in October that was the big thing for Christmas this year. It currently resides in my assualt-on-every-sense basement wedged between a pillar that bears that signatures of patrons of the speakeasy the basement used to be back in the 30's, a mattress, a broken down couch, and a crap load of boxes and antique chairs. It's surrounded on every side. I still play on it (about 25% of the shots can be played normally.) This is obviously unacceptable, so I have begun the arduous task of cleaning that dungeon. It should be suitable for the most hardy of guys by spring break, everyone by summer. So y'all won't have to go to Maura's or pay money for your pool fix. Between my house and Scott's, you guys'll never leave the east side.

In today's action, yours truly finally got a cell phone. Also, I am fully equipped for future poker action and the boys and me have some new Xbox games.
[I am glad you got Batman, Scott. I looked for it to get you but didn't find it. Okay, I didn't look that hard, but if it was there, I would have got it for you.]

I don't know what I can recommend. Are you getting Xbox Live? That makes a big difference. But I will have some suggestions once I know that.

post script
Kill some seal pups for me, Pat. And take pictures that we can send to Jessa.

Rachel said...

Wow, Pat that's really parents would never dream of surprising us with a trip to Alaska, everything has to be planned at least 10 months in advance with full and prior knowledge. But I'm sure the skiing in Alaska will kick ass, and we'll miss you for New Years...

Scott said...

Dude, Ben, congrats on the cell phone. Soon you will know the majesty of being able to call anyone, anytime. Or you can take the Rachel Finn Approach which your parents can find you ANYTIME. Both are equally true.

As for XBox (I have now learned there is no dash) Live, I have two free months that came with the system, and two free months...from something else. Maybe Halo 2 that we're getting tomorrow. So if that goes well and it's moderately priced, I may consider it.

Nancy said...

Let's see..I got lots of candy..clothes..scarves..and these really comfortable fuzzy green socks. My brother got a moshi though, I'm very jealous.

Cory said...

A stereo for my car. No more radio or tapes for me!

BB KING! All his greatest hits, now to be added to my musical repertoire, thanks to this book.

All of Grace and God Loves You, by Charles Spurgeon, the greatest evangelist of the 19th Century, if not of all time.

I've got a few kinds of Christian music covered thanks to my family. There's the good Christian music, Restored by Jeremy Camp, courtesy of my brother. Some of the greatest gospel music, Real by Israel and the New Breed, from my older sister, a Christian music connoisseur. Then the probably-lame Christian music, that you hear too much on the radio, Welcome to Diverse City by Toby Mac, courtesy of my grandma, who also got me a stuffed frog.

Ben said...

I gotta send a shout out to Cory for playing on my doorstep and giving me Skittles. He livened up the crowd. (OK it was one other family, but it gave us something new to talk about besides me applying to college)

Cynda said...

Yeah Cory that was awesome!! My parents kept talking about what a sweet guy you are!! You scored major brownie points with them...and this on top of the tutoring...I think you're on the way to being adored by my parents!