Thursday, December 09, 2004

Bowl Bonanza 2004

It seems that all I post about now a days is football. Anyway, Ben asked me to give my predictions for the 28 bowl games which will be played this year. So, here we go...

New Orleans Bowl-Southern Miss vs. North Texas--Believe it or not, I actually no something about these teams. North Texas has one of the best running backs in the country and a great rushing attack. I saw Southern Miss play Cal and they didn't look too bad. They have a solid defense and their offense can move the ball. Pick: Souther Miss

Champs Sports Bowl-Georgia Tech vs. Syracuse--Syracuse finished tied for first in the weak Big East so we can't take them too seriously. They have a good rushing game but their true freshman quarterback and defense are suspect. Georgia Tech is one of the biggest suprises of the year. They have one of the best recievers in the country and they played in the ACC, so they played higher caliber teams. Pick: Georgia Tech

GMAC Bowl-Bowling Green vs. Memphis--This is going to be an offensive extravaganza. Memphis one of the best, if not the best, running backs in the country and Bowling Green has an emerging star at quarterback. This one could come down to who has the ball last. Pick: Memphis

Fort Worth Bowl-Marshall vs. Cincinnati--I don't know much about either of these teams. They both probably have good offenses and weak defenses. Pick: Marshall

Las Vegas Bowl-Wyoming vs. UCLA--UCLA has a good running back and a pretty decent defense. The only question is, can their quarterback get it done through the air? If so then this game won't even be close. That said, UCLA should not overlook Wyoming. This is a decent team who gave Utah their only real challenge. Pick: UCLA

Hawaii Bowl-Hawaii vs. UAB--This one will also probably be high scoring. Hawaii, with quarterback Timmy Chang, should gain a lot of yards and put up a lot of points. Plus, they have the advantage of playing at home. UAB has a good rushing game but their defense isn't that great. Pick: Hawaii

Motor City Bowl-Toledo vs. Connecticut--This one won't be as close as some people think. Connecticut is a major suprise and they have had good success this season. But, they have been playing in the Big East. Toledo won the MAC and this is basically a home game for them. Their spread offense will be too much for UCONN to handle. Pick: Toledo

MPC Computers Bowl-Fresno St. vs. Virginia--Virginia was one of the biggest disappointments of the year. The have the best linebacker corps in the country and play solid defense. Alvin Pearman is an emerging star at running back reminds me a lot of Reggie Bush. Fresno St. hasn't beaten anyone tough and their defense is atrocious. Pick: Virginia.

Insight Bowl-Oregon St. vs. Notre Dame--N.D.'s biggest mistake was firing Willingham and now they have no head coach. The players will not be focused but it doesn't really matter because they are not that good of a team anyway (Sorry, John). Jesuit grad, Mike Hass, will carve up the Irish secondary and if N.D. gets more than ten points, I'll be suprised. Pick: OSU

Independence Bowl-Miami(OH) vs. Iowa St.--Yeah, this is gonna be a snooze fest. Iowa St. had a chance to win the Big XII North, but that's not saying much. Miami(OH) has a good offense (like every team from the MAC) but have absolutely no defense (like every team from the MAC). Pick: Miami(OH)

Houston Bowl-Colorado vs. UTEP--Colorado is a bad team. They got schelacked by Oklahoma in the Big XII championship. Their ground game is solid with absolutely monsters on the offensive line. UTEP is a big suprise and Mike Price has done an excellent job. I sense an upset. Pick: UTEP

Alamo Bowl-Ohio St. vs. Oklahoma St.--Ohio St. has one of the most dangerous kick returners in the country in Ted Ginn Jr. Their defense is very solid. Oklahoma St. answers with running back Vernon Morency and the Woods tandem at receiver and quarterback. This one will be a defensive struggle that goes down to the wire. Pick: Ohio St.

Continental Tire Bowl-North Carolina vs. Boston College--N.C. upset Miami but that's about all they have done all year. Their quarterback is good and underrated by many. Boston College had a shot at the Fiesta Bowl but an absolute whipping by Syracuse in their final game ended that. Look for them to bounce back and take it to the Tar Heels. Pick: Boston College

Emerald Bowl-New Mexico vs. Navy--I know nothing about New Mexico. Nothing. Navy has the triple option offense and a very good fullback. Their defense is good enough but not overpowering. Pick: Navy

Holiday Bowl-California vs. Texas Tech--Cal got the shaft. Big time. Even if they are not in the BCS, at least give them a decent opponent. The Red Raiders can put up a lot of offense but Aaron Rodgers and JJ Arrington will have their way against Tech's porous defense. And Cal's defense is one of the most underrated in the country. Pick: Cal

Silicon Valley Bowl-No. Illinois vs. Troy--Seriously, who cares. I didn't even know that there was a school called Troy until I saw this. I saw No. Illinois once on Sports Center but I don't remember why. This is a total guess. Pick: No. Illinois

Music City Bowl-Alabama vs. Minnesota--Minnesota had a disappointing year. However, they do have a running back tandem that rivals that of Auburn. Their defense is decent. Alabama has one of the top ranked rushing defenses in the country so it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Pick: Minnesota

Sun Bowl-Purdue vs. Arizona St.--Purdue has fallen a long way. Once a top 5 team they not are relegated to the Sun Bowl. Many people say that they were overrated but I disagree. Their losses have all been by 3 to 7 points and they have lost to decent teams. Arizona St. without Andrew Walter doesn't have a chance. Pick: Purdue

Liberty Bowl-Louisville vs. Boise St.--This game features the top two ranked offenses in the nation so look for lots of points to be scored. Boise St. went undefeated and Louisville's lone loss was a close one against Miami(FL). Louisville does have a decent defense. This one might also come down to who has the ball last. Pick: Louisville

Peach Bowl-Florida vs. Miami(FL)--If you don't live in the state of Florida you don't really care about this one. Both these teams are overrated. Miami(FL) has dominated the series recently. However, they didn't look so great against Va Tech. Florida is going to have a new coach for the first time in this game. Pick: Florida

Cotton Bowl-Tennessee vs. Texas A&M--If one of Tennessee's vaunted freshman quarterbacks return from injury in time then this won't be that close. Riggins has emerged as true talent at running back. A&M has a high powered offense but the defense is suspect. Pick: Tennessee

Outback Bowl-Wisconsin vs. Georgia--Georgia was a national championship contender at the beginning of the season. However, their offense has trouble moving the ball and Fred Gibson is one of the biggest disappointments at wide receiver. Wisconsin was on it's way to the Rose Bowl before an absolute drubbing by Michigan St. They have a dominating defense but a weak offense. Pick: Wisconsin

Gator Bowl-W. Virginia vs. Florida St.--W. Virginia is the biggest disappointment this year. They were expected to win the weak Big East easily but failed to do so. Florida St. has trouble doing anything on offense but their defense is one of the best in the country. Pick: Florida St.

Capital One Bowl-LSU vs. Iowa--LSU has a strong defense and their offense has gotten better each week. Iowa started off slow but has really played well as the season has gone on. This is gonna be a close one. Pick: Iowa

Rose Bowl-Texas vs. Michigan--Michigan has a great freshman running back and receiver Braylon Edwards is capable of completely taking over ball games. They also have the best secondary in the nation. Texas has a good running back and an amazing linebacker but, too be honest, both of these teams are way overrated. Pick: Michigan

Fiesta Bowl-Utah vs. Pittsburgh--Pittsburgh sucks. They looked good against S. Florida, but come on. S. Florida? Utah has a high powered offense and a good enough defense. Pick: Utah

Sugar Bowl-Auburn vs. Virginia Tech--Virginia Tech is a good team. They have a great defense and Brian Randall wills his team to wins. Auburn has two great running backs and their quarterback, Jason Campbell, has been one of the most suprising stories in college football. This one will be closer than most people think. Pick: Virginia Tech

Orange Bowl-USC vs. Oklahoma--The national championship. I'm gonna go into more detail on this one since it's the one that counts.
Offense: Freshman sensation Adrian Peterson should have a hundred yard game. Jason White will find wide receiver Clayton a few times but I think that he is going to have some trouble with the USC defense. USC has the most dangerous player in the country in Reggie Bush. Every time he touches the ball he has the opportunity to score. Matt Leinart will carve up the Oklahoma secondary.

Defense: People can run against USC. Cal and N.D. both had success on the ground. However, Pete Carroll can and will blitz from just about everywhere so they get plenty of pressure on the quarterback. Oklahoma also has a strong defense and their secondary has been bolstered by the return of their injured cornerback (his name eludes me). Their run defense is suspect as well and their tackling is only decent.

Look for USC to jump ahead early and make Oklahoma throw the ball to beat them. If this happens the Trojan defense should get to Jason White and make things difficult for him.
Pick: USC


Brian said...


Cynda said...

Wow Pat I'm even more confused now then I was when you tried to explain at lunch!!!

Ben said...

Ballsy pick, VT over Auburn.

I approve of these picks. You still doing the bowl betting? Rethink the Miami of Ohio pick. And maybe my mind has been poisoned by the overt favortism towards Southern teams, but I can't see Wisconsin and Minnesota both winning. Michigan State (who was beaten by ND) spanked Wisconsin. Yes, the Badgers beat Purdue, but a 9-7 win over Arizona? Georgia, who only lost to Auburn and a squeker versus Tennessee, can take them. Michigan State also blew out Minnesota. The Gophers were beaten by Indiana. Ouch. Then again, Alabama had a pretty crappy year too. That one's more of a tossup. You're probably right.

Good work, Pat. Thanks.

post script
Katie won't be happy you picked USC

Katie said...

Oklahoma football was, is, and ever shall be legendary.

And I think they will make the most of their last year with Jason White.

And I think Adrian Peterson should be the first freshman to win the Heisman.

And that's all I have to say about that.

However, I'm glad Pat finally acknowledged that Auburn isn't THAT good.