Thursday, December 02, 2004

Coolest Website Ever

Its Devon heaven. I was researching websites for the Question of the Week ( which shall be henceforth referred to as the Qdub by all bloggers) and typed in some Vietcong booby trap thing, hoping to come up with a unique site for Hahn. I found that. This place has everything. State-of-the-art blowguns and throwings stars to lock picks and stink bombs. Let's all buy ninja suits and form a dojo. Adrianna will be our sensai. We could fight crime, or at least the Republicans.

post script
OK, you caught me, I just wanted a post to keep our streak going. But consider this as proof of the low standards I have for post quality. I am a very self-critical person, so if I allow myself to post stuff like this (and this is one of my better posts) think of what you can get away with!

post post script
I just saw that Hahn expanded the question to be about anything in 60's American history. That should make it a lot easier. Not that he really grades it or anything. I will give the first person who can show me that they completely made up a website and a description of it and still got 5 points a shiny Sacajawea dollar. And that being your only reply to him. No tricking me guys, I'm really gullible.

post post post script
No wait, I found a better site

"I believe that Brittany Spears, Eminem, and others are being used by them to sing lyrics they like (ever notice that he wears a Neo-Nazi look and sings hate lyrics? This is NOT by chance).

In fact, many of the top pop singers come from an internship with the "Mickey Mouse club" (yep, good old Walt the Illuminist's Empire) and I believe they are offered stardom in exchange for allegiance or mind control. How many lyrics advocate suicide, violence, despair, or New Age spirituality in pop/rock today? Or just get a copy of the words and read (but be aware that many are possibly triggering to survivors of mind control)."

The link is about how the Beatles were an experiment in brain washing our youth into accepting change. That excerpt itself is from the homepage. There is more. And its really funny/creepy as hell, especially because they are dead serious. Apparantly "riffs" make us subjective to sub-messages. Who knew?


John and Karolyn said...

Question of the Week = QotW. I so started that like...week one.

Alright, its a take-off of "QUOTE of the Week", but it works for me. Unless we start doing weekly quotes.


Adrianna said...

Sorry to disappoint Ben, but I don't know how to use throwing stars and such. I assume you throw them, but I've learned from experience that playing with sharp objects that you don't really know how to use can hurt... a lot. Now then, if you want to know how to bake a really good tasting cake (or break inanimate objects up to 5 inches thick, provided you're kicking with the grain of the board and not against it), that's more up my alley. Oh, and spin kicks. I do enjoy a good spin kick.

Adrianna said...

Oh yeah, and I'd prefer being your sijay, because senseis are so overrated. Or a sifu, but that'd mean I'd technically be your father, so it would be just a touch awkward.

Scott said...

I didn't read the site yet, but I vote in favor of Qdub over QotW. Why? Because, in conversation, you can actually SAY "Qdub" and it sounds natural, yet not at all like what it represents. QotW? Maybe Klingons can pronounce it, but not Earthfolk!