Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Great Can-Tower, 2004

I just wanted to post a breif teaser about this awesome tower.

Yesterday (wednesday), my first period physics class took over food to the student center early and then kidna hung out. Out of boredom and a small spark of inspiration, I began separating out the little cambell's tomatoe soups cans and stacking them. Then the class began helping. When I went to the driver's meeting, I asked Gus to protect it for me but honestally thought it would be dead by my return. Half an hour later, II was amazed to see it grown incredibly. Structrual flaws, however, would keep it from growing me.

So we moved it to the floor and made it bigger. Simple logic, right?

Nolan provided structrual design, Gus worked as chief cardboard operater and later structural engineer, Shakeer was our major scouting and counstruction firm, and Spencer proved he was the ballsy of us by climbing on top of the 10 foot ladder karolyn and I "aquired".

Oh, did I mention we touched the ceiling? An all time jhs canned food drive record, I might add.

Many thanks to all involved. I'll post the pictures here once I get them from our offical photographers.



Ben said...

And its a record that can never be broken, only tied. Unless they go outside. Then all bets are off.

Congratulations John. You had a vision and inspired the help of at least a dozen people, including myself. Quite a gift. And Jesuit's gonna be using that thing as a promotion for years.

Patrick Schneider said...

I wanted to knock it down so bad it hurt

Shakeer said...

Yeah, it's a bit late. Sorry.