Monday, December 27, 2004

I'm glad I'm not a Christmas tree

On the way home from Pioneer tonight, I was startled to see that they have already begun dismantling that really pretty tree they had set up in the square for the holidays. Two of those massive Genie all-terrain lifts were up in the air, and guys with chainsaws were pruning off all of the limbs. That was kind of depressing!

If I were a tree I'd want to be an ugly tree. That way people wouldn't cut me down and put me in a square and then hack off all my limbs, throw me away, and forget about me after some random pretty holiday was done. They'd just look at me, go "oh, what an ugly tree!" and then cut me down and turn me into a beautiful cabinet. Or possibly a lot of toothpicks.

Oooh pretty metaphor. Discuss!

Postscript: Oh wow hey I was pretty tired last night. Um. Toothpicks are cool? Yeah. I'm a gonna try to find some more stupid websites for you guys. Lah dee dah.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I always feel sad when I drive by the Christmastreetion camps.

Danielle said...

I saw that too! I was with people who hadn't seen the glorious tree and to think they were chopping it down the day after Christmas. It's a disgrace!