Friday, December 10, 2004

In preperation....

In preperation for the coming blog war, I have created SWITZERLAND. It's here.

Before everyone goes "OH SHIT ANOTHER BLOG" please be warned that this is just a joke. I will not post there again. I also disallowed comments. SO HAH. Yeah. JOKE. JOKE BLOG. SUCKING UP BANDWITH.

Hey, I'm in history and I'm very bored. Go figure.


Nancy said...

I like how it's a neutral color too.

Adrianna said...

Yeah, I thought of everything!

Cory said...

i justed noticed i'm not a writer anymore for the blog.
it's been a while.
i've been reading all the ones i haven't read yet.
perhaps it's be a week (at least).
which goes to show the food drive is too blame.
i should be out there right now.
i'll finish getting up to date later.

ben, how bout "ken and cory"? i'm bound to regain free time eventually.