Sunday, December 12, 2004


There are two kinds of sequels. One is the traditional kind, which is "Hey, this film made a buncha money! Let's make another!" The other is the kind that really furthers the story, and you really feel like the first was just an introduction to a much larger story (Spider-Man 2 is a prime example).

"Ocean's 12," unfortunately, is the first kind. I LOVED the original "Ocean's 11," and have been anxiously awaiting its sequel. And "12" has its moments. Don't get me wrong, there are some times when it is amazingly fun and entertaining. But as it got closer and closer to the end, I could tell that the entire time, writer/director Steven Soderbergh was sitting around saying "we gotta make this not like the first" in regards to the sort of twist ending.

In "12," the danger is higher but it doesn't feel that way. The gang never really feels trapped like in the original. And, by the time it gets to what the end up doing with Tess (Julia Roberts), I wanted to groan. They could've come up with SOMETHING better than that (although it allowed for a damn good cameo).

The actors are still on their A-game, but it doesn't feel like they have as much to do this time. Danny Ocean (George Clooney), for example, really isn't the main character of this. I don't know who is, but it ain't him. And none of them really come off as cool as they did in the first. In the first, these guys were the coolest buncha folks around. This time...not so much.

So I entire perception of the film is "the first, but subdued." It's like they eliminated the entire point of the sequel idea, which is to take the first, and make it BIGGER. This was just smaller, and can join "Shrek 2" on the list of the year's more disappointing films.


Ben said...

I hope Pirates of the Caribbean 2 avoids that kind of letdown. But it probably won't.

Rhoads said...

Scott, I agree with pretty much all that you said except about "Shrek 2"...cause that was an awesome movie.

Pat said...

I agree with Scott. The ending really sucked. It was such a let down. And Rhoads, Shrek 2 sucked. By the way, the mother wanted to have "family time" so we all went to see Ocean's 12. It is worse the second time.