Sunday, December 12, 2004

Pittsburgh... and the GHHQC.

I remember back during sophomore year when everyone would ask me why, exactly, I... disliked... Pittsburgh so much. You want to know why? Check out the title link. Yeah. That's why. Well, that and I missed homecoming and two other weekends when important stuff (to a sophomore) happened.

And even if that article sounds funny, YOU CAN TELL. You're walking around downtown, this article would not surprise you, unless your nose was clogged up or you were drunk (the only possible solution to Pittsburgh). You'd be glad the cops were getting to work on the problem but afraid to get your hopes up.

If you're like me, and count mass-produced coffee shops as a sign of civilization, i.e. people who don't drink excessive amounts of alcohol just to leave the byproducts on the street later, you'll notice that Portland has FOUR STARBUCKS for every ONE in Pittsburgh (compare the cities at

Anyway, just wanted to explain that.


Also, my parents and I have been talking about why school is so terrible this year. They think that it'll be more interesting if I try harder to make classes interesting--I'll get out of it what I put in. I disagree, but I'll use their opinion to introduce something totally unrelated to Pissburgh (wow, I totally misspelled that accidentally, then decided to leave it that way):


Goal: Post the least reverent answer to a Question of the Week and get away with it.

Rules: The post is only eligible for victory if it (a) is posted visibly in the Public Folders for Hahn, and (b) scores five out of five points. If you're not in Hahn's class, collaborate with someone who is. Or post anyway and ask him if he'd give you five points, I guess.

No, I guess I don't know how you could post something invisibly in the Public Folders.

If anyone's up for it, we can post opening bids. What do you say?


Ben said...

Sweet. Timeline?

Ken said...

Original plan was no timeline, a running game to improve upon the last week. Now, we could just have a contest every week, but that would take major participation, and I'm not sure if this blog has enough gutsy readers, frankly... prove me wrong if you like. Better idea, Ben?

Ben said...

Is this for pride or some sort of prize? I guess I have a lot of dumb questions and should just do it for the sake of doing it. Yeah, what the hell. The guy already dislikes me for virtually calling him a Nazi-lover. What more harm can I do? You're on Ken Colwell.

Ken said...

All right, Ben. Here's the example post, although it's themed... last week's "1960s" Q-Dub.


It being 10:30 at night, I googled "1960s," and was rewarded (after Wikipedia) with a website tuffer than a passion pit:, a glossary of really boss terms that kept me from wiggin' out on this assignment. I started using them on my parents, but my mom was way too much of a sosh in the 60's to have passed for a gremmy, let alone dropped a chop on her old man with some choice slang. And my dad, well, he never really laid it to me straight--not one for lip flappin --but I honestly think he was a panty waist. Maybe even a kissee. So neither of them really dug me when I asked them to give me some skin, and they were a little hacked at me when I gave them the bird and told them to "Climb it, Tarzan!" I thought I looked pretty bad, man, but my old lady totally flipped her wig and put the kibosh on me. I mean, I got the Big Winnie now. They're both thicker than a five-dollar malt--stared at me like I'd let some greaser bag the short--and when I tried to jump bad with them, they went ape. It'll be a while before things are copasetic again. Easy, teach.

HahnScore: 5/5


And, oh baby, will there *ever* be a prize. I'm not sure what it is yet but it will be sweet.

Also, if anyone else ever reads this, it'll be a sad contest if it's just Ben and me. Please validate our lives by joining.

*P.S. My parents may actually read this now... So if you are my parent, please know that I didn't actually mean any of that stuff I said about you.

John and Karolyn said...

Do comments on other people's posts count? I had a rather interesting..dispute...a while back with a fellow student where I more or less called them an idiot in my comments, I'm pretty sure I have a copy of that somewhere...

Also, have we checked to see if hahn actually *reads* QotW's yet? That would be good to know. ;D


Nancy said...

well, isn't that the point john? to see if hahn actually reads the stuff? He obviously doesn't if he ended up giving someone a 5 for a bunch of BS. Hey, I'm in.

Shakeer said...

I'm down. Like a clown.

Here's another game I've been meaning to propose for a while (it isn't as cool): see who can post very very last for their class. Imagine everyone waiting with bated breath until the last minutes of Sunday night to post. Some will give in earlier than others. Several will post in a mad rush in the last few seconds. One kid might even post too late and miss the deadline by a hair.

Cynda said...

oooh i like shakeer's idea that sounds interesting.....