Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A Tragedy of Epic Proportions

Jeff cannot read this blog at his house.

At first he told me he wasn't a fan of this blog because of its hostile attitude toward posts and the ideas they present (his in particular) and he championed the girls for their loving acceptance of anyone and their thoughts. After further discussion, (which, as you know, quickly erodes any and all of Jeff's arguments) it came to light that he could not read this blog because the censor on his computer blocked it due to the occassional expletives. First off, I would like to commend the parents Nitschke for being intelligent enough to filter their son's activites. Second, I would like to recommend that the girls up their dosage of swear words.

post script
I know its tempting, but lets refrain from any further mocking of Jeff, even though he did disrespect the Gravy and couldn't read the insults anyways.

post post script
None of the former Cory, Jeff, Alex team have yet notified me of their displeasure at being replaced by Ken. The blows just keep coming.

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Cynda said...

Ya know everytime you refer to the "girls" you should really say the "girls and dave" cause after all he is a contributor....unless you mean dave is a girl as that case it s ok