Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Wow how desperate are we?

No ones posted in a really long time...so I will!!!

So today Magda, Nancy and I spent nine out of my ten dollars on coffee, thinking we wouldn't need it for anything else. Silly us because not twenty minutes later we decided to rent a movie. Now Magda and I figured a movie couldn't cost what more than three dollars, so we scrounge up every penny in my car and after about another twenty minutes realize we have about three fifty. Finally we enter the video store and run around until we find the movie we are looking for...and damn it's $3.79...so now Magda and I proceed to go around the store to scrounge up enough change, now keep in mind we a lready have like 2.50 in change and a third of that is pennies...anyway so we can't find anymore and we are about twenty cents short. Now Magda and I using our great logic figure that the clerk will be like "oh cute little girls don't have enough money so i'll give 'em a break after all it's only twenty cents." So we walk up to the counter movie and money in hand. I hand the movie over and kindly ask "how much does it cost," knowing full well it costs 3.79. The clerk says that and I reply "oh darn we're twenty cents short I guess we'll have to come back." we both turn to leave saddened that the clerk didn't offer to pay when we hear "wait, don't go home" and the man next in line pulls out a dollar so we can by our movie with pennies to spare....and yes we did all of this whil we were both wearing Jesuit sweatshirts.

Moral: Yes Magda and Cynda ARE that desperate; yes random men can be very charitable; no movie clerks are not as cheritable; yes Pat pizza is not the only thing I can get for free, but most importantly yes Magda and I are willing to spend just under an hour gathering change searching for a movie and planning a way to get money from complete strangers just so we can watch How To Deal, or any other chick flick/teeny bopper movie...because contrary to popular belief they ARE good for you!!

Coffee - $9
Movie rental - $3.79 (well technically $2.79)
Goofing around with your best friend and making a fool of yourself - priceless

I love you Magda!!!



Dave said...

A guy at wendy's gave me a quarter on Monday! I think generosity is on the rise... of course, I don't have the cute girls excuse, but he probably thought i look like i'm wasting away... silly guy

Nancy said...

Oh Dave, people think I'm wasting away too, but unlike you, they don't give me money (ahemkarolynmisha).