Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Writings from my english notebook...

Ben and Doug read a few of these and ordered me to post some of them up here. Sadly, they do not begin to compare to the famed writings of Ken or Shakeer, but hopefully they will entertain you to some degree.

A Blackbird
Rain falls in the crowded hall
thrown in by gusty winds of fall
children rush to get to class
never bothering to look or ask
about the blackbird purched just outside the door
staring down at the crowded floor
motionless, his obsidian eyes meet mine
I spend a moment lost in time
contemplating the creature before me
and I wonder what its like to be free...

A Dictionary Entry:
VAG - acronym
Voracious Armoured Gorillia
Originally coined in responce to the mass amries of hungry chain-mall covered primates that set upon cropes like a mass of giant furry wingless cicades, VAG is used as either a noun ("I got bit by a VAG out in the fields today" or "VAGs stole my babies!") or verb ("Dude, my food's all must have been VAGged!" in the non-literal sense of "You got VAGged!" or "I'm going to VAG you up, sucka!" or even "VAG me harder, big boy!" ). Occasionally, it is put into an adjective form ("That was VAGging!" or "Did you see the VAGging note left on the car the other day? They had to lockdown the school!"). VAG bears no realtion to words such as VAGrant or VAGabond, though many less-talented dictionary writers frequently mistake the unique roots of the different words.

I'm sure there's more...I just am too lazy to type anything more out right now.


EDIT: Added by request, another poem:

A Ribbion (Working Title)

I sit upon the grassy knoll,
where soon church bells will proudly toll.
As I tie the ribbon in a foolish way,
against my leg she does lay,
drinking in the fragil nature of this travesty
that brought my lovely bride to me.
For had I not awaken late that morn,
this poor lass would still sit alone, forlorn.
Atop this hill, we rest
as above the horizon, the sun does crest
where we still softely laugh and wish
that the sky was a sea, and the clouds but fish.


Ben said...

That poem is great John. I wish you would have read that in class. I'm really glad you read the ribbon one outloud. Everybody really liked it. You should post that one too. That's how we'll beat the Pinkos, qualtiy over exclamation points.

post script
Holy shit, I just realized my plan for equalizing our blog with Shakeer's (I wrote about is sometime, maybe in a comment) was quantity over quality. Okay, new plan. Large quantities of quality. Stat. The Pinkos have pulled a head. Haha, pulled a head, Dave'll like that one.

Shakeer said...

Good stuff, John.

I always feel like posting my writing prompt responses but then I remember how good people like Matt and Ken's are and how they whip those things out so effortlessly. Ken could blog his pretty easily but he rarely does, and mine are never are as good as his, so I rarely post them...

Misha said...

Ben, I don't like the "pinkos" comment. When you insult the pinkos, you insult me. When have I ever given you anything but quality?

Oh, wait, I know you are kidding.