Sunday, January 30, 2005

Small experiment

Remember awhile ago when someone (I'm thinking Ken) put out the challenge to post about something totally random in the Q-dub and see if Hahn counted it? Well, I'm taking it to a stage, and include the phrase "Blahdity-blah" in the one I just posted tonight. Check it out if you wanna. Will this prove anything? Maybe not, but maybe we'll take it to the next level.

Ben has way too Much Free Time

Ben you have way too much free time.

Don't you have homework that you should be doing? I know I do.
200 pages, a paper, anther paper, qow, an online test, two chapters of presentations, stock market challenge, Financial aid for colleges, mid year reports... And considering the fact that I will be gone all of next weekend, along with Ben and John. Speaking of which what is wrong with our teachers!?!? The day we got back from finals, we got at least 5 assignments. Including a math paper. A math paper! WTF? We have to write a 4-6 page paper on the golden ratio. Plus daily math assignments and quests (quiz + test) (actually, I've rather enjoyed the math which is very weird(I guess after not doing anything for so long, I've decided that it was time to do something)) Stupid Golden ratio. Just because it is approximately equal to 21/13 doesn't mean that it has to brag. I know if I was extremely close to 21/13, I wouldn't make a big deal about it and make people write huge papers on me. Oh wait, I would, wouldn't I? Yeah, definetly would.

PS: Ben has way too much energy for 2 am.
PPS: If you want to waste any more time, check out this link. Hellua funny.
PPPS: Random quotes from the last few days:

"Quoting Jeff verbatum isn't always a good idea" - Joe
"Cake and smiles... Dammit!" - Mr. Benware

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Saturday Afternoon

Is everybody part-gay? At least psychologically? I was browsing Shakeer’s blog and he posed this question, specifically in response to something said in a Christian Relationships class. To re-cap (and this is all Shakeer’s stuff):

Ideally men and women could have relationships based solely on the emotional status of the couple. Sexual attraction would not even exist because each person would be attracted to the other’s personality and could then easily exchange trust and love with out superficiality coming into play. The next part I can’t rephrase, so here’s what Shakeer said: “…it's widely agreed that when it comes to personality, interests, and composure, males and females are capable of achieving the same things.” Therefore men and women should be able to relate on the same level concerning just about anything (whether or not this actually occurs is up for debate, but it should be possible).

Finally, if all this is true, it shouldn’t matter what gender you are if you’re capable of having a relationship without physical attraction (which we all ideally would be) what is stopping anyone from having that same type of relationship with someone of the same sex? The kicker for me is that this is just what the Catholic church supports. No, not gay marriage or homosexual relationships, we all know they’re not too keen on them, but having a relationship so deeply rooted in trust and faith that you can’t help but be in love. I suppose it’s just another conundrum of Catholicism: get a relationship that is not superficially based, but God forbid it is with someone of the same sex, because there’s no way they could ever form a trusting, faith-filled, loving relationship (can’t think of any other synonyms for “relationship”, neither can my thesaurus).

I don’t mean to consistantly bash my own religion, but then again there are some things I just cannot understand why the Church has taken such a stance when there are so many factors beyond what the Old Testament stated. And before you start commenting on what exactly the Church says about gay-marriage and the like, I know, I’ve been doing this Catholic thing for 18 years, I know their position but I just can’t agree. I remember last year when Archbishop Vlazney came out woth the letter to the Oregonian about parishoners who opposed certain Catholic doctrines and how these people should refrain from receiving communion. I meant to write a response to the Archbishop, and I never did, but I should have because his letter just seemed so out of line to me. I don’t recive communion every Friday and usually Sunday because I want to make a public statement that I believe in outlawing abortion or never using birth control. I do because I believe in something more important than that, that I have hope for the furture because of my faith, and I do not like it when someone tells me that the “real” reason I take the Eucharist is that I want to end stem-cell research, I don’t.
Have a good afternoon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I realized that I hardly ever see Asians driving pickup trucks or semi's. Why is this?


So on my way to school i drove down canyon and LO! Hark! what do i see? Holy crap its not 1 but 2 lotus elise's!!!!!

(real colors shown)
Luckily we came to a stop, and i almost wet myself. I vowed to come back and look at them during free period. I brought along Elenai Hobbs to take pictures, we got there and i asked the guy if i could sit in it. HE SAID YES!!!! (wow i am like a middle school girl who just asked a boy out) So we go outside and i get in the orange car which was very hard. The car is about 3 inches taller than my waist, and from the drivers seat i could easily (quite easily infact) touch the other side of the car. So i am freaking out and Elenai giggles and the guy winked at her (this guy was a big sleaze: black greasy curly hair in a ponytail). but the car is his so i have to give him some props.

Sorry for writing such a big post, but this car is awesome. So fast, small, fun, inexpensive (for the amount of performance). And sorry for those that dont care about cars. Heathens.

Monday, January 24, 2005

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Awwww Nuts

It took me a while to come to my senses. It was pretty upsetting to see the perversion of such a toy and of the jokes being made about it, as if it wasn't a messed up symbol of this crooked world, but that really doesn't excuse destruction of property. I needed to make a statement, but the mature and more civil way would have to been to use my words like a big boy and leave when I get that bothered. I'm sorry for my immaturity and Ken if you want recompence for the lost value of your gift, I'll work that out with you.

On a similar note, you guys have no idea what it does to me to see such godlessness in my friends, cause I really care for you guys. My leanings will always offend people, but I'm working at acting on them wisely.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Well I failed my driver's test. That means you'll probably never see me behind the wheel of a car. But hey if my mom lets me take the test again in a month (before my permit expires), my six months will be up a week before I go to college. In other words, that ain't happening. I'll remain a ride whore and a pedestrian until I get out of college. And the One Acts and Dead Man and Footloose will see a lot more me-walking-home-late-at-night-in-blacks action. Good stuff. At least I'll get really good at saying the following:

"Uhhhh, can I get a ride?"




"Boy I hope that guy is more interested in getting high than mugging me."

Stupid protected left turns and wide lanes, confusing me...

Yeah so in conclusion this week sucked and I hated it. My mom gets home soon, so I have to sign off and get ready to get screamed at about how I'm a miserable failure who will go nowhere in life again, so seeya.

Postscript (hee hee stealing from Ben):
Whoa that was unexpected my mom hugged me and told me we'd reschedule.

A Wild And Crazy Night for The Points Princess Who After This Post Will Probably Be Renamed The Pointless Princess

So I went to listen to a lecture tonight. Given by a MacArthur fellow PhD teaching at MIT who has written at least two books. And it was useless. She spent 45 minutes discussing semantics of biology before ending with the "bold" statement that, beginning in the 21st century, genes should cease to be a noun and become a verb. Yeah. So then I spent five minutes trying to decide whether to go to the shindig tonight. After Scott told me they had procured the blowup doll I had suggested for Ken's birthday present, I knew I had to go (too bad Cory popped it full of holes, then likened his victory to that of Jesus in the temple). So Mapquest told me to take Broadway till I could turn right on 26. I followed Broadway until it ceased to exist. Then I turned around and drove until I found Burnside. I took Burnside and made a schreeching turn onto Skyview. [It was dark, and kinda foggy, and I had The Joshua Tree going, so I had Bono mocking me with "Where the Streets Have No Names" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for"] But it was dark and looking very unfamiliar, so I turned around and hit up Burnside, which I took to get on Barnes. While driving it became apparent that there was an animal running directly in front of my car, by my speedometer doing about 32. It was a small golden retriever. I tried to get closer to see if I could somehow get him in my car because I knew he was gonna get hit. This made him veer into the other lane, so I slowed down again. While trying to think, I saw him run into the oncoming lane again, against the traffic. There was a car that didn't see him coming, and neither he nor the dog was changing course. I yelled stop. Of course that did nothing and I was sure I was going to see a dog die. With absolutely no time to spare (I swear the car must have grazed him) the dog jumped aside. A police car, with its sirens on, passed me and the dog without stopping. I parked my car in the turn lane, hit the hazard lights, and went running after the dog, who I had determined did not have a collar and seemed to be the dog equivalent of high on PCP. But then I remembered my keys and went to get them so my car wouldn't get stolen. When I turned back, the dog had disappeared. A guy in an SUV told me he went up this hill. I ran up it but didn't see him and ran back to get my car, jumping off a retaining wall. A guy in the bus stop asked me if it was my dog. I brilliantly said "No, but someone's gotta get him." So I drove around these gated neighborhoods trying to find the dog. But he was gone. So I went back to Barnes, found 217 and made it to Cynda's. Thus bypassing 26. I was going way too fast the whole time, taking a lot of sharp curves. The West Hills are fun. But that dog thing really scared me. That was why I sat aloof when I got there. Adrenaline makes you do weird stuff.

But I'm glad I made it. The destination was more important than the journey.

GirlTalk asked me to write a list of what song made me think of each person in the room. Some actually do remind me of the person, some were meant to be funny, and some were based on name recognition/are good, underrated songs. And some Pat helped on. I tried to make it diverse. But it's a shitty list, and made me want to realize the plan I had last year to make a real, quality list. Anyway,

The List:
Nancy: Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers
Cynda: Like a Hurricane by Neil Young
Karolyn: Get Low by Lil John
Misha: Fuck the Police by N.W.A.
Erin: Who Let the Dogs Out by the Baha Men
Adrianna: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday
Alex: Superfreak by Rick James
Pat: Desperado by The Eagles
Jeff: Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich
John: Johnny Strikes Up the Band by Warren Zevon
Rachel: Little Rachel by Eric Clapton
Doug: Iron Man by Black Sabbath
Dave: My Sharona by The Knack
Scott: American Pie by Don McLean
Kent: Lowrider by Cypress Hill
Malori: Freebird by Lynard Skynard
Magda: North Country Girl by Bob Dylan

Yeah, needs revising, new list by Monday hopefully, I already know most of the changes but Magda and Cynda wanted an unedited version. I'll make it more complete too. Is 'What's the Frequency Kenneth' for Ken too easy/cliche? Yes, yes it is. It'll be a good list.

post script
Rachel, the reason you have never heard of Sweet Baby Rachel is that the song is actually Little Rachel. I was thinking of the right song (it's off of There's One in Every Crowd, you've probably heard it) but for some reason my brain combined it with James Taylor's Sweet Baby James. Which of course is the song that reminds me of Stuber. Sorry for the mixup. I was going to give you Like A Hurricane, but I remembered this Clapton blues song and knew I could put Like a Hurricane for Cynda because she's like a hurricane. It's a better fit for you, though. I've seen your brown eyes turn to fire. But then again I could burn multiple CDs of songs that remind me of you, same for a couple other people. But people like Erin, man was I reaching. Which reminds me. The official winner of GirlTalk was Misha, but the winner of the most respect would have to be Adrianna, for licking Jeff's face. Goodnight folks, sorry again Nancy. I hope you liked the song though. I really like it. When I'm at Purdue and the sun ain't shining, I'm gonna hop a bus for Penn and visit you.

post post script
And I totally forgot Cory, which serves him right for being such a prick. Haha, another pun!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Finals, Etc.

pre script
Yeah, finals are over, and I don't have much to say about that, other than I know, for me, next semester will be just as much work, and probably more, than last semester.

So, I just saw the music video for the Shins' New Slang (I know, it came out four years ago, I'm always behind the times. Except with the G2 pens y'all dig. I was in on those since sixth grade.) Anyway, I figured out that it was set in Portland. I have a link (albeit a bad one) in the title, but I'm sure you kids can find a better version (or have access to iTunes.) Anyway, I liked it because this private school kid in his uniform is left behind on a field trip and just wanders around Portland. I wish it was longer. I wish I could just wander around Portland for a whole day. Oh wait, I can. Maybe in mid-February, after everything has died down. Valentine's is a Saturday this year. That sounds good, it's a date. Just me and P-town. Man I'm gonna miss this Bohemian Paradise. Oh, and the song is pretty good too.

In other news, I have pictures from Finals. Most are bad because they had to be taken covert-ops style, so I am not gonna post them. But I hafta post, this library one with Shakeer raising his hand and Misha spotting Puett and I and Nancy sitting, looking serenely over the test. Sorry its so big, but otherwise you couldn't really see it. Anyway, here it is:
Image Hosted by
Kind of a poetic picture, no?

Oh yeah, and driving in Ken's van Wednesday, we pulled up next to Machuca's brother, and I jumped out in Ken's ski mask, yelled "Get in the fucking van!", and tried to pull/push him into the van. Unfortunately, Ken slightly overshot and had to brake more than the car was ready for. So as I tugged on the swearing little Puerto Rican, the door closed and he pushed me into in, reinjuring my shoulder. I think that shoulder's gonna be like an old war wound I always refer to. Man am I lame. Haha, a pun!

And yesterday, while fretting that I would never again see the biology review packet I needed so desperately to turn in, Mr. Schaal found a photocopied version of mine in his pile. Yes, after I loaned it to him Geoff Nichols photocopied my packet, which was like 9 pages long, and turned it in as such. So I did see it again, kinda.

Schedule for today:
Read more Zorba for the Benware paper, get a book from Powell's for Gorman's class, attend a lecture at the Schnitz to solidify the Bio A, and go for a run. Oh yeah, and watch the McLoughlin group. It's on OPB (at 9:30). And its awesome. Check it out.

post script
So that was quite the random jumble. It was written over three days, which I'm sure you can tell. But at least you got it in one chunk. Not like some bloggers who keep updating and changing posts so you have to go back through what you've already read to see what's new this time. Harumph!

post post script
For those of you who don't, read Shakeer's blog. It just keeps getting better, and I reference it in almost every post, so I would make slightly more sense if you read it.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Oh hell yes

Yeah this post really doesn't have a point. But finals are done for, so that's all cool. Hooray! So, how does everyone think they did? Pretty okay, I hope. But that doesn't really matter... why? BECAUSE WE'RE SECOND SEMESTER SENIORS! WOO!

Oh, and what's cracking Stubes? Glad you found the Outsiders. Now if we can only somehow get this site's URL to the 'Tri...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Ben AIM petition

We, the undersigned, respectfully petition Benjamin Vincent to download and begin using AIM. He knows he wants it.

Shakeer Rahman

Since You're Not Feeling Poetic

Driving home from work tonight, I passed a bus shelter. Outside it stood a man in a what one hasty glance told me to be a fairly worn (and not well-filled) leopard skin bikini. Clothes strewn on the ground about him, the 50+ year old man with a substantial gut calmly looked down the street to see if the bus was coming. This scared the crap out of me.

In other news, I received two pieces of post today. One informed me that my Washington University application was incomplete (its not, unless they're counting the Mid-Year Grade Report) and the other told me that I need to write an essay for the miniscule chance I have to be a Presidential Scholar (or something like that, it only has like 140 winners out of a pool of 2600, so I know I'm not gonna get it and didn't study it too intensely.)

Equally troubling, my personal hero Shakeer is trying his hardest to avoid the fate my dream predicted for him by developing a relationship with a 16 year-old girl from Massachusetts. Can't fight fate my man. [I guess it's not your fault since I won't tell you what the dream foretold, but the girl is not worthy of Your Robotness.]

But just a couple of finals stand before us and second semester senior year, so you know what to do. Bang Away!

post script
Please pray, for my sake, that Mr. Benware believes time is cyclical.

Monday, January 17, 2005

An Ode To Ken Colwell

This is a rough draft that I wrote in English during the writing prompt of September 22nd, 2004. I read it to the class last week to a lukewarm reception, but John asked me to post it, so I figured this is an oppurtunity to improve something I was not satisfied with. [Context: Mr. Benware read us something about interviewing trees, and Ken had been wowing the class the tales of setting stuff on fire and explosive diarrhea, so I felt compelled to write this.] Its not very good at all, please add any couplets (or suggestions/corrections) you can think of and we will work this into a ballad worthy of our resident jester.

An Ode to Ken Colwell (First Edition)

Interviewing a tree,
A gleam in Ken's eye I see
For his creative genius knows no bound
Give him a subject, and laughs will be found

His witticisms amuse the masses,
And his GQ looks attract the lasses.
His manliness makes lumberjacks quiver;
He hardly even cries when he has a sliver.

An Eagle Scout he shall be,
For rennovating a Porta Potty.
On the soccer field his skill inspires fear,
When opponents see him coming they try to steer clear.

{On the roofs he pulls many a prank
On the ground he is hailed as King Fank.
Although he refused to marry me,
As partners in crime we defiled St. Iggy}

His voice causes angels to weep,
And he can spew lies like gold waste-deep.
Oh what an honor I hold,
To call him a friend, if I may be so bold.

So yeah, not very good, but with editing it has some amount of potential. Please help. {The brackets were not read to the English class.}

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Charlie Kaufman didn't win

Okay...the Golden Globes were all right. Aviator got Best Drama, Leo got actor, Shore got score, but Kaufman didn't get screenplay and Eternal Sunshine didn't get Comedy and both times was beat out by, of all films, SIDEWAYS, which had better acting, but a far less superior screenplay and just wasn't nearly as good a film as Sunshine.

So yeah...that sums up my thoughts on the Globes...Kaufman didn't win...

Saturday, January 15, 2005

"I can push you"

It all started when A & W was closed at 10:00 last night (which is only strange because we all thought they closed at 11). So after driving all the way from JHS from the One Acts, Scott, Pat, Fullman, Evan and I were very disappointed that we weren't going to be enjoying frosty mugs of coke...even if it was 30 degrees outside. "Well, we could go to Wendy's on 99, they're open late so we can eat great." Someone said, and we all agreed that would be a great idea. Fullman and I, thinking frugally, decided to carpool with Evan just so we wouldn't have to drive over Bull Mountain...yeah great idea.

Anyways, Evan is pulling out of the Murray-Scholls shopping center when his car starts shuddering and slows to a halt...IN THE MIDDLE OF MURRAY BLVD. "Shit" was the first thing that crossed my mind. "Oh, I'm out of gas" quips Evan...hmm, yeah I suppose thats what the EMPTY sign means on the dash. Fullman and Evan get out and start to push the car while I steered (1. The car was freaking heavy 2. Power steering was no more, it was like twisting a wheel covered in caramel).

Somehow the car makes it to a slightly side street, and in essence becomes an extension of the median...but dangerously, very dangerously. Fullman and I send Evan to get gas, because otherwise I might get sweet. Scott calls, asking where we are, but I hand the phone to Fullman because I'm freaking out, Scott hears this as "HOLY SHIT...GRRRUMPH..ARRRGH" in the background. Scott and Pat agreed to come save us, or pick up Evan at the gas station whichever is first, thanks guys.

Evan returns with the tiny gas can, which he can't open, and so Fullman gets down to business with this crazy glove he found in the parking lot...the gas can opens. Finally there is gas in the car, Evan goes to start it when...the battery dies. I want to cry, but I don't because my tears would freeze in the rapidly dropping temperature. Thank God Scott is a genius and has AAA. AAA is called...but now comes the fun part.

By now about every third car is asking if we need help...but nothing comes of it until the dude with the giant truk pulls up. "I could push you guys across the street" Are you serious, we're thinking. Wait, yes he is, and this man is a genius...and he does it, HE PUSHED THE VOLVO ACROSS THE INTERSECTION WITH HIS TRUCK. Finally Fullman and I decide to leave, this is all to much for us, we have terrible luck with cars, especially when we're together.
To Scott and Pat: thank God you came. To the dude with the giant truck: you're a genius. To Fullman: why are we cursed? To Evan: learn to read the freaking dashboard, man.

There's ice :(

I woke up this morning to a rather icy scene. Freezing rain has returned to Oregon, the first real sign of winter this whole year. My parents were throwing buckets of warm water on my insanely sloped driveway trying to clear it off, so now the ice is thick and all splashy-looking in some places more than others. Way to go, folks! Now I'm waiting for a call from Jeff Hall about whether or not the show is a go tonight. If it is I guess I'm hiking to school. Adventure! Excitement! I will strap a pillow to my ass so if I fall it won't hurt! Or maybe I'll put a motor on my snow saucer... hmm...

So yeah I'm posting instead of studying for finals. Anyone else?

Oh yeah, and Rachel, they DO have Limeaids at Red Robin still, as I informed you last night while you were broken down in an intersection. I'm gonna cut you! (Thanks for the flowers buddy)


Free at last, Free at last, Thank God I'm Free at last

Guess which hot Mexican can drive again?

That's right, I'm hot.

Okay, fine, maybe I'm not, but I can drive none the less.

It is amazing how much freedom is lost not being able to drive.

Now I can get a job! And start driving other hot Mexicans to school again!

Yes, that was plural.

Phil is hot.

Hotter than hot.

I want him.



PS Okay, fine its not Misha, but wouldn't it be funny if it was?

Friday, January 14, 2005

Why Don't You Just Tell Me The Name Of The Movie You Would Like To See

Doug's number in the junior directory gives the Cedar Hills Century 16 MovieFone lady. The opposite of what happened to Kramer. But still amusing.

post script
Puett, Wash. U St. Louis scholarship essays need to be received by tomorrow. What's your plan?

post post script
Cross your fingers for me to get Access for Dead Man. I know I can't live up to the standard Bence set, but I can sure try.

post post post script
The MovieFone lady has a sexy voice. Especially when she said "really easy." Bang Away!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

It's the best news story ever

Many of you have doubtlessly heard about this, but's funny, so just in case...

Yes, that's of England's princes wore a Nazi uniform to a party. While it would spark outrage nonetheless, Harry chose an inoportune time as the Queen is set to visit with, in two weeks mind you...wait for it...survivors of the Holocaust.

C'mon...THAT'S funny.

College apps... its not over yet

Why is it, just when you thought life was getting easier, you figure out you are incredibly screwed? I was sitting on my bed doing my math homework at about 9:15 and I dropped my eraser on the floor. When I went to pick it up, I found a packet on the floor that said I had to be done with a Gonzaga scholarship by this SATURDAY. I had thought the line was next Monday, figured I could do it before finals. So here I am at 10:08 doing my scholarship app, or at least I should be but I’m posting this, that could be the difference of going to Gonzaga or OSU. In addition, any and all motivation to do any work is failing rapidly this week. Once next Thursday comes I will have as much motivation as Jesuit has appreciation for the school band.

As a side note, I came home today and was greeted at my door by no less then 12 boys all approximately 8 in age with voices that could have been singing soprano. Between the loud crashes as they ran through the house each other with nerf darts and the high pitched screams I thought I was going insane (Ken, I know your going to say something but just be quiet). The obvious solution? Ban kids from getting together with each other while older siblings are home, or send them all outside till they go home and never come back.

Post script
This post may be meaningless but at least it has nothing to do with teachers mooning over pat.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Plethora of Professors Pursue Pat's Prodigious Pantaloons

Mrs. Festine came into Physics class today and spent a good two minutes talking about how handsome Pat is and how he quietly hides his amazing mind. This was the height of awkwardness, her just praising Pat while the rest of us nodded along uncomfortably, hoping she would stop talking.

So I guess my question is, in a cage-match fight to the death over Pat's heart, who would win, Mrs. Festine or Mr. Lum? And who else is hiding their feelings for the illustrious Mr. Spear in the shadows? We have another semester in the Senior Annex, I'm sure we'll find out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My inbox looks like the Twilight Zone today...

I open it up, and there are two e-mails from colleges. First, I'll quote the email from "Pierre Dakota", of Tufts University:

Your name came to me from the admissions' office of Tufts University as one of the serious candidate for the coming freshman class. We are conducting your interview this Saturday January 15th, 2005 from 10:00 am. Please, call me at 503 881 8999 to set up a time. We will be meeting you at the lobby of the Embassy Suite on Airport way near PDX International.
Attire will be casual for the one hour interview. We will be talken about you and your best achievements,
Good Luck!
Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Mail - You care about security. So do we.

Yes, the admissions' office. Yes, one of the serious candidate. Yes, the coming freshman class. Yes, the Embassy Suite on Airport way. And yes, we will be talken.

Another odd thing--the e-mail is not from Tufts. Nope, it's pierredakota And another odd thing--his name shows up as "Pierre Dakota" in the title of the e-mail, which matches the address... and then he signs it with "Good Luck! Robert."

Hmmmm. Either this guy is not stellar Tufts material himself, or someone wants to get a group of Tufts applicants together at "Embassy Suite" for some more sinister purpose.

And if that wasn't weird enough, I got this e-mail from the University of Virginia Admissions Office:

Dear Kenneth,

Thank you for submitting an online application for undergraduate admission to
U.Va. We processed your application on 01/04/05.

We thank you for submitting your application before the deadline and invite you to login to your account to check the status of your application. If you have already mailed your School and Transcript Report, please note that your transcript will not be marked as "Received" in the status report until approximately 15 business days after you submitted your application.

Thanks for your interest in the University of Virginia!

U.Va. Admission Office

I would like you to note that it says, "We thank you for submitting your application before the deadline." Guess what? I didn't. It was due January 2, and I submitted it January 3, not realizing it was due the day before. Then I sent them an e-mail apologizing for my lateness and asking them to consider the application anyway.

I'm just that good? No. This is a sign from God. Screw Stanford, UVa is Destination One.



I just submitted my history paper not minutes ago. I was in the middle of attaching my paper to the e-mail when my comp clock clicked over to 11:59 PM. My epic struggle was fought by gathering sources on Friday and Saturday, writing half of it today after school, and the rest tonight between the hours of 10:40 and 11:45 (rehearsal got in the way of other writing time). The remaining time was spent using NoodleTools to site somewhere in the range of ten sources, including an episode of David Letterman.


Wow....I really cannot believe I cut it that close. Good thing I drove home way too fast (a cop was even a light behind my, lights flashing...good thing he wasn't after me).

Monday, January 10, 2005

Number One, With A Bullet

So, many of you may have seen Misha's posting on Pink Hibiscus about everyone's favorite songs...coincidentally Cantos is now holding a survey of sorts which will later be printed along with the magazine (which this year is going to be FREE, because our money is coming from Student Government, and not the stingy administration). So here is your task:

List your top 5 favorite songs, preferably ranked from 1 to 5 (1 being the best):

Rachel's Top 5 Favorite Songs (as of now)

1. Holiday in Spain (Counting Crows)
2. Shelter From the Storm (Bob Dylan)
3. Motorcycle Drive By (Third Eye Blind)
4. Misunderstood (Wilco)
5. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

All songs are obviously your own personal preference, but yeah we might giggle at someone briefly if they list, oh, "The G-Unit" or something. This would help Cantos out a lot, Chris Bakke and Shakeer are on similar crusades, but I thought it would be cool to poll the blog. Thanks guys!

Omega and the Oglamari

Hello again and would like to decalare that those past disputes have been put behind me. I re-enter the Blog with a new determination to stay faithful and honorable in my posts. However I have still continued to update my own blog ( and have reached a high point in it's production. My crew is fairly small and would like for it to remain this way for a number of reasons. One I wish to continue the continuing story without interuption and other posts conflicting, however I encourage feedback. Another Reason is this blog itself. So many have already pledged allegence to the Outsiders Looking In that to ask them to join another would be unreasonable, although I myself am a duel member.

As for my own blog, I cannot take miss a chance to endorse it. Although it is perhaps the last thing anyone wishes to hear, I find it entertaining and fun. I have renamed it to "THE OMEGA DIRECTIVE," and for those that notice this is a title from Star Trek, however the subject matter is related in no way, shape, or form, other than being a si-fi adventure. Unlike this blog which is a collection of unorganized posts, is a carefully crafted and orderly account of the later events that occur in the story that I am writing. Many of you may not know but I started a book last May when I was meaning to type my Junior Paper. Instead I created a science fiction story pertaining to: 1.) the third world war between the Soviet Union & the United States, 2.) A curent but skewed timeline, 3.) the eruption of Armagedon, 4.) the Alein invasion of the Oglamari, [find out what they are at likeapuma] 5.) and the resistance fight against the Oglamari. Suficet to say that it is quite an undertaking, however I am determined to stick to it and create a story that will become the next Harry Potter or the Star Wars of our generation.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Return of the Return of the heathens

Yes, thanks to Ben, I am now part of the blog... again. Moving on, today was really weird. Have you ever been someplace and seen people that you thought you knew but you can't remember where you knew them from? I went to the library and kept seeing that fit that description. Now, since I had seen about 6 of these people I was freaking out because it is not really normal. So I did what any not quite sane person would have done and asked them if I knew them from any where (all 6, I tracked them down dammit... not really, just ran into them all again) and it turns out that 4 were all from BHS and went to middle school with me. I promptly made an idiot out of myself (not hard to do), and moved on. 1 stared at me strangely and said “no” right before walking very fast in the other direction, and the last one was from CALIFORNIA from my second grade. Weird. And then of course Ken and Katie came to the Starbucks that John, Doug, and I were at which was just strange.

So, the result of today's exploits: total and utter embarrassment and shame, and a cup of coffee.

Post script
Grammar checker is now officially one of the most infuriating programs ever made for computers.

Well. I'm Caving

I can't avoid starting this History paper any longer. So here I go. Good luck kids.

post script
I should be at Starbucks with the rest of the guys studying for our math final that is spread over three days this week, but my car has some funny stuff in the oil and needs to go to the shop, so I am stranded at home.

Camp Solomon Schechter

Well Andy Scott, John Maletis and I drove up to C.S.S. to get my sister cause she has a big vollyball game tomorrow (or today). on the way back most of the drive was pure bliss, right out of my dreams. for about a minute there was no one on the highway at all! oh it was fun here are some stats.

CSS to Portland:
Time- 1:20
average speed: 87.36 mph (word to your mother)

CSS to my driveway:
miles- 116.48
Time- 1:31
average speed- 76.8 mph

Cars that I passed

Cars that passed me


Friday, January 07, 2005

A typical Friday trip to the movies...yeah right

As a side note, this is not a movie case you're one of the folk who just skips over those posts or whatever.

Okay, so yesterday I'm, now my Friday night's open...I should go see "House of Flying Daggers." So I go to Michael Fullman and I tell him and he's like "YEAH!" And Pat's like "okay sure I'll go" and Spencer says "I'm watching Degrassi" and John's like "I think I gotta eat dinner with my parents." Then this morning I'm like "Hey, Ben, let's go see House of Flying Daggers" and he's like "okay."

So that's part one.

Then today, I call up Ben after rehearsal and he's like "I'm on, man" and I call up Pat and he's like "I can't" and I call up Michael and get an answering machine. I call him again a half hour later, and he's like "no, man, I can't." So I'm like, "okay cool whatever" and I start walking toward the Fox Tower. Then this weird spacey chick comes up and says "hey...what's your shirt say?" and I'm like "Huh? Oh...Come Sail the song...from the 80s" and she's like "cool..."

So then I'm approaching the theater and there is a BIG F-ING LINE. So I call up Ben and I'm like "dude...there are like a billion people here...I'll buy your ticket and you call me when you get here and I'll run your ticket to you" and he's like "okay...hey, wait, what's your number" and I give it to him (ha! you thought you'd get my number out of this were WRONG!)

And as the line starts a-moving, a number of things happen. The old people behind me keep trying to cut, before their younger accomplice is like "screw this" then heads inside to the kiosk and snatches up some tickets. When he gave 'em to 'em, he's just like "here, let's go." I don't think he really wanted to be there. Also, every like two minutes someone comes walking the other way, and EVERYONE in line is like "WHICH MOVIE'S SOLD OUT?!" First one to go was Hotel Rwanda. Then Kinsey. Then Sideways. Then a theater employee came out and said "Everything's sold out except House of Flying Daggers," which the ticket folk are pushing like CRAZY (I think they wanted every movie sold out...believe you me they got close).

So then I head in, rush to grab seats, and nab some fine ones. Would've liked front row with the bar, but I got dead center so that's not so bad. Then I wait for like fifteen minutes for Ben before I'm like "hey, it'd probably be better to head out now and wait for him than jump across people during previews." So I turn to the lady next to me and I'm like "can you watch these two seats and this coat? I gotta run my friend his ticket" and she's like "fine" but I'm not really sure at all she gave a crap and I'm thinking "bitch." So I head out. And wait for five minutes. Then I call Ben, who was on some other block ENTIRELY trying to find the theater.

So then, lacking all judgment, I just start running. I bolted out of the theater, found Ben, then we ran back to the theater, but he had to call his mom. STILL lacking judgment, I go in and take my seat. Ben walks clue where I am. Then I do that crappy thing that somebody in the theater always does in the middle of the previews where they're like "hey...over here!" and everyone really wants 'em to shut up. That was me this time. About then I realize I would've been better off grabbing an aisle seat. See...more judgment-lacking.

(By the way, Ben, I don't blame you for any of the I said, most of it was me COMPLETELY lacking judgment)

So the movie plays, we walk out, and inevitably there's this homeless fella asking for change. But he doesn't just ask...oh no. He says, and I quote: "Hey, I hate to botha you, I know you're white an' I'm black, but if you could spare just a coupla dollars, you'd prove me wrong about all these other folk here." So what am I gonna do, let the guy go on thinking us white, Fox-Tower-attending folk are assholes? I don't think so. So I gave him a dollar and Ben gave him some amount of change.

So then we walk to the garage, and Ben's like..."I don't know what level I'm on...but I remember blue." And I said, "well, I'm on 6 and that was blue and there weren't any spaces below that when I came so you're probably up there." And we get up there and Ben's like "no way was I up here." So we drive around for a bit and it turns out his car was on level 4 (which he predicted pretty early on).

SO FINALLY...I'm driving down towards the exit, I get in the line for the toll booth thing, and I hand the guy my ticket and $5. Parking cost 2, so I expect three dollars in change. He pulls out two ones and a coin. And of course I'm thinking "he's ripping me off!" But sure enough, I look at my pile of money, and there it is...the Sackajeweia (wow...not being able to spell rules) one-dollar coin.

Now how's that for a slice of fried gold?

The movie itself...decent. AWESOME fight scenes, but the script took no risks and didn't deliver where I ultimately wanted it to. So there.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh God, Do I Love Sausage!

Cory writing here, and I'd like to clarify that I'm being a dramatic sausage and should not be taken too seriously. My apologies should any sausages feel personally attacked in this ludacris complaint.

"For each sausage according to his ability, to each sausage according to his need." Normally I deplore communism and am reluctant to stop free-market sausages, but perhaps the regulating officials can bend the paradigm to appease the downtrodden who simply wants a sausage of his own? How does Ben get to be a contributor three times when certain sausages get screwed out of being a contributor? The prestige sausage is significant because I know I wouldn't have a case with an admission interviewer when he's like "So you claim to be a contributor on this glorious sausage, huh? Well, where's your sausage? What? They didn't even deem your sausage worthy of such an honor? But they have so many sausages! I even see you whining about a sausage, and they passed your sausage over for those who've never/rarely ever even posted. Your sausage must really suck, huh? We only accepted privileged sausages at our fine institution."

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I am testing this new thing!





Tuesday, January 04, 2005

sup (worry not readers, this post is a test, the success of which may lead to a resolution of some issues that have been plaguing this fair internet weblog during months past)


Okay, so two days ago I woke up like normal. I went through the daily routine...nothing crazy, nothing weird. Then, there's this little twinge of pain on my ear. I examine it in the mirror, and guess what? There's this little cut on my earlobe. It almost resembles an attempted piercing. Or a successful one. What the hell? I sure don't remember sticking my earlobe in anything that would merit such a carving.

In addition to that, guess which ear this wound is on? No, NOT the "straight ear". That's the left. This cut was on the right.

Fortunately, the scab is going away now...but man, was that unnerving.

...Lame story, I know, but I had nothing to do but put an idle post on a mostly-idle blog.

The Great Blog Compromise of 2005

That's how the history books will refer to this. This post arose in response to Rachel's comment on her post. Please read that, and Cory's comment after it, prior to reading this, otherwise its gonna be even harder to understand. This itself was going to be a comment, but it's something I've been meaning to do anyway and I want you all to have your say. Please read the whole thing. It's very convoluted because I am very stupid. Ask questions.

-We swallow our pride and link Pink Hibiscus directly.
-We then sever all other ties with it. No shared contributors*. {Edit for simplicty: Basic idea is Rachel, Misha, Cynda turns into just Rachel. Keep reading.}
- We then give all members of pH the RandomAmigos password.

*Karolyn is the obvious exception because she is on John's team and John, as an administrator and original Horseman, would get his own name anyway and can thus decide what to do with it.

-No more trying to figure out if its Rachel or Misha who wants to dress slutty in college.
-We come to an agreement that may last two whole months.
-I get an ego boost for figuring this out.

-Jeff and Cory [and Xan, but he is sans internet, so it doesn't matter right now] still aren't back on this list and need to use RA. (They're mature guys who understand that as long as they have the ability to post and comment, they are still be equal members of the community and that we view them as such.)
- Cynda and Misha will be angry with me for no longer being outsiders. (They understand that pH is more their spot and will realize that they and the other girls and Dave really have more power because they can post on both.)
- Rachel and Adrianna can only post for us. (I am too tired to rationalize this other than to say it is the only way to be fair to Misha and Cynda)

-Douganna no longer makes sense. If they're okay with it, we leave it as such and everything works out perfectly. Rachel gets her own name and we're ready for a change-free 2005. If not, two people have to share, otherwise we have 11 and seriously folks, blogger cannot handle that yet. So, we keep it as is, two people decide they don't post too often anyway and wouldn't mind sharing, or the girls lower their standards and start dating. Just kidding. When Skylar is your dream guy, your standards can't get any lower. ;-)

-Whether Ken is man enough to share his name with Katie. Yeah, and none of you thought of it because its not really a deal-breaker. But I want it to happen. Katie is very loyal and belongs on this blog.

-John puts a field up in the sidebar that gives each RA their own name and even a small description. It would show Blogger who's boss, make the RAs feel better, and would look something like this:

Jeff- It's surprising how much of his personality comes across in text.
Cory- Increasing The Flock, one Catholic at a time.
Cynda- A thousand laughs a minute. (All hers.)
Alex- Picard, if he had a bitchin' 50's haircut and turned women lesbian.

It's probably a good thing I am not going to set that part up.

-What you guys think. A lot of this plan hinges on cooperation and understanding from Magda. Its 1:00 A.M. This makes sense in my head, but as we’ve seen in the past, my paltry communications skills drop even further after midnight. [See New Years Resolutions.] I had given the situation a lot of thought before Rachel posted and this is the first idea I've had that semi-satisfied me. But if you guys disagree or can improve it, please tell comment. On the other hand, if you think it's either genius or completely fucking obvious [sorry Jeff, hahaha], tell me that too. Thanks for your time.

Monday, January 03, 2005


AIM is evil.

Well, not really. But it's a good opening line. has come to my realization that despite the fact that I absolutely loathe AIM, everyone freaking talks on it. It's not really that much fun to talk on, you can't really convey that much...I really do find it unbelievable that people would prefer to type to each other than actually hold a conversation, say, over a phone or in a coffee shop (though I don't drink coffee, that kind of environment).

Seems like society is going down because of it.

And AIM, oddly enough, is where a lot of people have really big, deep conversations. Why? So you don't have to say such things out loud? Would that be so bad?


Anyway...I continue by boycott AIM, even if my social life must suffer as a result. Meantime, you ever wanna chat, just call me. If I'm busy, I'll tell ya, and if not...I am actually one of those guys who doesn't mind actually communicating with people. I know, shock.

Was there a point to this post? Not really, but maybe someone wonders why I never go online. Plus I've never posted about AIM here, yet I've ranted about it for awhile.

As a related matter, I recently brought up at Knights (I don't think I'm breaking The Code by saying this) that during the school year, there seems to be much less of that real quality time spent with friends (going out to lunch, driving around randomly, etc.) and more "hang out" time is spent at movies, and every now and then a massive dinner. Christmas break (and of course summer vacation) holds those really quality one-on-one times...I tell ya, I live for those. always, it's Senior year (grammatically, that's not supposed to be capitalized...thank you college essays), live it to the fullest.

star wars is in my heart...well, almost

Yes, the title is true. I just recently watched the star wars holiday special put on in 1978 and the out come is not good. Basically, I have lost all faith in star wars, and if not for a brief 2 min. sequence all would have been lost. The construction of this video was spawned by Satan himself and should be burnt along with all the other evil things in this world, like George Bush, and automatic paper towel dispensers. I will forever rue the day I sought to expand my star wars background and knowledge. Anyone who reads this and find themselves a star wars fan, spare your self the pain and never watch it. Those who don't like star wars, don't watch it cause it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen, aside from the movie 'dungeons and dragons', which is also an atrocious movie. In short, I have wasted an hour and a half of my life I will never get back, and now I want to strangle George Lucas. Oh well, back to the lovely essays the teachers so kindly gave us.... ha, right.

An Overwhelming Lack of Concern

What a weird day.

For some reason being gone from school for the past couple weeks made it seem like the first day of school all over again; I mean it was only 2 weeks, but man it was strange coming back. Plus everyone had gotten hair cuts OR had let their hair grow exceedingly long (Scott...) OR had dyed their hair (heh, lucky me, I never dyed my hair blonde-brown during the blonde-brown craze and so now I don't have to dye it back to brown during the brown craze...congrats to all the other girls who followed the similar path of resistance). And to top it all off everyone was wearing their new threads (hip 70's lingo) which was good because I now know to never wear a certain sweatshirt to school because I saw a total of 3 girls wearing it today.

But onto the OVERWELMING LACK OF CONCERN...I returned to school today blissfully unaware that a) I had completley forgotten to turn in a biology lab on the last day of school...I had completed the lab, just decided not to turn it in...good call. b) My group paper on Pre-Marital Sex got a C+...but I shouldn't really be surprised there. c) I have forgotten what Statistics ARE. All in all it should have been a very disappointing day, but I surprised my self by not caring in the least. If I don't like the way Thomas Arp wrote our freaking English textbook, I'm not going to read it. If I would rather discuss the onset of Martha Stewarts in our senior class during History, we might as well do it and not waste the ink and paper by writing notes to each other. Yes, I forsee a great semester filled with general slacking...please join in, although I'm sure most of you already have.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Fine, I've changed the title, happy?

For those of you who have seen "Sky Captain," you know that green, sick, mutant thing who only wants to die? I now know how he must have felt. The reason: I took it upon myself to watch "The Star Wars Holiday Special." You heard me right "Star Wars Holiday Special." Star Wars as in Luke Skywalker, Lightsaber, Death Star, and Holiday as in Christmas, and to a much, much lesser degree, Chaunaka, and Special as in retarded. Believe you me, I am not making this up. In November 1978, someone at CBS decided that it would be a good idea to air this horrible atrocity. I haven't even seen more than five minutes of it, but I am now very frightened and want to unwatch this grievous crime against humainty. But curiosity will grasp my soul once again, and I know that eventually I will see all of this abhorrence. This is my curse. That is if my subconcious isn't smart enough to run me off a cliff to preserve itself by never having to witness another terrible second of the unholy abomination. I am lucky that the screen is only 1"x2": any bigger and my retinas would have seared themselves out by now. If anyone wants a copy of this, I would be willing to condemn myself to hell by spreading sin through the world and burning you a copy.

Now combine watching this with the stress of finishing the common app, turning it in, having no sleep the night before save a couple of nights, being in a very stressful living condition, eating only junk food for 2 days, and finially watching "The Twilight Zone" marathon. I would consider myself lucky if I make it through the night. Considering I now have Post Traumatic Stress from watching pure evil and "The Twilight Zone" at the same time, I think that I will never sleep again. But unfortunatly, I am also approaching exteme exhaustion from sleep deprivation. But at least if I get through tonight, I know that I could survive anything, for I have felt the wrath of God.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Films to look for in 2005

As I continue to spend all my free time writing random movie articles, here's this. And yeah, I haven't done any reviews in awhile. Suffice to say, "The Aviator" is the only thing that is challenging "Finding Neverland" for best picture, and "The Life Aquatic" is nowhere near Wes Anderson's best work but is one of the most entertaining movies of the year. I'll do a Top 10 (or maybe Top 15) in January, after I see "Million Dollar Baby" and "The Sea Inside."

So for now...look to the future.

Happy New Year to all. I forgot to mention this in the reply to John's post, but the people downtown after midnight are frickin' insane. At least, for Portland.

Happy New Year!

Just a small message to wish all our faithful readers (and fellow authors) a happy new year. Having just pulled an all nighter, Dave, Jeff, and myself (JB) would like to say that 2005 is shaping up into a great year...we've talked, wrestled, killed a poor cow with darts (cole's doing), watched an insanely crappy movie (Envy...and Scotty, Dave thinks you reccomended this film once...bad move, if so. It was terrible. So terrible we all kept watching just to see where the shit went - and there was never a good answer. Disinigrated my ass!), and sorted Dave's records while Jeff shot up unsuspecting Halo geeks who had nothing better to do New Year's Day than play Halo. In a few hours (or minutes, based on my appetite and courage) we shall crash Ken's house to get food and awaken a horde of slumbering ladies. Or something like that.

Oh, and I get to rewrite my 500 word common app essay later today...after going almost 36 hours without sleep.

But hey...I've never had a better New Year's Eve. Bang away, y'all.