Saturday, January 22, 2005


Well I failed my driver's test. That means you'll probably never see me behind the wheel of a car. But hey if my mom lets me take the test again in a month (before my permit expires), my six months will be up a week before I go to college. In other words, that ain't happening. I'll remain a ride whore and a pedestrian until I get out of college. And the One Acts and Dead Man and Footloose will see a lot more me-walking-home-late-at-night-in-blacks action. Good stuff. At least I'll get really good at saying the following:

"Uhhhh, can I get a ride?"




"Boy I hope that guy is more interested in getting high than mugging me."

Stupid protected left turns and wide lanes, confusing me...

Yeah so in conclusion this week sucked and I hated it. My mom gets home soon, so I have to sign off and get ready to get screamed at about how I'm a miserable failure who will go nowhere in life again, so seeya.

Postscript (hee hee stealing from Ben):
Whoa that was unexpected my mom hugged me and told me we'd reschedule.

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Ben said...

I failed my first one too. So do a lot of people. It just means you weren't anal retentive enough. Sorry though. I know how it feels.