Monday, January 03, 2005


AIM is evil.

Well, not really. But it's a good opening line. has come to my realization that despite the fact that I absolutely loathe AIM, everyone freaking talks on it. It's not really that much fun to talk on, you can't really convey that much...I really do find it unbelievable that people would prefer to type to each other than actually hold a conversation, say, over a phone or in a coffee shop (though I don't drink coffee, that kind of environment).

Seems like society is going down because of it.

And AIM, oddly enough, is where a lot of people have really big, deep conversations. Why? So you don't have to say such things out loud? Would that be so bad?


Anyway...I continue by boycott AIM, even if my social life must suffer as a result. Meantime, you ever wanna chat, just call me. If I'm busy, I'll tell ya, and if not...I am actually one of those guys who doesn't mind actually communicating with people. I know, shock.

Was there a point to this post? Not really, but maybe someone wonders why I never go online. Plus I've never posted about AIM here, yet I've ranted about it for awhile.

As a related matter, I recently brought up at Knights (I don't think I'm breaking The Code by saying this) that during the school year, there seems to be much less of that real quality time spent with friends (going out to lunch, driving around randomly, etc.) and more "hang out" time is spent at movies, and every now and then a massive dinner. Christmas break (and of course summer vacation) holds those really quality one-on-one times...I tell ya, I live for those. always, it's Senior year (grammatically, that's not supposed to be capitalized...thank you college essays), live it to the fullest.


Cynda said...

OMG I agree with you 100%. I never even had AIM until this summer when Magda and Misha installed it on my computer and though up a sn for me and made me use and then I got addicted. I much prefer phones though you can convey what you mean a lot better, so what if you can't talk to five people at once. Eh but for some reason no one likes phones...I don't get it...

Adrianna said...

I am not good at talking.

No scratch that, I friggin' suck at talking. Seems like most of the time I either shoot my mouth off and act like a retard or I have nothing to say and wind up feeling like crap and hiding in a corner while everybody else goes about their merry talking way. Can't help it, it's the way I am. So I kind of like AIM in the sense that I can act like a total moron on there, but at the same time I can also look at what I'm about to "say," edit it to make it sound somewhat less stupid, and then send it off. In other words, it provides the filter that I lack in everyday conversation. As one who lacks a cell phone, it's also instrumental in me going anywhere or talking to anyone- without it serving as essentially my voice mail/ communication system, I would wind up at far fewer events. Before this summer when I actually started using it, I did not have anything remotely close to a social life. Now I do stuff and life is good!

I don't care what time I spend with friends as long as I'm spending it with them... but those one-on-one times that I find so few and far between are wonderful. Sometimes you don't even have to talk to have 'em. And I mean that in a purely innocent way.

Misha said...

Cynda, we installed that on your computer because during the summer you would conveniently "forget" to keep your phone with you and also "not hear" the home phone. You would isolate yourself for many many days at a time, till Magda and I worried that you had fallen off the face of the earth, ride our bikes over there (cause we couldn't drive then) and climb your tree, yelling at your window until you responded, often somewhat grumpy! How could we get a hold of you?

You know what? I like the alternative: AIM. I agree, it is extremely addictive, and I hate it at times, but at times, it rocks.

Nancy said...

YES AIM IS RUINING MY LIFE. I'm trying to stay away, I really am. I remember the days when I'd come home and actually walk around the house, eat, do homework (well not really), draw, watch TV. Yeah, hopefully I can catch up on that routine.

Shakeer said...

Yeah I'm trying to avoid AIM lately as well. Every time I come on I end up wasting alot of time. Anyway, now I try and sometimes just come on the computer and remain on away. That way I can still compulsively check people's away messages and profiles without having to chat unless I actually want/need to.