Sunday, January 23, 2005

Awwww Nuts

It took me a while to come to my senses. It was pretty upsetting to see the perversion of such a toy and of the jokes being made about it, as if it wasn't a messed up symbol of this crooked world, but that really doesn't excuse destruction of property. I needed to make a statement, but the mature and more civil way would have to been to use my words like a big boy and leave when I get that bothered. I'm sorry for my immaturity and Ken if you want recompence for the lost value of your gift, I'll work that out with you.

On a similar note, you guys have no idea what it does to me to see such godlessness in my friends, cause I really care for you guys. My leanings will always offend people, but I'm working at acting on them wisely.


Ben said...

There is nothing, nothing, that any of my friends could do to make them appear godless in my eyes. Check that. If one of them was too myopic to see the Holy Spirit inherent in each of the others, something in that would seem godless to me.

To quote one of your political heroes, go fuck yourself.

Ken said...

Uh, minus the quote, I'm with Ben here, Cory.

I do have some idea what it does to you to see such godlessness in your friends. It reminds you how much better you are than us, or at the very least luckier, because you've found the way, and we haven't managed to do that yet. (Which also means, lucky us, we get your pity, too.) Naturally, because you're good-hearted, you want to save us.

Let me tell you, I know what it's like to try and add meaning to your life by saving other people. If you convince yourself well enough that you're doing it well, it feels good, and you can define yourself with it, and it gives you some self-respect you wouldn't have otherwise. But you know what? Sometimes you can get so intent on saving others that you don't really stop to question whether they want, or need, to be saved at all. And don't waste your time if they don't.

My advice? Find another hobby. By now, I think a lot of your beliefs and opinions are falling on deaf ears. Here's something else I've learned that you can either take now, or eventually figure out by yourself: people really, really don't like hearing that their opinions are invalid, especially if you explain this by telling them, "I know because my opinion is the only right one." It's offensive. And the one way they're *not* going to react is, "Oh no! I'm wrong! Tell me more!"

Back to godlessness, though--get over yourself. You're giving yourself a power of judgement that no one else thinks you deserve. If you think you do, explain yourself, and if you can't, shut up.

And, because you'll probably bring this up, are there moral absolutes? Is anything ever "wrong", or would I ever be giving myself the power of judgement if I said that it were? Well, I think that yes, there are moral absolutes, and at the least moral standards, and I think there are things we can do that please God and things that He wishes we wouldn't do. But does He really care if we blow up a doll and set her on the couch?

I'm leaning towards "No, not really." Symbolism is voluntary--to me, that doll was nothing more than a somewhat crude but still welcome joke about my birthday and the limited adulthood that accompanied it. I don't want your money, but I do wish you'd lighten up. And if you're so determined not to, take heed: you're not making any headway with the lost lambs who indulged in that spectacle, and after four years I think I can safely tell you that you'd do better to move on and find a new group of godless souls to save.

Dave said...

Of course its irritating being preached at... and the whole moral enforcer thing is a bit over the top. But I think that was an appropriate concession on Cory's part, and I think the end was a nice, statement of your... point of view. Its nice someone is concerned about our souls. I think it was nice of you to appologize. Just... don't do it again.

Dave said...
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Dave said...
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Cory said...

Thank you Dave

Malori said...

Cory (and others) - please check out my comment under the Pointless Princess post (the post right after the party). I will agree with Ken that people do not like to be told that their beliefs, morals, et cetera are wrong. Diplomacy is the key here. When dealing with any issue, the most successful way to get anywhere involves the use of tact. Just the same, I do not interpret Cory's method of dealing with what he deems offensive or "wrong" as saying that he think he is "better" or "above" others. Perhaps this is because I simply haven't been in a conversation with him in which we have wholly disagreed on an issue. Anyway, I think its great that Cory is not afraid to speak his mind, regardless of possible consequences (i.e. angry friends). However, my advice to you, Cory: Use words, not property destruction; be able to explain reasons for your feelings and beliefs; try to be diplomatic; sometimes its best to agree to disagree.

Cory said...

Well said Malori. :-)