Sunday, January 30, 2005

Ben has way too Much Free Time

Ben you have way too much free time.

Don't you have homework that you should be doing? I know I do.
200 pages, a paper, anther paper, qow, an online test, two chapters of presentations, stock market challenge, Financial aid for colleges, mid year reports... And considering the fact that I will be gone all of next weekend, along with Ben and John. Speaking of which what is wrong with our teachers!?!? The day we got back from finals, we got at least 5 assignments. Including a math paper. A math paper! WTF? We have to write a 4-6 page paper on the golden ratio. Plus daily math assignments and quests (quiz + test) (actually, I've rather enjoyed the math which is very weird(I guess after not doing anything for so long, I've decided that it was time to do something)) Stupid Golden ratio. Just because it is approximately equal to 21/13 doesn't mean that it has to brag. I know if I was extremely close to 21/13, I wouldn't make a big deal about it and make people write huge papers on me. Oh wait, I would, wouldn't I? Yeah, definetly would.

PS: Ben has way too much energy for 2 am.
PPS: If you want to waste any more time, check out this link. Hellua funny.
PPPS: Random quotes from the last few days:

"Quoting Jeff verbatum isn't always a good idea" - Joe
"Cake and smiles... Dammit!" - Mr. Benware


Nancy said...

Clicking the albinosheep link is not a good idea. There are definitely better ways to waste time than watching that. ...Ok so it can be somewhat entertaining.

Ben said...

It's not free time if there's something else you really should be doing.

But your point is noted.

And I apologize for the Jesus one. It was late and your mother wouldn't stop pleading for more pleasure. I just couldn't think straight, Doug.

Doug said...

Yeah, she'll do that to ya.