Sunday, January 09, 2005

Camp Solomon Schechter

Well Andy Scott, John Maletis and I drove up to C.S.S. to get my sister cause she has a big vollyball game tomorrow (or today). on the way back most of the drive was pure bliss, right out of my dreams. for about a minute there was no one on the highway at all! oh it was fun here are some stats.

CSS to Portland:
Time- 1:20
average speed: 87.36 mph (word to your mother)

CSS to my driveway:
miles- 116.48
Time- 1:31
average speed- 76.8 mph

Cars that I passed

Cars that passed me


1 comment:

Ben said...

Don't you get that sister of yours killed. She's like number two on Doug's list of FILTH. (Freshman I'd Like To Hug.) I think Puett had alternative motives for coaching Powderpuff.