Tuesday, January 11, 2005



I just submitted my history paper not minutes ago. I was in the middle of attaching my paper to the e-mail when my comp clock clicked over to 11:59 PM. My epic struggle was fought by gathering sources on Friday and Saturday, writing half of it today after school, and the rest tonight between the hours of 10:40 and 11:45 (rehearsal got in the way of other writing time). The remaining time was spent using NoodleTools to site somewhere in the range of ten sources, including an episode of David Letterman.


Wow....I really cannot believe I cut it that close. Good thing I drove home way too fast (a cop was even a light behind my, lights flashing...good thing he wasn't after me).


Misha said...

Scott, I am proud. You are a beacon of light for us all. A pillar which holds up the fine institution that is procrastination. I salute you.

Ben said...

In an interesting turn of events, this was going to be a post, but Scott beat me to the punch, so now its a long comment.

Going by your computer's clock? Is that the same as Edline's? I calculated by my stove clock to Edline by approximately three minutes. And I turned mine in at 11:57, my time, which would make it at least 12:00 Edline time. We'll see how lenient the man is. Oh yeah, This was my post:

I Wish It Was Because I'm Hardcore, But It's Not

Keep banging away on Rachel's post (or start banging away, by the looks of it [I know I'm a hypocrite]) , just want to let y'all know I am pretty sure the time stamp on my History paper is going to say 12:01, and it is only 3 3/4 pages long, with one quote and no coherence. Let's see what kind of grade I get!

post script
On the plus side, today I sped home in record time while eating (first time) the half of the Zupan's sandwich I couldn't have earlier because I was late to getting to Tech due to my job. (A first grader and a fourth grader beat the snot out of me at Monopoly today. I wasn't letting them win. Technically I'm still alive. I have 56 dollars and Boardwalk and Park Place [everything else is Mortgaged.] I'm gonna see if I can rise from the ashes later today.) Wish me luck.

Post Script
Yeah, that sucked, thanks for beating me yet again Scott. I bet he's gonna see yours squeak under the deadline and mine just over. Oh well. He won't grade them till Spring Break.

Post Post Scipt
But my Work Cited section, which I spent easily a quarter of my time on tonight, even though it was pointless and the paper was unwritten, will kick your Work Cited's ass.

Pat said...

I turned my paper in at 9:15.

Ken said...

Ben, I want an update on that Monopoly game.

Ben said...

It got delayed until tomorrow cuz the kids had homework. Man I hate homework!

Anonymous said...

Scott I'm still amazed that you were able to pull that one off... Congrats, heh, atleast it didnt turn into a 4 am finish... if only for the midnight deadline