Friday, January 21, 2005

Finals, Etc.

pre script
Yeah, finals are over, and I don't have much to say about that, other than I know, for me, next semester will be just as much work, and probably more, than last semester.

So, I just saw the music video for the Shins' New Slang (I know, it came out four years ago, I'm always behind the times. Except with the G2 pens y'all dig. I was in on those since sixth grade.) Anyway, I figured out that it was set in Portland. I have a link (albeit a bad one) in the title, but I'm sure you kids can find a better version (or have access to iTunes.) Anyway, I liked it because this private school kid in his uniform is left behind on a field trip and just wanders around Portland. I wish it was longer. I wish I could just wander around Portland for a whole day. Oh wait, I can. Maybe in mid-February, after everything has died down. Valentine's is a Saturday this year. That sounds good, it's a date. Just me and P-town. Man I'm gonna miss this Bohemian Paradise. Oh, and the song is pretty good too.

In other news, I have pictures from Finals. Most are bad because they had to be taken covert-ops style, so I am not gonna post them. But I hafta post, this library one with Shakeer raising his hand and Misha spotting Puett and I and Nancy sitting, looking serenely over the test. Sorry its so big, but otherwise you couldn't really see it. Anyway, here it is:
Image Hosted by
Kind of a poetic picture, no?

Oh yeah, and driving in Ken's van Wednesday, we pulled up next to Machuca's brother, and I jumped out in Ken's ski mask, yelled "Get in the fucking van!", and tried to pull/push him into the van. Unfortunately, Ken slightly overshot and had to brake more than the car was ready for. So as I tugged on the swearing little Puerto Rican, the door closed and he pushed me into in, reinjuring my shoulder. I think that shoulder's gonna be like an old war wound I always refer to. Man am I lame. Haha, a pun!

And yesterday, while fretting that I would never again see the biology review packet I needed so desperately to turn in, Mr. Schaal found a photocopied version of mine in his pile. Yes, after I loaned it to him Geoff Nichols photocopied my packet, which was like 9 pages long, and turned it in as such. So I did see it again, kinda.

Schedule for today:
Read more Zorba for the Benware paper, get a book from Powell's for Gorman's class, attend a lecture at the Schnitz to solidify the Bio A, and go for a run. Oh yeah, and watch the McLoughlin group. It's on OPB (at 9:30). And its awesome. Check it out.

post script
So that was quite the random jumble. It was written over three days, which I'm sure you can tell. But at least you got it in one chunk. Not like some bloggers who keep updating and changing posts so you have to go back through what you've already read to see what's new this time. Harumph!

post post script
For those of you who don't, read Shakeer's blog. It just keeps getting better, and I reference it in almost every post, so I would make slightly more sense if you read it.


Shakeer said...

That video was really cool.

Also, I'd be game to wandering Portland aimlessly taking photographs as well. It'd be like our Daley scavenger hunt from last year but with less purpose.

Finally, I might steal your photograph for my blog. At first I thought I was raising my hands in surrender but then I remembered the occasion.

Miguel said...

Dude, wandering downtown taking candid, pointless photos? I'm in any day of the week.

Ben said...

Yeah that would be fun. Apparently John has so much street rep he rountinely gets offered drugs, so he could give you a far better exapmle of how to survive in New York than I if he would want to come. The sole, small problem is that Valentine's Day is actually a Monday. But that means that the day before is Sunday, the 13th, the day of the Interpol concert. So after a day of wandering, we could see if we could find a scalper at the Roseland.

post script
I can email the picture to you if you want. Then you could photoshop it to fit better.

Ben said...

Awesome Mike, we're getting together quite the gang!

post script
Nevermind about the email Shakeer. Who knew it would actually come out better smaller? Now I feel quite dumb.

Anonymous said...

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Magda said...

Hey, that's my blonde head in between Shakeer and Misha!

Look at me, working so diligently?

Shinekaze said...

if you guys decide to go downtown and take random pics im in!