Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Great Blog Compromise of 2005

That's how the history books will refer to this. This post arose in response to Rachel's comment on her post. Please read that, and Cory's comment after it, prior to reading this, otherwise its gonna be even harder to understand. This itself was going to be a comment, but it's something I've been meaning to do anyway and I want you all to have your say. Please read the whole thing. It's very convoluted because I am very stupid. Ask questions.

-We swallow our pride and link Pink Hibiscus directly.
-We then sever all other ties with it. No shared contributors*. {Edit for simplicty: Basic idea is Rachel, Misha, Cynda turns into just Rachel. Keep reading.}
- We then give all members of pH the RandomAmigos password.

*Karolyn is the obvious exception because she is on John's team and John, as an administrator and original Horseman, would get his own name anyway and can thus decide what to do with it.

-No more trying to figure out if its Rachel or Misha who wants to dress slutty in college.
-We come to an agreement that may last two whole months.
-I get an ego boost for figuring this out.

-Jeff and Cory [and Xan, but he is sans internet, so it doesn't matter right now] still aren't back on this list and need to use RA. (They're mature guys who understand that as long as they have the ability to post and comment, they are still be equal members of the community and that we view them as such.)
- Cynda and Misha will be angry with me for no longer being outsiders. (They understand that pH is more their spot and will realize that they and the other girls and Dave really have more power because they can post on both.)
- Rachel and Adrianna can only post for us. (I am too tired to rationalize this other than to say it is the only way to be fair to Misha and Cynda)

-Douganna no longer makes sense. If they're okay with it, we leave it as such and everything works out perfectly. Rachel gets her own name and we're ready for a change-free 2005. If not, two people have to share, otherwise we have 11 and seriously folks, blogger cannot handle that yet. So, we keep it as is, two people decide they don't post too often anyway and wouldn't mind sharing, or the girls lower their standards and start dating. Just kidding. When Skylar is your dream guy, your standards can't get any lower. ;-)

-Whether Ken is man enough to share his name with Katie. Yeah, and none of you thought of it because its not really a deal-breaker. But I want it to happen. Katie is very loyal and belongs on this blog.

-John puts a field up in the sidebar that gives each RA their own name and even a small description. It would show Blogger who's boss, make the RAs feel better, and would look something like this:

Jeff- It's surprising how much of his personality comes across in text.
Cory- Increasing The Flock, one Catholic at a time.
Cynda- A thousand laughs a minute. (All hers.)
Alex- Picard, if he had a bitchin' 50's haircut and turned women lesbian.

It's probably a good thing I am not going to set that part up.

-What you guys think. A lot of this plan hinges on cooperation and understanding from Magda. Its 1:00 A.M. This makes sense in my head, but as we’ve seen in the past, my paltry communications skills drop even further after midnight. [See New Years Resolutions.] I had given the situation a lot of thought before Rachel posted and this is the first idea I've had that semi-satisfied me. But if you guys disagree or can improve it, please tell comment. On the other hand, if you think it's either genius or completely fucking obvious [sorry Jeff, hahaha], tell me that too. Thanks for your time.


John and Karolyn said...

I like the proposal, though I admit I'm not too certain why we must link to PH...does this mean we'll be linking to every other special-interest blog that requests it? Regardless, we should establish a system whereby we determine which blogs/sites get linked too. Shakeer's and Misunderestimated are obvious, I'm willing to take my slightly-neglected site off to be fair should it not pass muster, but we need some sort of criteria.

Also, how much control do you have over the RA account? Can you quickly and easily change the password? IE, if someone abuses it, you could change the password and email it only to approved posters, thereby preventing us from having to kick the RA user and create a new one.

However, I like the idea. Bang away, Blog Master Ben.


Scott said...

Do it, man.

Oh, and John, we'd have to link to PH. See...that bridges the gap, and then all the girls who were dropped from the roster here would have their posting place over there. And in the way that it isn't at all, it'd all be one big blog.

Pat said...

Whatever, dude.

Misha said...
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Misha said...
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Misha said...
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Rhoads said...

and i keep on truckin'

Cynda said...

I don't mind being taken off outsiders really at all, but there are some flaws: first you take Misha off and she should be in radom amigos, but you didnt list her; second, Misha I am guessing would rather be on outsiders, but I may be wrong; third I don't see why you have to link to ph or kick people off the contributers there either. Of course I love the idea of linking to hp, but if it's going to be a problem to others than I say don't. Like I said I'm fine not being a contributor and really if Rachel wanted her own name then it's just me and misha who would have to be taken off...but whatever.

Rachel said...

Hmm...I didn't know this was going to become an issue. By saying that I would like my own name on the contributors list I never meant that Cynda or Misha should be kicked off, I thought that maybe you would look at all the posting as a whole and recognize the people who don't post a lot and maybe ask if they would give up their name (I'm sorry if that sounded conceited, but there are people who rarely post and still have their own names).

The thing that bothers me the most is that Pink Hibiscus is somehow a bartering point here...I understand how the limited number of contributors is, well, limiting everyone's ability to be involved, but Pink Hibiscus is still SEPERATE from Outsiders and all those decisions about linking and sharing contributors should be brought up with Magda at least. (I really don't see why we haven't linked to Pink Hibiscus as it is...they have way better pictures and THEY'RE OUR FRIENDS, no one ever had an issue with linking to Shakeer's blog or Misunderestimated but suddenly linking to PH has to be an issue??) It's probably a good thing you brought it all up Ben, thanks...and fuck you for the skylar comment...but still thanks.

Ken said...

Radical solution: Have Ben remain as administrator and create a new Blogger account accessible to all. People post using only that, and put their name and link to their profile at the bottom. That way you'll never have to deal with this name trouble ever again.

(*Positive ramifications: Cory will stop complaining. No one will feel left out or denigrated. The "who can post" issue will cease to be one. I can edit the profile repeatedly to say whatever I want it to. *Negative ramifications: Widespread editing pranks. Major pain in the ass for the 10+ people listed as posters. No glory. I can edit the profile repeatedly to say whatever I want it to.)

Other solution: I don't really care if we link to the Hibiscus or not, especially now, since it has that flattering shot of my ass. So link to that and leave things the way they are. Katie and I consider revealing the passionate, steamy blog that we already share using our "Ken and Katie" blogger account to the Outsiders. (Man, I've said "steamy" way too many times today.) Maybe Ben combines or drops to RA the quasi-inactives to honor Rachel's request, since she's been a loyal and fastidious blogger... then he gets over his raging jealousy of Skylar, and everyone Bangs Away. Steamily.

John and Karolyn said...

Linking to PH is not a new issue, its one that was brought up in the past and delt with - namedly, we didn't link to them.
As for shared contributors, there is a reason for this. People who post often on ph do not post often here, and vice versa. Even if we go by frequency of posts, most ph'ers would be cut anyways. I suggest you propose a list of author groups to cut, rachel, as you mentioned there are others you think no longer need their place. (I say groups and not people because Karolyn rarely posts here but cutting her wouldn't free up a spot unless you also cut me.) A quick check of articles on the front page of the blog show that every group except mike have posted recently. I personally feel cutting Mike as an author group is unjustified, his past contributions and standing as an original horseman merit him a solo spot.
That leaves us with cutting cynda and misha from your account as the only way to get you a solo spot, rachel.

Please, feel free to offer suggestions/volunteer to double with someone. I've looked over the current authors and agree that Ben's proposal is best, though.


Miguel said...

See, I would have maintained the idea that I don't post idly, but...then I Realized it's an idle blog. hence my latest post and commenting here.

Screw it. If you need to, put me in randomamigos or cut me, I don't post enough to deserve any credit for being an original horseman or anything.

But whatever.

Cynda said...

I guess I don't really know why this is such a big issue, but like I said already I don't mind being cut, specially since anyone who cares what I have to say can look at hp and especially since many people seem to complain about my writing style anyway it wouldn't really matter. I also don't understand what the big controversy is over linking us but since some people have a problem with it I think it should just be left the way it is: unlinked. And finally I would just like to go on record as saying I think Ken's is the best idea; it would certainly make things interesting!!

Shakeer said...

Ben, are you sure you can only have 10 members?

"Team Members: There is no limit on the number of members or administrators per blog."

Ben said...

Shakeer: Yeah, it lets you list more then ten contributors, but then it stops letting new posts appear. At least it did last time. I'm willing to try it again. I'll email you an invite so you can test it for us. Check your school email in a few minutes. Then post as soon as you can.

To the rest of you [besides John, Scott and Katie who got it]: When I woke up this morning I regretted formatting it the way I did. It was late and I was being tongue-in-cheek and that obviously didn't come across right. Doing the allcaps thing was funny to me at the time. Sorry. This is not a big deal. Just housekeeping. Basically, last night I envisioned the gravy and hibiscus as being sister blogs. And I thought if we linked to each other it wouldn't matter that we could only post on one because we would know that everyone would see it.

post script
You're right Ken. I need to let Skylar go. I saw the guy standing in junior hall today and made a point of looking at his eyes. They are stunning. Almost hypnotic. I beg forgiveness, Rachel, for questioning your wisdom. I shall mock no more.

Rachel said...

Alright, I don't ever remember being asked whether or not we should link to Pink Hibiscus, so if that was an issue before, John, no one informed the entire group...sorry. And otherwise I'm tired of arguing, so Ben's idea will be fine, I'm sure...as long as everyone knows what the heck is happening and they're okay with it all. There's more to say, but it would all just be frustrating right now...

Ben, someday you will make it up there with Skylar and every girl will want to sleep with you; okay maybe just me (*sarcasm*) ;-)