Saturday, January 15, 2005

"I can push you"

It all started when A & W was closed at 10:00 last night (which is only strange because we all thought they closed at 11). So after driving all the way from JHS from the One Acts, Scott, Pat, Fullman, Evan and I were very disappointed that we weren't going to be enjoying frosty mugs of coke...even if it was 30 degrees outside. "Well, we could go to Wendy's on 99, they're open late so we can eat great." Someone said, and we all agreed that would be a great idea. Fullman and I, thinking frugally, decided to carpool with Evan just so we wouldn't have to drive over Bull Mountain...yeah great idea.

Anyways, Evan is pulling out of the Murray-Scholls shopping center when his car starts shuddering and slows to a halt...IN THE MIDDLE OF MURRAY BLVD. "Shit" was the first thing that crossed my mind. "Oh, I'm out of gas" quips Evan...hmm, yeah I suppose thats what the EMPTY sign means on the dash. Fullman and Evan get out and start to push the car while I steered (1. The car was freaking heavy 2. Power steering was no more, it was like twisting a wheel covered in caramel).

Somehow the car makes it to a slightly side street, and in essence becomes an extension of the median...but dangerously, very dangerously. Fullman and I send Evan to get gas, because otherwise I might get sweet. Scott calls, asking where we are, but I hand the phone to Fullman because I'm freaking out, Scott hears this as "HOLY SHIT...GRRRUMPH..ARRRGH" in the background. Scott and Pat agreed to come save us, or pick up Evan at the gas station whichever is first, thanks guys.

Evan returns with the tiny gas can, which he can't open, and so Fullman gets down to business with this crazy glove he found in the parking lot...the gas can opens. Finally there is gas in the car, Evan goes to start it when...the battery dies. I want to cry, but I don't because my tears would freeze in the rapidly dropping temperature. Thank God Scott is a genius and has AAA. AAA is called...but now comes the fun part.

By now about every third car is asking if we need help...but nothing comes of it until the dude with the giant truk pulls up. "I could push you guys across the street" Are you serious, we're thinking. Wait, yes he is, and this man is a genius...and he does it, HE PUSHED THE VOLVO ACROSS THE INTERSECTION WITH HIS TRUCK. Finally Fullman and I decide to leave, this is all to much for us, we have terrible luck with cars, especially when we're together.
To Scott and Pat: thank God you came. To the dude with the giant truck: you're a genius. To Fullman: why are we cursed? To Evan: learn to read the freaking dashboard, man.


Scott said...

And now to continue the story as only I can (as Rachel, Fullman, and Pat just couldn't handle the heat...or at least the really, really cold).

So we run across the street to where the guy had pushed Evan, and of course he's in the middle of the road. Never mind getting to the side...he drifted to the middle.

So we wait awhile longer, then the three of them head off. So me and Evan are sitting there, knowing it could be 'til 11:30.

Evan: "Wanna go to Safeway and get me a Root Beer?"
Scott: "No...but I kinda wanna run across and get my car...then I'll get the Root Beer."

Which I do. Of course, I head into Safeway, and I'm STARVING...haven't eaten since 5, and that was a slice of Schmizza. So I start looking around...what's Safeway got? Well, they have pretty good bread...and then I spot them...croissants! Of course, then Evan calls and is like "the guy's here...just come on back." And I'm DETERMINED to get these croissants, so I rush to the line...which is PACKED. And of course, everyone's real friendly, chatting it up with the cashier and what-not.

This could last years.

So instead, I put the croissants and the might-be-spilling-out milk back and head back to see Evan off.

I assume he survived from there. He didn't call me, that's for sure.

Oh, and I did eat...I had Wendy's on the way home (hey...I really wanted it), which if not for the fries' burning heat, I would've had down in record time.

Misha said...'s too bad you cool kids decided to leave us uncool kids who were going to Red Robins. It was quite warm.

Pat said...

The guy with the truck was insane. Really insane. But there was this one really nice guy who offered to help us. By that time, we had already called AAA so we didn't really need the help. I thought it was a nice gesture though.