Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My inbox looks like the Twilight Zone today...

I open it up, and there are two e-mails from colleges. First, I'll quote the email from "Pierre Dakota", of Tufts University:

Your name came to me from the admissions' office of Tufts University as one of the serious candidate for the coming freshman class. We are conducting your interview this Saturday January 15th, 2005 from 10:00 am. Please, call me at 503 881 8999 to set up a time. We will be meeting you at the lobby of the Embassy Suite on Airport way near PDX International.
Attire will be casual for the one hour interview. We will be talken about you and your best achievements,
Good Luck!
Do you Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Mail - You care about security. So do we.

Yes, the admissions' office. Yes, one of the serious candidate. Yes, the coming freshman class. Yes, the Embassy Suite on Airport way. And yes, we will be talken.

Another odd thing--the e-mail is not from Tufts. Nope, it's pierredakota @yahoo.com. And another odd thing--his name shows up as "Pierre Dakota" in the title of the e-mail, which matches the address... and then he signs it with "Good Luck! Robert."

Hmmmm. Either this guy is not stellar Tufts material himself, or someone wants to get a group of Tufts applicants together at "Embassy Suite" for some more sinister purpose.

And if that wasn't weird enough, I got this e-mail from the University of Virginia Admissions Office:

Dear Kenneth,

Thank you for submitting an online application for undergraduate admission to
U.Va. We processed your application on 01/04/05.

We thank you for submitting your application before the deadline and invite you to login to your account to check the status of your application. If you have already mailed your School and Transcript Report, please note that your transcript will not be marked as "Received" in the status report until approximately 15 business days after you submitted your application.

Thanks for your interest in the University of Virginia!

U.Va. Admission Office

I would like you to note that it says, "We thank you for submitting your application before the deadline." Guess what? I didn't. It was due January 2, and I submitted it January 3, not realizing it was due the day before. Then I sent them an e-mail apologizing for my lateness and asking them to consider the application anyway.

I'm just that good? No. This is a sign from God. Screw Stanford, UVa is Destination One.


Scott said...

That reminds me...I think I'm supposed to do a phone interview for NYU...damn...

Nancy said...

I got an email that told me that I won a scholarship and to confirm it, but it didn't give me a link or anything. I was sad.