Tuesday, January 25, 2005


So on my way to school i drove down canyon and LO! Hark! what do i see? Holy crap its not 1 but 2 lotus elise's!!!!!

(real colors shown)
Luckily we came to a stop, and i almost wet myself. I vowed to come back and look at them during free period. I brought along Elenai Hobbs to take pictures, we got there and i asked the guy if i could sit in it. HE SAID YES!!!! (wow i am like a middle school girl who just asked a boy out) So we go outside and i get in the orange car which was very hard. The car is about 3 inches taller than my waist, and from the drivers seat i could easily (quite easily infact) touch the other side of the car. So i am freaking out and Elenai giggles and the guy winked at her (this guy was a big sleaze: black greasy curly hair in a ponytail). but the car is his so i have to give him some props.

Sorry for writing such a big post, but this car is awesome. So fast, small, fun, inexpensive (for the amount of performance). And sorry for those that dont care about cars. Heathens.


Ben said...

The Lotus Eglise. Hot but no horsepower. Handles great. Wouldn't say no. Good job spotting them. Wish I'd been there.

Ryan said...


Any more HP in that car might be dangerous. It only weighs 1300 pounds. Think about it. Your family sedan probably weighs close to 4000. Even with the little HP this thing is a little rocket. Plus, it carves like hell. But even then, turbochargers are only a couple hundred dollars. So, if you got the balls to sit in a car that's power to weight ratio is ridiculously disproportionate, be my guest. I'll be standing a safe distance away.

Patrick Schneider said...

ryan, the lotus is a feather weight, but its not 1300 pounds. I quote from www.lotuscars.com "Curb weight Base Car 1984lbs (901.8 kg)(Touring Pack + 15 lbs. Sport Pack -20 lbs)" The lotus is no slouch with power at 190 bhp (its alot to me at 114 in the volvo).

ryan if you want a even more scaled down car, one with no wind screen, real body, or real trunk than the Ariel Atom is for you. I know its for me!!!! At 1003.2 pounds with 300 bhp it goes 0-60 (2.9) faster than a Enzo (3.2) and corners just as well. Also the Enzo has 439.56 bhp per ton, while the Atom has 600. Also the Atom is $50,000. The Enzo at the time of sales was $643,330. the Atom is street legal and was tested by the british car show "Top Gear" where they have their own track. They also have a ex-F1 driver test all the cars on it. Enzo= 1min 19.0sec Atom=1.19.4 pretty damn good for a automobile company with only 7 employees!

oh www.arielmotor.co.uk go to it.

Ryan said...

Sorry about the confusion. I was quoting the curb weight of the Lotus Elise 340R, my personal favorite Elise. It posts a weight of just over 600kg, which translates to close to 1350 lbs. It is drastically stripped down compared to the regular Elise model, but stock is for wussies. Maybe I should have added that small numerical addition to the cars name.

Dave said...

I've always like the Esprit more... not that I've been in either, lol. I just like the way it looks. The 4.4s 0-60 helps... and I like the phrase "Kevlar reinforced passenger safety cell." because the Kevlar will at least keep you from being impaled... so all you'll have to worry about is being crushed or mauled...