Thursday, January 06, 2005

Oh God, Do I Love Sausage!

Cory writing here, and I'd like to clarify that I'm being a dramatic sausage and should not be taken too seriously. My apologies should any sausages feel personally attacked in this ludacris complaint.

"For each sausage according to his ability, to each sausage according to his need." Normally I deplore communism and am reluctant to stop free-market sausages, but perhaps the regulating officials can bend the paradigm to appease the downtrodden who simply wants a sausage of his own? How does Ben get to be a contributor three times when certain sausages get screwed out of being a contributor? The prestige sausage is significant because I know I wouldn't have a case with an admission interviewer when he's like "So you claim to be a contributor on this glorious sausage, huh? Well, where's your sausage? What? They didn't even deem your sausage worthy of such an honor? But they have so many sausages! I even see you whining about a sausage, and they passed your sausage over for those who've never/rarely ever even posted. Your sausage must really suck, huh? We only accepted privileged sausages at our fine institution."


Ben said...

Check your school email, dipshit. I sent it two days ago.

Cory said...

are you trying to keep jeff off the blog or are you ticked off about my stupidity, which i warned about in advance? (i never check school email, but it allowed me to hugely distort social hierarchy by exaggerating a situation to flatter the blog and it couldn't have been possible since i'm going to OSU honors college in the first place.) for all this and more, i'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're just putting jeff's censor to work.

Cory said...

dude, editing a message, however ignorant it was, isn't funny and i ask that you just delete the entry instead of distorting it.