Thursday, January 20, 2005

Oh hell yes

Yeah this post really doesn't have a point. But finals are done for, so that's all cool. Hooray! So, how does everyone think they did? Pretty okay, I hope. But that doesn't really matter... why? BECAUSE WE'RE SECOND SEMESTER SENIORS! WOO!

Oh, and what's cracking Stubes? Glad you found the Outsiders. Now if we can only somehow get this site's URL to the 'Tri...


Ben said...

Adrianna, what happened to the Whatevah post? At least Shakeer leaves most of the previous material up when he edits. You've got me confused! I liked Officer Leroy. Silly, they don't let black people be cops! They might abuse whites.

post script
Tonight's listening: Ben Harper: "Like a King"

post post script
Yes, I know I only ever talk about Ben Harper or Neil Young. No, its not all I listen to.

Ben said...

Oh yeah, and I talked to Stubes about the blog last Tech Time. When I talked to him today he said he was really bored. He seemed to think that was unique to visitors of this site.

post script
Oh yeah, and the Audioblogger thing hates me. I have definately left two messages,on two different day, so unless Magda is screening them, they have failed to appear for no good reason.

Magda said...

Ben, did you press the pound key after you were done talking? I dunno what's up, but Cory couldn't audio-post either.

Ben said...

That seems like a good reason they would not appear.

Miguel said...

Yeah, same happened to me