Monday, January 10, 2005

Omega and the Oglamari

Hello again and would like to decalare that those past disputes have been put behind me. I re-enter the Blog with a new determination to stay faithful and honorable in my posts. However I have still continued to update my own blog ( and have reached a high point in it's production. My crew is fairly small and would like for it to remain this way for a number of reasons. One I wish to continue the continuing story without interuption and other posts conflicting, however I encourage feedback. Another Reason is this blog itself. So many have already pledged allegence to the Outsiders Looking In that to ask them to join another would be unreasonable, although I myself am a duel member.

As for my own blog, I cannot take miss a chance to endorse it. Although it is perhaps the last thing anyone wishes to hear, I find it entertaining and fun. I have renamed it to "THE OMEGA DIRECTIVE," and for those that notice this is a title from Star Trek, however the subject matter is related in no way, shape, or form, other than being a si-fi adventure. Unlike this blog which is a collection of unorganized posts, is a carefully crafted and orderly account of the later events that occur in the story that I am writing. Many of you may not know but I started a book last May when I was meaning to type my Junior Paper. Instead I created a science fiction story pertaining to: 1.) the third world war between the Soviet Union & the United States, 2.) A curent but skewed timeline, 3.) the eruption of Armagedon, 4.) the Alein invasion of the Oglamari, [find out what they are at likeapuma] 5.) and the resistance fight against the Oglamari. Suficet to say that it is quite an undertaking, however I am determined to stick to it and create a story that will become the next Harry Potter or the Star Wars of our generation.

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