Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A Plethora of Professors Pursue Pat's Prodigious Pantaloons

Mrs. Festine came into Physics class today and spent a good two minutes talking about how handsome Pat is and how he quietly hides his amazing mind. This was the height of awkwardness, her just praising Pat while the rest of us nodded along uncomfortably, hoping she would stop talking.

So I guess my question is, in a cage-match fight to the death over Pat's heart, who would win, Mrs. Festine or Mr. Lum? And who else is hiding their feelings for the illustrious Mr. Spear in the shadows? We have another semester in the Senior Annex, I'm sure we'll find out.


Misha said...

Ms. Festine...hands down. Mr. Lum is too meek to take Ms. F. It'd be a total catfight though. They'd probably both end up crying...and quoting things.

Pat said...

Yeah dude. It's really starting to freak me out. That's why I avoid the library as much as possible. Lum is always staring at me whenever I go in there. It's really disturbing. And the only person that Mr. Lum would win a cage-match fight with is Mr. Schaal.