Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Okay, so two days ago I woke up like normal. I went through the daily routine...nothing crazy, nothing weird. Then, there's this little twinge of pain on my ear. I examine it in the mirror, and guess what? There's this little cut on my earlobe. It almost resembles an attempted piercing. Or a successful one. What the hell? I sure don't remember sticking my earlobe in anything that would merit such a carving.

In addition to that, guess which ear this wound is on? No, NOT the "straight ear". That's the left. This cut was on the right.

Fortunately, the scab is going away now...but man, was that unnerving.

...Lame story, I know, but I had nothing to do but put an idle post on a mostly-idle blog.


Ben said...

That is odd, Mike.

Going along with the unlucky theme, today I found out that I will be the only leader going down to St. Benny's who will not give a talk. It's gonna be like being Truckmaster all over again.

Dave said...

lmao, that sucks Mike...