Friday, January 14, 2005

Why Don't You Just Tell Me The Name Of The Movie You Would Like To See

Doug's number in the junior directory gives the Cedar Hills Century 16 MovieFone lady. The opposite of what happened to Kramer. But still amusing.

post script
Puett, Wash. U St. Louis scholarship essays need to be received by tomorrow. What's your plan?

post post script
Cross your fingers for me to get Access for Dead Man. I know I can't live up to the standard Bence set, but I can sure try.

post post post script
The MovieFone lady has a sexy voice. Especially when she said "really easy." Bang Away!

1 comment:

Doug said...

Hey, you're right, it does.
Yeah, I kinda don't have a home phone.
Just call the cell if you ever want to talk to me.
And usually "recieved" means postmarked by. And if not, I really don't care. I am too good for them, and really don't want to live in St. Louis for the next four years.
I really should have applied to Brown.