Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Maggi had a good point: no one's posted for a while. I had decided that this stuff about basketball wasn't worth a post, but compared to nothing, who'd complain?

The East won the All-Star Game. But make no mistake, it's a whole level below the West. Four of the top five teams are in the West. A 500 team makes the play-offs easily in the East, but does not qualify in the West. And the East wouldn't have even won the All-Star Game if Greg Popovich was willing to play Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan in the second half. But Greedy Greg wouldn't rested up his star when the conference needed him. It turns out that the two had some minor injuries they were playing with, so it was a safety precaution. What crap.

In the eighth grade, a kid did his current event on something "extremely local." He started to tell a story about his halloween before the teacher stopped him. I also wish to share the news at such a local level. My team's tallest guy is nowhere to be seen. He hasn't been to practice lately. Rumor has it he quit the team. He wasn't very good though. But he was a giant. But we can normally win without him. My team has five main scorers. Not true this Saturday though. One of them was at the All-Star Game. Two others were at the beach. That left me and my brother to provide all the points. To make things worse, he was having one of his worst shooting days. He got 11 points by pure volume of shooting, and I had 16. We had 27 of the 33 points. The other teams had 50 something. I probably could have done better. There was this one ref that I was glaring at most the game because it appears he didn't know how to use his whistle. I apologized to him after the game for being so rude to him, and he explains that he's only a freshman and is new at this. I shouldn't complain too much. My seasonal average is only 12 points a game.

I can't wait til soccer season. I want to go all out this year. I'm not sure it'll happen though.

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