Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dead Man Walking

Sister Helen Prejean is visiting on Monday!


the set will be amazing !

the acting is becoming superb !

does anyone need tickets? Contact me!

Against the day of Vengence and Requital
against the time they lose their footing?
Close at hand is the day of thier disaster,
and their doom is rushing upon them.
-Clyde Percy [in DMW]


Anonymous said...

Man, who would quote the stupid liberal play on this blog? I bet whoever plays that role has only that one junky line. Oh well, I'm sure we could go to my house and watch Fox news instead of going to the play.

imac said...

I hope this isn't who I think it is...

Cory said...

what's with the anonymous comment? that's lame.

ian, who do you think it is?

Shinekaze said...

God i hope Frink hasnt found out about this blog... that'd suck ass

imac said...

Devon, you stole my thunder. I thought it was Frink as well

Cory said...

who's frink?

Ben said...

That was Jack making you all look like idiots. He is in the play and pointed out that Alex was quoting his own line, which might be okay if it was a good line, but its really not.

X said...

I think it is a great line, and I don't know who Jack is but he seems like an asshole.

You know the line is a direct Quote from the Bible so is Ben a Satanic devil worshiper by claiming that the Bible is full of bad lines?

Screw You and your little dog too.

Jack said...

Yeah, bad Norm Frink impression (or good, seeing as it worked). If you want, I could always give the real Norm the site and he could tell you his views for real... no? ok

"0.5% innocents excecuted under the death penalty is not 'all the time' as Sr. Prejean said. In fact, it's a relatively small percent that proves the system works." -Norman Frink Jr.