Sunday, February 13, 2005

Junior Year

Hey, who just figured out a way to top the trifecta of great posts from Alex? I did! Junior year memories. Put them down. Don't be bashful. Let's get to a hundred this time. And frosh and soph could use a little help also, if you have the time and/or memories. It's worth your time, these things are fun to get written down.

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Adrianna said...

Ahh, Junior year. Also known as "when life began for A." Let's see here...

The beginning of my illustrious tech career. I ran the follow spot for "Inspecting Carol" and practically crapped my pants every night because I was scared of screwing up. Good times! I met this kid called Rachel Finn in Religion class and was quite suprised to find that she was stage managing the show. My ascent through the ranks of techie-dom began!

The scavenger hunt downtown... now that was a trip. I stole crowns from Burger King, we ran into Ken, I smelled more urine in one day than I ever hope to in the rest of my lifetime, and we asked homeless people where we could find good needles. Mr. Daley's class rocked, it was by far the best class I've ever had at Jesuit. Mrs. Meyers on the other hand... well, Devon, Dave, Ben, Rachel, and I had fun sitting in the back of that one and making fun of it. Smudging ceremony anyone?

Music Man. Now that was insane. Lasaghnakah, I am ashamed to say, I left early from, but it was still a blast, with the party fouls and choco-tacos and whatnot. Juggling track with the show was nuts-- I got so tired one night that when I was trying to shave my legs I accidentially cut off the majority of my pinky nail. And the stupid bleachers scraped my leg and gave me a pimpin' scar. Searching for the dude with the laser pointer that one night was epic. Yeah, I could write a whole post on Music Man. That was so insane and yet so fun at the same time.

Proof. (Hey, most of my memories are Tech memories, go figure!) The night we got adjudicated was friggin' intense backstage. Chris forgetting the cast sort of added to the tension, but hey it worked out in the end. I remember tackling Chris Pitman to the ground when he told me that we were going to Nebraska, then shouting a lot and tackling Alan Toffler at track. Fun stuff. And Devon crawling around on the grid during the Playwriting Festival. I always counted the number of people who noticed him. I think the most was like four or something.

ACE! Changed my life. 'Nuff said.

NEBRASKA. Um... wow. Just wow.

Yeah that's all I have for the moment but I'll probably remember more. Thank God for Junior year!

Cory said...

1st Period: Spanish IV with Sra. Raffeale. My Spanish got progressively worse over the year from a lack of speaking. I liked the previous year when I had Sra. Lawrence and Pat and Mike were in my class.

2nd Period: AP Physics. I found a spot between Alan Aversa and Jake Hughes. I never stopped making corny jokes to them.

3rd Period: Mr. Daley's class rocked. Then I had comparative religions with Sr. Theresa and Kent and Jennifer Smith. It was fun. I doubt people learned much about comparative religions though.

4th Period: Multivariable Calculus. I esteemed my spot next to John. I thought it was the perfect team, he and I. I remember that I kept pointing out that together we had a pretty powerful influence, though the only example I can remember is that if we decided to start swaying at Mass, it couldn't be stopped.

5th Period: Accelerated Biology with Mr. Schaal. Lots of videos and labs. My lab partners didn't hate me as much last year as they did the year before because I clowned around slightly that year. Lewis Eppich and I tried unsuccessfully to kill tad poles.

6th Period: English IV with Benware, Chelsea, Audrey, Kent, and Holland. My first class with Audrey. My first paper was a "get to know your neighbor" assignment, so I wrote the paper from the point of view of a stalker following Audrey. I think that was a trend setter for me and that family.

7th Period: U.S. History with Mr. Hunnicutt. Jeopardy. My team was always up there. My team normally included Mike and we seemed to always oppose Randy Haj, who I deemed to be cursed since something always happened to him to cause him to get screwed out of the bonus points.

DCE: Small group included Jake Hughes, Liza, Kent, Marissa, Rachel White and Rachel Butler. I think our group stayed kinda shallow.

I got to be a guest speaker for Mr. Manning's comparative religions classes. I was rough around the edges for my first presentation to say the least. I should have warmed up with other periods so that I'd be more ready for a class including Jeff, Doug, and Alex. Oh well.

I did the same for Mrs. Hieman's classes. She didn't show on the date we had set cause she was sick. She put a note on my locker saying it's too bad it didn't work out, but I didn't go to my locker that day. I tell the sub she had appointed about the lecture and he's surprised but acquiesces. Sr. Theresa comes in at the end of second period to tell me to stop and calls Mrs. Hieman. Mrs. Myers comes in the next period and tells me to keep going and also calls Mrs. Hieman. I hear the next day that Mrs. Hieman got a kick out of the turn of events.

When I did the same thing for Sr. Theresa's classes, they were all checked out, and she didn't mind them talking to each other, leaving class, etc. At least fourth period, her biggest class, made a good audience.

Coffee House: My first public performance for guitar. It went well. I'll probably do the same thing for this coming coffee house.

I started playing soccer for the first year since fourth grade. I really loved it.

I didn't get any awards at the end of the year. I didn't deserve them, of course, but I thought I did better this year than I did freshman and sophomore years, when I did somehow stand out enough.

Cory said...
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imac said...

I remeber getting lost in Gresham with John on our scavenger hunt, then when we finally found the place they told us they wouldn't let anybody talk to us. So we went to another place by PGE Park and nobody was there.

X said...

Learning to ride a bike.

Shinekaze said...

=Nebraska Trip of course...
=Music Man and the balltaps
=Daley's amazing class
=Daley's scavenger hunt
=taking the 45e out of washington square when i meant to take the 45, i wound up riding the bus for a couple of hours and getting forced off at the end of the line, which luckily was right out side of my mom's work
=stage managing the playwriting festival
=pissing off benware all year long
=dealing with rob being an ass all year long as he would show up for welding.
=quitting japanese
=party fouls
=NME '03
=the trip to home depot with A, Justin Wagner, and maura where we bought the liquid nails and then drove along an ice cream van shouting at them for not having chocotacos
=maura and gordon knocking a piano over on themselves.
=i will dredge up more later

Shinekaze said...

I wanted to elaborate on SMing the Playwriting festival ( which i might as well try to SM again now that I can't have Footloose) Let's see: there was monkying around on the grid, and waving at the people who noticed me, there was the problem with Avital never being happy with her play, and there was Scott's amazing play. There was the crazyness of all the VHS tapes that were used. Oh and Music Man, when Evan used the .38 cal cap in the place of the .22 and Avital was deaf for most of the night. There was delivering food with Kent Robinson for the food drive. There was Cross Country, and the sheer craziness that comes with it.