Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lent-Off {Reader Discretion Advised (Seriously)}

Hey guys, I hope you've been boning up on your Koch, because Lent-Off '05 just began. This is no cock and bull story. Ten bucks buys entrance into the pool. I've given you cockfighters a week head start to make it competitive, but I'm still gonna be cock of the walk. Oh, and the girls are betting, and our names will be up on the hib. There's still time to sign up. Remember, the last cock to crow wins.

post script
Okay, I apologize. I had this post mentally written a week and a half ago, but excessive sleep deprivation erased it and it was a struggle to come up with that. Help out with a clever cock phrase in the comments section. I'm trying to think up a phrase containing "caulk, suckers." but can't come up with a good one.

post post script
Koch wrote the Christian Ethics book and we got a packet of his promoting chastity in Christian Relationships, so that part works.

post post post script
Yes, it's very sacreligous, but hey, we're like 18, we can get away with it. Oh, and in Tech the guys decided not to release the names of those who failed and when until the winner is announced. If we make it to college, the money gets split among remaining competitors Under these rules, the girls could totally have spreads and bet not only on the winner, but who could beat (for lack of a better word) the other guy by so much. Example: "Yes! Pay up. Scott owned Doug" "Ha, you owe me because the difference was less than five and a half days!" And they could even do some kind of bracket thing!

Wow. There went the illusions the rest of you had as to my maturity. And sorry to ruin that really cool small post thing y'all had going.


Katie said...

Ha ha Ben, very well written.

I heard the women-folk are to place their bets through Hibiscus? Confirm or deny?

Who all is participating in the MasterBet 2005?

This should be...memorable.

Miguel said...

Ben, I know I said I liked the name, but upon further thinking I must change my mind. Masterbet. Aside from its wit...well, let's face it: this is gambling, not reflection. To associate this with Lenten reflection seems to me to be a false association. Aside from the fact that by chance, by thought tangent, this happened to come up at the same time Lent did.

Yeah...just a thought.

Nancy said...

Well, it is the year of the cock.

Jeff said...

True mike, but maybe some of us are planning on doing it for lent itself. For me i've decided to make it my real lent thing, aside from the money. the money will become a factor after lent, but during not so much, so i think that "lent-off" works just as well as masterbet. just offering my two cents

Miguel said...

Jeff, you can make resisting the urge to dance the one-man tango your Lenten reflection, but I'm not saying anything about that. What I'm talking about is the money pool, which is called Lent-off, and if it goes by that name, I (for some self-righteous reason) decided it would be good to clarify the only thing that could give a bet with people betting on it (where the goal is not to be a better person, per se, but to win money) the right to associate itself with Lent was the fact that it's taking place at the same time.

Basically, it was my zealous religious side flaring at the possibility of sacrilige.

Miguel said...

Rewording: "A bet whose outcome influences other bets" or something like that. It sounded redundant before.

Jeff said...

gotcha, well, i dunno about what i feel, since i'm not really catholic... which is really wierd considering i'm actually doing lent.. and did last year too. but ya know, thats just how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Ben what ever you do don't let John Malitis in (sorry John)Randels said he is without for two years.

-your loyal subject