Sunday, February 13, 2005


Well, I just got back from a weekend at Marquette, walking around and seeing the campus and everything. Normally I wouldn't post about something like this, but considering that there are quite a few kids going to Marquette and some are not going to visit (as far as I know) I decided to post about my adventure. (I’m sure that Rachel will add her own story when she gets back from Marquette next weekend). Anyways, my opinion of Marquette is: ITS THE BEST FRIGGIN SCHOOL EVER. Well, maybe not the best, but pretty close. If you’re looking for a school that is like another JHS, Marquette is not the place to go. While it does have an active faith life and the student life is pretty active to, the campus itself is much more urban and in fact is part of the city. The highway is right next to it and it’s a 5-10 min walk to get down town (which is awesome). The facilities are awesome, the dorms are awesome, the gym is awesome, and the campus itself is very beautiful and there are plenty of places to sit in the sun, or to go walking. The river and lake are right there so that’s nice to. I have some pictures of the campus that I’ll be developing and scanning before next week, so I’ll post a few on the blog to let people see what it looks like. The only thing that some might not like is the weather, which is almost always cold when it’s not the summer. Personally I like cold weather and snow, but hey, some people don't. And if you're (those going to Marquette) worried about having things to do there, do not fret. I learned about a multitude of festivals, fairs, and other activities that go on there. The biggest of which is a music festival called 'Summerfest' which a few of you music fans have probably heard of. It’s a huge beach party at the end of the summer with about 13 stages and over 60 bands. Only about 10-14 big name ones, but that’s still really good. That and it’s an hour drive (or train ride, only $20) to Chicago. And if you can’t find something to do there, then you are really really sad. Also Green Bay is close so if you’re a Packers fan like me, you'll feel right at home. A few minor draw backs is that the campus is pretty spread out, so walking to classes if your in one of the far away dorms is a pain in the arse, and if you in the Honors society you basically will not socialize with any other type of student but other honor students. Honors students have their own dorm (which is REALLY nice) and usually only take classes with other honors students. The school also has plenty of sports but an official football team. But if you really want football, you can see the Packers (which are huge there). Also, coming home for the breaks is going to cost a bundle.

So, overall, my 'grade' of the school is an A- to an A. (I.E. It’s a really good school, with a few draw backs depending on the type of person you are.) It’s no Notre Dame, but it’s sure as hell not a Gonzaga or OSU. I'm pretty sure I’ll go there.

Aside from this, let me just say that I United Airlines. On Friday, a 5 hour trip with one transfer turned into an 11 hour nightmare, and today's (Sunday’s) flights were fully equipped with a 3 hour delay and a medical emergency on the 2nd (long) flight clogging all bathrooms but one. The line stretched half the plane the entire trip.

Oh yea, Scott you are right, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is an awesome movie. (so is Friday Night Lights).

Well, that’s my two cents, like I said, if anyone wants to see the pictures I’ll have em' by the beginning of next week. Later all!


Ben said...

I hope you get enough money to go. Maybe I'll transfer and join you. Then we could start a rag-tag soccer team that would train so hard that we could challenge the school team and beat them. That would be pretty sweet.

Dave said...

Yeah, if you don't mind the weather (not to mention blue collar city), it is a great school! Glad you liked it Jeff!

Doug said...

If you say that Marquette "is no Notre Dame," then it couldn't possibly be an "A or A-"; Notre Dame is a second-tier school itself.

PS: This was a shameless rip on Kelsey brought to you by someone who applied to Ivy-league schools, But will end up not being accepted, and even if I do, I won't be able to go, because I'm too poor to send in the profile, and thus will not recieve finacial aid.

Shinekaze said...

what are marquette's academic stregths? like are they strong in math, science, english? who knows if i get bored of being here in oregon maybe i will join you people in where-ever-the-hell-this-is and party!

Jeff said...

Acutally, they're fairly decent in most subjects, thier only real failing is buisness. Not that its bad, but its alright. The school really thrives when it comes to psychology, medical education (especially dentistry), communication, and chemistry. So, i think its a very good school that though it doesn't have a singular subject its really strong in, it has a base of topics that are strong. Yea, its in Wisconson.

post script
i'm to lazy to proof or spell check right now. so sue me.