Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Of Economics and Indifference

I am right now sitting in History class, and there's this constant noise in the background while I'm trying to type, and every once in a while I catch some phrase like "gains and losses", "dividends", "portfolio value will reflect that increase", and I feel like such a stereotypical woman right now.

I do not understand economics to save my life.

And aside from wanting a good grade in this class, I don't really care about that.

I mentioned to Rhoads one time that I didn't get economics, and he scoffs "What's not to get? Markets go up, markets go down!" Yes, I know what directions up and down are, I'm not a complete idiot, and that doesn't help at all...I just cannot get into economics.

Thank God this stock market thing is a team effort...unfortunately, my math class is individual, which explains why I haven't bought anything or sold anything (much less even looked at the darn website) for months now.

Although now I suppose I can narrow down the whole career path decision...I will not go into business.


Pat said...

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't know what the hell he was talking about either. I spent my time reading articles at the Sports Illustrated website. However, unlike you, I got on a team with smart people so I don't have to worry about knowing anything about economics.

Ken said...

Hey, Pat, Rachel's pretty smart.

And Katie, calm down, you don't have to worry about understanding economics just yet. We'll be working on it for weeks and weeks to come. I'm sure Mr. Hahn will clear things up by then.

(After all, 90% of the middle three-fifths of history teachers from the private sector provide almost 78% of the gross domestic knowledge gain in the second quarter, provided the demographics are filtered to reflect the unstable nature of the net knowledge product among the median American nuclear family unit and its effect on the student's total value-differential information input, especially in public-sector supplemental-income developing regions with a low growth to quarter ratio. But you knew that.)

Ben said...

Wow Ken, way to shove it in Cynda's face, I'm impressed. You look like you're defending one person when in fact your are insulting the other. And each will pick up on the one more relevant to themselves. You truly are a putdown deity.

Oh, and Pat, I am hands-off this project unless you and John are really at a loss. My only idea is to sell short on the dollar {it's what all the cool people like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates are doing} but I'm not sure it lets us do that.

Katie, I would be happy to let you join me in my quest to become the world's greatest monkey killer. You could totally be the Pussy Galore to my James Bond. Mr. Schaal has helped me determine monkeys are the primary source of pain and suffering in our world, so I'm gonna take them out.

Katie said...

Wow, Pat...this was a prime opportunity to insult me, but you didn't take it...I'm just overcome with emotion here...who knew you were such a gentleman?

Ben: You're on. Just tell me what to do.

Cynda said...

Thanks a lot guys I love you too

Ken said...

Ben, thanks! It's a gift. But if you keep explaining all my jokes, Cynda will understand them.