Thursday, February 10, 2005

One to go along with the recent posts

A man is walking down a dark alley when a woman in the shadows says, "Hey fella, want a good time for twenty credits?" Although he'd never been with a hooker before, he figures, what the heck, it's only twenty dollars. So he and the hooker crouch down in the alley and they start going at it. Meanwhile, a police officer comes up and shines his flashlight on them and says, "Hey, what are you two doing there?" The man responds, "I'm having sex with my wife!" The police officers says, "Oh, excuse me, I didn't know that." The man says, "That's alright, I didn't know it either until you shined that flashlight in her face!"


Ben said...

Good job copying, pasting, and editing that joke from likeapuma, but you forgot to switch credits to dollars at the start.

And when I said good job, I didn't really mean it. Just clarifying.

Ken said...

Hahaha, I like it. I like it a lot. Nice, Alex. This joke is your future.

Ben, I never read likeapuma anyway, so it was new for me.

Remember, guys, don't imagine this too hard... it's, what, $130 on the line now?

X said...

I like it Xan, or is it alex? anyway I like it.