Friday, February 18, 2005

Punishment for my 1980 Volvo [see "God wants my Volvo to Die" (below)]

So I go to callbacks yesterday and have a horrible time dancing and gettin' funky then I exit that Big Black Box and my sister is still sitting in the hallway, she had been there sense school ended and it was now 6:00. Anyway I drive home not thinking to much about anything and go and study for my Macbeth Test for Fr. Connell's class. So this mornig I wake up late, because I got no rest last night and ruch around to get my stuff in order. So I run out and hop in the car and I am on about 17th when I realize, "Oh crap, I forgot to get gas last night!" The 10 gallon tank is bellow the red mark by far and it has been about 242 miles sense my last refill, (you do the math) My grandparents said that it can the car could only go about 200 in the city. So I am not too happy, we either get gas and get jugs or push it and make it early. We didn't leave late we just didn't leave early either. So I drive the 9+ miles to jesuit from SE portland and the little Volvo makes it to school with 153 miles. Thank God we have a gas station directly across the street!

The good news is that we slept for a half hour in higgin's class today.

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