Saturday, February 26, 2005

Regarding Our Bet...

Okay, so, after being asked many, many days in a row "Is anybody out yet?" and answering "Not that I know of," I want to make sure you all know this...

You come to me if/when you're out.

The only name I reveal is the one who comes out on top, so if you're worried about everybody knowing about...yeah, then don't worry.

If you're worried about the fact that I know, get over it. You signed up to be a part of the bet. When you paid your money and put your name down, believe it or not, there's an unwritten law. Now I'm spelling it out for you: you fail, you let me know.

I'm not accusing anybody of anything; this is just a disclaimer.

Could I make you swear some solemn oath on God, your country, your families, your souls, and anything you hold dear to your hearts? I could. But the fact is that joining this bet, with a man of integrity like Ben heading it, you pretty much know what's expected of you in terms of honesty and following through.

Besides, it also takes some courage to admit you're out.


Ben said...

First of all, thanks for the post, Mike. I too have been beset by questions regarding whether anyone is out yet. Mostly from Randles asking me how my break was. As in the break between second and third period.

Second, I sincerely doubt there will be only one winner. I know I'm gonna win, and I'm pretty sure I will be joined by at least three other guys.

Third, I do not think anyone is or will be lying. And I don't think that thought should even cross our minds. I didn't let any liars in. (Except for that bastard Tuesday.)

So in closing, keep up the good work fellas.

Anonymous said...

so what if you had an accident then thought it was over so you went ahead and then after that you found out that accidents don't count. What happens then?

Miguel said...

Okay, you'd have to define "accident" wait, please don't. I really don't want to know. If accidents don't count, accidents don't count. And they don't. Well, unless you mean you were playing chicken with yourself (gross) and had an accident that way. But if you say it's an accident, I'll believe you, because frankly, I don't want to know.

Why am I the go-to man again?

Satan said...

That is sick really, really, sick!

I don't even want you in hell with me.