Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So i am doing my senior project on "robots, friend or foe?" (foe) and i came across this sony robot called QRIO. it can talk and find its way in a maze, run, and dance better than me. i was really creeped out because it's movements are life like (i cant do half the dance moves).
here is the website for the videos.

P.S. What have we created? looks to me like our downfall.
P.P.S. fuck robots.


Pat said...

That's cool. I was gonna do my senior project on Seinfeld. However, Fr. Connell apparently used my idea as a bad example for his following classes. Now I have to think of something else, but I have no idea what. I want it to be something cool. If I ended up doing something lame, like Shakespeare, I would probably not even do it at all.

Ken said...

Good call, Pat. Gotta hold on to some shred of dignity, right?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Will Smith's moview "I, Robot" a terrible movie, as well?

Xan said...

I asm trying to get clearence from Mr. Yanosy and Hogan to use the story that I am writing. Many of you know that my story (OMEGA) is a huge obsession with me and my blog (likeapuma.blogspot.com) is all about the end of the story. I am attempting to formulate an argument that I can use while at the same time still keep the majority of my story intact. I'm having problems finding an argument.

Katie said...

Wow, Pat makes fun of me on blogger, Scott makes fun of me on his xanga...is there any other place you guys can insert some joke about me??

Oh, and Pat, nothing beats getting made fun of in front of another class. THAT was classic.