Saturday, February 19, 2005

Steal This Blog!

I have a confession to make that will force you guys to see me in a different light. Oh boy. Deep breath, you can do it. Okay. So back in second grade I led the war against the girls. It's true. We used to have these Lincolon-log type play structures, and in one, under a very short slide, I would gather my squad and plan the attack. Most of the time the girls, being smarter than us, would raid the meeting (there were gaps between the logs that made the hideout not-quite-so secret) or just see us coming and beat us in open combat (they had this one girl who could beat up all of us. At the same time. Back then I called her the juggernaut.) This went on for quite a while, until Sr. Barbara figured out what was going on and sat us down to a long talk. [Other second grade memories- Huge crayons, winning the speedy drill championship, and being forced to read numerous Pony Pals books]

Anyway, I hope that explains some stuff.

post script
I'll catch y'all at the discotheque!

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Do the rest of you find Alex's posts strangely refreshing? I feel like I can post whatever the hell I want and still only be the second-worst blogger.

Good night Neverland!


Scott said...

Wow, your second grade was much more exciting than mine. Most excitement I ever had was avoiding Amy, the girl who tried to kiss every guy in the school. I dodged her though. I tell ya, the ladies...they never stop.

Adrianna said...

That's nothing compared to my second grade class where we burned stuff in a trash can. I kid you not-- we wrote down stuff that bothered us and then threw it in the trash can. Our teacher took it outside and lit it on fire.

Coolest teacher ever. Thank you, Mrs. Saxvik, wherever you are, you crazy North Dakotan second grade pyro you.

imac said...

I realize that this has absolutely nothing to do with the post, Ben, but did Tim's team win or lose?

Scott said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention, but I find nothing refreshing about Alex's posts.

Jeff said...

I got in trouble for getting in a large scale pincone fight....

Ben said...

They lost. But I guess by now you know that, since you are a better brother than I and are attending your brother's game. They should, right as I type, be playing in the consolation game. Your brother is in the championship game, right? Tell us how he did?

post script
It looks like my redhaired eighth grade brother's team might win their championship.

post post script
I tried to argue with Sr. Barbara that we read to many girly books and we should read Mutant Ninja Turtle books, but she told me Pony Pals weren't girly books. Yeah right!

imac said...
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imac said...

Never mind, he lost.