Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Student Fun Racer ( oh sorry it's not a race it's a Fund Raiser)

Well I have all my letters in, (as does most of Tech theatre) But how about that assembly, I thought it was great one of the better ones weve had this year. I thought the scafolding (sp?) was a great touch by the Tech theatre crews.


Shinekaze said...

Fuck Jeff... I hate how much fugging pressure he puts on people to get the letters done... Just in a bad mood... and you better believe if I didnt truly love tech... that I wouldnt put up with Jeff at all... he can be such an ass!

Xan said...

Yeah we won!
And we got five dollars to Big Town Hero
just wanted to gloat
pizza party
doughnut party
sweats day
dash for cash
but our X-box party got canceled (darn)