Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A Vitally Important Post for the Future of the Internet

So important, in fact, that in order to write it, I skipped the dump-you-right-into-it, damn-the-title-bar format that I've maintained since that first post in August.

Here's the story: while I was searching for capital punishment information, Google's power seduced and distracted me. (The former verb was attractive due to our bet, and the latter... Jesuit religion class.)

Ben first typed this string of characters into Google's search box:


or something like it, anyway, and it came up with absolutely nothing. "Something must be wrong with Google," we thought. "Google has everything." But it turns out that quite a few phrases that more than deserve their place on the internet appear absolutely nowhere in Google's search service!

As a remedy for this quasi-cosmic oversight, we decided to create this post. So, in the comments section, please feel free to add any phrase that needs a home. Eventually, Google will return our page any time anyone searches for any of these! (And by "any phrase," I mean "any phrase that John won't delete"--don't waste his time. We have the whole Jeff-Nitschke-virgin-eyes thing to deal with too.) And this page is only for total orphans--can't show up anywhere else on the internet.

I'll start you off with the three that started the whole thing. And yeah, it may look like there's a pattern. Please don't follow it.

* "mothers made easy"

* "nuns down under"

* "women of the igloo"


Shakeer said...

Now I see why you like Garden State so much.

Ken said...

Unrelated. That part didn't really do it for me anyway. This is about technology and increasing the bounds of human possibility.

Shakeer said...

When you were talking about this today in religion, I off-handedly mentioned Googlewhacking, which is sort of related.