Friday, February 04, 2005

What time is it? HISTORY TIME!

Hey diddle diddle children, welcome to another random post from the wonderful land of Hahn! I'm sitting in the second row having a very... um... interesting e-mail conversation with Karolyn about... um... spanking. Yeah, and I'm kind of hungry. My stomach just growled, that was embarassing. I have a request for everyone: write in and tell me interesting things to do on the computer (LEGAL ones, mind you. No crazy ass porn. Or any type of porn.) whilst waiting to go to first lunch. I mean, whilst studying for the AP exam. Fives all around!

Oh and is anybody doing anything for the Super Bowl? Or anything this weekend for that matter? We should party hard, it's second semester!

We need to compile a list of useful links to play with while we're bored during History class work days. Links not related to the stock market (current strategy: buy pretty, sell shitty).

Mmm history class, how I love you on a Friday morning. Hee hee the janitor chased away all the geese.


imac said...

I'm so bored, please make it stop. AAAAAAAAA. work day + history = really boring.

Anonymous said...

I really think that you ahould wait unitl science to do anything fun. Say for example this: dry ice in an airtight bag in a cup or something of water. Watch it explode.
On the computer, read my, Shakeer's, blog, becuase it exceeds the blogging standards of yours by quite a lot of something.

Pat said...

Super Bowl party at my house. It's after the thing on Sunday.

Cory said...

i just got that hankering to go to Mass this Sunday. I hear there's that great fellowship in Beaverton, but I've forgotten what time it starts. Could somebody tell me?

Ken said...



imac said...

don't forget that they have one at four on Saturday as well

Adrianna said... is far superior.