Thursday, March 31, 2005


That was how some of my school chums pronounced pictures back in the day. It bugged me but I never said anything.

Anyway, we are hopping on the Flickr bandwagon. I set up an account a couple days ago with a few test pitchers and took the initiative today to mess with template and insert it into our sidebar. If you have a digital camera and would like to contribute just ask me for the login and password. I'll be putting up soccer game pitchers, but as long as we stay under our 10 megabyte a month limit, I can't think of any restrictions we need to place on this community photoalbum. Well, maybe a couple, but upload to your hearts content anyway.

Hee hee hee... The French

I'm studying history for the AP test and here's a summary of what I have so far.

The US over its history gained a lot of land in North America, which France failed to hold on to.

The US succeeded in bringing a democracy by a revolution, which France failed to do.

The US won this revolution by beating Britain, which France has often failed to do.

The US drove the Germans into Germany, ending the Great War, which, for years, France failed to do.

The US constructed the Panama Canal, which France tried and once again, failed to do.

Once again the US liberated France from Germany.

I'm sure I'm missing more examples, because there are huge gapes between American independence and the beginning of the Twentieth Century, and also between World War II and modern day.

On the other hand, the United States has never been able to invade Canada. And like Mr. Hunnicutt said, "It's not from lack of trying."

My history might be a bit biased. At least I reject that "America as a chosen nation" crap. Chosen to kill all those Native Americans, host slavery for so long, hold on to segregation after that, teach evolution, burden the poor, allow abortions, and host among the higest rates of divorce, drug use, obesity, anorexia, violent crimes, and relativism? Christian nation my donkey! And we're so intolerant of other people's cultures! At least we're not France. :-P

If I Could Be Half The Man He Is...


Well, if this isn't a blatant attempt for a change of scenery, I don't know what is!

Why can't we let the horse die?

Good Lord! Why is everyone so aginst me. First Doug then Ben then Scott! Three people I consider good friends turn their backs and begin to constantly insult me. LET IT GO! Okay I'm back (so what) I posted on the blog ( oh my, how scandalous). Why can't everyone just stop attacking eachother and run with the flow. If you don't like it, then fix it, bitching wount help. Sure bring up the topic by all means, but don't personally try to hurt someonelse. If your goal when you respond to such posts as the one below is to offend or piss off the other person, then you do not belong on this blog. Accuse me of being a hypocrit, go ahead. But first read my comments and realize that although I specificly mention people, never do I bash someone, rather they are meant to incite a thought, to make you question your motives and words. Please let this be the end of this all. Accept and move on for everyone's sake. If you think that my few post tick off people, well a constant argument and fued pisses them off even more.

"Love your brother as yourself."

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


One day left. In case you didn't know already.

Anyway, another track meet, 2 feet under in Discus, ended at 3rd, which is fine, I couldn't place better even if I pr'd by several feet. Oh yeah, I got 40' in shot, and am now going to be Varsity next week.

I move to have Alex re-banned. I did feel slightly guilty when he got kicked off the first time, but it looks like he is once again abusing blog privilages. 3 posts in less than an hour? And all of them about absolutely nothing of any importance. (If it sounds like I'm being hypocritical, I have divine (Ben) mandate.) Anyway, I for one would like Alex to not make a repeat of last time.

Hobbits are real, no really they are!

some of you may recognise this from Hoverboots Anonymous but it needs to be known.


On the secluded island of Flores just north of Australia in the middle of the indonesian islands they found the fossils of little people, that they have named hobbits. According to this article from National Geographic They believe that they are either an offshoot from the Homo sapiens species, or that they were once very simaler to us but then underwent an effect called island Dwarfing, where their bodies naturally evolve to fit thier island environment. Their Bones would have shrinked and then they would evolved to be smaller. The fossils that they found were only three feet tall. Just imagine a whole bunch of little humans three feet tall running around an island. The article also said that they were very smart despite their relativly small brain (the size of a Chimp) There is evidence of complex stone tools and that they hunted animals twice their size. However this does not explain why they were smart. The explination given is; it is a known fact that reptiles seem to thrive and grow large on island environments, (Look at the Komodo Dragon for instance) so it could be possible that they were both preditor and Prey. They would have had to have been smart to stay alive, natural selection; you know what I mean? But the most interesting thing to me is that they only went extinct 13,000 years ago. That is very recent in the terms of science.Here are the sites:

Does anyone remember?


Hello there, my name is Xan, a.k.a. Flash, a.k.a. Alex, And I am a midget.Recently following the attacks on September 11th 2001, the midget population has suffered horrible losses in jobs, activities and acceptance into colleges. This is because we are feared. People beleive that because of our small size, we will infultrate government locations as children and commit acts of terror against the United States. This is not True. I Am here to tell the world we are not a threat to national security. Just because we suffer from abnormal growth does not mean we are a danger to you. Please keep this in mind next time you see a "scary" midgit then apoligize to them. Thank you for your time.

good times, good times

Coming out of the Closet (no not that way!)

why run anylonger?
Why continue to fight?
Yes I will face criticism, but is it even worth it?
At least I'm not Satan.

As For a real post well here is one.

Do we have the right to Judge? I mean God is ultimate (and if you don't belive in God thats fine) but if God has ultimate say then we are inferior. Do we have the knowledge or the right to judge someone else, in their actions. Take yourself as an example. If you do something that seemed like a good thing, something fun and something that did no harm, then someone says "That's Stupid" how would you feel. You took an acton that was, in your perspective a good and then face criticism. How would that make you feel? The other does not know the entire story behind your action, so how can they judge you?

Monday, March 28, 2005

A Day That Kicked At Least Three Kinds of Ass

Today pulled me out of the mild depression I fall into when I'm not around you guys for more than a threeday weekend (you guys being the people on the contributors list, plus Sean, Chris, Alex, and my boy Chuck) for several reasons, which I will outline using Roman numerals, to spite Shakeer's use of his fancy Arabic numerals in a recent post. Man Fibonacci was a poser!

I. I was around some of you at soccer practice, which was enjoyable. Told you he was good, didn't I?

II. I bought some pretty sweet G.I. Joes at Dr. Tongues. My indecisiveness forced Scott to leave before I had actually picked anything out, but after he left I purchased some quality stuff. Plus the guy offered me a deal on this gigantic Cobra base that was, well, see for yourself: The picture doesn't do it justice, but yes, that is a jet coming out of the middle of it and yes, I know I'm a complete dork, so you can save your insults because they will do no damage to me, much like how the Joes' missiles will do no damge to the titanium aromor of this base. I didn't buy it. Yet.

III. I got the Northwestern Scholarship so I can almost afford to go to there, which I would love to do. If I had to choose, that'd be my first choice school, even if I get into ND and/or Cornell. So the FAFSA was good for something. I wonder how much they'd have given me if they knew I had two brothers going to private school next year?

IV. It was not yesterday, which sucked. I let my beagle Clancy outside withour checking to see if the gates were shut. It half an hour before I realized he was gone. So my family went mildily psychotic looking for him. They found him. I was in/around Laurelhurst Park, chasing down frightened-of-me joggers and bicyclists, asking if they had seen him. I got home to a house empty except for Clancy. They were out looking for me. Anyway, it was a relief to get him back after an extended period of time believing I was the reason my family, which loves this dog more than any dog should be loved, would never see him again.

post script
Puett, we can't comment on your awesome post if you don't wait the necessary time for complete loading to occur. And you spelled Quixote wrong.

Regarding the strange adventure that befell Don Quixote in the castle or village of Bend, along with other events both grave and comical

Woohoo, finially finished Don Quixote!
Now I just have 10 essays to do. What are we supposed to write on them, anyway? I know I was supposed to finish them during Spring Break, but it looks like I'll probably not get around to them. Stupid Bend, oh well, it was fun. Grandparents, awesome cousins, played in the snow, which was abundent and good. Good time to get away from my parents, and get closer to my brother, who, now that we are back is once again an asshole (either that or I am). Snow Discus is awesome, except when you lose the disc in the snow, that happened a few times. Got excepted to BC, but they want $500 before the end of the month, so unless they waive it or other schools are more generous, I am screwed. Cousins are so much fun. Especially when they are young enough that you (or at least I) can pick them up and throw them in the snow. Anyway, I better get started on the 14 essays I need to write (10 DQ + 3 religion + 1 petition to end Dr. G's tyranny) except that I won't. It'll end up being some Thursday night staying up late scribbling down incoherent sentances. Damn my laziness. Speaking of Thursday, that is the official Ivy league admissions day. 3 Days left!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Good News!

There is good news for all those Marquette bound:

I e-mailed their tech theatre instructor guy (his name is Stephen) basically saying that I would be there next year and blah blah blah...but more importantly: I asked if Milwaukee has fireflies (because Oregon doesn't and it blows) and...


He suggested going west out of the city to enjoy them, but THEY EXIST. So we (adrianna and i for sure) will be going west out of the city to enjoy the fireflies.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

My Spring Break

Hallo. I am in NYC right now, and I wanted to update everbody since I've been gone for, like, ever, and because I feel like it, dammit.

After a pretty cool weekend of hanging with Rachel and Adrianna on Friday and visiting the vacation spot of the century on Saturday and Sunday (FEDERAL WAY...yes) on Monday, I packed and cleaned and watched my mom stress out about our upcoming vacation/college looking-ness. Awesome.

So I flew to Washington DC on Tuesday night. On Wednesday, I went to go say Hi to the Georgetown coach and Drew Freeman (Tim's sister). After going to the information session and being totally bombarded by statistics and completely freaked out (one highlight: information session lady-"I know it's raining pretty hard, but at least it's not snowing like it is in New York!" me-"Oh, yeah, of course. That's where I'm going next.") I decided that it would be a cold day in hell when I would be able to get in to Georgetown.

Hell must be as cold as New York is (brr), because the coach told me I was in!

On Wednesday night, I flew to New York. What should have taken about an hour, took a million, including waiting on the plane for an hour before we took off because of snow. For Thursday, I wandered around Columbia and imagined Shakeer doing the same. He shall fit in beautifully there. I also said Hi to the Columbia coach who told me that if I get in (ha ha) I can take an official visit there. That was very nice of her, however I doubt I shall have to take her up on her offer. At the sports complex there, Julia Stiles walked by. She was very normal, no entourage, just looked like a normal college student who happened to be in movies.

I also wandered around New York and Times Square and Central Park and was completely overwhelmed and happy. Good times. Although I was cold. However, I got to go see Chicago on Broadway, which was flipping amazing.

On Friday morning, I went to go on my NYU recruiting trip, and the coach told me that I got in there too! I met my freshman host, a girl from California, who took me to sushi for lunch. At said sushi, there were no forks. I didn't know how to use chopsticks. Rather than admit this, I watched others and copied. I now know how to use chopsticks. Although salad is too hard, so I skipped it. I was still proud.

Then we went walking for miles and miles and freaking miles down SoHo, where I got to see some insanely expensive boutiques but amazing vintage shopping. After SoHo (and bubble tea, which was good enough to convince me to come to New York) we went to dinner at the dining hall (college food. can't wait.) and then to the men's (not a typo, yes men's) volleyball game, where they handily lost the first 3 of 5 matches and it was over quickly. We then went to CBGB's, where I got to get a lovely black X on my hand and watch a girl from NYU play the guitar and sing. Afterward, we saw "Guess Who" which was terrible, but it was almost midnight so it didn't really matter.

Today I switched hosts, and am with a girl from Oregon (oregon pride hell yeah). We took the subway to Central Park and wandered around, then walked forever down Madison Avenue and went window shopping at places where we could never afford a thread of from one of their shirts. Afterward, we sat in her dorm and watched Sex and the City (because I am in, after all, the land of Sex & The City) then went to little Italy for dinner.

And now I am here. On her laptop. I think we're going out tonight, but don't quote me.

So the college acceptances list is as follows (in summation):
Loyola Marymount
University of San Diego
Georgetown University
New York University
Villanova University (that was from checking my email)

Hope you all are having fun! I know I will when I get to Oregon and have to readjust again to the time change!

p.s. Patrick Spear, I remembered to go to the NBC store and get you your Seinfeld shirt. Because I am just that nice. And you needed to add to your wardrobe, and if that has to be through me, so be it.

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Quest for March Madness Part I

Wednesday: I leave at 8:30 for the hospital to be tested for a genetic mutation before we leave. That goes relatively smoothly, though it was kind of strange seeing your blood put in a metal tube labeled "genetic biohazard." We can't fly straight to Albuquerque so we have to catch another flight in Salt Lake City. After being delayed for over two hours in SLC, I made it down to Albuquerque at 8 PM and promptly search for dinner. As it turns out, there are about 25 McDonald's within a 2 mile radius of my hotel. Almost nothing besides fast food and casinos anywhere. I finally find a place to eat and then head to the hotel to get some sleep.

Thursday: The games don't start until about 5, so I drive over to Santa Fe to find something to do. Absolutely nothing. So far I'm really having no luck. Anyway, I head back to Albuquerque for the games. The games are being held in The Pit(University of New Mexico). Those New Mexicans sure can build themselves a stadium.
First Game: 1 Washington vs. 4 Louisville
Unlike anything I have ever experienced. It's fun to watch on T.V. but it's 100 times better in person. Washington builds an early lead but Garcia starts lighting it up from beyond the arc(he hit 5 threes, scored 23 points). Louisville cruises to the upset win.
Second Game: 6 Texas Tech vs. 7 West Virginia
This game was even better than the first, especially since I was sitting right in the middle of the Texas Tech fan section. It was an awesome game, as well. Texas Tech kept it close the entire game, and with a couple minutes to go Texas Tech is down four. They force two shot clock violations in a row, but score on only one. They then force a steal and get miss about 5-6 shots that would have tied it up. West Virginia pulls out another upset.

As soon as the game ends I have to leave because it's an 800+ mile drive to Austin(about 14 hours). I got about 2 hours of sleep. But it's more than worth it because as I write this, I'm preparing for two more games at the Frank Erwin Center at UT.

More details to follow.

PS: I really dislike Barry Bonds

PPS: Ozzy Osbourne is now a Naked Crimefighter

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Soccer Practice...?

Hey Ben, what sort of field are you looking for? For practice, I mean. Because I'm sure there's plenty of places around Tigard, but then again Tigard is kinda out of the way. Do we have to practice within the city limits or are we trying to snake our way around the "no-practice 'cause we want you all to suck" PYSA policy?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Daring Adventures of My Spring Break

I got home on Friday and slept from 5 to 9 PM. At 9 I took my contacts out got into my own bed and slept til 9 AM. And then this morning I woke up at noon after having fallen asleep around 10PM. It's insane.

I'm using a free trial of Real Rhapsody. I've at least tripled my familiarity with classic rock in the last few days. SeƱora Circosta asked me to play for the Spanish National Honor Society induction ceremony, so I'm also immersing myself in stuff by Santana and a bit of Los Lonely Boys.

I got the review guide to the U.S. History AP Test. It'll be a lot of work. I'll be reviewing a bit everyday until May, and I'm going to nail that multiple choice section. Don't know how I'll do on the DBQ though.

I'm a licensed lifeguard for another year.

I didn't make it in to MECOP, iHIP, BEC, or Key Crew at all this year.

GPBC student center will be showing the Passion of the Christ at 7:30 on Thursday and noon Friday. I'll definitely be at the one on Thursday. Who'll go with me?

What I did on my spring break vacation thus far!

I am bowing to your request for new content, Ben.

So, after partying hard on Friday night, I basically hung around and filled out scholarship applications on Saturday. Sunday I slept and my parents decided that we needed to drive to Newburg for some reason. Yeah, I dunno. Monday I took the car to Washington Square alone and bought some crap at American Eagle (yay polo shirts and a skirt!). Tuesday was reserved for Tech and Red Robin. The first electric? Yeah, that's all me. Today is much of the same. Tomorrow I'm either doing nothing or looking for a job. Same with pretty much every day remaining in this week. On Sunday I might eat candy because my parents are heathens, hee hee.

Oh, and Ben? SHUT UP. You will do fine, believe me. JB, Devon, and I will be there to guide you from a blooming young ASM to a master of picking things up and moving them to brightly colored spike marks under the cover of darkness in front of 500-odd people who are really, really high on 80's music. Good times are in the works, pal.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Come Back Xan, We Need You!

pre script: I am expecting some epic "What I did over Spring Break" posts in the coming days. Especially from our March Madness correspondent, the MANchuca. In the void, I will barrage you with pointless drivel, as usual. But this time, I will attempt to be concise.

-I took the girls I'm babysitting to the zoo today. It seems to me like the place has gone down the shitter. I blame the evangelicals.

-Tivo stock lost all that it had gained for us (and then some.)

-My family is celebrating Easter on Saturday, which seems is bothering me more than I would have imagined.

-I am now maintaining the delusion that I was severely missed at Tech today.

-PARADE magazine told me the reasons I procrastinate. Mostly the fear of failure with some adrenaline junkie squirted in there. How lame is it to get your adrenaline from rushing to finish a project for school? And they had pretty comical ways to overccome my problems: 'Help other procrastinators.'

-Speaking of which, is it too late to change my biology project?

[Ken dude, if you check the blog while you're in New England (for which I would give you major blogging props) stop at the Duty-Free Shop when you go to the airport to come home. I'm still working on finding the right location for the test explosions, and I have decided my finder's fee is a small bottle of novelty liquor (only to be used for its flammable properties.) Or dirty playing cards, your choice.]

-Hope you're all safe and enjoying yourselves.

post script
Oh, and the link is a G.I. Joe named Footloose. When Scott and me visit Dr. Tongue's I'm gonna see if he's there. He could be our mascot.

post post script
We should start a pool to see how long it will take Jeff to realize that making me an ASM was a grievous error. (My guess, being optimistic as I usually am, is opening night.) At least he didn't fulfill my wish to by Fly Captain.

Monday, March 21, 2005

A Moral Dilema (Sort Of)

I'm glad to finally have a story worthy of the blog.

My mom found a "cat trapped in an abandoned car" this morning on the way in to Fred Meyer. When she comes out, she sees that the cat is still there. The windows are all rolled up so the cat can't have fresh air. She calls the police to come check it out. Around noon my mom takes me with her to go save the cat. We arrive at the Fred Meyer parking lot and it doesn't take long for me to realize the context: A homeless mom and her daughter Emma (water color painting found in trunk with name Emma written on it) came up from California (California license plate) in the car that they are living in (they have all their possessions jammed into the car). My mom's plan is to break into the car, take the cat, and find it a good home. The trunk is tightly packed and is tied down because it cannot close. I unpack the trunk enough to push the back of the back seat down so that I can unlock the door. When we have the door unlocked, I tell her to hold on so that we can discuss the ethics of this.

"If you see a man living on a quilt downtown with his dog, would you tell him you're taking his dog?"
"Well, no."
"What if the man were sleeping? Would you take his dog away to find it a good home?"

Of course, these circumstances are different. The cat is well fed and has a litter box. But on the other hand, Fred Meyers has been paging for the car- it will eventually be towed if the owners do not return soon enough (so why not rescue the cat?). I figure that they will return that night so I don't see that happening. If the cat is suffocating in the heat of an airless car, why not take it? I want to open the door ajar for air and then tape it in place so that it won't open further. I figure we should leave a note saying that we're willing to take the cat off the family's hands and if that's not agreeable, at least leave the windows down a bit in the future. That doesn't sit well with my mom, but she reluctantly agrees and goes in to buy duct tape. I remain to pet this adorable cat, who's sitting atop a cat bed and looks longingly outside but can't figure out how to jump all the way down. My mom returns, looks at the cat, and can't bear to leave this cat imprisoned in this car all day and she resolves to take the cat. So we leave a new note explaining that we feared for the cat's life, will provide it with a very good home, but if you want it back, here's our number and we'll return it. I don't think this is a good idea. My mom calls my dad on the way home and he explains why this is a bad idea (breaking in and stealing). Upon arriving home, my mom agrees to my initial idea of leaving the cat in the car and leaving a note to the family. So we go back to Fred Meyer and put the cat back in. If we can relocate the pet for them, they'll call us.

In hindsight taking the cat would have been a horrible decision. What would stop the owners from claiming they had valuable possessions in the car and are gone now? Homelessness is not a proud experience- taking their cat would have increased this sense of powerlessness and crushed the family. I guess this only makes sense a moral dilema given my mom's uncanny love of cats and her tradition of rescuing strays.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

March Madness

Well, my bracket sucks. The games have been great though. Moving on, wallball was awesome on Friday, you should have played. The Plaza echoed with oohs and aahs and groans. And that was just Doug's mom. Just kidding, but we did have a lot of kids playing and even an audience. Most people were rusty, but Jeff, Scott, and Cory were superb. My only claim to fame was defeating the much touted (by himself, but rightfully so) Matt Finn in a pretty grueling match. Wallball is good clean fun. The most tight-assed teachers passed by with bemused grins and it took an hour of us fiercely competing on his wall to force Mr. Kato to ask us to shove off. We're playing foursquare next Friday, but if you're around Tuesday morning, I'm thinking we can get a quality half-hour of wallball in. The teachers are in a meeting, right?

In other news, my dad and I are still trying to find a field that won't get the league shut down. So if you know of a field outside of Portland city limits that could facilitate some practices, let me know. I'll be babysitting during the day, just email the ol' school account. The Gravy Rangers' first game is April 2nd. Circumstances look grim for our participation in the State Games (graduation weekend) and the Mayor's Cup (Senior Silent Retreat) but we might be able to play in this thing called the Chevy's Gold Cup. Its funny, our team is huge, but if you take JHS seniors out of the mix, we have about 9 players. Oh well.

Have a relaxing week. But remember who you are (poking fun at a certain angry Irishman.) And pray for Tivo stock.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


First off, I LOVE "Get Shorty." I just absolutely adore every frame of it. It's a totally self-aware, self-spoofing, highly entertaining, very funny romp through Hollywood. So the idea of a sequel, still based of Elmore Leonard's work, that would be a self-aware, self-spoofing, highly entertaining, very funny romp through the music industry sounded fantastic.

And it achieves that, to a certain degree. But it's ALL in the supporting cast. Cedric and the WMDs are hilarious. Vince Vaughn with his gay bodyguard The Rock (best...casting...ever) are outstanding (and provide for the best line in the film). But the chief problem is the lead cast. I've gotten used to casts for comedy and action movies where the lead characters are far from the most entertaining, but this is ridiculous. "Get Shorty" was made while Travolta was still on his high from "Pulp Fiction." "Be Cool" comes off the heals of "The Punisher" and "Ladder 49," and as a result Travolta's performance doesn't have NEAR the energy he had in "Shorty." Then we've got Uma Thurman. Now I love Uma and all, and seeing her and Travolta onscreen again together was one of reasons I believed this film would rule. But she's basically taking the role Gene Hackman had in "Shorty," and the writer and director take her way too seriously.

But not as much Christina Milian, who provides the talent that Travolta and Thurman are trying to raise. See..."Get Shorty" was based around the idea of making this movie. The studio they were making it through made only bad monster movies. The only real actress they had was terrible. Its chief producer was a hack and kind of an idiot. In "Be Cool"...the singer can actually sing. You BELIEVE she could make it in this business, because...uh...she has.

As a whole, the film just takes itself WAY too seriously. It doesn't just have fun with most of the material, especially as it pertains to the leads.

And the big Travolta/Thurman dance number, which I can only assume was supposed to be reminiscent of "Pulp Fiction" was anything but. If anything, now I'll have to watch "Pulp Fiction" and it will be tainted because of the memory of that. The "Pulp" dance number had this fun, lightly sexy edge. This was just a lotta grinding.

If you think I'm doing WAY too much comparison in this review and not actually focusing on the film as a separate entity, it's because the film sets itself up for that. It references "Get Shorty" many times (through a made-up film called "Get Leo," which was actually kind of a fun little invention), and c'mon...who would've casted Uma Thurman if she wasn't with Travolta in "Pulp"?

So's not a BAD FILM, per se. You could certainly do worse. But when the supporting cast is not only BETTER than the leads, but the leads are also near-unwatchable, it doesn't have a lot to keep you going.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


I still forget what I was supposed to write about

Weird. I thought I lost my previous post, so I retyped it. But apparently I didn't lose it, so whatever.

I forgot what I was supposed to write about

Ben told me to post about something, but I forgot what it was. Oh yeah, it was for track. It was so cool. I have never won anything in my life. Always when I play sports, I suck, so it really doesn't matter if I even show up. (Except for chess, but nobody cares about chess (besides Ben). But I sucked at that anyway.) Anyway, I threw 120'6, which beats my PR by 5 feet, and enough to slaughter Beaverton's best of 109'. It was probably because it was rainy, and they are too stupid to throw with rubber discs that are easier to grip when wet. Only after they saw me throw over 120 when they were struggling to throw 90, did they change their minds and stole our discs. I hate Beaverton. Good thing they suck. Except when Ohio scratched because he showed up late or something. Idiot. Oh well, instead of 1-2ing it, we 1-3ed, so it's not all bad. AND I EARNED 5 POINTS! I never scored anything in my life. Ben says that I'm a beast. Whatever.

PS: somehow I beat John and won JV shot with 37'10

PPS: It was the first time I even touched a shot all year.

PPPPS: John actually practiced

PPPPPS: John has gotten into college and I haven't.

PPPPP1/2S: Any decent college, anyway

PPPPPPS: I got wait-listed to Washington University

PPPPPPPS: They got 21k applications to 1,350 spots

PPPPPPPPS: There is no PPPS.

Hummer Limos Suck!!!!

So I am in history right now and have nothing to do and have decided to make a post.

So what to post about.....Ah I know Chicago!!!
As you all know I vistited Loyola Chicago two weeks ago. At that time I thought it was amzing. It was everything I wanted!!! Then when I thought about it and I realized that everything I loved about Loyola could be found at any other college. So, being the fickle person I am, have changed my mind yet again. This week I will be driving down to Santa Clara with my mother, which WILL be hell in case any of you htought it would be fun. Once we get there it will be all right, but up until then I have to deal with my mother smoking the whole way. EWW I hat smelling like smoke. But it's worth it becuase if I go to Santa Clara I'd be going to school Patty Cakes!!! YAY!!!

Ok as an end to my post I thought, and Ben agreed, it would be cool if everyone could comment and post where they've been accepted to college!! I know I'm brilliant.

Yes I know this is a horrible post, but unlike others I know I'd never be kicked off!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Whassup. Here you guys go...a Gravy Oscar article. Which will be printed in THE CRUSADER...which doesn't reach your hands 'til Friday. That's right. You get it two days early. Word to your mother.

Actually, they're not even printing this. They're printing this bastardized 400-word version. Well, okay, this too is a bastardized version. But I didn't save the whole thing. But Ben wants more movie articles, and DAMN IF I WON'T LET HIM DOWN.

People are divided over Oscars. On one hand, it should be the night for film, when the year’s best are honored. Conversely, the best rarely are. I love the Oscars. I hate how the producers water it down to a three-hour show, when every second feels rushed (except Jamie Foxx’s speech). It’s still the night for film, and I still watch it eagerly.
Mostly, I was happy with who won. Would’ve liked to see different nominees in many cases (notably anyone from I ♥ Huckabees), but the winners mostly deserved it. Who’ll argue with Morgan Freeman receiving Supporting Actor for Million Dollar Baby? Clive Owen delivered a slightly better performance in Closer, but Freeman’s was very solid, and come on…it’s Morgan Freeman. The Incredibles won Animated Film, a film far beyond the competition, and one of the closest films to perfection this year. Charlie Kaufman won the much-deserved Best Original Screenplay for the brilliant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, after being shunned twice before for better scripts.
Then there’s Jamie Foxx. Foxx’s Ray Charles was excellent, but he wasn’t near Leonardo DiCaprio’s work (my fifth grade self would scream if he knew I just said that) in The Aviator. Ray’s weak screenplay probably hurt Foxx, but DiCaprio not only delivered the best performance of any film this year (not just of the nominees), but one of the best performances ever nominated. He nailed the “Oscar moments,” and the subtleties, the twitches; everything was dead-on for the character of Howard Hughes.
Martin Scorsese. He should have won twenty-five years ago for Raging Bull (widely recognized as not just the best film of 1980, but the entire decade), and probably deserved it for Goodfellas. But this year it seemed clear-cut. There was no doubt, to me, that Marty’s time had come. Now, Clint made a fine little film, but even that wasn’t half his last Mystic River. The Aviator operated on a higher level of filmmaking. Marty should have taken it for the plane crash over Beverly Hills alone. That’s ignoring the amazingly-complex Congress scene, the screening room, filming Hell’s Angels…jeez, the entire film. In a year, no one’ll care about Million Dollar Baby just as The English Patient and A Beautiful Mind were fast-ignored after the Oscars. Still, Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and Stanley Kubrick never won Best Director.
But even with all that, The Aviator wasn’t the best film. That honor goes to Finding Neverland, an extraordinary accomplishment. It’s a beautiful, brave, hope-filled picture with love in every frame. It’s one of the few films in which no single aspect is particular outstanding. It all blends and flows and moves as one. The Best Picture of 2005.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just Me?

wow, a new post... imagine that ;)

Who else likes Billy Squier? Don't Say No is a great album - I especially recommend 'Lonely is the Night' if you feel like your p2p program is getting lonely... but all the songs are good, in my opinion, although I like the B side more...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Greatest Game Ever

Tonight's Championship Basketball game was defintely the best game I'd ever seen, which includes the 2002 Central Catholic football game where we won 61-59 in three overtimes. Boy, was that a great game. It was at PGE park, on a warm summer evening in late August, just as we were starting sophomore year. We played poorly, and at the beginning of the fourth quarter we were down by a lot, but then a pass interference on Zach Tarver in the end zone turned the game around. We came back and forced overtime. Since it was a high school game, the Kansas plan was instituted. Anyway, we won after 3 overtimes. Amazing, absolutely amazing. Too bad we lost the qurterfinal game against them the same year. I blame John. He was on varsity and should have made a difference. He blames it on the shoes, don't believe him. We had shoes this year, and we lost to Sprague. Those dirty bastards. All smug with their Orange-on-orange uniforms. God I hate Orange. Speaking of which, there is a track meet against Beaverton on Wednesday. I hate Beaverton. Vancil is a Jew. And fat. Oh well, at least we've kicked his ass every chance we got. Killed them in football, killed them in basketball,--twice. The "It's all over" chant at the beginning of the game said it all. Wow, Vancil is fat.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Jesuit vs. Canby

Jesuit is up 30-27 over Canby at the half. It's shaping up to be a great game, but according to, "Jesuit has 26 students in its cheering section (I counted). " That's pretty sad. Anyway, more updates to come.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Has Bush Seen this?

The Horrors of War

You should prolly read the post before looking at the site, to better understand the context and the warning that I am giving you.

!!!***Disclaimer: This web site has some pretty graphic shit.. If you have a weak stomach you prolly shouldn't look at it.***!!!

I was browsing the Maximum PC Forums today when I came across this link. It is of some pretty graphic scenes. Things on this website are what the true carnage of war and violence look like. Every day we celebrate violence, we support wars, we laud the virtues of hatred. I wanted to post this to make people think about what they support. I know many of us are already against the war, but seeing some of these things makes you question why we spend so much time and effort on war rather than peace. I doubt even president bush has seen some of these things. If he did, I doubt even he could justify to himself that going into this war was the right thing to do. I think that if you were to show those pictures to even the most avid supporters of war, that you would have more than a few switching over. These images really cut into you, many make you think about the nessecity of finding alternatives to war. Anyways I do feel that I shoudl warn you. The pictures you will see are not the watered down clips from the news or the glorified pictures of war from movies and games. What you find here are actual atrocities committed by both sides, and there is a good deal of gore and death. Just needed to warn you.

Another Awkward Bet Post

So hey...

Okay, regarding the bet...

"Accidents," for lack of a better euphemism, do not count. But anything you do after the accident does. Sorry.

Because I didn't ever truly answer that anonymous blogger's question.

Well, kids, you've got at least one man out, on account of misfortune and strange dreams.

Ew. did I just say that?

Anyway, man down.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Boy, Who Called It?

Me, about the volcano thing, which I mentioned in a post title less than 48 hours ago. Just like when I complained about Courtney Love withholding Nirvana material and less than three days later, the release of the boxed set was announced. I wonder what else I should whine about? But I can't be cavalier with this power. It must only be used for good. Anyway, the ash is blowing northeast, so its worthless.

On the plus side The Game I invented suceeded, kind of. I didn't use the parts I already had, so I ended up writing the four pages with a combined time of one hour and fifteen minutes in the library, rounding up. If I get a B+ or above, I'll consider it a win.

The thing that made today tolerable was seeing Puett solve that 4 by 4 Rubik's cube two and a half hours after first seeing it. He then proceeded to write an excellent writing prompt on the matter. The dude has a brain.

Not another car post

While browsing (Gran Turismo fansite) I saw this awesome hardware setup. This is so cool. I want one of those things BAD. I wish I had Gran Turismo 4! Well that’s what college is for (my parents don’t allow consoles) I can just say its my room mates.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Batman and Sin City Update

I haven't done a Batman update in awhile, so here's a coupla new pics that just came online...

Yeah...that's f-in' awesome.

Okay, now...if I did this right, you should be able to click on Marv and Goldie here to get to the latest Sin City trailer, which just continues to astound me with its visual style and bravery. It's definitely my most-looked-forward-to film of the year. Here ya go:

Hey Kids, Ben Has A New Game

Hey, sorry for the absence. Fell asleep on the couch, book and sprial notebook on chest, Beagle at feet. Very Norman Rockwell. If Norman Rockwell liked painting pictures of ugly kids asleep on loveseats that aren't big enough for a satisfying nap. So I am currently deciding whether or not I have the balls to go to bed right now. I say this because I have a very shitty intro done (without a thesis), half on a conclusion, less than half of one body paragraph, and that is all. Am I ballsy enough? As I type I am not sure what I will do, as decision making is hard at this time. I know, I will work on something unrelated and totally useless instead (the Oregon AEA technology schlarship app that there is no chance in hell I will use but will make my pa happy. Because we did just have ourselves a nice little retreat. Its funny. He asks me if it went well. As if he wasn't there. That's my dad.) Oh, the new game would be trying to write virtually an entire paper in the few minutes before school, at break, and at lunch.

post script
Now gave up on the app.

post post script
Just thought of a new thesis/direction to take this still non-existant paper.

post post post script
Still haven't decided whether or not to go to bed. Mother, who woke me up from sleep on the couch, was assured I would soon go to bed (thirty minutes ago.)

post post post post script
Ben is gonna play the game.

[Edit: Ben apologizes for the shittiness of tonight's posts.]

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Volcano Gets Your Hope Up That You'll Get Out of School And Then Lets You Down

Alright, we lost Doug but picked up Shakeer.

So I had another thing here but I deleted it because it was stupid. Basically it equated me with a scullery maid. It had reasoning, but, yeah. Instead I will attempt to assert myself into the realm of the musically knowledgeable. [Believe it or not, this is in question because every music reference I make in English class is to The Clash] So I just wanted to say that I was already sick of Damien Rice a month before any of those drama kids (I of course use this term with the utmost respect and deference) ever heard him. Oh, and listen to Big Star. That is all.

post script
Is Xan better than me yet?

post post script

Just like in Sandlot, the World's Greatest Movie

Cool, there are at least three of us hard at work. Wait, I've just received word that it's only me and Puett. Ken is down, I repeat, Ken is down.

So anyway, back to me being the uber-blogger, Xan-rival. Remember when I thought it would be cool to just walk around Portland? And set the target date for Valentine's Dayish. Well, that didn't come about. Portland's too big anyway. I have a better idea. A bike ride. That's right, our own little Critical Mass. And I've even got the date figured. Second Saturday of Spring Break (open to change, but it has to on the weekends cuz I am set to babysit, for eight hours a day, two kids way the hell out in Milwaukie on the weekdays) Here's what I will do even if no one joins me. Get my start at the Lone Fir cemetary (the kid in the New Slang video visits here, its right across the street from Central Catholic.) Then just ride wherever the hell I feel like. I'm thinking going downtown via Belmont/Hawthorne and coming back uptown on Burnside/Sandy. I'd need to get an early start because my brain is exploding with possibilities. If you feel the bike riding jones stirring within you, tell me as such. But there is one rule. Helmets, children. Your minds are far too precious. Man I wish I was Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.

I Am

here to respond to Doug's call for distraction. If the young man, with the entire Internet to amuse him, cannot find sufficient means of procrastination, I feel the duty to respond. So y'all can count on me to blog the shit out of tonight, going so far as to tempt that rock of fidelity, John, to boot me.

My first topic for ponderation is on the cover of this Sunday's Artsweek. Its about Portlands's Gay Men's Chorus. It's been around for 25 years. Congratulations. Can I join? No, I'm not gay. But they wouldn't want to discriminate, would they? I bet those fellas have some pretty sweet robes. Where do I sign up? In all seriousness I have the utmost respect for those guys. They've endured a lot and come out on top. My hat's off to them. [Did you know that in Britain, a nickname for a condom is a hat?]

Anyway, that's just a taste of the pointlessness that will fill tonight, if I can keep my eyes open.

Where is everybody?

It is the night before an English paper is due. You know what that means. Yep, procrastination. So where is everybody? This used to be our most valuable tool of procrastination, but now? Now I see hour after hour of no new posts to distract me from how much of an asshole Chekhov is. Please, someone, anyone free me from the incessant torture that is sustained writing. Me and the other seven gravy rangers who have a paper that we'll be finishing well into the night beg you to enlist your services.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Adventures in drama parties...

Tonight was the first cast/crew extravaganza for Dead Man Walking. Maddy was the extremely hospital host and I would like to thank her again profusely for the sustanence (her mom makes a mean bean dip and excellent pizza). However, while lounging around at this celebratory event, I noticed several trends. To begin with, people quickly separated. A group of techies and associates (including ex-techies) congregated around the food, with the occasional actor or actor/techie entering the mix. A group of male actors promptly logged onto a computer and initiated an...interesting...conversation with smarterchild. Female actors took over the upstairs TV and basement stereo, watching movies and throwing a dance party, respectively. Several couples (no, not me) established bases upon chairs in the corners of the basement. Perhaps the most interesting mix, however, was in the family, actors and techies freely mixed and conversed while a stereo, guitar, and piano were shared and used to entertain those present. Even here, however, smaller groups formed and stuck together, generally breaking along friendships created outside of the current stage production. More than a few people seemed rather confused by the whole arrangement and wandered quietly from place to place without ever really entering a conversation.

Now what is the significance of all this, you are probably wondering. Here ya go.
At Jesuit, we pride ourselves on the sense of community and the love we extend to our classmates. Despite this, given the chance, Jesuit students seem as broken and divided as any other group. A unified cast and crew that operates as one unit to put on an amazing piece of theatre quickly divides back to subunits at the first availible moment. I conceed that I am simplifying here and that I could easily miss a great deal in terms of who relates well to whom, but these divisions seem rather prevelent. Even observing the cast and crew during production, friends stick with friends in smaller clumps. And most techies seem separated from most actors. I wonder if we at Jesuit are really all that different from the outside world we claim moral superiority over. Who at JHS would deny that our Encounters provide an incredible bonding experience that ties the school together? Yet how many among us remain in close contact with our small groups or fellow retreatants? Everyone seems to find their niche, their social comfort zone, and stick to it. Our lunch tables further reflect these divisions...and how many of us strongly consider trying a new table with a new group? Why should we? We're happy where we are with the people and things we know...yet this provides the crucial stumbling block for our so-called community. Students unite behind common goals, form temporary relationships when they are thrown into proximity with one another but quickly return to comfort zones, like oil and water separating after being mixed. Obviously, not everyone does this, but it seems to be a general trend.

I find it disturbing and depressing, personally.

But what's even worse is that I had people asking me for a lighter so they could go "light some leaves" and others openly discussing their plans to switch to a more private venue later where certain things would be freer. Perhaps I misunderstood, but it seems that even in the heart of our drama community, social vices strongly prevail. I refer here soley to the consumption and use of illegal substances. Anyone who pays attention in the halls readily hears of drinking exploits and an acute nose can detect the acrid fragrence of weed in our parking lots. Students throw cigarettes back and forth between cars as they drive off-campus for lunch. And here, it is not students you think would be participating in such activities. No, these "wrongdoers" consist of some of JHS's brightest, most lovable, most athletic, and most christian. Forgive my nativity, but it seems our "good little Catholic school" is anything but.

I can only thank God for my amazing friends and the fact that my own Jesuit experience has been free of any of the vices I so fear.


For Funny Links... Go Post Now!

The Outsiders Looking In

Thought I'd start a post so people can find funny links and share them. It could be a good news story, such as this story about a monkey
or it could be a funny link to a video or music thing like this one I Like Big... . In any case post some funny junk, and we will all laugh, if we are so inclined, and hopefully it will help us to steer away from all the strife that has hindered this normally successful blog.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

In the Early Morning Rain

Getting ready to go to track. Just wanted to say that temporarily removing my S.E. brother was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Just kidding, but it definitely wasn't as satisying as I thought it was going to be. Probably guilt for having told everyone multiple times to post whatever the heck they wanted. I guess this makes me a liar. Hmm. But I was getting complaints from our readership, and we needed a temporary cooldown. And he wasn't gonna go John Chaney (the bball coach at Temple) and suspend himself. Okay, this is making me late. so I'll end with a trite cliche. Tough Love.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The reason I refuse to go to U of O

This post is only meaningful to those in my advanced topics class.
I hereby refuse to go to the University of Oregon. I now know for sure that it is beneath me, and I will in no way subject myself to this humiliation. So, now that I've ruled out U of O, mime school, and since i didn't send the css/profile to Washington University, my fate now rests in the hands of the admissions officers of Ivy league Institutions. Well, all I can do is hope. Oh well, Boston College wouldn't be that bad. Assuming I can pay. I can't pay.

Ending The Cycle

With this post I am ending Alex's streak of bloggings.

It's about time.

One word: hoverboots


I said one word.

If you want to know click on the above link. but you don't have to if you don't want to. But it would be kind of nice. You know to show your appreciation for me and all the hard work that I have given to you all over the past few weeks. You owe me one. Okay mabey not, but just click on the above link and enjoy a little piece of heven on earth. well not really on earth. more like on the internet. Hey where is the Internet located anywhay? Is it just like floating around not doing anything or is there like one main internet server located in like China somwhere? But back to the Hoverboots, just click on the link above and if that doesn't work go to and everything will be fine, or will it? Bum Bum Bum!

EDIT: This post is under probationary status. Blatant advertisement of this nature is not tolerated on this blog. However, I do not beleive in deleting non-profane posts. Your posting status is hereby suspended. After a manditory minimum time period to be decided by the administrators, posting status will be returned to you. Any further abuse of the blog for blatant self-advertisement will result in a permenant loss of posting privledges and the deletion of all offending posts.
If you have any objections to this revokation of priveledges, contact Ben or myself. Needless whining will only prolong your suspencion.

Pardon the spelling errors, I'm tired as hell.


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

US Supreme Courts Abolish Death Penulty!

I woke up this morning to the sounds of the radio host saying that the Supreme Courts had just Abolished the Death Penulty for minors under the age of 18. At the time I was still half asleap and was not sure weather I was dreaming or not. I figured that it might have been a dream cause ths topic has been controling a major part of my life right now. So I come to school and Email Jeff and Elane saying:

"I woke up to the radio station saying that the Supreme Court just abolished the death penulty for minors under the age of 18 in all states, I can't find conformation anywhere. Am I going crazy?"

and they both reply imediatly and say:

"Nope, you are not crazy! We will share the info we have at rehearsal tonight! It’s all over the radio/tv."


"Nope, it happened. Of course, you still may be going crazy."

In response to Ben's completely degradeing statement

But is it really fair to say that I am the reason for turning her lesbien? I mean she had to have some say in the matter, or am I really that horrible, look at Karolyn, Rachel, Misha, Maggie, or Doug. None of they are lesbiens now (that we know about). So it must have been more then just me. What about the girl I caught her with? Couldn't she have played a part in it? I feel really picked upon and degraded by being completely blaimed that one girl that I dated turned to the joys of her own gender. So Ben next time you or anyone brings that up, just remember that it could happen to you, well mabey not Doug cause he is already gay, but it could definatly happen to David. Look out Misha, I'm on to you.